Best Automotive Performance Oil Filters in 2020

K&N PS-7025 Oil Filter Review:

I've been changing the oil in my old cars for years but this is the first time I've had a car new enough to use this new style of oil filter and it's amazing! No more oil dripping down all over the engine and getting on me and everything. It was the easiest job ever. I've got a 2012 Dodge durango but this should fit in a multitude of cars with the this same 3.6L engine. I won't provide a how-to there's plenty of those out there. I chose the K&N over Fram or even the mopar oem just because of the brand recognition, quality and I trust their products. I put in 6 quarts of pennzoil full synthetic. Only time will tell how things hold up in the long run. This filter popped in no problem. Will buy again for sure.

K&N PS-1003 Pro Series Oil Filter Review:

Always been buying this oil filter and it has amazing results. I change my oil every 5,000 miles and might consider changing it at least 10,000 now since the filtration style of this oil filter lasts quite a while. The oil still glows amber when I drained it out and I can still see through it like it was new. Usually it's so black that it stains anything it touches and I can't see anything through it. K&N is known for all their high performance quality products and the price can't be beat either. I will keep buying these filters for all the cars in my family and help them change their oil as well. Easy to twist in and out. Might be better with gripped material on the top, but they have the wrench off model instead which is a bit expensive I have to say, but also does the job completely.

K&N PS-7003 Pro Series Oil Filter Review:

Amazon shows this doesn't fit and 04 srx, lies it does fits perfect I check the K&N website for it and it shown it did, and it does glad to see amazon was wrong. I made a video on yourtube, type in 04 srx k&n oil filter and it should pop up I think I'm the only one with a k&n oil filter on a 04 srx on youtube. Just double check all the part # on the K&N website before ordering, amazons is not up to date, I order an air filter for my other car 15 Cruze and showed on amazon it would fit paid for 2 day shipping got it and would not fit at all had to send it back an re order a new one. So please please with any K&N product double check the K&N website.

K&N PS-7020 Pro-Series Oil Filter Fit For Toyota Avalon Camry Highlander Sienna Tacoma RAV4 Venza Lexus RX350 RC200T NX300H NX200T GS200T Review:

I have been pleased with these filters. I have two cars that have the 2GR-FE Toyota engine. One of these engines just passed 200,000 miles and still burns less than 4 ounces of oil between changes. These filters have about 5 more pleats than the genuine Toyota filters I was using previously. This provides more surface area for better filtration. The unit is well constructed with a solid joint at the ends. The part you receive will not have the full endcap pictured above.

Do yourself a favor (assuming they still ship this way as the picture does not show it) and purchase a Fram (XG9972) filter also. Keep the screw in plastic drain assist piece and throw the filter away. The screw in drain assist will help you avoid the oil bath you might take with the push-in type that comes with the K&N and Toyota filters.

K&N HP-1017 Performance Gold Oil Filter Fit For Cadillac Chevrolet Dodge GMC Jeep Hummer Review:

K&N have apparently moved their production to Mexico. Older filters of this same type have been made in the U.S.A. I don't immediately notice any quality difference, and the "Mexican" types are sealed in cellophane inside the cardboard box. This is good, because in a humid environment, if you stock up the shelf of the garage like I do, small traces of surface rust can form on unprotected threads. I have one of the U.S.A. ones left, and I'll open this one up to more fully compare gaskets, construction, and measurements between the two. Will update.

Note: Avoid the "PS" series of K&N. Inferior quality, not worth the slight price difference.


The center threaded disc that spins onto the post of your vehicle's filter mount has some glue or sealant in the transition between the disc and the rest of the filter's base. I cleaned it off, but am a little disappointed, since the stuff could have come off on its own and circulated through the engine. Maybe it would eventually be caught by the filter, or maybe the particles would just lodge somewhere in the engine. Not good. Never saw this on the U.S.A. made filters, and the company had better keep a tight handle on quality control in case other manufacturing issues turn up.

This problem is not serious enough to downgrade my initial 4-star rating.

K&N PS-2009 Pro-Series Oil Filter Fit ForDodge Ford Jaguar Mazda Mercury Mitsubishi Chrysler Jeep Nissan Review:

Installed fine on my 2008 Ford Taurus (3.5L V6 Engine). Item that arrived was made in China (Despite amazon listing of USA origin) but quality of the product was as expected and K&N is a trustworthy brand.

In the future I'll probably switch back to Motorcraft brand filters because they're less expensive, OEM for my car and a bit of reading on the web suggests they might filter slightly better than the "pro series" K&N filters.

K&N PS-7015 Oil Filter Review:

FYI... had to return as it is not for the 2014 Audi Q5 3.0L TDI. 4 stars as it appears to be a nice filter. There is some conflicting info out on the web. The K&N website didn't specify exactly that it fit the diesel version (just listed the gas engine). K&N customer service said it would fit. Various websites & Amazon state it does not fit. After ordering, I would say it's about an inch too long compared to the TDI OEM filter (plus no valve on the bottom). I would just stick with the exact OEM replacement: MAHLE Original OX 420D ECO.

K&N PS-7002 Pro Series Oil Filter Review:

Excellent oil filter. I am very, very picky about what I use in my car. I have a 2009 Volvo S60 2.5T that I love and want to keep and pass along to my oldest daughter as her first car. To do that I need to make sure I take care of it and use quality parts. Prior to trying the K&N filter, the only filter I would use is the Mann filters that are European made for these cars. The quality and fit of those filters is excellent. I decided to give the K&N filters a try, especially since I use them on my motorcycle and really like them, AND the K&N filter comes with the rubber seal to replace the one on the filter canister. In the Volvo's, you remove the canister and just replace the paper filter element inside, not the whole filter like many others. The filter material on the K&N filter was really nice. LOTS of pleats and the paper felt very high quality. More pleats means more surface area, which means better filtering and easier time for the oil to flow thru the filter. The price on Amazon was very close to being the same, maybe even a bit better than the Mann filters. Both are excellent choices. After comparing the K&N against the high quality Mann filters, I would highly recommend the K&N filters. They also have the advantage of being the only one of the 2 brands you can generally get locally. I really can't recommend any of the many other brands out there. I've tried them and most look and feel very cheap and very flimsy. I want my daughter to have this car for a good, long time so I'll take the extra step and spend the extra dollar to get the best.

Proform 66490 Oil Filter Cutter Review:

 I put the following video review up on my YouTube Channel "Beast ZL1" and thought I would share it here.
Pros: Well built and designed. Does the job. Fun to use.
Cons: It is expensive, but could save you from a catastrophic engine failure.
Verdict = Thumbs up!

K&N PS-1017 Pro Series Oil Filter Review:

I've been using K&N filters in all my engines for almost 20 years and I have never experienced any internal engine issues. When combined with a quality synthetic oil, like Mobile 1, the oil comes out clean after several thousand miles. My newer vehicles only reccomend changes every 10,000 miles, which just seems like too long to me. However, I have been changing oil and filter at around 7,500 miles, even in vehicles that recommend more frequent changes. Even in my 4Runner which has well over 100,000 miles and is constantly abused off road, the oil comes out clean. I've never had any reason to change brands and, at this price, I doubt I ever will.