Best Truck Bed & Tailgate Awnings & Shelters in 2022

Last update: January 14, 2023

Hamilton Bowes 2 Pack: RV T-Style Door Holder Catch 3-1/2" for Latch Holder Camper Trailer Cargo Hatch White Review:

My old door latch needed to be replaced because of sun damage and wear. These appeared to be the ideal upgrades, and they were. The replacement was relatively simple, but I wanted to mention a few points.Initially, make sure the latch you're changing is the same. So, you can make use of the original screw holes. When you can simply detach the old catch and replace it with a new one, the task is made simple.Second, confirm the type of screws that came with your original latch. Some have square heads, whereas others have Phillips (X) heads. Make sure you have a driver with that head if they are square, like mine were. If not, you must place an order for one. (Amazon is a reliable, affordable provider.) You might also have a bit for this square drive in your set of socket tools. (You NEED to have at least two drivers if your RV uses square head screws. You never know when you'll need to replace something or tighten a screw.)When you replace the screws, make sure you use caulk, Goop, or any other silicone material in the holes. It's crucial to plug the opening to prevent rain from entering.Last but not least, take attention to how the "receiver" portion—where the "T" goes—appears. Before removing the old, snap a quick photo using your phone. When I changed it, I put it on the wrong way by mistake. Undoing and re-screwing it in is no big deal. But each time you do that, you run the risk of making the screw hole somewhat wider.The absence of replacement screws was the only drawback I could find with this product. My issue was that the screws I had were in poor condition. So I had to go to my neighborhood hardware store and buy some new ones.Overall though, it's a straightforward task and the door latches open perfectly now.

Solera 266149 Black Power Awning Replacement Universal Motor Review:

I bought this to replace the awning motor on my 2016 Crossroads Cruiser fifth wheel, which was not working. The component I removed's original part number was 373566. It was a physical perfect match, but for the need to add the polarized connector. Both had 12 V DC and 75 RPM. The Lippert 373566 number and P/N 591-70B were both on the original's side. The P/N 591-70 for the 266148 is missing the B. Moreover, a later production date I'm not sure what the difference was, other than the fact that it cost more than half as much as a direct replacement from the RV dealer. I lubricated the exposed gears, fastened it with bolts and electricity, and presto! The awning is operational once more. Although I was hoping to get the original replaced under warranty, given that it broke down after less than a year, it can't hurt to have a spare. Without a motor, awnings are worthless. I am a consumer, and these are my experiences and opinions. Proceed at your own risk because using a different part number could void any warranties.

Hamilton Bowes 2 Pack: RV T-Style Door Holder Catch 6" for Latch Holder Camper Trailer Cargo Hatch White Review:

These are a fantastic deal and really simple to install and operate, but be in mind that they are *plastic* and can deteriorate with time from UV exposure (which is why I was replacing the previous ones). In our situation, I just took out the existing device, and these attached easily using the same mounting holes. I advise using tape to locate and hold in the ideal spot for your particular application if you're performing a "fresh" installation. Make sure your door doesn't run into any obstructions, such as awning rods, and that both sections are flush with the RV's skin. Once you are pleased, mark and drill your mounting holes, and then just use the included screws to mount. Your rig will remain watertight if you put a little silicone on each screw.

ARB OS850 Universal Awning Bracket for Most Roof Racks Review:

brackets in HD for sure. I was shocked by how hefty the shipment was when these items arrived because they weigh a lot. For my use with an ARB awning on a teardrop trailer, which I usually use on paved highways and then on gravel/dirt BLM and FS roads in the western US, I believe they are probably overbuilt. I believe the purpose of these extremely heavy-duty brackets is to endure the strain of use on punishing 4WD expedition routes. They are HD and then some, which will suffice for my purposes. Although some sources had previously listed some lighter weight brackets for ARB, the ARB tech guys said they are no longer in stock.

Yescom 7.6'x8.2' Car Side Awning Rooftop Pull Out Tent Shelter PU2000mm UV50+ Shade SUV Outdoor Camping Travel Beige Review:

higher caliber than I anticipated. This awning is decent compared to some friends ARB and Tuff Stuff.Strong zipper, quality vinyl cover, light weight poles, good material, covers a sizable area, was rained out, and it stood up nicely in gusts of 30 mph and hail. You can move the legs to direct the water flow in whatever way you desire.The L Brackets are not precisely universal; I had to make some minor modifications to match my Rola Rack. The fabric tends to slip out of the holding groove where the end rolls out (above the legs), which can be a pain in the neck while fighting the wind. The material won't slide out of the ends thanks to some silicone sealer. The retaining bolts that hold the awning's legs tend to come free and fall out, so MAKE SURE IT FULLY DRIES before storing the awning. Lock nuts made it go away.Lightweight and sturdy. Would purchase once more if they had it in stock

Yescom 4.6x6.6' Car Side Awning Rooftop Pull Out Tent Shelter PU2000mm UV50+ Shade SUV Outdoor Camping Travel Beige Review:

This purchase was excellent! I chose this primarily because of how big it was. The well-known brands like ARB and others were either too thin or excessively wide. While looking for a better size option, I came across this. The item arrives safely packaged. The cover appears to be weatherproof and durable. It is quite simple to mount; in my case, it simply slid onto the crossbars of my roof rack. Although the mounting hardware is VERY SIMPLE, it works. To match the hardware on my rack, I spray-painted the metal mounting brackets black, but it was a personal choice and not the product's issue. Once installed, it presents itself fairly well when stored. While driving, it is stable and does not sway or ratchet. Setup is quite simple. Since there are no "actual" procedures to set it up, doing it two or three times will allow you to master your own method. Whatever you prefer and what works for you can be used. The cover appears sturdy and should last. The extendable, twistable poles are used to lock. They are sturdy. The rope and anchors are of good quality and come in a compact good bag as with a camping tent, but I didn't use them because I hadn't needed to yet. When storing the cover, they fold into the awning and are zipped within the weather cover. You can adjust the height to make it align with the Sun. Overall, I'm glad I chose this product. The only "bad" component was a nut that was slightly loose on a bolt for the cross bean; however, it simply took five seconds to tighten. Although I might have paid twice as much for half the cover and still been delighted, I am quite pleased with my purchase!

SunWave Awning Fabric Installation Tool Review:

Without this equipment, I'm not sure how someone could even replace an awning! It was incredible and greatly streamlined the procedure. When performing a replacement, having one is really worthwhile.