Best Wind Spinners in 2020

Uddiee 3D Wind Spinner, Hanging Metal Mandala Wind Spinners Outdoor Garden Decoration Yard Décor Ornaments Review:

 Super cute spinner. Comes flat, easy to fan out and just put the hook on and it's ready to go. Mesmirizing how the design forms. Would recommend if you're looking to snaz up your garden, etc.

flybold Kinetic Wind Spinner Reversible Dual Direction 360 Degree Swivel Antique Steel Metal Finish Weather Resistant Large 22" Diameter 84” Height for Outdoor Yard Patio Lawn and Garden use Review:

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 I absolutely love my wind spinner. It's so beautiful. Well made and very durable. I can sit and watch it for hours. Its mesmerizing. I was hesitant on buying one but beyond happy. Its 7 ft tall and 2 ft in diameter.

Premier Kites Hot Air Balloon 22 in. - Wavy Review:

This is so perfect! I love the sunset colors; it's exactly what I was hoping it would be-just as described. I put it together in 3 mins-extremely easy. It did arrive with instructions; just pick up one at a time, and insert into top (hanging area) hole and then the aligning bottom(basket) hole-repeat until finished. It spins beautifully; I love it. (I used to have a smaller one, from another company, for years, yet it broke apart year by year. I learned to super glue the plastic points into the holes, and that kept them from falling out/kept it more sturdy.) I also added a flickering timer votive candle, into the basket, making it look like an actual hot air balloon, with 'fire' and all. I admit that I get quite a kick out of looking at it at night;)

WorldaWhirl Whirligig Wind Spinner SS Swivel Hook Display Twist Turn Twirl Swirl(4,Clip and Clip) Review:

Just what I needed to suspend a windsock of a broom-riding witch. The witch was buried in the basement after the top clip was lost and without children at home I forgot about it. Since it is cute decoration I decided to hand it outside and went to look for this type of clip. I tried a craft store, a fabric store and a hardware store figuring one of these must sell this product. Then I remembered my son's advice when looking for something obscure, "try Amazon." I did. they had this and it does exactly what I wanted.

Briarwood Lane Fall Glory Floral Garden Flag Pumpkins Sunflowers Autumn 12.5" x 18" Review:

I read some of the reviews before I purchased this garden flag. I didn't care if the back was not printed because of the way it is situated in my yard. It has really bright colors! The price was great! I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a seasonal garden flag. The flag is cheery looking and looks great in my yard!

MUMTOP Wind Spinner 45" Wind Sculptures for Patio Lawn and Garden Let You Feel Different Visual Effects and Relax Your Mood (Cyan) Review:

 The colors are cool. It seems pretty durable. Its almost hypnotic to watch with the blades spinning at different speeds. Its smaller and shorter than i had hoped. The top doesnt rotate so it doesnt move as well if wind is blowing from different directions.

20 in. Bike Spinner - Witch Review:

The instructions for assembling this spinner were a little vague and left much to my imagination. It showed a generic type with a similar type of spinner. Wasn’t sure about where to put the white plastic washers or if the tip of the stake with the nub went into the witch spinner or in the connector rod. I eventually figured it out and the spinner moved beautifully in the wind. The spinner is a good size. Not too small nor too big. The colors on the bicycle wheels are bright and colorful. It seems very sturdy and the witch is definitely held onto the bicycle with strong Velcro closures. Will see how it holds up to the California hot sunny days and those strong Santa Ann Winds.

ArtCreativity 6 Inch Pinwheels Set - Pack of 12 - Assorted Colors - Fun Carnival Toy and Party Favor - Yard, Garden Spinning Windmill - Amazing Gift Idea for Boys and Girls Ages 3+ Review:

The items came packaged well, just had to add the stems. The colors are so brilliant and I like the different colors but they don't spin well at all in the wind, and it is very windy in Tampa today. Out of 12, there are only 5 that spin easily, the rest "try" but don't stay spinning. I'll leave them in my gardens because the sun reflecting off of them is really pretty but don't buy if you want spinners. :-(

Big Country Toys Aermotor Windmill - 1:20 Scale - Farm Toys - Ranch Toys - Replica Aermotor Windmill Toy Review:

I personally love it, I just can't let my kid play with it. ha. Its a wonderful little windmill, very realistic looking. But the plastic is not super durable, the pieces are thin in a lot of parts. Can't really be played with, but it can be looked at!! Great price too. We use ours for our Schleich/ 1:20ish scale play farm. I wish the plastic was just a bit more robust like the Schleich accessories, but it really is adorable otherwise. And no, its not metal, which is fine!

Kicko Colorful Metallic Pinwheels – Pack of 12 Windmills with Stick for Kids and Adults - Perfect Summer, Pool Decoration, Beach-Themed Birthdays, Handy Party Favors, Classic Gift Ideas Review:

These work if you handle them with great care. I bought them to keep the birds out of my yard while the grass grows. A couple of them got pressed together under and some small towels set on top of them and they were basically flattened. They still served their purpose for me but no longer spin.