Best Waxes in 2020

MEGUIAR'S G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 16 Fluid Ounces, 1 Pack Review:

I LOVE this wax!!! My Pride Runs Deep (Submarine reference) and that also applies to my car-care. I have used a large variety of waxes in my life to which some werechallenging to remove...this wax is by far the easiest wax to apply and remove (not counting a spray wax). The instructions are clear about applying a thin layer and I recommend following the instructions in this case. Once a slight haze develops, wipe and buff. Super easy to use!! LOVE the shine!!!

After a few weeks, I finally took my car to the Automated Car Wash and found my smooth touch had dissipated but was still beading the water and the shine was still strong. Because I enjoy a detailed and shiny car, I use the Meguiars Ultimate Detailer in-between waxes....that helps with keeping the smooth to the touch and adds a nice layer to easily to remove road crime the added shine is nice!

My preference is to use my hands rather than power...I have read other reviews stating it works well using a Power Polisher...for me, I can attest this wax is great without using power. Easy on....easy and shiny off!
My car is White with lots of black plastic accents....I used this stuff on those areas too with a fantastic result. Removing the wax was just as easy as on the paint. It also left the black looking real nice and smooth to the touch. After driving and dusting off later....the dirty plastic areas was super easy to clean off. using the Detailer spray works great on this stuff too!!

Do NOT cover too much area at one time. Do the entire hood and go back and remove-buff, then move onto another area. I have discovered, the hard way....I applied a thin layer to an area, got distracted by my kids then tried to remove the wax and had to use a few spritz of water to help get it off. The results were not good so I reapplied to that area and removed thereafter before it dried completely and all was well.
Just do medium size areas, remove-buff then move on....don't wait long or it will dry too much which turns into a real pain to remove.
If you feel more is better, then go over the same area again with a second layer after removing the first.
So far, my experience has shown me a single coat is all I need as anything more did not shine more nor did it last any longer after the car wash.

I totally recommend this car was purchased new and strongly feel this will keep it looking great!

SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat - Ceramic Coating - Car Wax Polish Spray - Waterless Car Wash & Wax - Hydrophobic Top Coat Polish & Polymer Paint Sealant Detail Protection Review:

To start: I did not receive this product free, nor was I compensated in any way. It’s a shame this has to be said.

In full transparency, I used this on on an 8 month old 2018 Mazda CX-5 with a premium factory paint (Soul Red Crystal). The paint is pretty impeccable condition, so if you’re using this on an older car, you may have more noticeable results (whether good or disappointing, depending on your paint quality.).

Overall, I think this is an above average quick detailer spray, albeit a slightly pricy one. I do think the shine quality is a notch above something like Griot’s, but just barely.

Product applied easily and wiped off easily with absolutely no hazing or streaking. Bonus points that you can use this to treat your wheel, windows, and trim as well. Added a slightly deeper depth to the paint, but no more than a full claybar and coat of quality wax would do (though this is less work).

As I spent a few hours washing the car and about twenty minutes applying this, you’ll have to wait for an update as to how well this “ceramic” spray beads up water as I’m not undoing my work! That may change it to a 4/5 star review if it sheets off well.

I don’t know that I’d spend $20 again on this. The results are decent but not as awe-inspiring as viral marketing may lead you to believe. Take that at face value, as my car’s paint is nearly brand new and we’ll maintained, so your mileage may vary. Nothing is a replacement for a day’s worth of clay barring and waxing.

UPDATE: after applying two coats of this a few weeks ago, we had a late-season snowstorm Saturday, followed by constant rain. I added additional photos today to show how much this product beads water. I was floored. I have never waxed this car since I leased it last August- it never beaded up this well. I’ve adjusted to five/five stars. I recommend without hesitation.

Turtle Wax 50984 ICE Seal N Shine Hybrid Sealant Spray Wax-16 oz, 16. Fluid_Ounces Review:

New update*** After a little over a month since application and unfortunately it has started to fade. Some areas still have a little repel water alittle but the majority is gone. The shine hasnt really gone down so that's good. This is the longest lasting sealant slash wax I've ever used. Would recommend as long as the price is under $15. Update** 3 weeks in and about a dozen rainstorms and parked outdoors, the sealant is still on the vehicle. Water doesnt sheet off as well as before (possibly some new contaminate present now) but it still repels water like days one. If I could give it a 4.5/5 stars I would.**Pros: easy to apply (apply on cool surface, product evaporates too quickly on warm/hot surfaces)
Repels water well
Last fairly long time for a spray on sealant (compared to other wax and sealants I've used)
Can be applied to other surfaces (vinyl, rubber, plastics) and it will not streak or leave residue marks( for vinyl, make sure to thoroughly wipe off excess or else there will be streaks especially on matte black)
I dont recommend using this on a windshield, it will cause a slight haze, which is bad in my opinion.
Cons: Not much "shine", which is a little disappointing. Having done full paint correction on the vehicle, it did not add any shine, compared to other waxes/sealants which normally do. Maybe a highgloss wax first and the TW seal n shine after.
We be difficult to remove if you are trying add a new wax or sealant this stuff sticks!
Overall great product, especially for the price.

MEGUIAR'S G3626 Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax, 26 Fluid Ounces Review:

I tend to fall into the camp of car washing traditionalists who believe in a proper car wash, 2 bucket method, etc, etc. I've always been hesitant to use these sorts of products that claim they won't scratch your paint when there is dirt on your car. What sort of technology allows one to spray this on dirt, wipe it off, and somehow leave the paint underneath unscathed?

Fast forward. It has snowed for 2 months. It is -10 degrees with a -20 to -30 degree windchill. But on the horizon is a 45 degree day. A perfect day to get off all this road salt and brown snow, I think. I'm antsy, and really don't like the idea of salt and road de-icing chemicals sitting on my paint. I head to the local car wash to give the old gal a wash. But oh no, the pre-soak isn't working. Ok, I'll just powerwash what dirt off I can and follow it up with the soft soap spray, and finish off with a finishing powerwash and spot free rinse. (I never use car wash brushes. Again, I'm anal about scratches.)

I get home, inspect the job, preparing for my usual Wax as you Dry spray wax method. But I notice the car is still quite dirty. Those week of snow, ice, and filthy roads really did a number on my paint. And then I remember Meguiar's Ultimate Waterless Wash. This is the perfect opportunity to use it. Why not? Minor dirt on my car. This is what it's made for.

It isn't until I begin spraying that I realize it isn't the bottle that is white, it is the liquid inside. It goes on thicker than most spray waxes you've probably used. It seems to immediately loosen dirt upon impact and wipes away cleanly, leaving no to minor streaks once it dries (I have a dark colored car, so it's find a product that is 100% streakless). My car looks good as new upon finishing. I'm impressed, and there are not obvious scratches. I'll have to wait until a sunny day to really inspect the paint. I'm at ease, knowing there is no more grime on my paint, and this product did as advertised. I like that it has wax built in as well for extra protection; it is not solely a wash.

In a nutshell, this product does as claimed. I may have been converted from the camp that sees these products as blasphemy, for people who don't REALLY care about their paint. I used about 1/4 of a bottle on a full size truck. Not bad for a 10 dollar bottle. And I probably over-applied the product since I was very conscious about potential scratches. Better safe than sorry. That's still cheaper than going to the car wash and spending the 12+ dollars for a single wash. Again, this is to be used on cars with minor dirt, not a completely filthy car. This won't be a go-to product for me as long as proper car washes are available (I don't live in a water restricted state), but this is a great backup for emergency washes, for those who live in apartment complexes without access to a hose, or for those who want to save money on car washes.

Chemical Guys TVD_109_16 - Silk Shine Spray-able Dry-To-The-Touch Dressing For Tires, Trim, Vinyl, Plastic and More (16 Ounce) Review:

This stuff is the best! I like my dash to shine a bit but I usually hate the sticky/greasy feel of the stuff you get in the store... In fact, I had stopped using a dash spray for a couple of years because I got sick of the way it worked. I tried this product on a friend's recommendation in my '14 Mustang. It made the dash and the interior doors look fantastic - but not only that, it was not greasy or sticky, so I got brave and tried it on the leather steering wheel - amazing. I was prepared the steering wheel to be a possible mistake, but it was perfect - looks richer, darker, but not sticky or greasy AT ALL. I also put it on the black exterior plastic moldings that surround the windows - it brought them to life and long lasting, too! Follow the instructions and spray it on a cloth to apply - don't spray it directly on or you'll use too much - it goes a long way. After an application a week ago, dust and other stuff floating around in the air is not sticking to it - a quick hit with a clean terry cloth and it looked just like I applied a fresh coat again. I can't recommend this enough. Another win in my growing arsenal of Chemical Guys products in my garage.

Chemical Guys WAC_201_16 Butter Wet Wax (16 oz) Review:

So youll notice many of the negative reviews are over durability. This is much more functional for someone who loves to wax their car and doesnt mind detailing it every couple weeks, great for a detail hobbyist. It goes on easy and is very forgiving. Some waxes put up a fight if not done correctly and even when applied thin and allowed to dry properly. This wax seems to have a consistent tug on your removal towel but thats about it, even when over applying its forgiving as it spreads easy then wipes off. As would any wax product the results are good, looked like a fresh waxed car, i hit a few black plastic trim pieces and it came off just fine, was easy on the windows though streaks were noticeable....nothing a flip of the microfiber towel and second pass didnt fix. I definitely over applied even though i tried to put it on light, i feel like lite application missed some spots. My removal towel quickly became coated in yellow residue, bring extra towels. After a final pass the car looked great, but keep in mind, any wax will achieve this. I bought this as a winter wax (phoenix) and thats what it is, a low durability, easy to use wax that wont build up and smells ok, like chemically banana. I could see this as a great sealant topper for that carnauba look over a synthetic many like. Could probably get the same results for cheaper but i like it for what it is.

Chemical Guys WAC_202_16 Speed Wipe Quick Detailer (16 oz) Review:

Follow Up: I found an amazing use for this product. It changed my review from 4 to 5 stars. As far as the antistatic properties go I think it’s about the same as my original review. I didn’t plan on purchasing this again but then I made a discovery. This is an amazing drying aid. Let me start by saying I always dry off my vehicles in the shade. Speed Wipe helps reduce and remove water spots and leaves a streak free shine. I dry my vehicles with a waffle weave drying towel and combined with this product my vehicles look freshly waxed after every wash. Would recommend this to anybody.

Smells great. Work well. I just don’t feel like it’s a necessary product. It states to reduce static by 75% but over the last few weeks I haven’t noticed any static reduction. My vehicles still had just as much dust and light dirt on them as always. Not sure if I’ll buy this one again. But all of chemical guys other products are outstanding.

Meguiar's M10508 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound, 8 Fluid Ounces, 1 Pack Review:

I purchased this after reading rave reviews in several different forums and websites. The reviewers were right. This product does exactly what it is intended to do. It's perfect for compounding a vehicle in need of paint correction. If you have swirls and light scratches, then this is what you use if you want to eliminate them. For those that use off the shelf waxes at the auto store (as I used to do), they only temporarily cover up the swirls, they do not remove them. I spent close to 30 hours researching how to properly do paint correction and this was one of the most hyped compounding polishes out there from the pros.

I started by using a clay bar and clay lubricant on my car to remove the contaminants in the clear coat that even the M105 won't pull out. Then after washing the car, I used a Porter Cable DA polisher (also purchased here on Amazon) to compound the car's surface with the appropriate pad (typically orange). I worked in 2 foot by 2 foot sections and used cross hatch patterns to assure even coverage. This really brought out a lot of shine and this isn't even the polishing stage yet! It wouldn't pull out one heavier scratch that I have, but it made quick work of the smaller scratches and completely removed the swirl marks. Keep in mind that this is an abrasive. You don't want to use this every time you detail your car because it removes a very small amount of the clear coat. You should hopefully only have to use this once to correct the issues then you can maintain the paint from there.

I then used Meguiar's M205 to polish the car, again using the DA but this time with a white pad designed for polishing This is what brings out the shine! It's like wood working.. you start with a rougher 120 grit to get the majority of the roughness out, then move up to a less aggressive 240 grit sandpaper to smooth it out even more. These products are simply liquid sandpaper - one has more grit and the other has less. One does the dirty work, the other finishes it off

For what it's worth, I then followed up the polishing with 2 coats of sealant and 2 coats of Carnuba wax. The before and after is simply amazing and that's saying a lot because the car I did all of this on is yellow, not a color known for high gloss and reflection quality like you see on darker cars

Highly recommended!

Turtle Wax T-223 Super Hard Shell Paste Wax - 9.5 oz. Review:

About a few weeks ago, I was watching some Home Improvement show on Youtube about how to wax/shine your marble/granite tops in the kitchen. Surprisingly this guy put a coating of turtle wax and then buffed it with a polisher (of course after cleaning the top). Couldn't believe it.

So I went ahead and tried it, and the result was well worth it. The guy in the show used a buffer and I just used my hand and a soft cloth but the results were pretty good (even better if I had a buffer).

In the photos I am attaching, you can see a section I did not wax and it is losing it's luster and dark shiny black reflection whereas the one waxed has a new shine to it.

I'm sold on using this for cleaning and maintaining my counter top in the kitchen.

SHINE ARMOR Car Wax with Carnauba Wax - Liquid Spray Wax for Car - Hybrid Hydrophobic Car Polish and Car Shine Spray - Spray Wax Car Sealant & Paint Protection - Fast Auto Car Wax Spray Coating Review:

I don't believe I need to rant about the merits of this product because unless you're severely near-sighted you can see for yourself. However, I'll provide some background regarding the process. First, I didn't hand wash my car and secondly there was no paint correction performed on the paint. Since this vehicle is less than a year old and is garaged most of the time, there were no visible scratches on any of the surfaces; I had my wife double check it just to be sure. Now, I know that a good Professional Detailer can take that 25 year-old Hooptie sitting in Grandma's backyard and turn it into a show car, but I'm no professional nor am I a beginner. I took my RX to the Touchless Car Wash, then I applied a Waterless Wash. I then thoroughly Clayed the vehicle. After wiping and drying it I applied a Degreaser. The Degreaser removes the oils and other contaminants that the clay bar cannot. Now the surface was free and clear of dirt and other road contaminants and ready for the Shine Armor. I applied the Shine Armor with a microfiber pad, spreading it in straight line patterns. I did this until the Shine Armor started flashing and felt like a paste wax. I then took a break, had a beer, and watched Netflix. An hour and a half later, I started wiping down the surface with a thick microfiber towel. Well, boys and girls, "Drop your linen and stop your grinning", the deep lustrous shine was absolutely AMAZING. I plan on purchasing Shine Armor's Waterless Wash to keep this shine throughout the year. I'm not one to seek attention, in fact I'm somewhat of an introvert; nevertheless the complements I've received regarding the appearance of my vehicle have been ongoing. Thank you Shine Armor.I do plan on purchasing additional bottles.