Best Automotive Weather Stripping in 2020

Toyota Tundra Crewmax 2007 - 2015 4pc Exterior Weatherstrip Belt Molding Set Genuine OE OEM Review:

Netgear Orbi RBK50 AC3000
By JDB2018

As advertised, this product extended WiFi coverage across all of my two story 3500 ft2 house. Signal strength and speed are excellent in all areas. As well, the signal remains fast and strong approcimately 50’ beyond the house perimeter - a consideration for exterior items such as security cameras and the like. Setup was clear, simple and quick. Much better than network extenders. Highly recommended.

50 QTY Commercial Bulk Pack (Snow Guards, Perfect Seal Gaskets & Screws) - Stop Snow From Sliding Off Your Metal Roof Snow Guard Block Stops Breaks Review:

We have had a metal roof for 10 years. We live in a cape cod with a very steep roof pitch. No one ever mentioned to us about these until a gutter company came out to give us an estimate on gutters. They recommended installing snow guard to protect any new or existing gutter. After my duh moment from a number of years of figuring our gutters were old and just needed replacing I hopped online to begin my search of snow guards. Yes, silly me. Fire and ice shield and snow guards are two separate animals. We try to do as much on our own as we can. So ordered these and picked a day to get these puppies installed. We followed the chart and installed the number of recommended rows. Our fingers are crossed that these help protect our gutters. It only took a couple of hours but we were also cleaning gutters and checking measurements for more home repairs as we installed. No we didnt get new gutters installed yet. Next year. I was impressed with the kit. It has everything you need, well minus the tools. The chart was helpful to know where and how to measure. Of course I forgot to take pictures. But did find an interesting tip in some of my exploring. Clear snow guards dont leave a shadow. Where as colored snow guards will leave shadows across your roof much like a sun dial. So thankfully these are clear.

Omix-Ada 13510.70 Foam Blocker Seal Kit for 2011-2-14 Jeep Wrangler JK Review:

My 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport had a serious leaking problem from each corner of the freedom top. I did some research and found these. I replaced the seals over the weekend and did a test with a hose and there were no leaks. The real test was for the torrential rain that we just had and so far so good! There were no instructions but it was easy enough to find a youtube tutorial and figure it out that way. Plus if you already have seals on your freedom top you'll be able to tell where each piece goes anyway.

Universal Self Adhesive Auto Rubber Weather Draft Seal Strip 51/100 Inch Wide X 1/5 Inch Thick,Weatherstrip for Car Window and Door,Engine Cover Soundproofing,Total 33Feet Long(2 Rolls of 16.5 Ft Long Review:

I bought a used 2009 Altima that had been an undercover po-lice car and I guess getting in and out with kit on the guy tore some of the weather stripping. I couldn't find the stock weatherstripping -- and I'm sure it would be stupid expensive anyway -- so I bought a roll of this and blended it into the undamaged part of the door weatherstrip. Then I thought if a little is good, a lot should be great. So I followed the contour of the door and put another band of weatherstripping in and LET ME TELL YOU: thing is quiet as an E63 AMG S. No more wind noise. At some point I'll do the other doors, but first wanted to see if this would cut down wind noise and boy howdy it sure did.

Trim-Lok Rubber Edge Trim – Fits 1/16” Edge, 3/8” Leg Length, 25’ Length, Black – Flexible Neoprene Edge Protector for Sharp/Rough Surfaces, Easy to Install for Cars, Boats, Machinery and More Review:

I used this as an edge guard on galvanized steel that I used for my shower walls. The steel is what Home Depot carries which is on the thinner side and has 1/2" corrugation. The result looks fantastic. Were I to do it again I'd buy 1/16" trim because this was fairly difficult to get over the edge of the metal.

BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Kit Soundproof Rubber Weather Draft Seal Strip Wind Noise Reduction Kit Review:

I received my door seal kit promptly and opened the box. It is a single bag with more bags inside, with each seal section properly labeled. There is also several adhesive promoter pads that come in the bag. Instructions are also provided, with several pictures, online links, and written indications of how to apply each seal.

I opened the bag and separated each seal by left and right door, reading the instructions carefully. I started by completing the rear doors which are easier than the front doors.

My doors are already very clean, but I took this opportunity to complete another cleaning pass where the seal would be applied, then going through the same sections with the adhesive promoter.

Opening the seal for the rear door, I noticed that the top of the seal has a rounded initiator, which gives a clean look. That being said, I've reviewed several videos of how to apply this, and I decided to swap the rear left door for the rear right door as I wanted the seal to be applied inword, as I believe this looks better. The seal went on cleanly, and I had extra material which I cut at the end of the door.

I proceeded to install the front door, and at first I was confused at why there were two seals for the middle of the door. it appears one is connected to the front lip of the rear door edge, and the other is a flat seal which connects to the inside of the front door, b-pillar edge. These touch each other when you close the door.

The front door installation is more difficult, as you are maneuvering in tighter spaces, especially in the front of the front door. I also had extra material which I promptly cut.

One thing to note about the doors are the water holes at the bottom of the doors. I have watched several videos were they get to this point, and I found a solution for this. If you cut a small amount of a drinking straw, you can apply this inbetween the seal and the door right at the area where the door drip should occur. This will allow for water to barely make it through the small section so that water should pass. it's not perfect, but it's better than sealing this section which I believe will cause moisture problems in the future.

The front of the front door is especially difficult as you have to maneuver around very tight corners, taking care not to damage any existing seals or wire pathways. I carefully pressed down all of the seals to make sure they were in place then closed the doors.

Note: When I completed the right side of the car, I was able to compare the sound of the doors closing on one side of the car to the other. I did notice a significant reduction in sound in closing the doors. Without the seals, the car sounds a bit cheap in this respect.

One recommendation on this installation is that I would encourage this Seal company to create their own videos and link to them so that you can watch how all this is installed. There were not too many videos with this actual kit installation online, and the ones available we're using a different kit, sourced by different means that were not as clean as this one.

Now to the part that everyone wants to know about. Do these door seals reduce interior road noise? Here are my thoughts on that:

There are many roads that I take to get to work everyday, so about 40 miles of slow and fast traffic.

The main areas where you will see a noticeable amount of road noise reduction is on the highway. Everybody here drives ~75 on the highway, and as soon as I exceeded 70 mph, I noticed that the road noise was not increasing as it did before, at least not as much.

It's not a massive difference, but it is enough to validate this purchase. A few years ago I was stricken with a severe case of tinnitus and noise sensitivity which I cannot escape. This is the reason I love driving electric cars. When I purchased my model 3, I was excited for the quietness of the cabin, but very soon I noticed that it can be noisy at high speeds. This kit that I purchased I believe reduces the outside road noise at highway speeds enough to make the car more tolerable.

I'm glad I purchased this and recommend it for anyone looking to reduce the road noise in the cabin at highway speeds.

CloudBuyer Car Weather Stripping,Universal Self Adhesive Auto Door Rubber Draft Seal Strip,Car Window Door Engine Cover Noise Insulation(47/100 Inch Wide X 2/5 Inch Thick X 33 Feet Long) Review:

This is just what I needed to replace a lost seal on the doors of an enclosed utility trailer. I allotted an hour for the installation (two doors) - it took (maybe) 15 minutes. I cleaned the door frames with brake cleaner and a shop rag (literally sprayed and wiped as brake cleaner evaporates very quickly) - followed with the weather stripping. It went on like a charm and has great adherence. I had to repair two doors to do so I ordered two rolls - had a little left over and I’m sure i will find a good use for that.

GOLOHO Door Seal Kit for Tesla Model 3, Self-Adhesive Rubber Weatherstrip Noise Reduction Kit (Left & Right Side) Review:

This is a well packaged, great quality type of item here. The door seals were well packaged, instead of just tossed into a bag, so it definitely set the expectations from the get-go. After looking at all the parts, it was clear that there was care into building a package that was clear to follow, and promised to be a good product.

Installation was a breeze since there really isn't too much complication here. Just align the seals along your doors and follow the lines of the car door. The most important thing is that you leave the holes for water drainage on the door. The instructions were clear about that, which has good intentions. After you put them on, just make sure to run your hands over the seals to make sure the adhesive is fully installed.

After driving with them for a couple of days, I've noticed that the door seals are preventing additional dirt into the door jambs. That's great when it comes to cleaning your car and a nice perk. As for noise levels, I've noticed a subtle, but welcome, change in the level of road noise, especially during freeway drives.

I'm interested to see how these seals will function during the rainy season, because 1) road noise is more apparent when there is water on the road and 2) hopefully less splashing will occur into the door jambs from the seals. But time will only tell. If this product is anything like the packaging and care put into this, then I'm pretty sure it will be a great year round solution.

Good stuff. Recommended!

GreatBBA Large D-Shape Rubber Car Auto Door Seal Weather Stripping, Self-adhesive Hollow Sealing Strip for Noise Insulation (16.4 Feet) Review:

I purchased this weatherstripping to install it on the upper door jambs of my 2015 Tacoma to quickly, easily and inexpensively fix the howling noise problem that occurs with crosswinds above 70mph. Didn't want to have to deal with the Toyota dealer. After a quick clean with alcohol, the seal was installed in about 2 minutes per door and the problem is solved! High quality seal, shipped rapidly and worked like a charm!

ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal 10ft for use with Truck Caps and Tonneau Covers Review:

I found a need for this product after installing a flip-type bed cover on my Toyota Tacoma. My old Chevrolet Colorado had a Swiss lift-up cover that overlapped the tailgate and both rails, and in eleven years of service never allowed water into the bed.

The flip-type covers do very well but are not water tight. If they are the kind like I have which do not overlap the tailgate, water can readily leak in around the tailgate because manufacturers do not apply door seal around it. This product alleviates this deficiency, which as a side note I think truck makers should be fixing.

The seller provides the sealing material and everything needed to do a good install. In reading the reviews of those unsatisfied with the product, they seem to fall into two categories: either the product didn't adhere and therefore didn't work, or else there wasn't enough material to do the customer's truck.

I believe that most of the cases in which the sealer doesn't seem to adhere or seal are due to customer error in not scrupulously following the directions. The seller is quite clear about the need to thoroughly clean the area where the sealer is to be applied with soap and water, and then after that the area also needs to be cleaned with alcohol. The seller even includes an alcohol towelette to be used for that purpose. Then, after the product is cut to the correct size as shown in the photo spread provided for each of about 15 or 16 trucks -- pick yours -- and is correctly positioned as per the testing described in detail in the instructions, the key step is to FIRMLY press the sealer adhesive onto the truck and give it some time, up to 24 hours, to cure. For measure-once-cut-twice type people this is not going to work, and I suggest such buyers find an automotive repair shop or truck supply house to do the install for them.

But in the second case of insufficient material I believe that these customers might have a point, and this is why I only give four stars. In buying my Tacoma I found out that "small" trucks like my old Colorado have had growing pains in the past decade. Today's Colorado is larger than the Silverado was 10 years ago. Most of the folks complaining about material shortage have large-format trucks: F-150, Silverado or Tundra. I believe that perhaps trucks have gotten larger since this seller began marketing and that it is possible that an extra foot or two of sealer is needed for these larger truck models. If the cost of the material is too high to just throw another foot or two in then perhaps a "big truck" product at a few dollars more would fill the bill. In any case I urge the seller to re-examine whether ten feet is really enough for all larger models.

I have no complaints after several weeks and many rainy days. This product effectively seals the tailgate area from water leakage even during heavy rain, and the installation documentation, both written and especially the model-by-model photos available on the seller's website, are outstanding.