Best Video Converters in 2020

RCA to HDMI,AV to HDMI Converter,ABLEWE 1080P Mini RCA Composite CVBS Video Audio Converter Adapter Supporting PAL/NTSC for TV/PC/ PS3/ STB/Xbox VHS/VCR/Blue-Ray DVD Players Review:

I recently purchased a UHD TV that only has HDMI inputs. I own many older gaming systems like the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS One, etc, that connect using composite cables (Yellow, Red, White). This product converts those signals to HDMI. I have the systems hooked up to a composite switch. I then connected the converter to the switch and the TV. (Actually an HDMI switch because I have newer systems that use HDMI.) It works perfectly. The picture looks great and fills the screen. The games I tried on different systems worked perfectly and looked and sounded just fine. I also like the USB power connection as I have a USB power block so I only use up one electrical outlet for multiple devices that are powered by USB. I highly recommend this product and would purchase it again. A very happy customer here.

J-Tech Digital Premium Quality 1080P HDMI To HDMI + Audio (SPDIF + RCA Stereo) Audio Extractor Converter (JTDAT5CH) Review:

Bought this for my Apple TV 4. Apple removed the optical out during this release, and my soundbar was suddenly useless. Someone recommended this solution and I’m glad to say it works great! It restored all functionality to my soundbar with no degradation to my sound or picture quality at all. I know a few people reported their image quality dropping but I haven’t noticed anything. My TV is an older 1080p Samsung model with no support for any modern features like HDR, so maybe that’s why nothing was affected.

In addition to that, the sound is excellent as well. I took out an older Apple TV (one that had an optical out port) and compared sound between an Apple TV plugged into the converter and one plugged directly into the soundbar. No difference whatsoever, at least to my untrained ears.

As for the product, it’s made out of high quality materials and feels very solid. It feels built to last and hasn’t given me any issues. I was worried after a few reviews said I would constantly have to reboot my setup and that the Apple TV would cut out, but I’ve experienced none of that after a week of using it for hours a day.

Overall - excellent product. Suited my needs perfectly. Highly recommended.

RCA to HDMI Converter, RuiPuo Composite to HDMI Adapter Support 1080P, PAL/NTSC Compatible with WII, WII U, PS one, PS2, PS3, STB, Xbox, VHS, VCR, Blue-Ray DVD Players (RCA to HDMI Converter) Review:

I got this to use with my retro console to play old games because the console doesn't have HDMI I wasn't able to connect to the TV after researching in a forums people was talking about this item so I decided to give it a try, yep it works perfectly right out of the box connect the cables power it on and my old games on TV. And also can choose between 720P and 1080P for retro games used 720P and the image was perfect.

RCA to HDMI Audio Converter- Techole Aluminum 1080P RCA Composite CVBS AV to HDMI Adapter Supporting PAL/NTSC.Included 3RCA Composite Cable, CVBS Converter for PS2 Wii Xbox SNES N64 VHS VCR DVD PC Review:

This device works as I hoped and intended it to work, which was to plug in an old Playstation-1 console into my HD tv
which only has HDMI inputs. The build quality of this convertor is quite good and it has an more expensive look to it. I'm
not sure what the upscaler does but it doesn't seem to have much effect when playing a game or a movie on my Playstation. Maybe for another application it does something, or perhaps I'm doing something wrong. There is a possibility that because the Playstation is so low res to begin with the upscaler doesn't do much. Anyway I didn't buy it for that feature but rather to be able to plug my Playstation into my TV as mentioned. I am happy with my purchase.

Blackmagic Design Micro Converter SDI to HDMI (with Power Supply) BMD-CONVCMIC/SH/WPSU Review:

Reliably does exactly what it’s designed to do. But learn your task - know in advance what HD/SDI signal your equipment is generating and what HDMI signal your equipment needs to see to work. This box is not going to convert framerates, resize or resample. Don’t expect to feed it a 1080 30p SDI signal and get a 60i output, for example.

RCA to HDMI, AV to HDMI,GANA 1080P Mini RCA Composite CVBS AV to HDMI Video Audio Converter Adapter Supporting PAL/NTSC with USB Charge Cable for PC Laptop Xbox PS4 PS3 TV STB VHS VCR Camera DVD Review:

I needed a good workaround to make both my PlayStation (240p resolution) and PlayStation 2 (480p resolution) video-game systems work on my Samsung 4K HDTV. Newer Samsung televisions don't seem to be including standard A/V inputs (i.e. component inputs), in the form of to accept RCA component plugs. I was skeptical to get this device, but I'm pleased to say that it works perfectly.

There's a selector for 720p/1080p, and video input was slightly improved. I wasn't looking for an upscaling solution for my retro gaming needs, but I saw a recognizable difference when using this device... vice using standard A/V inputs. For example: The PlayStation 2 normally outputs at 420p resolution, but using this device made a noticeable difference on-screen. Also, changing the selector from 720p to 1080p, I was able to see some slight improvement to the picture. This device is not going to improve resolution drastically or significantly, but it does seem to make things look sharper & clearer on HDTV at least (albeit slightly).

If you're looking to convert RCA to HDMI, or something to make your retro games look a little bit better... this device may fit your needs.It certainly worked for my needs, and at a decent cost to boot. I've seen devices cost three times as much as this one. This was a great purchase for my retro gaming needs, and I recommend it to anyone looking to get their older systems to work on newer TVs. You will also need a USB port available on your TV to power the device. The device comes with a USB power cable, but it is extremely short.

Two thumbs up!

RCA to HDMI, GANA 1080P Mini RCA Composite CVBS AV to HDMI Video Audio Converter Adapter Supporting PAL/NTSC with USB Charge Cable for PC Laptop Xbox PS4 PS3 TV STB VHS VCR Camera DVD Review:

I had imported my UK PS2 to the country in order to play all my old games. Plugging it in and hooking it up, it worked fine but there was a screen problem. The bottom of the display was completely cut off, with a black bar at the top. Changing the screen size and setup wasn’t doing anything - it adjusted the sides, but it looked like we just needed to be able to shift the image up on the screen by a few inches in order to see menus and buttons that were being cut off.

I did extensive google searches to see how to fix this, but no luck!
That’s when I remembered about this little gadget we had looked at when plugging in our N64, so I ordered one for next day delivery (which came first thing in the morning!), plugged it in! COMPLETELY fixed my issue.
The resolution is obviously not excellent as it’s an old system and an old game, but it’s certainly not bad either.
Most importantly though, the game image fits perfectly onto the screen now with no cutoff at all. Exactly what I needed

HDMI to RCA, 1080p HDMI to AV 3RCA CVBs Composite Video Audio Converter Adapter Supports PAL/NTSC for TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, PC, Laptop, Xbox, HDTV, DVD-Black Review:

What most of you want to know is: Does it convert signals from my olden days tv to digital (HDMI) so that I can use my firestick? Yes, it does. However, I deducted 1 star because a clear instruction guide on how to do this would be very helpful. But they're Chinese, so you know.

How to set it up:
(1) Do NOT remove any current cable connections from your tv;
(2) Plug 3 cables in a row into a VCR port on the TV. (You might have 2 ports; choose either);
(3) Plug the other 3 (matching colors w/the tv, although the actual colors are irrelevant) into the ports on the converter;
(4) Choose the video option on your tv (use button on tv or your remote) to set it on video or VCR. not tv or any other option;
(5) Plug firestick into the USB port on the converter and the attached cable into the wall outlet;
(6) Choose NTSC or PAL from slide button on converter (the USA uses NTSC). IMPORTANT: the NTSC and PAL labels are wrong, but it doesn't matter. Choose the one that works;
(7) Buy a USB wall tap/charger (choose the right one for your country), connect the cable that came w/converter and plug wall charger into the wall outlet. (NOTE: the converter MUST be powered on for everything to work properly.)

That's it. I hope this helps.

HDMI to RCA, Wenter 1080P HDMI to AV Converter / 3RCA CVBs Composite Video Audio Converter Adapter Supporting PAL/NTSC with USB Charge Cable Review:

I have a older Vizio TV that had the hdmi ports blow out and no longer work. I did not want to replace the board for $400 since the tv is old and does not have 4k. Unfortunately, it does not have an work HDMI ports any longer. This little device allowed us to connect a firestick to the TV with very little effort. The connection took just a couple of minutes and it worked perfectly. Saved me almost $400 and now I can connect a hdmi source! Is isnt the greatest picture but you can watch something off hdmi. Great little product.

GANA HDMI to RCA,HDMI to AV, 1080P HDMI to 3RCA CVBS AV Composite Video Audio Converter Adapter Supports PAL/NTSC with USB Charge Cable for PC Laptop HDTV DVD-Black Review:

I have worked with video editing on and off since high school in 1972. I can't speak to the European PAL video format but the North American NTSC, (Never The Same Color), video format usually looks foggy, misty or washed out when played through the RCA AV jacks. BTW, I don't plan on leaving North America but this thing will convert PAL format to AV also. Some times this is the only option on certain older video equipment. I bought this HDMI to AV converter to play a newer video camera and laptop through an older TV monitor. For $10.88, I wasn't expecting much quality nor did I need it. I charged this unit up and plugged it in according to the directions and it blew me away. The picture quality is CLEAR and the sound quality flawless. The picture was clearer, sharper and the colors brighter than when I played these units in HDMI mode on an LCD flat screen. If I needed 100 adapters, they would all be these. I didn't expect much because the price was so low and it's smaller than a pack of Camel cigarettes but, as I said before, I was shocked!!! It comes with a 1 year guarantee but when I opened it up, there was an orange card about the size of a business card that offered a free 3 year extended guarantee just for registering it with the company. I couldn't beat this deal with a stick. It just keeps getting better and better. I forgot to mention that it came with free shipping, (Under the $25.00 Amazon minimum), and it came the day after I ordered it.