Best Tripod & Monopod Cases in 2022

Last update: November 12, 2022

SLIK Universal Medium Tripod Bag for Tripods up to 23", Black Review:

Medium Slik Tripod Carrying Case, 25" X 4.25", with Outside Pocket

Neewer 2-in-1 Convertible Wheeled Camera Backpack Luggage Trolley Case with Double Bar, Anti-shock Detachable Padded Compartment for SLR/DSLR Cameras, Tripod, Lens and Other Accessories (Black/Grey) Review:

I adore this purse! It has been a terrific tool for me during my month in Paris. holds a ton of gear inside (I have a body and six lenses, plus batteries, filters, and other things). Moving about is simple, and stair climbing and descending is stable. It costs half as much as the Think Tank roller, but over time I might swap because the interior is starting to show some signs of wear where the wheel well meets the back of the bag. Just in case, I installed a second pad to this location. The only drawback is that the back flap's backpack straps, which take up valuable space, cannot be removed. Since it's unlikely that anyone who buys this bag will ever use it as a backpack, in my opinion, it's a waste of space that could be put to better use. Another unpleasant feature is that the front pocket only has one large pocket with no internal pockets to keep pencils, change, or anything else. Apart from these minor details, I adore it!

Neewer Photography Carrying Bag Protective Case Compatible with 18 inches Camera Ring Light - 21x21 inches/52x52 Centimeters, Durable Nylon, Light Weight (Black) Review:

For my job, I often travel back and forth. Being a traveling makeup artist, I always bring my ring light with me since it provides me with illumination that is far superior to any of the sites I visit. This bag is specifically designed to hold and carry it, and I really needed one to keep it in. With alternatives for hand carrying, a strap sewed on to either side to keep it together, and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap for times when I don't have a spare hand, it is simple to accomplish. There is plenty of space inside to carry my smaller equipment and it is protected from damage with a nylon lining, a hard surface, and foam padding. When I meet clients for the first time, this bag makes me appear more professional. I adore it utterly!

Neewer Large Photo Studio Lighting Equipment Carrying Bag 41.3x9.84x9.84inches with Shoulder Strap and Handle for Light Stand, Tripod, Umbrella, Monolight, LED Light and Other Accessories (Blue) Review:

The bag's quality exceeds expectations. nylon fabric that is softly cushioned and strong. With enough of room for more, I use it to tote my supports, a soft box tripod, and a few speedlite brackets. It's preferable to carrying all of your gear from the car or from anywhere else. The zipper for the bigger pocket is the only item I'd want to draw attention to. Instead of being in the center, it's in an awkward spot off to the side. I imagine that larger weights can fit in from the side more readily, but it's still strange. I have no problems other that. This huge size easily fits my collapsible 10-foot light stand.

Neewer 35"x10"x10"/90 x 25 x 25 cm Photo Studio Equipment Large Carrying Bag with Strap for Tripod Light Stand and Photography Lighting Kit(CB-05) Review:

My Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod, the Manfrotto 502 Video Head, my Rode VideoMics, two tripods, and a ton of NEEWER lights were all things I needed a backpack to hold. This bag had the necessary dimensions, however I was concerned about the cushioning and construction. Thanks to Prime, the product arrived in two days and had the ideal size and build quality. Any anything that has a zipper on it makes me scared to buy it since sometimes when you buy things online without seeing them in person, you end up with a broken zipper and a return nightmare. This bag is not one of those bags; I've carried it around for a long in all kinds of weather, putting it through its paces. No issues. I was first apprehensive about the stability of this bag because it is so large and lengthy. Will it fold over and smash all of my equipment? However, there have been no issues thus far. The straps on either side of the central compartment provide excellent support without crushing my bag's extremely precious contents and prevent bending.The quantity of cushioning in this bag is my only issue, which is why I only gave it four stars.I went above and beyond with this backpack because I'm a rather concerned person when it comes to protecting my photographic gear. I asked my devoted wife to crochet unique tiny bags for my tripods and other equipment inside since I would prefer to see MORE cushioning in a bag this size. Along with the tripods and other equipment, I have a few lenses tucked away on one side of the suitcase in a tiny container. I might get another if I can persuade my wife that I need additional photography gear.

Neewer 36"x5"x5" / 92cmX12cmX12cm Heavy Duty Photographic Tripod Carrying Case with Strap for Light Stands, Boom Stand, Tripod Review:

For the price, I give it five stars, but I take off a star for the nylon's poor quality. The outside nylon resembles reusable shopping bags in both appearance and feel, to the best of my ability. It is really light and nearly has a paper-like appearance. Having said that, I only paid under $10 for this. I was aware that it was a cheap bag, and I'm pleased with my choice.I spent a lot of time looking for a bag that could accommodate two light stands and two shoot-through umbrellas (one 33" the other 43"). I also have a 35.5-inch Wescott fold-out Softbox for a flash "I wanted to be able to fit as much in one bag as possible. I desired a 40 "long bag to make sure the Wescott will fit. The softbox is snug but fits. Additionally, I can accommodate both of the stands with attached flash heads and all three light modifiers (see the photos of the bag full and the equipment). The exterior of the bag is made of a very light weight nylon material, therefore the interior of the bag has some padding, which helps. If I had to spend more money on a bag that ultimately accomplishes the same job, I would prefer to buy several of these over the years and still come out ahead financially. I'm pleased with the purchase and would make another one.

Neewer Photo Studio Equipment Trolley Carry Bag 38"x15"x11"/96x39x29cm with Straps Padded Compartment Wheel, Handle for Light Stand, Tripod, Strobe Light, Umbrella, Photo Studio and Other Accessories Review:

I should start by saying that I used to design and manufacture backpacks and luggage for significant USA big box retailers. I am aware of the quality and construction because I have been to companies making baggage and backpacks in mainland China. I used to work for businesses that produced cheap junk, so I am familiar with it. So, when I see quality and craftsmanship in respect to Chinese manufacturers, I realize it.I must admit that after reading some of the reviews, I was hesitant to purchase this. Nevertheless, I got it because I needed a travel bag to transport my equipment throughout NYC. For what it is, the pricing is reasonable. I will say that if you need a case to transport a small to mid-size set up with stands and a few modifiers, this is good for local travel by vehicle. Additionally, I chose this size to allow it to fit in a mid-sized sedan's trunk. The taller cases, in my opinion, are too large to fit and will be problematic if you need to use an Uber, Lyft, or Via in New York City. This won't withstand abuse from baggage handlers during plane travel or in any other situation. Get a Pelican or other hard case luggage designed for flight travel for that.Interior real dimensions are: 36 3/4" tall, 14" wide, and 10" deep. Remember the lost space caused by the curved corners.4 Alien Bee lights with cables, 2 bells, a collection of 5 honeycomb metal grids, 2 barn doors, 3 speedrings, 2 medium soft boxes with grids, 1 tiny soft box with grid, 3 light stands, 1 foot stand, 2 power strips, and 1 extension wire could all fit within this bag for me. What you can fit may not be the same for everyone. Before I got it, I prepared a "to scale" size layout in the computer to make sure I could accommodate everything. It goes without saying that for me, this was ideal.Interior: There are 4 padded dividers with velcro edges that feature a plastic core and padded faces. They traverse the casing horizontally. not vertical when viewed from afar. To get what I required for a separator for light stands, I had to construct my own out of foam and velcro. Neewer should construct a long divider, in my opinion. Only the case's interior sides have a velcro surface. Two long PP web straps with velcro are located at the bottom of the bag and can be used to secure items. They are not utilized for my needs.The cushioning inside is made of a very thin material. If the case falls, it won't save your equipment. From my photo, you can zip open the edge and observe how tiny the padding is. I advise you to add your own. To increase the padding, you might possibly cut a yoga mat and place it within the zipper region. For my barriers surrounding my lights, I used thick floor cushioning. Modifiers and stand cushioning are unimportant to me.The case's walls are made of high-quality plastic that is exceptionally thick. It must have been dropped or kicked pretty forcefully according to the guy's account of the airline smashing his case. This plastic seems sturdy and is reasonably strong.Only two rivets hold the top handle in place. Although mine seems sturdy, I avoid using it to raise the case up for fear of removing the rivets. See my image of the handle's external and interior rivets. I would prefer larger washers or a grip with additional security points. The external cordura material was too tight against the plastic shell for the curved upholstery needle to operate, thus I was unable to sew straps of PP web onto the outside for additional grasp points. More handles are necessary less. especially a handle for dragging the case down the sidewalk. A bottom and top handle are also included for lifting it into a car or up stairs.The body's cordura material and primary YKK zipper are excellent. For luggage of this class, the workmanship is excellent and in line with the price you pay, and the riveting appears to be sturdy. A few more stitches might be added to the outside strap. I would advise adding a reinforcement stitch to the edges where the straps attach to the cordura body material if you're concerned. The piping is excellent, and it makes excellent use of the corners' reinforced edges. Additionally, the outside cordura material is of very high quality. superior to the backpack fabric available at the majority of retailers. This is better luggage than before. good-quality luggageThis review was written by me because it is the kind I wish I could find when shopping. Before I make a purchase, I need genuine statistics and information.

Neewer 36x7x4 inches/91x18x10 centimeters Heavy Duty Photographic Tripod Carrying Case with Strap for Light Stands, Boom Stand, Tripod Review:

I paid the same amount for both this bag and a Neewer bag that was extremely similar, item #10079941. I was carrying microphone stands for a reason. This bag is far superior to item #10079941 for this use. The dimensions, fabric, and fabric thickness of the two bags are comparable. This bag has a little larger diameter and a slightly greater capacity. The other bag only has a single, large compartment. There is no little exterior zippered pocket on this bag. The shoulder strap that is not detachable and is stitched into the bag is not present. What this bag does have, however, that the other does not, is as follows. First, the two handles, which are sewed to the bag and are not adjustable, are big enough to serve as shoulder or backpack straps. For quick hikes, however, these handles are perfect as a handle or a strap. What's more, this bag is divided into three fabric sleeves that are stitched inside: one large pocket, two medium sleeves, and one tiny sleeve. I perfectly fit two folded mic stands into each of the two medium sleeves. I believe that this bag has room for two more mic stands. Additionally, the sleeves stop the mic stands from rubbing against one another. Finally, the other bag opens the main compartment with a straightforward long straight zipper. In contrast, this bag features a circular zipper around one end and that type of zipper opening. A mic stand can easily be inserted into any of the sleeve sections through the circular zippered slot. Although neither bag has padding, it seems like the fabric would be suitable for light to medium duty applications. It's fine for the airplane overhead bin, but I wouldn't use it for checked baggage. Overall, this bag is more useful and a far better value. And for what you receive, both of these bags are a wonderful deal and dirt cheap.

39"x7"x7"/100x18x18cm Padded Carrying Bag Heavy Duty Photographic Tripod Carrying Case with Strap for Light Stands, Boom Stand and Tripod HBP03-US (39") Review:

I purchased this so I could transport and store two medium-sized Chimera soft boxes and their corresponding speed rings for ProFoto heads. This was a total success. When Chimera boxes are among the more robust ones, they don't roll up very compact, but since I roll up the two boxes with their rods in place, I can fit them inside the bag with one speed ring at each end. The bag is not particularly well-padded, but I didn't want anything particularly thick and hefty for this use. They are good and thick, and the stitching feels lovely and durable, but they are also not just one layer of thin nylon. The zipper feels as though it shouldn't have any issues as it ages because it operates smoothly and makes use of somewhat larger teeth. It would be nice if it included a shoulder strap as well, but that wouldn't be a big deal and I would have known that from the product description anyhow. Even without taking into account how reasonably priced it is, it's a terrific alternative to real photography name brands!

Manfrotto MB MBAG75PN Tripod Bag Padded 75cm (Black) Review:

I purchased this Manfrotto MBAG75PN Tripod Bag to house my Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 (4-section) tripod and Manfrotto MVH500AH Fluid Video Head. As long as the pan arm is positioned downward, the combination fits perfectly. In actuality, there are a few extra inches of bag length. My previous Manfrotto 190 with three sections and a 128LP video head also fit. But my MK055XPRO3 (3-section 055 series) and 502 video head can't fit in there.Although a touch pricey, it pays for itself by being my nicest purse in terms of design and craftsmanship. Manfrotto carefully considered the design and materials, including the flashy embossed logo on the padded lid, the red accent along the zipper seams, the sturdy luggage grade fabric (Cordura? ), the adjustable strap, the heavy duty zipper with pulls, and the thoughtful design that gives you the choice of opening the bag entirely or just the end (lid). The padding provides considerable protection from bumps and scrapes because it is dense (closed cell?). Oddly, there is plenty of space inside for a tool bag to carry trinkets, but there isn't a zipped compartment to manage small accessories.My Manfrotto 190CXPRO tripod and 500 video head have a fantastic new home that is stylish, big, well-padded, and portable.