Best Professional Video Stabilizers in 2020

Zhiyun WEEBILL S Gimbal Stabilizer (Standard Package), Zhiyun-Weebill-s-DSLR-Gimbal Review:

 Check out my quick unbox and quick look video with this written review.

I have owned 3 gimbals including this one; Crane V2, Crane 2 and now this brand new WEEBILL LAB. I can say I'm impressed so far because its just as easy to set up and go as the Crane 2 and miles faster to set up than the Crane V2.

Zhiyun continues to innovate with technology as well as design.
This device is about half the size of the Crane 2 and a lot lighter. This will be much easier to carry around with you on long video shoots or just in your back pack.

With the included camera belt, you can easily take breaks with out worrying about a place to set your gimbal down. You also won't have to worry about maybe accidentally dropping it.

Also with its small size you can throw it into a smaller messenger bag with your camera and a couple of lenses for a more low profile look.

Since it is smaller it will take time to get use to maneuvering it compared to lets say a Crane 2.

It is very easy to get into under-slung mode compared to previous models. This is I think the most popular gimbal position.

WARNING: The base package does NOT come with the phone holder. A lot of people have been confused because most of the ads have show the gimbal with the holder. That is a separate accessory that you must purchase.

I advise you to get the Creator Package. It comes with a few VERY useful items that you will need in your film creation arsenal.
If you don't have the money then you can purchase as time goes on; one by one.
Mono-pod($90), camera belt ($25), follow focus device ($90), quick release adapter($20), phone holder ($50).

Since I am so use to using gimbals in general there is really no learning curve for me, I just picked it up and was able to figure it out and start testing it. I have no complaints so far. This will be my go to gimbal for run and gun. I'll probably keep this in my car at all times ready to shoot when I need to.

If this is your very first gimbal it will take you maybe 30 minutes to get up and running. Plenty of tutorials out there to look for. Those that are technologically savvy this will be a breeze to figure out.

Triple Cold Shoe Mount Gimbal Extension Bracket, Universal Mic Stand and Light Mount Plate Adapter for Zhiyun Smooth 4/Smooth Q/DJI OSMO Mobile 2/Feiyu Vimble 2 Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories Review:

If you are using a gimbal (DJI Osmo Mobile, Zhiyun Mobile 4, etc) for cell phone video, this device will help with attaching multiple items like a microphone, LED lighting (small panels work great) or anything else with a cold shoe. I’ll be adding a wireless lavalier microphone soon so I can capture my voice from behind or off to the side for my BTS videos, so this is perfect for that. A little hint too: if using a light, and the desired lighting situation is to have the light above your subject, flip the gimbal over and it will still record while keeping your light over the lens. You’re welcome!

SMALLRIG Cold Shoe Mount Adapter Bracket Hot Shoe with 1/4" Thread for Camera Cage Flash LED Moniter, Pack of 2-2060 Review:

I purchased a product from B&H similar to this first and it was way too tight and wouldn't fit any hotshoe device I had.

My goal was to attach this adapter to my L bracket on my SLR to mount a hot shoe based remote control unit. I had the remote unit initially up top piggy backed to a flash control unit but the new flash controller I have doesn't allow for piggy backing. Thus began my search to figure out what to do.

This adapter is nice because it does come with more mounting screws than the comparable product from B&H. The only disappointment might be that the competing product did include a stop screw. It wasn't important for me but might be to some people. It does fit all the hot shoe products I have including an older 430ex and a newer Flashpoint speedlight.

Good price too!

Ulanzi PT-3 Triple Cold Shoe Mounts Plate Microphone Led Video Light Extension Bracket Microphone Stand Rig Bracket Compatible for DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Zhiyun Smooth 4/Feiyu Vimble 2 Gimbal Stabilizer Review:

I wanted to add a remote control for my Sony RX100 VI. I found the "AODELAN Camera Wireless Shutter Release Remote Control", which worked well, but created another to mount it. This mount solved that problem! I tested it with the Sony RX100 VI, Olympus Tough TG-5 and Garmin Virb Ultra 30 with EVO SS Wearable Gimbal (see pictures).
Light weight
Perfect size for pocket cameras
Allows to easily mount two accessories plus the camera
Can be mounted on a self stick, tripod and so on (standard threads)
All metal (except for the rubber pads)
The finish could be more refined, you can see some imperfections on the sides, but nothing so bad that I would remove one star.

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone X XR XS Smartphone Vlog Youtuber Live Video Record with Sport Inception Mode Face Object Tracking Motion Time-Lapse - Hohem Isteady Mobile Plus (Upgraded New) Review:

 I love this! The stabilizer is light, easy to set up, and serves its purpose. Because iPhones (and many other phones) have 4K, I actually try to use this as much as possible. My Canon 5d Mark IV and 6D Mark II are extremely bulky to carry around. I have a stabilizer for those as well... However, with iPhone 4K video, I try to use this as much as possible, and use my Canons for close up shots where I want that low f-stop. This is extremely nice when you're filming an event and are running around all over the place.
It's cut my editing time down a ton, and I like how I can easily AirDrop the videos from my phone straight to my MacBook without fiddling with a memory card, adapters, etc.
It comes with a really nice hard-case to travel with, but this would be fine sticking in a backpack if you're traveling as well! I haven't been on a trip with it yet, but I know I'll grab this over my bulky DSLR stabilizers!
I've given it several hours of use thus far and haven't had to charge it yet.

Highly recommend! Great for beginners, but also great for those who have been in the game and need something light and easy to use. Don't be scared to use your iPhone!

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Handheld Smartphone Foldable Gimbal Combo Kit - CP.OS.00000040.01 Review:

Just got this and it won’t hold my phone with a slim case on it! I’m so pissed off, it says no worries with phone and case and mine definitely won’t fit.
It’s a normal slip on case just covers back and edges and not at all big but the grips on the osmo will not clip completely over!!!!
Absolute pain n the arse, probably going to send it back because I don’t want to take case off every time I want to take a video or a pic, I really wanted this to work because I’m going on a road trip around the states to help at dog rescues and was hoping I could rave about this gimbal, I guess some other company will get my free advertising!
Edit update October 18-:
so I’ve had my little hissy fit about not fitting with my case and figured if I’m going to do any sort of video with this then it’s not going to be for just 2 minutes anyway, and even if I do need to get a quick video of something that may disappear then I’m not going to set this up by balancing etc, I’m just going to pull my phone and start recording.
So having now actually checked this thing out, it’s pretty friggin cool! The app looks like it’s got a lot of possibilities and I’m looking forward to trying new stuff out.
Your best bet is to take your time and use the online/on app manual and be sure to click on your model (Osmo 3 mobile) as it has manuals for other models as well. I’ve seen posts of people not being able to work it out, there’s tons of info out there (it’s 2019 people!).
The main reason I got this is because after researching and comparing different models, I asked a freind of mine who does professional photo shoots with drones etc and he uses all DJI drone equipment and they have stores throughout the country.
He uses way more expensive stuff than this but this is what he said to go with, I’ve showed him it when I got it and he was really impressed with it.
If you don’t have time to take your case off then just pull your phone out and start recording anyway because whatever it was you’re trying to catch you would miss, because you still have to balance the phone first anyway......

DJI OSMO Mobile 3 Lightweight and Portable 3-axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Compatible with iPhone & Android Phones Review:

This is a sturdy compact gimbal with a bit of a learning curve, compared to other ones you can simply thrust forward with the standard 'torch' move. This one requires a sideways motion that seems designed for right handed folk, but wasn't too hard for my left handed self to master.

This worked great with my Iphone Xs once I mastered the moves. Then I upgraded my phone to the smaller size Iphone 11 pro, & things went sideways.

Apparently this WILL balance an Iphone 11 Pro Max, according to several forums & websites.
The extra weight of the phone helps stabilize the whole thing, where as with the smaller Pro, the triple lens side throws the weight off.
Worst of all with the 11 pro, is the lens now catches the gimbal arm in frame every time I try a move it.

I'm not sure if this means a counter weight is needed for the other side of phone, but honestly I may return and wait for a gimble I know will work with my current phone.

On another note, Filmic pro does not quite work either, as it recognizes the gimble but many functions like the zoom button on the gimbal do not engage. This appears to me to be a software glitch that hopefully will be fixed soon.
the dji software works well with the gimbal, although I had to reconnect the bluetooth pairing a few times, which slowed my filming roll.

All in all a great compact unit, if it works with your phone.

Ulanzi Mini Tripod Stand for Selfie Stick Monopod Stabilizer on Cellphone DSLR Cameras,Portable Folding Desktop Stand for Projector for ZHIYUN Smooth Q/Smooth 4/ Feiyu/OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal Review:

This thing is cool! I bought one for my EVO PRO Gimbal because I'm always needing to set it down and I doesn't stand up. So I have to turn it off and lay it down which defeats the purpose. So I got online and say this tripod. I was skeptical at first but gave it a try anyways. My first impressions is this seems well made. Its plastic and nothing fancy per se but it just feels solid. So i screwed it into the bottom of my Gimbal which was a perfect fit. I folded the legs out and stood the gimbal up. It was perfect! It didn't even wobble! Now it can slightly wobble if I'm not careful when I install a cold shoe/mic bracket on the bottom as well. This is to be expected since the mic hangs out some.

Anyhow, when not in use, I simply fold them in and the diameter is about the same as my Gimbal. So its very slender and hardly noticeable. Not to mention it works well when you need them.

Zeadio Video Action Stabilizing Handle Grip Handheld Stabilizer with Hot-Shoe Mount for Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Pentax Olympus DSLR Camera Camcorder Review:

I like this grip. Works just fine with my Canon T3i. It won't stabilize the camera on its own, so you have to know what you're doing to make it work, but unless you're a complete amateur, you should be able to get very stable shots using this grip. I will either hold it with one hand on top, one on bottom, and the "U" against my chest/abdomen, and do a "slide step" motion to avoid bouncing it when walking, or I'll just balance the top part on my middle finger (low shots) or thumb (high shots) and let it hang. All these techniques result in very stable shots without the need for expensive stabilizing technology.

My only gripe is that the hot shoe connector on top is rather flimsy, and anything I connect to it just ends up falling off no matter what I do. My solution was to simply stop connecting things to it. Not really a deal breaker for me, as I am content with using the built in camera mic and using other methods of recording separate audio when necessary, and just learning to do the best I can with low-light situations.

Overall, for the price, I am happy with this grip for my purposes.

EDIT: I bought different connectors to use with the hot shoe on top, and I've had better luck with it. Still nervous about putting expensive equipment into it, but so far it's been fine.

Hohem Smartphone Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for iPhone 11/11pro/11pro max/Xs/Xs Max/Xr/X, for Android Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus, for Youtuber/Vlogger (iSteady Mobile Plus) Review:

 If you find yourself searching for good informative reviews like I do, then take the time to read this.
This gimbal cost $99 on the normal day. Upon receiving this, it came packaged extremely well. I actually prefer the Hohem carrying case over the other brands because of how low profile it is. It makes packing it in your camera bag easy. Or if you carry it on a trip, it isn't going to be taking up a lot of space.

Now the juicy stuff. The Gimbal it self. I have recorded plenty of videos and clips to be able to tell you that this gimbal actually feels like it has now limits. Seriously, when I want to turn the gimbal and put it as close to the ground as I can, it doesn't fight me. When I want it to preform a sharp turn, it doesn't spaz out. Its extremely responsive and just all round great buy for $99 or under. I'm not going to run down the specs of this device because they do a great job at listing everything above. And YES, you get everything shown in the picture. It is a great plus when we receive goodies like the gimbal tripod stand for no additional cost. (thumbs Up) The material is a plastic with a rubber grip and I have had no problems with how it sits in the hand. The Battery has more than enough run time for the average person. They state 12 hours and I haven't been able to need all of that yet. If you are a videographer and looking to use your iPhone or phone in general to take some killer video, You should have no problem making that happen.

All in all, if you get this gimbal you are in for a treat. I highly recommend trying this Hohem iSteady Mobile.

Now Beware: Hohem does have its own app. And although it does work for the most part with ease, there are a few options that the basic film maker will be missing. And that's being able to seamlessly switch between frame rates.
Also, when in the video mode, you still have to tap the record button 2 times. If you only tap it once, you'll being taking pictures all day lol. BUT, this is solely about the App, and not the gimbal which is why I left this review at 5 stars. Everything else such as the tracking and motion lapse is super fun and accurate.

If you wish to see more on this gimbal then be sure to search me on YouTube. Hope this helps.