Best Templates in 2020

Mr. Pen- Landscape Templates, Architectural Templates, Drafting Tools, Landscaping Tools, Landscape Design Template, Drawing Template, Template Architecture, Drafting Ruler Shapes, Drawing Stencils Review:

I bought these templates to help me take better notes on complicated landscaping projects I am bidding on. I use them mainly to show the layout of existing garden beds and green spaces I am giving a renovation quote on. These templates let me quickly and easily jot down the layout and notate dimensions of various objects that exist in the landscape. See the attached image for an example.

SIQUK 9 Pieces Drawings Templates French Curve Geometric Templates Measuring Rulers Clear Green Plastic Rulers for Engineering, Studying and Designing Review:

I bought these so I could help my grandkids out with their homework and for helping me make repetitious designs on my homemade greeting cards and cartoon work. I haven't used them all but intend to do so. For the money, they are well made and should last me a very long time. I highly recommend these templates for just about anyone who needs them.

SIQUK 11 Pieces Geometric Drawings Templates Plastic Clear Green Plastic Rulers with 1 Pack Poly Zipper Envelopes for Studying, Designing and Building Review:

I don't think I will ever use all of these but I will use most of them. Fantastic set of templates for the price and they are reasonably well made. A little thinner then some but I prefer that to get cleaner lines and they are a little more flexible that some of the higher priced templates that I have used which I think is more of a positive than a negative trait. I think they will hold up longer due to their flexibility which makes them a litter to break.

Mr. Pen- French Curve and Template Ruler Set(6 Pc), Stencils, Drawing Template for All Purpose, Circle Template, French Curve Ruler, French Curve Template, Drawing Templates Shape, Journaling Supplies Review:

The templates are good. The French curves are a little rough around the edges (literally - slightly rough spots along portions of a few of the pieces), but not too bad considering how inexpensive they are. Considering I bought the set as an aid for plastic scale modelling, it's nothing I can't fix in a couple of minutes with some sandpaper if it becomes a problem. Haven't noticed any defects with the templates.

I bought this particular set because there was a deal going for it. What I really wanted out of it was the circle template, but with the deal I could get this set at a similar price to just a circle template from other brands. Was a decent deal even if I never use the other parts of the set, but now that I have them, I'm sure I'll find a use for them.

9 Pieces Drawings Templates Measuring Geometric Rulers Plastic Draft Rulers for School Office Supplies, Clear Green Review:

I do alot of manual "red-lining" at work for engineering drawings and prints. Love these things. I know there are digital ways of doing this but sometimes taking the time to manually mark up a drawing or create a fancy field drawing isjust as good if not better in some cases. I use these stencils for all my drawing needs. Great selection of shapes and sizes too. I use the stencils on all drawing sizes from A (8.5" x 11") to E (33" x 44"). The stencils are nice thick and rigid. They "highlight" well too when place on white paper. One of the stencils (No. 4316) is particularly fun with its curves and swoops. I use No. 4315 the most though. It has the most shape types and different size on it. Can quickly change between the shapes you are looking for with one stencil. The others are really to cover the rest of the individual shape size range and other small specialty shapes like ovals and curves.

Rapidesign Isometric Piping Template, 1 Each (R43) Review:

Very helpful for new engineers like myself when making isometric drawing sketches. I would definitely recommend getting templates like this ones and other one that pertain to drawings you make. Would definitely get again if needed. Only downside about this is when i got it, it was rounded, but i placed it under a textbook for a week and now its good to go.

QincLing 11 Pieces Geometric Drawings Templates Stencils Plastic Measuring Template Rulers Clear Green Shape Template for Drawing Engineering Drafting Building School Office Supplies Review:

If you don't want to be bothered dealing with metic don't get these. I Think t's a good solid set, easy to read, clear graduation marks. Just about anything a draftsman may want,,, But if you can't read it they will not work one bit.
Look I have used metic before when I worked with to fellows from Holland, Metric is easier in many ways,,, It's the more advanced measurements I am unsure about. I am going to keep the set but if I was needing a template for a job or school I would be buying a new set ASAP.

Westcott Technical Drawing Template (T-816), Green Review:

This is a nice and simple plastic stencil. It's small, thin, flexible and portable, perfect for using on whatever project you're working on. I initially used an ultra thin tip Sharpie, but the marker smeared a few times. I switched over to a ballpoint pen and it worked perfectly on a slick surface paper. I'm working on a colorful, hanging paper butterfly garland. This stencil is reliable, making clean curves and lines every time. I'm very pleased with it and I think you will be too!

2PCS Plastic Green Measuring Templates Geometric Rulers for Office and School, Building formwork, Drawings Templates by CSPRING Review:

Nice templates. Exactly as described but also irresistible to cats. WHen I spin these on my pencil they go flying off, of course. When that happens my cat Squiggy chases it across the room and grabs the thing and runs off. I lost one for several hours this way. On the bright side the teeth marks don't effect the templates operation.