Best Filing Crates in 2020

Storex Recycled Filing Crate with Comfort Handles, 17.25 x 14.25 x 10.5 Inches, Purple, Case of 3 (STX61792U03C) Review:

This product came with three bins that are grey with purple handles on each side. The purple handle is stationary. What I like about these bins is they are able to stack on top of each other in the position shown in the stock photo or you can turn them on their sides (long way or short way) and stack them so the opening is facing out. This to me was key as I wanted a shelving unit for my pop-up trailer but one I could disassemble when we need to pack the trailer up. I ended up packing what I need in each bin and when I get to the site I stacked them on the long sides and have a shelving unit right next to the sink. I've used these for two camping trips so far and love them! Some items to note: these are made of plastic so they will flex if heavy items are in them (when having the opening to the side in a shelving setup). Ways to correct, put the heavy items on the bottom "shelf" or put a thin piece of plywood as a base to the shelf so the weight is evenly distributed. These also have a little "rail" for hanging files but there isn't a groove to keep the files staying up so if this isn't packed full with files they could easily fall of the railing and defeat the purpose. I hope this helped you out and if it did let me know by clicking the thumbs up :-) Happy shopping!

Samstar Hanging File Folder Box, Mesh Metal File Organizer Box Hanging File Crate Folder Holder Storage Box, Letter Size, Black. Review:

I have to say... I feel cheated on this purchase and the product shipped is different that advertised AND what's represented in the description. I originally ordered just 1 of the Samstar Metal Mesh File organizers in January. I LOVED IT! Very well made, screws held it securely together. Unfortunately that one went out of stock so I couldn't order more and I have since been watching for it to become available again. Descriptions look the same... but they are not.

The ones I got today with this order are not secured with screws, they are secured and put together with simple pins that just drop down into slots. I'm not saying they won't hold up the same but the screws seemed to be more solid and at least it gave me peace of mind.

Storex Storage and Filing Cube, 17.25 x 14.25 x 10.5 Inches, Assorted Colors/Clear, Case of 3 (STX62001U03C) Review:

It must be possible to love a filing box design, because I love these!

My initial order included a broken lid, and because the entire set of 3 are packaged together, I had to send all of them back to receive the intact replacement. These are so popular that the shipping time was close to a month not only from the original order date, but also the replacement request.

They fit folders really well, stack easily, the boxes are durable, nicely colored and not much larger than the folders they contain. The lids appear a bit flimsy, and on the defective lid I first received the little locking tabs had been cracked off (and were still in the box, not sure how that happened) which tells me those are the weakest point of the design. The lids do fit well and snap on securely to keep out dust, bugs, and probably an accidental spill of liquid on top of them. I store my important documents in them and then stack the cubes in my fire-rated safe for protection.

Storex 70113U06C Small Book Bin, 11.75 x 4.5 x 8.5 Inches, Assorted Colors, Case of 6, Multicolor Review:

I was worried about ordering these after all the bad reviews, but it seemed all the reviews since 2016 said good things. I was worried I would get only 5, they would be cracked or broken and they would be funny colors... What I got was a set of 30 bins. 6 each of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The colors are lovely, not odd at all. There were no cracks or breaks although there were some stress marks, but that shouldn't effect use at all. They also did come with clear plastic label holders that stick on. They were only stuck on the purple ones but there were sheets of them in each yellow bin so all I had to do was stick them on. I do think those will come off rather easy, but after all I read, they seem like a bonus anyway! Each student gets their own bin and it works great for me! I did them by tables so that there is a red table, a yellow, green, blue, purple, and rainbow. When students switch desks, they will have to leave their old bin behind... I've only had them 3 days, so who knows... but so far, excellent!

Sterilite 16939006 File Crate, Black, 6-Pack Review:

For the price, this is what I needed. I could use them to help organize my office space since I have a position as President for our large club. But at the same time I take 2 of the crates for the club to help the organization at their location. These are not as sturdy as ones I bought a couple decades ago, but I like that they can be used for legal or letter size papers and folders. On the otherhand, I have looked at real flimsy ones at stores. Here, the cost of the purchase outweighed the lesser strength..

Storex Mini Crate, 9 x 7.75 x 6 Inches, School Blue, Case of 3 (61490U03C) Review:

I came up with an awesome "Life Hack" use for these. These crates are the perfect size for standing up Lansinoh brand breast milk storage bags in the freezer. You'll want to freeze the bags laying flat so they are nice and uniform, then stand them up.