Best Sports & Action Video Cameras in 2020

APEMAN A79 4K Action Camera 16MP WiFi External Microphone Remote Control Underwater 40M Waterproof Review:

 This A79 action camera is an incredible camera. After reading the reviews I was motivated to buy it since it was under my budget. What most impressed me when I opened the product is the large number of accessories it brings. We are talking about 21 deferent accessions: (Waterproof case, Dust-proof cover, USB cable, Two batteries, Frame, Mount, Long Thumbscrew, Short Thumbscrew, Extension mount, J-hook mount, 360 rotating screw, Bicycle mount, Backpack clip, Adhesive pads, Flat adhesive pads, Release Buckles, Insurance tether strap, Microphone, Remote control, Bandage an adapter 2) which allows you to use it to its full potential. The fact that it brings 2 batteries allows you to be outside without the worry that you are not going to be able to shoot or take pictures for a long period of time. The waterproof case looks very strong and well compact. I do not see the time to be able to use this camera on our next trip to the beach.
The instruction manual is very clear when it comes to do the set up of the camera and something very neat is that it comes in 6 different languages (English, Deutsch, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese) being thus easier to understand the instructions in your own language.

I am very motivated with the purchase and the product has come out very good.

I definitely recommend this product and you can buy it without any doubt.

I'm sure that once you have it you will enjoy it very much.

TENKER 4K Action Camera, WiFi 12MP Waterproof Sport Camera 170 Degree Wide View Angle 2.4G Remote Control 2 Rechargeable Underwater Cam Batteries and Kit of Accessories Review:

 The Tenker K1 4K Action Camera takes fantastic video and pretty good still photos. It comes with a lot of the usual extras that one would expect from most non-GoPro action cams: extra battery, clips, mounting adapters, a water resistant case, etc. It even has a rather long selfie stick. I mounted it on a Bugs 3 quad to test out different shooting modes - 1080P 60fps, 4K 25fps, and 720p 120fps. I compared it to the LD4000 action camera that I've been using for years and has been my primary action camera for many years. I would definitely recommend the Tenker K1 4K camera for its video quality. The default video setting is 1080p 60fps in my opinion is the best shooting mode for this camera after testing the other modes. I verified the resolution of the videos using VLC. The quality of the videos is really, really good. Images were in focus and colors looked great. The 4K video is crisp, but the lower frame rate makes fast motion jittery at times.

Changing the camera settings was pretty intuitive. The description advertises image stabilization, but I did not see anywhere in the settings to change or enable this function. This said, the videos were quite smooth. I was able to use the timer and other functions with ease. The screen is bright enough to see in direct sunlight. The waterproof case enabled excellent underwater video and kept water at bay, at least in my pool.

The WiFi capabilities were a bit frustrating however. The wifi remote that came with mine would not work. Turns out the CR2025 battery was completely dead. The android app worked well most of the time, but would freeze up from time to time when doing video, causing the app to crash.

Be sure to use a good microSD card, at least a Class 10 UHS 1. The largest card the camera can use is 32mb. That's about 3 hours of 1080P 60fps video.

The first battery lasted about 2 hours before showing low battery. This included using WiFi for some of that time and also doing 4K video recording, which from what I understand uses more resources. Plugging the camera in using the included microUSB cord charges the battery. Plug the cord into your own usb charger or computer. To charge the extra battery, you'll need to swap them inside the camera or use an external action cam battery charger (not included).

If the Tenker 1K continues to be reliable and shoot amazing video it will replace my very reliable LD4000 action camera.

Full disclosure: This product was provided to me at a reduced cost, in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion based on my own experiences with the camera. No one else has seen nor approved this review before publication.

Edit: I am very impressed with the 60fps and 120fps shooting modes for slow motion playback and for capturing stills from the video itself. The images are crisp and I did not notice any dropped or duplicated frames making slow motion playback look pretty incredible.

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD with EIS 30m Underwater Waterproof Camera Remote Control 5X Zoom Underwater Camcorder with 2 Batteries and Helmet Accessories Kit Review:

 Incredible value for the money.
Great quality videos, acceptable photos, fully waterproof, good menu, plenty of accessories.
** Amazon compressed the video. It looks awesome on my computer **

Why did I choose the Akaso Brave?
1. Akaso has a better website (and hopefully support/warranty) compared other action cams I see on Amazon.
2. Olympus Tough TG-5 (amazing camera) was outside my budget.
3. GoPro Hero was way outside my budget.
4. Most waterproof cameras under $400 are mixed with bad reviews indicating leakage.

This camera is with me & the wife right now in Hawaii celebrating our ten year anniversary!

It has done a great job across several hours of salt water snorkeling, exploring beautiful pools, and adventuring in bamboo forests.

The wireless was relatively straightforward so I could transfer the photos and videos to my iPhone easily.

Here's some extra stuff I bought:
1. Flow by microJib ... floating, extendable handle. Worth every penny. Best one I could find.
2. Shoot waterproof diving light (works great; I have not submerged more than 5 feet underwater)
3. Samsung EVO 32GB microSD
4. Tekcam waterproof case (an extra, just in case, have not yet tested)
5. Extra batteries (two original batteries have each given me about 40 minutes of good use so far, so I have not tested new batteries)

When I need it handy, I store the Flow handle, my flash, and action cam (all connected ready to go) inside of two big socks.

What don't I like about this camera?
1. No lens protector :( so be careful to store your plastic waterproof case in a sock!
2. No ability to buy extra cases from the manufacturer (had to by 3rd party).
3. Included Remote control is not waterproof/submersible; there is no way to buy replacements from manufacturer.
4. Not quite the same quality as GoPro or Olympus TG-5 (but close for most people, and costs much less).
5. Photos: not nearly the same quality as iPhone or Samsung Android, but still acceptable.
6. Less support, no user manual, etc.

Here are some tips (for most people):
1. See my attached photo for how to insert microSD.
2. The screen will shut off to save battery. Tap the down button to turn it back on. (when snorkeling, for example)
3. When in video recording mode, tap the down arrow to turn microphone on or off.
4. In the menu, 1080 30 fps is a great high-quality video choice.
5. In the menu, 5M or 8M will be decent for images/photos, for most people. (Larger values increase the storage size & print size).
6. In the menu, turn OFF the loop recording, date stamp, motion detection, and beep sound. (for most people)
7. In the menu, set Auto Off to 10 minutes (for snorkeling/ adventuring).
8. In the menu, set Quality to fine.
9. In the menu, play around with Angle.
Wider angles can be more fisheye for objects on the edge, but wide is great for snorkeling.
10. Yes you CAN delete photos/videos from the preview mode on screen.
Hold the up arrow and push the enter button on top; you will be prompted what to delete.

Overall I am super super pleased.
Incredible value, easy to use.
Great videos and acceptable photos. Lots of features and accessories.

This review is sincere. If the action cam disappoints in the future, I'll update my review.

Crosstour Action Camera Underwater Cam WiFi 1080P Full HD 12MP Waterproof 30m 2" LCD 170 Degree Wide-Angle Sports Camera with 2 Rechargeable 1050mAh Batteries and Mounting Accessory Kits Review:

CT7000 is a good value for general action or sports use. It does take a bit of experimentation because it doesn't come with a very helpful user guide and some settings are not intuitive. Here are a few things I found out as I used the camera.
1. How much recording time does each battery provide? I get approximately 90 minutes of video recording from one battery with a full charge at room temperature. So you can get about 3 hours of recording time from the two included batteries, per outing, without buying additional batteries. They may last a bit longer in warmer temps and shorter if it's cold. Full charge from fully discharged takes a bit over two hours using a wall charger plugged directly into the camera.
2. What size microSD memory card do I need? Normal video recording is saved to the micoSD card in 30-minute file increments. Each increment recorded at 1080p FHD takes up approx. 3GB. If you plan to only use two batteries per recording session a 16GB memory card will hold about 2.7 hours of video, which is close to the max. battery life. At 720p/30fps, a 30-minute video segment is about 1.5GB so an 8GB memory card will hold a bit over 5 hours of video, which is more than you can record with two batteries. At 720p/60fps, a 30-minute video segment is about 2GB so an 8GB memory card will about 4 hours of video I transfer videos from the card to my computer after each session to keep the memory card empty for next time.
3. Settings: Enter the settings menu by clicking the "Down" button on the right side of the camera. At the top of the menu screenm you'll see a video camera and a gear. To toggle between them, press the OK button. Use the UP/Down buttons to move through the menu options, then press OK to enter a menu setting. Again, use the UP/Down buttons to move between options, then press OK to select the one you want.
In the Settings menu, the "Quality" setting if for photo quality, not video. The "Seamless" setting sets the time for each recorded segment in Car mode. If the memory card gets full, the oldest segments will be over-written. For US users, set "Light frequency" to 60HZ.
4. Recording basics: The camera screen will time out after 1, 3, or 5 minutes (set in the Settings menu) if a button is not pressed. Press the OK button on top of the camera to wake the screen back up, then press OK again to start or stop recording. This is important to remember if you have the camera mounted where you can't see the screen, such as when using a helmet mount. The camera will also beep once when recording starts to confirm. I had several times in the beginning where I didn't record because I only pressed OK once after the screen had timed out.
The camera will shut off after 1, 3, or 5 minutes (as set in Settings) if you are not recording and have not pressed a button during this time. If this happens, press the power/mode button on the front for 2 seconds to turn the camera back on.
Set a timer on your phone for 90 minutes to remind yourself to change batteries!
5. Charging tip: I found that my camera automatically starts to record video when I plug in the USB cable to charge the battery. I have to click the OK button to stop recording. Before I discovered this, I charged the battery overnight, then went out for a bike ride the next day and found that the memory card was already full because the camera recorded while charging until the card ran out of space!

AKASO 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof DV Camcorder 12MP 170 Degree Wide Angle LCD Screen/Remote, Royal Blue (EK7000BL) Review:

 Just got back from a week long trip to Kauai and used this bad boy underwater, in the rain, in the mud and I will say it was fantastic. I consider buying this camera like buying tools at Harbor Freight....if they survive the current job then they're a great bargain. For heavy use I'd go with a GoPro all day long but for $76 plus memory card this thing is flawless. Any issues we had are mitigated by the low cost. Buy with confidence but be sure to research 32-64 gb cards. I put a 128gb card in because it was recommended on Amazon. It worked but I had some errors and thought my videos had all been deleted because they weren't showing on the camera. Luckily I got home and they were all there.

Picture and video quality is great. Extreme close ups will suck because you cant really control the focus. The pictures will all be wide angle sort of fish eye type pictures which i really liked but may not be for everyone.

1. Price - Not only is it cheap but it's also a good value. At this price point I pretty much consider it disposable.
2. Picture/Video Quality - for the price it's amazing. You can adjust settings somewhat and it will wash out underwater, you cant control focus but I loved the picture quality
3. Underwater housing - worked would fog up if I left any moisture from cleaning. Camera also ran really hot in the housing so be careful.
4. Accessories - Lots of mounts, two batteries, charger, housing, remote - great value and most of it is very useful.
5. The App - While clunky and not super intuitive the Wifi worked great. You can connect the camera to your phone and use the remote to take pictures away from the camera while viewing on your phone. Downloading was clunky but I could text a picture from the app even thought some of the app was in Chinese. Again, for the price I would say excellent value here.


1. The batteries suck big time - Taking pictures is ok but video sucks the life out of the batteries. Again, for the money it came with two batteries which made it tolerable but I swear video drops the battery life to 20 minutes. I did ok with the two batteries but had some frustrations with this.
2. Plastic housing - The blue and black plastic started delaminating a bit. Kind of like fish scales sluffing off. It didn't affect performance but was just cheapo and weird.
3. Cheap Materials - I only used for a week but it did well. It feels cheap but it is very lightweight
4. Buttons - Cycling through the camera modes and settings is a bit annoying and often I was filming instead of taking pictures. It takes a while but not so bad once you figure it out.
5. Memory Card - I got a Sandisk 128gb card and it caused some problems. I believe 32-64gb cards are the max. I had some card read errors and all my videos "disappeared" from the camera. The app also stopped counting the number of new pictures I took but the memory was still filling up. I think this was some sort of compatibility issue and an error on my part but all my videos and pics were there when I began downloading. Little stressful though.

I added some video/pics from my trip so you can get an idea. Buy with confidence, if you're not sure just buy a warranty.

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision 3 Underwater Waterproof Camera 170° Wide Angle WiFi Sports Cam with Remote 2 Batteries and Mounting Accessories Kit Review:

 I purchased this camera back in September 2018. I wanted something that I could use while riding my Harley and didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on a Go Pro. I knew this camera lacked several high end features but for the price, I couldn't see how I could go wrong.

I used the camera on the bike the first time by mounting on the front of the bike. Due to the lack of image stabilization, the video picked up so much vibration from the road and the bike it wasn't really usable. Kind of makes you sick if you watch it.

I played around with the included accessories and was able to mount the camera on my helmet which helped a lot with the vibration but image stabilization would still be a nice feature. When the camera is in the included case (Underwater case), the sound is not very good. I honestly haven't used the camera outside of the case other than removing it to download the videos.

The batteries seem to last a decent amount of time. I have had a few instance where reading the SD card was a problem, however, I just plugged the camera into the computer and was able to download the videos without any issues.

I would also have liked to see the camera with Bluetooth instead of wifi. You can view your camera using your smartphone, however, you must connect to the camera using it's built-in wifi which disconnects your phone from 4G. This causes issues if you are streaming music or needing to make GPS changes.

Overall, this is a good, much cheaper alternative to a Go Pro and for $50, how could you go wrong. If you buy it and decide you need something better, you can always give it to someone else to use.

Campark ACT74 Action Camera 16MP 4K WiFi Underwater Photography Cameras 170 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens with 2 Pcs Rechargeable Batteries and Mounting Accessories Kits Review:

 Picked up this camera for our cruise to the Bahamas the end of January. I never have owned or used this type of camera before so I read a lot of reviews before buying. We decided upon this model because of the price point and simple to use design. The camera came with two batteries and a ton of accessories, but not a grip handle. I was able to purchase a floating grip handle from another Amazon seller for under $10 which fit and worked well. I also purchased a class 10 microSD card as recommended in the camera listing.

Upon receiving the item I read the instruction booklet a few times - a little vague on some directions but will give you a general idea on using it. I also downloaded the app to my phone however I could not find a way to get it to accept a password for our internet. Will have to try and figure that out at a later date. I charged both batteries immediately so we would have a spare if needed while using. I would approximate 1 -1 &1/2 hours of constant use per battery. We used it about a half hour on land and then an hour in the water before receiving a low battery signal. Just a heads up it signals low and then immediately turns off. I wish I would have put the fresh battery in before we entered the water to snorkel, as it drained about ten minutes before we were done and I was unable to shoot those last few minutes.

Overall I was thrilled with this camera! I have never used one and it was easy, remained steady (grip handle was a huge help) and yielded really nice photos and video both on land and underwater. The sound is not the best while using the waterproof case, but I expected as much. I simply popped the card out of camera and into the adapter, transferred the files to my pc and edited as needed. I've attached some in this review!

AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K30fps 20MP WiFi Action Camera with EIS Touch Screen 100 feet Waterproof Camera Support External Mic Remote Control Sports Camera with Helmet Accessories Kit Review:

 I gotta say that I did a whole lot of research into action cameras before coming to the decesion of buying this camera and overall this is a very nice camera that i'm not at all disappointing with choosing. I've had mine now for about 3 weeks and I've been thoroughly impressed with all of its capabilities and features. The quality is great and shoots very smooth in 4K. I love that it comes with two batteries and an external charger along with the wireless watch remote for easy use. I've already used this camera with it's the case in the water and it dose indeed work. The extra accessories that it comes with is a nice bonus. The only thing I can really mention that I either don't get yet or are a bit of a hassle is that the app used for the wifi connection to the phone can be a bit of a hit or miss, I've used it multiple times and it was able to connect maybe about half the time so a little more work is needed on that perhaps. Other than that I also did notice under the video features that there's a slow motion option to record but the option isn't able to be selected to use, at least on mine, which i'm not to sure about how to access that option if you can. I'll list the pros vs cons to summarize.
+Comes with a whole lot of accessories that most action camera sets do not
+Extra battery and charger for double the life!
+Compatible with other brands mounting gear (GoPro, etc)
+Wireless watch remote included
+Touch Screen
-WiFi feature is a bit iffy
-Isn't the best at capturing video in low light settings, but that's typical
-Certain features seem inaccessible (slow motion), at least to me.

Overall this is an incredible camera that I'm glad that I bought and i honestly can say I don't think there is a better option out there for the money.

GoPro HERO6 Black 4K Action Camera (Renewed) Review:

I got this to function as a dash cam for my motorcycle after an idiot was driving his black mustang convertible and almost hit me and others when he was swerving between lanes - he was driving like he was playing GTA, including slamming on the brakes to try and get a rear end collision on an off ramp all during commute hours, so very heavy traffic.
There aren't really any good options for motorcycles for dash cameras so I decided to try this. Recording at 4K 60FPS provides a very clear still image (see the attached picture - I've blanked out the license plates but they are very readable). The battery life is ok, it looks like it should last about 1-2 hours, my 30+ min commute recording at 4K60 leaves the battery with ~60% remaining.

A couple of tips: To get the superwide field of view you need to drop down to 4K30, but the gain on the width is very small so I'm leaving it at a higher FPS to try and get less motion blur, although I'm still playing around with it.

I have this mounted with a RAM mount suction cup that I got a few years ago. It's not ideal since the mount doesn't accept the larger GoPro thumb screw, but it does work and holds the camera stable enough that the playback with image stabilization is pretty good (maybe the Hero7 will be slightly better - but this is very usable).

The touch screen on the back of the Hero6 is very intuitive and easy to use and the ability to press and hold the record button to turn on and start recording video is very convenient, especially when wearing gloves.

The only item to be aware of when buying something like this as "renewed" or refurbished, is the camera may be attached to the previous owners account, so I strongly recommend you do an immediate factory reset if you buy used. My camera arrived and was registered to the previous owner Francisco, a quick factory reset kept his and my privacy secure.

GoPro Hero5 Black (E-Commerce Packaging) Review:

Understand that by purchasing this option, you are risking receiving a broken/damaged unit that you might not be able to return in some instances.
I really don't know the extent to which buyers are getting bad units, but judging from the reviews it is happening substantially more often with the E-commerce packaging option. It appears that this "E-commerce packaging" is, at least in part, a way for gopro to resell it's refurbed/returned units. Personally I went with it because I was in a time crunch and the shipping option was faster at the time. For the record I received a working non-blemished unit, however my advice is spend the extra $8 or so and wait the extra shipping time(if applicable) and get a unit (B01M14ATO0) that you can be more reasonably assured is in good working order.

Also from the reviews, I don't recommend submerging the unit in water despite the company's claim that it is waterproof. If you are going to put it under water you should get a protective case, and the fact that there are numerous options on the market (including here on amazon) is a clear red flag. I haven't put the thing in water, nor will I. From the looks of the unit I can say that if I didn't know any better, it never would have occurred to me that it could safely be submerged in water. Additionally, I read in the reviews that the company does not cover water damage under the standard warranty that comes with the unit; it's worth looking into. If you plan on going underwater with your unit you should know whether the warranty covers water damage before you buy.

I got this as a tool to help my son improve his motocross skills. Being able to watch and discuss the footage has helped, but I have yet to see whether it will be $300 worth of help. Time will tell. Immediately after filming, you can wirelessly stream full clips from the unit to your smartphone with the app relatively seamlessly, but that would probably depend on the phone (S8+ in my case). If you have a tablet or laptop to bring to the track, even better.

Suggested extras that you're going to want:
At least one extra battery and the external charger for when you are out and about: B01LZHRYJS
Front and back adhesive screen protectors: B01M8J9ONB They are cheap and easy to replace. The unit's glass lens cover and rear screen not so much. Well worth the $10. I haven't noticed any issues in touch functionality as a result of the protector, nor have I noticed any problems with video quality.
Another thing to think about is extra mounts and adhesive strips for when they go bad or you want to place multiple mounts at once: B01L13RXBS
Finally, a decent carrying case is worth it. This camera is an expensive piece of equipment that you don't want to be just throwing in your back pack or whatever it may be: SM1408005
The specific products I suggested are what I purchased, and have worked well so far for my particular needs. Obviously go with what suits your needs best.