Best Soldering Tip Cleaners in 2020

Kaisiking Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner Solder Tip Cleaning Wire and Holder Station Soft Coiled Brass with 3 Pcs Solder Tip Cleaning Wire and 1 Pcs Holder For Cleaning Soldering Irons and Tips Review:

I am so pleased with my purchase of the Kaisiking 4 Pcs Large Soldering Mat Set Silicone Repair Mat Placing Screws with Anti-Static Wrist and 2 Tweezers.

I purchased a set of tweezers as well but I've really been using the tweezers that came with this mat. One has angled prongs and the other is straight, each with very sharp/fine pointed tips and they grip the small electronic components I've been working with perfectly.

The mat is very durable and shows no sign of damage from soldering iron heat.

I appreciate all the places to hold tools and components while still providing plenty of work space for me.

I'm very pleased with this purchase!

Thermaltronics FBA_TMT-TC-2 Lead Free Tip Tinner, 20 g in 0.8 oz. Container Review:

This stuff works really well I'm glad that I saw this I didn't even know it existed. Learning to solder had really messed up the tip of my soldering iron and I did not have an extra tip for it nor was I able to find the part number to order a new one. figuring for the money this would be the best bet if it worked, I pick some up!
Well, I can only tell you... It works great!
Not only did it work, it made my soldering iron seem like new again!
The tip took solder like it did when it was new after using this product as was stated in the instructions! I couldn't believe it! That's chemistry for you!
I am so happy! I could not be happier in fact with the results of this product and its effect on not only my soldering iron but on my soldering skills.
it's hard to believe how much better you can solder when your tools are working properly!
lol I was fairly new to electronics and soldering! Still am but this stuff WORKS!

Aoyue Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner with Brass wire sponge, no water needed Review:

I did without this for years without realizing how much I really needed it. This tip cleaner makes it a lot easier to maintain a clean soldering iron or gun. A poke and a wipe into the brass sponge gives me a clean shiny tip every time. I also give the tip a very quick jab into a wet sponge to shock off any remaining oxidation. A wet sponge is supplementary to using this brass sponge - take a look at the fine instructional videos on YouTube about soldering by Pace, Inc.

The holder is about 3" across and a little over 1" high - this sounds small, but it's really a good size. The flip-up handle doubles as a soldering iron rest and there are two indentations on the lip of the cup for smaller irons. The bottom of the cup has a smooth covering and the whole thing tends to slide around a little when I use it, so I glued a small piece of grippy rubber `shelf liner' to the bottom to keep it secure.

This is a valuable tool to keep on the bench or even in the toolbox. It will extend the life of your soldering tips.

Hakko 599B-02 Wire-type soldering iron tip cleaner Review:

tl;dr - it works very well and you'd never guess how much you actually needed it. If you're not sure, get it.

I've always used a wet sponge or paper to wipe my tip when soldering and it worked, so I never bothered with fancy cleaning wire in a stupid cup. I finally decided to try it after watching enough tutorials and teardowns where the pro always had legitimate cleaning wire.

I jab my tip into this ball before I contact any surface and you can see the difference in how clean and shiny the tip is. Previously, I've used steel wool, paper, and sponge, all of which have drawbacks in terms of tip wear, oxidation, and crappy cleaning. The difference a clean, shiny tip makes is really significant and it surprised me. I was able to place and remove components much quicker and I have yet to damage any surrounding components, which is attributable to the increased conductivity and precision I gain from the tip quality.

The only negative to this item is the plastic cup it comes in because it tends to skid along the table when I stab the iron into it. Like others suggested, I tossed some scrap bits of metal and stone into the bottom of it and that helps, although I really just have to remember to thrust at a downward angle.

If you think you don't need this, you probably do. It's a cheap little thing that will improve your soldering capabilities and it's way better than paper, sponge, or steel wool.

Soldering Tip Cleaner Solder Tip Cleaning Wire and Holder Soft Coiled Brass Tip Cleaner Kit with 5 PCS Solder Tip Cleaning Wire and 1 PC Holder for Cleaning Soldering Irons and Tips, No Water Needed Review:

The brass tip cleaner has always worked perfectly for me.
No chance in cooling off the tip, and only a couple of plunges into the pad clean
any debris or trash from the tip, while maintaining a tinned tip.
If you solder a lot, you might find that they accumulate a bit of solder over time.
Simply remove the ball from the canister and separate the coils over the trash and the solder falls right out.
Bringo.. fresh pad.

Thermaltronics SPG-5 Yellow, Soldering Sponge, (3.2" X 2.1") (5 Pack) Review:

Should have bought these a long time ago. I was holding on to the original sponge for way too long because I wasn't sure what to get. They come skinny and flat, but once you wet them, they look like regular sponges. They fit my Weller WLC100 but are a little short on the top. However, that is inconsequential because the critical dimension is the width to hold it in place. Because of the holder placement, I never reach there anyhow. The hole in the middle is a big improvement allowing you to scrape off solder from your tips easily. The slits help too. Moreover, best of the price!

Thermaltronics BC-10 Solder Tip Cleaning Wire Review:

I own a solder station, and using brass mesh to clean the tip has been a better technique for me than wet sponges. I use these brass mesh balls pushed into an old RadioShack dish to clean the soldering iron between solders. I also use this setup along with solder paste to clean oxidized solder tips. The only thing is that they are a little too small. I have had to put two in the dish I have just to have it fill it.

Aven 17530 Soldering Stand with Soft Coiled Tip Cleaner Review:

I purchased this soldering iron stand to replace the cheap fold-able piece of aluminum that my iron kit came with. I chose this holder over any other because of the coiled tip cleaner rather than a sponge.
As for quality of the holder, it feels well made. It has a nice weight to it and doesn't move around on my workbench. My complaint as for quality revolves around the tip cleaner. The ball of coiled metal comes in it's own little bag and is very tightly balled up. The dish that the coil sits in does not fit into the holder very well. It has play from side to side and can lift out very easily when being used. I simply put some tape on the underside of the dish to keep it in place. Back to the coiled tip cleaner. The cleaner works very well at first, and makes tinning the tip of the iron easy, but it's after heavy use that the ball of coiled metal starts to 'unwind' and begins pulling out of its dish. I've found it's best to just rotate the ball every now and again in order to avoid this. As for the holder itself, it keeps my iron in place and does it's job nicely. The only complaint is that it does heat up rather quickly on the outside and can become warm or almost hot to the touch. No where near melting, but just something worth noting.
Despite the cons, I would recommend this holder to anyone that needs an upgrade for a soldering iron holder.

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner + 60/40 Solder Wire Reel Fine 0.6mm Tin Lead Rosin Core (1.76oz/50g) + Soldering Rosin Flux Paste Gel (0.35oz/10g)for Electronics Metalworking Welding (Black) Review:

first off, for those of you saying you didn't get flux or solder, it is in the bottom portion of the soldering iron cleaning housing, the bottom twists and pulls apart and there you will find the "missing items". Please exercise due diligence before posting a negative review. This seller was cool enough to contact me to make sure I received the order and that I was happy with it/everything was as stated in the on line add. Even if this was just a canned response that is automatically sent out it is a nice touch. Everything is as described. only reason I subtracted a star is because the solder seems a lil bit touchy about heat and oxidizing quicker than I would like. still it works and for the price it is great, I would recommend you make this buy if you need this stuff and are on a budget