Best Smartwatch Cases with Band in 2020

EPULY Compatible with Apple Watch Band with Case 42mm 44mm 38mm 40mm,Stainless Steel Metal Wristband Compatible with iWatch Series 5/4/3/2/1 Review:

Wow, this watch is honestly so elegant without even the bit of effort on your side. It can make a simple t-shirt and pants kinda of day make you stand out. I decided to get this watch for my boyfriend because he is constantly using the same plain black band and wanted him to have a bit of change. Boy did he really like this watch. I wanted to give it a try myself at first because I liked how it looked when I opened the box and actually contemplated on keeping it for myself instead. I added some pictures to show the quality of the watch. If you take the time to read the instructions carefully, you will be able to change the sizing on the watch easily. Included you will also find some extra cases, a clear and silver one. I really loved the look of the watch on me with the silver case.

HONEJEEN Compatible with Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm,Stainless Steel Mesh Loop Replacement Parts for iWatch Band Series 5 4 3 2 1 Review:

This watch band was the perfect solution for my Apple Watch. I was looking for something that would help stop the sides from getting scuffed, and this band came with an all around bumper to fully keep my watch from getting more scuffed up :) and the black is a nice touch for my rose gold watch. Really pops! It was also super easy to install, I’ve had others that were just too hard to put on and sit nicely, this one was easy and it sits perfectly :) would definitely recommend anyone to get this band! They also have lots of sizes and colors to choose from to really make your watch your own style :)

i-Blason Band Designed for Apple Watch 38 mm, [Cosmo] Stylish Sporty Protective Bumper Case with Adjustable Strap Bands for Apple Watch Series 3/2/1 (Marble) Review:

I really love this watch band. The leather on the band part is real leather and very good quality. The watch is easy to put into the cover part and holds it very well. For me I don’t think this watch band is too bulky I love it. I would have given 5 stars but I had to take time to exchange the first watch band I received bc it’s paint was a little chipped in a few spots and I wanted one that was perfect and nice just like all the other reviewers photos. The second one I received is perfect with no issues. Other then that everything is great. I have many Apple Watch bands and this is probably my favorite one.

GBPOOT Compatible for Apple Watch Band 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm with Screen Protector Case, Sports Wristband Strap Replacement Band with Protective Case for Iwatch Series 5/4/3/2/1 Review:

Was at the Apple Store looking at other bands and saw their metallic version and loved it. I wanted something that looked professional enough for the workplace that wasn’t a fitness band and wasn’t the sport loop and the metallic one was it. However, Apple’s version is very pricy at $150. I knew there must be some decent and cheaper Amazon ones.

This is it! I got the silver one to match my watch. I have to say, I was originally really apprehensive about this because the picture shows it with the included screen protector case, which I really did not want because it seemed extra bulky and I didn’t need the protection on my watch face. I thought it would come attached to it somehow but I’m so happy that after I opened it, I realized it was separate! You can use just the band without the case and that’s how I’m using mine. One thing to note: the images wrongly depict the actual band. It doesn’t look like it’s inserted or anything and I tried to take good pictures to show this so please view so you know what the actual band is like.

The magnet is very strong (sometimes my hand gets magnetized to dinner tables when I’m eating out). It’s very variable in terms of wrist size and I have a tiny wrist so this was great for me; that I can essentially choose how small to make the circle. The feel is great and it honestly looks so refined and fancy, I love it. It makes me feel so much more professional than the other bands. One thing I dislike is that occasionally, it’ll pinch my wrist hairs. Not my actual wrist, but the hairs and then it hurts for a second and that’s it. So.. kind of annoying but okay for a $13 band.

If I ever got another Apple Watch and wanted a fancy band, I’d get this again. If this review helped you at all, I’d love a vote!

jwacct Compatible for Apple Watch Band with Screen Protector 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm, Soft Silicone Replacement Sport Band Compatible for Apple iWatch Series 1/2/3/4/5 Review:

I got the Apple Watch 38mm replacement band in Soft Pink/Grey and compared it to my official Apple Watch sport band. The metal pin is a little different on the inside - you can see the metal circle that anchors it, whereas in the official band this is hidden under the rubbery band material - but other than that this is an exact match in terms of colorfulness, consistency and quality. And therefore, what I like best is the price - you can get 4 or 5 of these bands for what 1 official band costs!

If you haven't replaced your Apple Watch band, it's easy. There's a little button on watch, on the inside of the hinge. Press it and slide the old band out. Now slide the new band in until it clicks. If it takes more than 10 seconds to replace both halves of the band, you're doing it wrong - it's dead simple!

5 stars!

YC YANCH Compatible for Apple Watch Band with Screen Protector Case 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm, Silicone Sport Strap Replacement Wristband with Apple Watch Case Compatible with iWatch Series 1/2/3/4 Review:

I really love this band. It’s true to color and feels great. The original Apple Watch band is similar, but I do like this one better because the band is more soft and not as “plastic-y” if that makes sense. The original band irritated my skin after wearing for a few days, because it wasn’t breathable and in Florida heat it just made my skin break out under the band. This one feels great and because it’s more soft it moves on my wrist easier so if it gets a little wet underneath after washing hands, or sweat, it doesn’t stick and doesn’t cause irritation.

I will say I got super irritated when first putting on the bumper case. Since it covers the screen it’s not easy to just slip the watch face in. You have to put one SIDE in first (the side with the knob is easiest), and then the other. Don’t try to do it from top to bottom like some other bumpers, because the edges will get stuck in the band grooves and it will take some pressure and pulling to get them out. Speaking from experience. Haha. Anyways, once it’s on it is great. I do notice sometimes it won’t be as responsive as with bumpers that don’t cover the screen, but that’s to be expected when there’s plastic between your touch and the watch face. You just have to be more intentional with your touch because it’s not as sensitive.

Also, I got the ML band size, I do think it runs a little bigger than the original bands because I’m in the second to last hole and I don’t think I was as tight in the other bands. So that’s something to consider. I don’t have big wrist, but I don’t have super tiny wrists, so maybe I just chose the wrong size for me. But I still love the bands and they aren’t too big so they work fine for me. I should have read the measurements before assuming they’d run the same as the original Apple bands.

Overall it’s really attractive and nice. It feels sturdy and like it will last for a long time. A great alternative to the original Apple Watch bands that are so much more expensive.

jwacct Compatible for Apple Watch Band with Screen Protector 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm, Soft TPU Frame Case Cover Bumper Compatible for iwatch Series 1/2/3/4/5 Review:

Needed to buy a few new bands when I upgraded my iWatch3 to the four. I had a version of this black metal adjusting band, but it came with a fixed metal cover frame, which would not fit the iWatch4. This is a better version of that one: it comes with a separate silicone cover for just the watch base, which protects it nicely from daily hits on the aluminum sides of the watch. Not required, but after I saw how beautifully it fit without impeding pushing the release buttons on the back of the watch (to change bands) I’m leaving it on. Bought a silver version and it came with a match silver cover. This is an awesome band.,

Simpeak Compatible for Fitbit Blaze Bands with Frame, Small & Large, Multi Color, Genuine Leather Band with Metal Frame for Fit bit Blaze Smartwatch, Black,Brown,White,Grey,Gold,Beige,Pink Review:

Ok the delivery great, I don't normally do quick review but I must. I chose rose it's very nice and a strong band feels great, my only thing I do not like is the sparkle of the rose it's not like the picture, the picture looks like it has the glitter pop to it but it has it but not a real glitter look it looks cheap, but he durability is what gives it a pass. I give it a 4. I did get a compliment on it. I'm going to wear it and then will give further review I'm happy..

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Designed for Apple Watch Case for 42mm Series 3/2/1/Original (2015) - Black Review:

I work in a bar setting and already saw the potential to damage the screen; bumping my apple watch against a stainless steel counter or elsewhere.

I’m used to wearing g shocks and although the shock protector on the Casio is deeper, this has done the job quite admirably. I wouldn’t subject the watch to the same abuse but I feel the band has helped preserve the unit.

My only issue is the breathability of the band so if I wash my hands, which is often, I have to get under the band to dry. A little uncomfortable but not a deal breaker.

Haven’t seen how sweat affects the band but I would assume if you wash it after exercise, it would be better.

Update: Still holding up well. Don’t see damage from sweat or sanitizer. Had an issue with it causing a rash probably due to moisture and bacteria. This will happen with most bands regardless, just wash it well after sweating and make sure to wear it loose enough to allow some ventilation.

Realproof Waterproof Apple Watch Case 44MM Series 5 / 44MM Series 4 with 3PCS Premium Soft Silicone Band, Dropproof Shockproof Impact Resistant Rugged Protective iWatch Case Bulit-in Screen Protector Review:

This watch case is great for additional protection. The band is very stylish and the case makes my watch look sporty. It keeps water out completely and does not get cloudy like the clear silicone covers that slip over just the face. The only thing they haven't considered is the EKG monitor, which you cannot use with this case on. I mainly use this case when I am hiking or working outside, so it doesn't bother me that the feature is unavailable because I don't use the case all the time.