Best Cell Phone SIM Card Tools & Accessories in 2020

Sim Card Tray Pin Eject Removal Tool Needle Opener Ejector 10X Pack by iSYFIX for All iPhone, Apple iPad, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, and Most Smartphone Brands Review:

This is excellent and it was incredibly easy to use. I never used something like this before nor had to remove my sim card before. I had planned to go to a mac store to help me install a new sim card, but then I realized I could buy this and do it myself. I was saved a trip to the store and probably a bunch of money, because those guys charge a lot for every littlest service. A little tool like this is a life-saver. I appreciate you making it available. There is a lot of them in the bag, I really only needed one opener, but hey, this way it won't get lost for sure if I ever have to use it again.

Aerb Sim Card Cutter with Nano-Micro, Nano-Standard, Micro-Standard Sim Adapters for Cellphones, Black Review:

In case you don't know, here's how this works. GSM phones (like AT&T, T-Mobile, and most overseas carriers) use a "SIM" card. For a while, SIM cards came in one size, and that fit any phone. However, as phones started to get more and more sophisticated and manufacturers scrambled to fit more inside the device, the SIM card was targeted for size reduction. First came the Micro-SIM, which is still popular and in use today in many devices (such as the Samsung Galaxy S4). Then came the Nano-SIM, which is even smaller, and is used in the GSM version of the Apple iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S.

But here's the trick... aside from the size of the SIM, all three SIM cards are exactly the same. In other words, you can take a big SIM and cut it down into a micro or nano SIM size. The chip in the middle of the card doesn't get damaged and doesn't know or care how much plastic is around it.

I purchased this because I wanted to cut my AT&T Micro-SIM card down to Nano-SIM size for an iPhone 5, but still have the option to use the Nano-SIM in the Galaxy S4 by using an adapter.

Cutter: The cutter that comes in this kit is a very good, solid quality. It is hard metal and is built like an old fashioned metal stapler. You put your full size SIM (or Micro SIM in an adapter) in it, press hard, and out comes a nano. My only criticism of this product is that, since it is a PRESS, the nano SIM that comes out can be a little bit rough-around-the-edges (literally). I used this on a T-Mobile SIM and I had to sand the edges to get rid of some burrs. Also, a SIM card should have one corner cut diagonally so that you know which way to put it. After using this, it was a little unclear which corner was the angled corner because the corners came out a bit rough. It wasn't a huge problem, but it is something to be aware of. Another limitation of this press is that it doesn't allow you to create micro SIMs from full size SIMs. The output is only nano SIMs.

I was very pleased with the size-up adapters. My newly minted nano-SIM snapped into the adapter and worked perfectly in a phone requiring a micro-SIM (Galaxy S4). I liked these adapters over another version I purchased which did not secure the SIM in place and added to the thickness of the card. This kit comes with two size-up adapters: nano to Micro and nano to full. No micro to full was included.

Overall, I was very pleased with this product and I would recommend it to anyone needing to re-size a SIM down to or up from Nano size. The price is great, and the drawbacks for the little hand press are easy to overlook in light of quality of the product and its usefulness.

Sim Card Removal Tool Tray Eject Pin Ejector [ Pack of 100 ] VOENXEE Needle Pin Key Remover for iPhone 11 Pro XS MAX, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 S7, HTC, Sony, Huawei, and All Smartphones Review:

Just got these today they are worth the money they work I used it in a Motorola droid turbo 2 sim slot and it popped out just east easy now bear in mind the are made from thin metal so if you try to break them they will break but if you use them normally they should be fine if not. They give you a bunch of them so if one breaks . No big deal . Gave 5 stars because for the price they are sturdy enough

Samdi Sim Card Adapter Kit Includs Nano Sim Adapter / Micro Sim Adapter / Needle / Storage Sheet( Sim Card Holder ) ,Easy To Use And Storage Without Losing Them Review:

I have been having issues my my LG v10 which uses a Nano Sim card. The issues required me to send it in for repair. Drive to AT&T, get a mini sim for my LG G3 backup phone, send the v10 off. Get the v10 back, drive back to AT&T and get a new nano. Then the phone had a few lingering issues that needs to go back to LG. Instead of driving back to AT&T (why can't I use the one I already had???) I ordered this next day shipping. The quality is great. The nano snaped into place and was solid. Slipped it into the G3 and good to go. I have had mini-ful size before and those were very flimsy and the sim usually fell out while trying to get it seated in the phone. This adapter save me time and gas since I do not have to keep going back and forth for sim cards!

iSYFIX SIM Card Adapter Nano Micro - Standard 4 in 1 Converter Kit with Steel Tray Eject Pin Review:

I think the iSYFIX SIM Card Adapter kit is a good set. It worked as expected for me. I tried out all of the adapters and had very little issues. The one issue I had was fitting one of the adapters into an older phone, but that was more the phone's design and little to do with the adapter. The eject pin came in handy so is a nice little bonus.

I bought these adapters because our backup phones use different size SIM cards than the ones we're currently using. My son's phone broke and in order to use one of the backup phones we had to use an adapter. It did the job until we received his new phone. It was quite nice that he would not be out of a means of communication and had a lot of his phone data available on the backup phone while we waited to receive the new phone.

I also used a backup phone while I rooted my current phone. Again, the adapter came in handy and I didn't miss a beat. Once my phone was rooted, I switched everything to it and put the backup phone and these adapters in storage.

SIM Card Adapter, Helect 5-in-1 Nano & Micro SIM Card Adapter Kit Converter with Polish Chip and Eject Needle - H1050 Review:

My Galaxy S7, brand new last Spring, has a problem with the headphone jack so I have to send it in for service and needed a way to be able to use my old S5 phone in the repair interim. The S5 uses a larger micro sim. At first, the nano sim, bought from ATT, didn't fit in the micro sim adapter, but ever the slightest filing of the angle part and end, and we are talking incredibly slight, and boom, it fit and stayed in place. There are stickers to hold the sim (only one per) but I don't seem to need it in trials.

Product seems to be high quality aluminum.

it works, it's cheap, and it's well made.

CKANDAY 2 Packs SIM Card Holders with Tray Opener Pins, Card Storage Tool Set for Standard Micro Nano Micro-SD Memory Cards, with 3 Card Adapters and 1 Eject Pins - Black Review:

So this is by far the coolest product iv seen iv order something similar in the past for SIMs cards to be able to use in some of my old phones but I always seem to lose them not with this this it is perfect it's very small and we'll fit in a wallet and it's a great thing to have I don't know how many times I've needed a SIMs tray tool and now I have it plus the option to use any cell phone and did I mention this item comes with two for the price of one you can't beat it definitely wish I would have bought this first

Aerb 5in1 Nano Micro Sim Card Adapter Kit with Sander Bar and Tray Open Needle Review:

I needed to put my Moto Z Play SIM card, a nano, into my old LG G2, which has a micro. I was worried that it wouldn't work because the LG SIM port "drawer" looked especially thin to me, but it worked fine. Too bad the LG only worked for a day after that. :( So I was sitting there with 2 broken phones! Anyway, borrowed an old Samsung Galaxy S5 from my brother, and again, the adapter kit worked just fine. Finally got a new screen to put on my Moto (thank goodness!) and now all the phones have their original SIM cards in them, but I will DEFINITELY be holding on to these little gems for the future! I really like that you don't have to destroy the packaging to get the cards out, and can therefore re-use it to store the adapters for future use. The little 2-piece clear plastic holder just slides out of the slits in the card, then slides back in. The price was great, and it's REALLY a useful item to have on hand. My advice - don't wait until you're stuck without a phone, or whatever device is giving you trouble. For the price, order it now and always have an adapter on hand!