Best MP3 Player FM Transmitters in 2022

Last update: January 8, 2023

Are Bluetooth FM transmitters legal?

Yes, Bluetooth FM transmitters are legal in the United States. There are no federal laws that prohibit the use of these devices.

Can I use my iPhone as FM transmitter?

You can use your iPhone as an FM transmitter by using an FM transmitter app. There are many FM transmitter apps available, and they all work in a similar way. Once you have installed the app, simply open it and select the FM frequency that you want to transmit on. Then, tune your car radio to that frequency and you should be able to hear your music playing.

Can I use my phone as FM transmitter?

Yes, you can use your phone as an FM transmitter. There are a few ways to do this, but the most common is to download an app that will allow you to use your phone as an FM transmitter. There are a few different apps that you can use, but the most popular ones are iHeartRadio and NextRadio.

Can you play music through an FM transmitter?

Yes, you can play music through an FM transmitter. You can use an FM transmitter to play music from your phone, MP3 player, or other device through your car's stereo system. FM transmitters are a great way to listen to your own music while driving, and they can also be used to broadcast radio programs from your phone or other device to a radio.

ZEEPORTE Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, 1.8" Color Screen Wireless Bluetooth FM Radio Adapter QC3.0 Qucik Charger with EQ Mode, 3 USB Ports, 4 Music Playing, Hands-Free Calls, TF Card, AUX Output - Review:

Out of all the stuff I've bought, I think this is my favorite. Instead of hearing static or songs that are played over and over again on the radio, I can listen to my favorite music. It works with Bluetooth, Micro SD cards, and flash drives. Even better, it has two USB ports where cords may be plugged in to charge two devices at once and an auxiliary cord for use with older MP3 players and other non-Bluetooth devices.I always connect my phone to this transmitter before getting into my car. Sincerely, even if it's just for a short ride of five minutes. And that made the seven-hour travel to my vacation condo much easier. All you have to do to get it to work is match the transmitter's station with the radio's station, and you're good to go. Even the sound is of excellent quality. My spouse stated it sounded like I was merely talking on the phone rather than from the car when I used this device to answer the phone. This makes it fantastic as a hands-free gadget as well. Your Bluetooth headphones won't fall out of your ears anymore. Additionally, it functions in any car with a functional radio. like my 2000-model car. I would most definitely suggest this product to everyone I know because it works like a charm. mainly because it's great.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Wireless FM Radio Transmitter Adapter Car Kit Dual USB Charging Port Car Charger with Hands Free Calls and 1.44” LCD Display Support Aux Input/Output TF Card USB Disk Review:

I'm astonished by how beautifully this functions. Connecting and pairing with the car and phone was simple. The inclusion of a USB connector, Bluetooth capability, and an Aux cord was excellent. The tactile buttons are fantastic and simple to operate without diverting my attention from the road. Excellent sound quality and very high quality for the money. I can simultaneously charge my gadget. It performs exactly as I expected!

VicTsing (Upgraded Version) V5.0 Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, QC3.0 & LED Backlit Wireless Bluetooth FM Radio Adapter Music Player/Car Kit with Hands-Free Calls, Siri Google Assistant Review:

nifty small gadget that works as promised. well-crafted and packed. purchased to be installed in a 2005 premium car with superb aesthetics and performance but outdated bells and whistles. No touchscreen, GPS, USB, or audio inputs are available. has an OEM CD changer in the trunk and an in-dash CD player, so I mainly bought the Bluetooth transmitter to use with my iPhone 6S to make and receive calls and to utilize GPS maps while driving.Pros: It's quite simple to set up. The unit connects easily to a free FM frequency and has a great appearance. immediately paired with the phone. Turning on and off the Bluetooth transmitter is not a problem because my car does not supply power to the cigarette lighter when the engine is off. I am prepared to utilize the device when I start the engine. I've been informed the audio is clear and captures my voice effectively. Note: It works best if you use the car's audio system to manage level and have your phone's volume at its highest setting. The phone automatically chooses the Bluetooth transmitter when I make a call or use the maps, and I may end the phone call if I want to by pressing the button on the transmitter.Not really any drawbacks. The cigarette lighter in my car is located inside a pop-up panel on the dashboard. I was using a small USB interface hooked into the socket, and the door would automatically close when I wasn't using it. Unfortunately, because of how far out this unit sticks, I always have to leave the door open. I doubt many people would experience this problem, and even if the transmitter is not particularly large, my circumstance is unique. Moreover, there are FM stations on every other frequency where I reside because it is a heavily populated metro area. As a result, I experience some background static, but I've discovered that by turning up the phone volume to its maximum, I can keep the audio system volume at a level that greatly reduces the problem. Most of the time, the air conditioning drowns it out almost completely.Overall, it accomplishes my goals for the price I paid. It has a beautiful appearance, feels sturdy, and is discrete. Good news thus far,

Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, 1.8" Color Screen Radio Adapter W QC3.0 & 5V/2.4A Charging, Handsfree Call, Support Microsd Card, Aux Play, EQ Modes - KM18 [Upgraded Version] Black Review:

If you currently use the Km18 transmitter, upgrade right away. The old model was superior in every way, but it falls short when compared to the current one. The original KM18 could not make calls, so it could only play music. I couldn't be heard by the person on the other side. I was unable to hear myself when I recorded a voice message to send via WhatsApp and hit play to listen to the message.That issue is resolved in the upgraded version. My ability to receive calls is now unhampered. The improvement is justified solely by the fact that the other side can hear me clearly. That's not all, though. The sound has improved a little bit, there is never any static, it connects to your phone in a flash, the color screen is stunning, and a quick charger is a modern day need.This is the bluetooth transmitter you need if you don't already have one. And if you currently possess one of the older models, I strongly advise upgrading. Right now, everything is better. I adore it even more now that I can use it to make calls.

VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter, Wireless In-Car Radio Transmitter Adapter /w USB Port, Support AUX Input 1.44 Inch Display TF Card Slot - Silver Grey Review:

The cost was $18.99.I've had it for approximately five months now, since late June. The gadget is effective; it gives my fifteen-year-old automobile, which previously lacked Bluetooth functionality, the semblance of Bluetooth functionality. The sound quality is generally crystal clear and static-free. Simply select a blank station on your radio—I believe I use 87.9—set the transmitter's channel to 87.9 as well, couple with your streaming-audio device, wait for the confirmation, and you're ready to go.Very rarely, if ever, will the item unplug from the 12 volt outlet. You should be fine as long as your outlet is functional. It's difficult to get the transmitter to stick in one of my two outlets because it's in such bad shape. But that holds true for everything I connect into that same socket.The volume knob is in good working order, but I rarely fiddle with it because I much prefer to use the volume on my phone instead.The USB port functions reasonably well; while it would be fantastic if it could support Fast Charging, it is not necessary. For what it is, it works just well and will charge your phone, tablet, or mp3 player faster than some other outlets. I think it's a good addition.The issue with this model is that it lacks a power switch, which creates an issue with vehicles like mine that continue to supply electricity to things hooked into the 12v socket even after the engine has been turned off. You won't be inconvenienced if your car elects to cut off power to any plugged-in devices after it has been switched off. When I get in and out of the car, I have to unplug and re-plug the VicTsing because mine doesn't. It's a waste of time and a mistake on the part of the producers. However, they did address this problem with a new model, so I would choose that. If the link isn't clickable, try searching for VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter Energy Saving. I'll provide a link to the updated version below., I haven't had an opportunity to utilize that device with the power-saving features, mostly because I don't think it's worthwhile to spend an additional $19 on a product that I already own. I'll just put up with the inconvenience for now. If given the chance again, I would buy the newest model if everything else continues to function as it does now.

VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Wireless Bluetooth Radio Transmitter Adapter Car Kit with Hand-Free Calling and 1.44” LCD Display, Music Player Support TF Card USB Flash Drive AUX Input/Out Review:

I use it eight hours a day because I deliver packages as part of my profession. I love all the numerous ways you can listen to your media, and you can charge your phone while using the gps. The sound quality is also excellent. Air bubbles under the display of my unit developed, and they are impossible to remove. I had the end pop off, but I was able to locate the metal and plastic pieces and screw them back together, and it resumed functioning as intended. Just a few minor tweaks, in my opinion, would allow me to give this a five-star rating. There ought to be a button on top to turn the display off while still allowing access to the speakers because it is too bright at night. There are radio and phone volume settings for that, therefore I don't like how the dial regulates the sound. I always have to turn it up when I initially plug it in because it's set to 26 or 19. Instead, you ought to utilize it to fast-forward or rewind your song. I've been told that using it for calling makes it very difficult for people to hear me, but I believe this is because I'm using an open-air truck with a cargo compartment, which generates more road noise. In the Samsung Galaxy S7's bluetooth settings, I may alter it so that it can only be used for media. I haven't yet tried using it with a wireless earpiece. It fulfills my needs, and I enjoy using it to listen to podcasts while working. Without touching my phone, I can swiftly exit the room, pause what I'm listening to, and resume where I left off by turning the dial. wonderful for saving time. I purchased this after reading about flexible necks snapping. After 8 months of use, it's still running well. I would strongly advise it.

Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car, Upgraded V4.2 and 7 Color LED Backlit Car Radio Bluetooth Adapter Supports QC3.0 Fast Charging, USB Flash Drive, microSD Card, Handsfree Car Kit – NX10 Black Review:

If you don't feel like installing an aftermarket stereo in your semi-old car, this is a nice affordable alternative (in my case, 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer). Plug it in, connect it, and you can start using the transmitter to play music from your phone with very little instruction. Despite the unclear directions, you can change the frequency a little more easily by long pressing the multifunction button and then using the dial to choose a free frequency. Be careful while setting the frequency because the transmitter automatically uses a popular frequency that will pick up a lot of static in densely crowded regions. Although having the microSD slot underneath the main panel area may be a hassle, I personally never use microSDs for music. The battery life information that appears when you turn on the car is one of the most practical features; it quickly alerted me when my car battery needed to be replaced.The device instantly connects to my phone, and if I take a call, it will automatically travel throughout the vehicle, which personally throws me off a bit because I need to chat hands-free. This is the only tiny complaint I have. One is a fantastic, dependable product—aside from this tiny inconvenience.Pros include ease of usage, excellent clarity, and a low profile.Cons: confusing directions, automated connection to your phone, and hands-free operationRecommended Use: Anytime, Without Limits

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless Hands Free Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display - KM18 Black Review:

I have a 2008 Nissan Sentra with Bluetooth, but it's not actually functional. I've tried SO many various Bluetooth transmitters, but until now, I've never found one that instantly connects to my phone. This tiny device has been useful because you can easily change the radio station to suit your needs, answer calls, and charge your phone in addition to having it automatically connect to your phone. Even information about your car battery is provided. However, I always disconnect it when I'm not in my car because I dislike having things plugged in all the time. However, every time I plug it back in while my phone's bluetooth is turned on, it immediately couples. I'm in a happy place with this. I can take it with me and use it in any car if I choose (just think of the rental cars! ), and it looks beautiful, isn't flimsy, and the screen is easily visible. The only drawback is that because it's playing through the radio, the bass and overall sound quality aren't as good as when I use a dongle and connect my phone directly in. I alternate between plugging it in and using Bluetooth, but if it were of equal quality, I would use it exclusively.

VicTsing (Upgraded Version) Bluetooth FM Transmitter, Auto Scan Unused Station Bluetooth Radio Transmitter Adapter for Car with 1.8" Color Screen, QC 3.0, EQ Modes, Aux, Hands-Free Calls Review:

I had never heard of these before purchasing a 19-year-old vehicle. Not being able to play my music and having to trawl through radio stations to locate what I liked was a little bothersome. Everything was altered by this. I've been using it for a few weeks, and the speakers in my car produce excellent sound. Given that it's one of the more affordable options for this item, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it performed. If your vehicle doesn't have Bluetooth, I strongly advise you to use this.

Handsfree Call Car Charger,Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Receiver,Mp3 Music Stereo Adapter,Dual USB Port Charger Compatible for All Smartphones,Samsung Galaxy,LG,HTC,etc. Review:

fantastic stuff This little treasure was purchased for my 1999 Ford Ranger. I must be experiencing a mid-life crisis since I chose to add a 3 inch lift, wider tires, and stylish wheels to the vehicle in an effort to bring back some of its young spirit. It was the only car I had ever purchased brand new, and it was also my first car after college. I enjoy the truck. The truck had just one issue—it lacked bluetooth. I figured I'd give this one a try because I prefer conversing on the phone hands-free (when driving).I had no idea how simple it would be to put this up and get going. Clear audio is present. There are no hiccups, pops, cross-static, radio interference, or signal loss in the transmission from the bluetooth device to the radio. The hands-free device can be left plugged in for a few days, but leaving it in for too long will drain the battery. I had to learn this the hard way (like I learn most things in life). When used with an iPhone, the push-to-talk button dials more accurately than the bluetooth component of my Prius.Actually, that's the main reason I'm repairing my truck. I actually drive a Prius, you guys! I also wanted a little more roughness in order to take it camping and use it for hands-free talking while driving. After the new year, I'm going camping, and I really don't want to arrive to the campsite in a Prius. Do not misunderstand; I adore my Prius. It looks like a door stop but contains TONS of gear. There. You possess it. I'm elevating my truck because of this.On this beast, streaming audio performs flawlessly! Recently, I've been listening to nothing but Christmas music on my Pandora channel. It's as straightforward to stream music once you've paired your phone with the gadget. There's nothing better than driving down the highway in a cool truck while jamming to Otis Redding singing "Merry Christmas Baby." Actually, the Charles Brown and Bonnie Raitt rendition of that song is great as well. They recorded a wonderful duet for the CD "A Very Special Christmas Album 2." Both renditions on this are crystal clear!On a related point, I haven't used the handsfree's micro SD slot yet, so I can't comment. Possibly, when I have time, I'll post an update.The only drawback I've heard of is not a problem for me. The folks I call occasionally claim to hear an echo of my voice. I'm guessing it's because they can hear my radio playing their voice. Rob is the only one who has actually voiced a complaint about it, and he complains about everything. I mean it. His main complaint right now is that Thor Ragnarok was "very slapsticky." The person that made me watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is THE SAME ONE who is saying this. Furthermore, those 42 minutes of my life are lost to me forever. Never. Come back.Since this truck is old enough to have a cigarette lighter, I was a little concerned that it would stick out too far and snag the shifter when it descended. There isn't. Its modest profile makes it ideal for confined spaces. YES!Overall, this is a fantastic product. Anyone wishing to add hands-free audio to their automobile should consider it, in my opinion.For Christmas, I've already purchased one for my wife's Smart car. She shouldn't read this, I hope. To give you a better idea of how much it sticks out, I've also included photographs of it inside the car. Here are photos of the truck, Prius, and Smart car as well. I thought I'd post the photos because I just washed both of them. Yes, I am aware that the truck's paint is flaking. That will also be fixed shortly. I went ahead and added the mockup of the truck modification I'm intending to make as well! It is regaining its spirit! Awww, how sweet, yay!Updated on September 3, 2018: I've added a fresh photo of my truck, and it looks awesome! I chose against the decals because I enjoy the way the straightforward black and white design resembles a stormtrooper.

Do FM transmitters drain car battery?

FM transmitters are devices that use the power from your car’s battery to operate. The amount of power that they use will depend on the make and model of the device. Some devices are designed to be more efficient than others. In general, however, it is safe to say that FM transmitters do drain car batteries. If you are concerned about your car battery’s lifespan, it is best to avoid using an FM transmitter.

Do FM transmitters sound good?

How do I find local radio frequencies?

To find local radio frequencies, you can use a radiofrequency finder tool like the one found at Simply enter your location and the tool will provide a list of nearby radio stations and their frequencies.

How do I set up an FM transmitter?

An FM transmitter is a device that allows you to broadcast a signal from your audio source to a nearby FM radio. This can be useful if you want to listen to music from your phone or MP3 player through a car stereo, or if you want to broadcast a message to a group of people. Setting up an FM transmitter is a relatively simple process. 1. Find an open FM frequency. Use an online FM transmitter guide or your radio to find an empty FM frequency in your area. 2. Connect your audio source. Plug your audio source into the FM transmitter.

How do I use the FM transmitter in my car MP3 player?

If your car has an auxiliary port, you can use an FM transmitter to play music from your MP3 player through the car's stereo system. To use an FM transmitter, you'll need to tune the transmitter to an unused FM frequency and then tune your car stereo to that same frequency. Once you've done that, you should be able to hear your music through the car's speakers.

Is AUX or FM transmitter better?

There is no clear consensus on whether an AUX or FM transmitter is better. Some people argue that an AUX connection provides better sound quality, while others contend that an FM transmitter is more convenient. Ultimately, the best option for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.