Best Sewing Rulers in 2020

Sewing Clips Set of 15 Stainless Steel Hemming Clips 3 Inches Measurement Ruler Quilting Supplies for Wonder Clips, Pinning and Marking Accessories Review:

I love these clips. They help to secure fabric precisely in place. I like the regular clips but I don't think they keep the fabric 100% in place when you are sewing. The best part of these clips is that they measure the folded part for you. It is so easy to use and extremely helpful.

I bought 1 box to try it out and after they arrived I ordered 2 more boxes. I don't sew very often and I don't need many.

Definitely a great product and super helpful. It made my sewing experiences much easier and faster.

Olfa Frosted Advantage 6" x 24" Quilting Ruler - The Essential Review:

I didn't understand why these were so highly recommended until I bought one on a whim. Wow! It's saved me a lot of time! I would always have to mark points before making a line, and now I can measure and draw/cut in one step. This is highly recommended for quilters, but I'd recommend it for drafting and model making, too! Anything where you need to cut or draw parallel straight lines.

Do get one that has the angle markings like this one does. You may not think of a use now, but it could come down the road! I just recently needed to make squares around a 45* line and it was so easy using the 45* guideline on this ruler!

ARTEZA Quilting Ruler, Laser Cut Acrylic Quilters' Ruler with Patented Double Colored Grid Lines for Easy Precision Cutting, 2.5" Wide x 18" Long for Quilting, Sewing & Crafts, Black & Lime Green Review:

I have used a 8 1/2 x 24" ruler forever. It can be cumbersome. When you need to span a large square corner to corner, this ruler works perfect! I got tired of spending large amounts for brand name rulers. This one is thick enough, sturdy and the markings are precise. The price was worth the gamble. I hope Arteza doesn't get too big for their britches and start charging big prices like the other guys.

ARTEZA Quilting Ruler, Laser Cut Acrylic Quilters' Ruler with Patented Double Colored Grid Lines for Easy Precision Cutting, 5" Wide x 5" Long for Quilting, Sewing & Crafts, Black & Lime Green Review:

This is a great 5 inch ruler! I like the yellow band around the edges that help you better visualize the seam allowance without adding more lines that can get confusing. I use it to trim up 5 inch charm squares for quilting and it works perfectly! Also love that it came with some gripper pads and enough that I can add them to my other rulers.

CLOVER 9506 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge with Nancy Zieman Review:

I use this gauge almost every day in my sewing room. In fact, I loved the first one so much I bought two more--an extra to take with me to my quilting group sewing, and an extra for use at my ironing board. This is a very high quality tool, especially for being made out of plastic. But I should not have been surprised, Nancys Notions products are always top notch. This is a very useful tool, for a number of uses. I use it mostly to measure seam and hem widths so my work is straight, but you can use it for working with buttonholes and buttons and other things as well. I recommend this as a basic tool for anyone wishing to won't disappoint.

Dritz 620 Gauge, Sewing Review:

Very well made and should last a lifetime. Very helpful in that you can press right over the gauge. It doesn't leave a sharp crease, but enough that you can slide it to the next section and firmly press the part you just left and then repeat. I haven't found that the curved section has been as helpful for me as the straight, but I am guessing that I will someday be very grateful for it.

Fiskars 12-87577097J Acrylic Ruler, 6x24 Inch Review:

This was bigger than I envisioned but it is the perfect size for our application. We are using this in a photo booth with a red background to take photos of the parts for our machines. The scale is easy to read and gives great perspective to the photos. I can't imagine a better tool for our needs. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars it one edge was a little sharp and needed to be hit with sandpaper the take the edge off.

Fiskars 3x18 Inch Acrylic Ruler (187640-1001) Review:

As a another reviewer noted, this ruler does not have any angle markings--but the photo shows correctly the product's features. It is a fabulous price point, but I would not use this as my primary ruler. It excels, though, as a secondary ruler. I use this to butt up against my Olfa lip ruler on my cutting mat (both of which are more than 30 years old) to ensure that I'm pefectly square to the cutting line or fabric edge that I need. Because it is lightweight, it is easy to handle for this task that I've designated. My strips are perfect every time as I can nudge my Olfa to the line that I need for precision cutting without turning my fabric.

YEQIN 5-IN-1 Sliding Gauge Measuring Sewing Tool Review:

The problem I've had with other similar tools is that the sliding mechanism loosens and doesn't keep the desired measurement. The Yeqin is much more stable. This gauge also has a much larger section (2.5" vs ~ .5" on other sewing gauges) to line up against the fabric, which, also contributes to accuracy. An added bonus is the extra measurements (i.e., the 1/4" and the 5/8" seam allowances on the stem) that make sewing-life a little easier.