Best Seder Plates in 2020

Lenox Judaic Blessings Seder Plate, White Review:

This seder place is a classic, elegant design. The fine bone china is a very pale almost off-white ivory with gold leaf decorations. The gold leaf is fired into the china and is under a clear glaze. The cups for the various items on the plate are deep, ensuring that enough can be put on the plate for the seder without slopping everywhere or requiring extra cups for protection

Spode 696737258526 Judaica Seder Plate, one, Blue & White Review:

One of my dearest friends is Jewish. I wanted to do something this year at Passover to honor her beliefs and heritage. I made a basket of symbols and foods from a book on Seder that I found. I included this beautiful plate. She was so touched and thrilled! It was a perfect addition to her collection, she said, and it was truly beautiful!

Lowest priced Traditional Passover Seder Plate 12" (Silver Plated, 3-Pack) Review:

A great center piece for a low price. Many commented that they thought I 'spent too much money' before I told them the actual price. Got lots of compliments. We hand washed ours and we haven't seen any chipping or wearing yet. Larger than I imagined, but we made it fit. Comes in a snug box for easy storing.

Zion Judaica Passover Seder TableTop Renaissance Collection Seder Plate, Matzah Plate, Matzah Cover Square or Round, Afikomen Bag Available Individually or Complete Set (Matzah Tray) Review:

Hubby asked me to locate the Seder plate a few days before Passover dinner. I couldn't find it anywhere and he was not pleased that I'd lost track of the thing. I hunted down this one that would arrive in plenty of time and was larger than the missing plate as well. I was very pleased with the plate's quality and appearance. Also there are round recesses on the plate for each of the labeled items - which the old one did not have - and that keeps the egg from falling off and makes things look much neater in general.

Passover Seder Plate for Pesach Food Ceramic 12" Blue & White Delft Look Review:

After a recent Seder dinner sponsored by our church I became fascinated with the special Seder plates that allow you to put each of the items used in the Seder in a special place and then use the plate and items as a teaching tool for those who come to the Seder dinner.

I purchased this with the intention of hosting Seder dinners in our private home in the future. I would like to have a longer dinner with all the readings and teaching that go along with it. That is not possible with a large group function. The large group function is good for introducing people to a Seder experience, but a private smaller group would allow more time for teaching and reflection.

The plate is well constructed. It is a ceramic plate and well designed. It has the six indentations to hold each of the items for the Seder dinner. It also has a pleasant design. I liked the simple blue and white design instead of the more colorful plates that you can purchase. I think this simple design is more true to the home life of the everyday Jewish family and thus I believe it is more representative.

This is a nice plate, it will serve it's function well and it is nice enough looking that you can leave it on display in your china hutch year round.

Disposable Plastic Seder Plate for Passover (Pack of 10) Review:

These were perfect for what I wanted them for. I wish they were a thicker plastic and didn't have the ledge that turns down so that they were easier to reuse for next year. But they worked great for everyone to have their individual seder plate and I will reuse them for next year!