Best Satellite TV Dish Mounts in 2020

Skywalker SKY32811 (1 Pair) 3" Double Wall Mount (SKY-32811) Review:

My antenna mast goes deep into the ground and more than 20 feet high. It had one bracket against the house way at the top which rusted and broke free. The pole was starting to lean and needed braced. This was perfect, besides being in the ground it now has two brackets holding it tight.
Make sure to measure the diameter of your antenna mast and the distance from the house.
My only complaint was that it was hard to track down the exact one I needed until I found the proper part number on a different web site. The listings on Amazon do not have the variations for the pole diameter clearly marked.

Skywalker Signature Series SKY32813 6" Heavy-Duty Wall Mount - 1 Pair (SKY-32813) Review:

The part that attaches to the support is slightly bent. The tighter you adjust one or the other, the more it pulls in, allowing vertical adjustment of the mast they are attached to. My mast was leaning slightly to the left and by tightening the screws on the lower bracket, I was able to pull the mast into a vertical upright position. The bolts supplied with the bracket have low tensile strength, care must be taken to not over tighten the bolts or they will shear off. Didn't use the screws supplied with the bracket, used carriage bolts instead to attach the bracket to reinforced fascia board on house.

Skywalker Signature Series Non-penetrating Roof Mount Review:

Good quality product. Fast shipping.

Skywalker Signature Series 8in Heavy-duty Wall Mount Review:

looks like a strong mount. this mount should only be considered if you are mounting to a hard surface that you dont care about. the feet are not flat, and probably flatten out during tightening. for me that was a deal breaker, I dont like to trust how things will bend into place while tightening. if the feet were flat and ready for easy install, this mount would be holding my antenna right now instead of being returned. hope this helps...

3 feet Satellite Tripod Mount with 2-Inch OD Mast Review:

We needed a good sturdy and stable mount to move a WAN WiFi receiver from a dormer roof up to the peak, in preparation for installing solar panels on a nearby garage which was going to otherwise block the receiver. Further complicating matters is we have a fairly steep-pitched metal roof. This tripod mount seems to have been perfect for the job, with the L-shaped feet able to rotate so as to lay flat against the slope, with one leg on one side of the roof and two legs on the other. I had been worried I might have to bend the feet to fit the roof, but that turned out not to be the case.

The construction of the mount is solid and the brass nuts at the middle and top allow for pretty easy leveling of the post once installed. The post itself is steel apparently, which meant I was able to just use a small magnetic bullet level for that part. It was a little fussy to get the post perfectly vertical, but not that bad. You might need a wrench to loosen them a bit to start with.

If installing permanently like I was doing, you will need mounting bolts, and in our case we wanted a some protection and sealing. For that reason, I also ordered the 'Ambient Weather EZ-46-3 Tar Pad Kit for Roof Tripod Installation', which comes with six appropriately sized lag screws and three tar pads to go between the tripod legs and the roof. The whole thing took me maybe 30 minutes to install and it seems really solid.

Winegard DS-3000 J Pipe Mount for Antennas, 39" Review:

I was a bit skeptical as to whether this device would allow me to effectively mount my HDTV Antenna in my attic. I used the 8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna - 70 Mile Range ($127), the Winegard DS-2000 Universal 22-inch Tower Mount for Off-Air TV Antennas (1.5in Diameter Mount Pipe) - Includes 2 U-Bolts, Fit 1in to 2in Pipe/Towers ($12.50), the Channel Master CM3418 8-Port Distribution Amplifier ($38) and the Channel Master CM-7777HD TV Antenna Amplifier with Adjustable Gain ($69 direct from Channel Master). Using this setup I am able to receive 90+ crystal clear channels from miles from Atlanta, without signal degradation or lost, even in cold weather (40 degrees or below) or during heavy rain.
To say that I am extremely pleased with the outcome, well that would be an understatement! The combination of these these devices totally exceeded my expectations! I have been able to pull in 90+ channels on all my HDTVs (7). All clear as they can be.
The days of me regretting that I dropped the expensive cable TV service and hearing the family complain are gone. We are all very pleased with the results for the price of one month's cable bill....

Skywalker Signature Series Pitch Pad Kit Review:

The bolts are strong and worked perfectly with a Winegard 39” J pole. The patches work as you would expect. They have withstood rain and snow on the roof over the past month.

I recommend applying the patches on a cool day so you can maneuver them without getting sticky too fast. Also, drill your holes before putting the patches in place or else the substance will adhere to your drill bit and create a mess.

Other than that, I would purchase again.

Skywalker Signature Series Ground Rod, 4ft Review:

This is a copper coated lightning rod. I presume it's copper over steel, since it's so strong. An 8lb sledge hammer had no trouble slowly pounding it into the ground.

For some reason, the screw and bracket to attach the grounding wire are a couple inches from the end, and there's no way to move it closer.

I was able to tighten the screw quite securely—so there's little chance it could get stripped. After attaching a #10 solid copper wire and tightening it very securely, I covered it in a corrosion-resistant calk, then pounded it further into the ground. I suppose I could dig around it to remove the wire in the future, but can't imagine why I would want to do that. This ground rod will spend the rest of my life buried deep next to my home, permanently grounding my little TV antenna. It's suggested to also ground the mast, but my mast is only a foot long and bolted to the side of my home, so I'm not going to bother. If someone can give me a valid reason to ground that, I'll consider it. But there are many other pieces of metal sticking out of the top of my home, like attic venting, which I doubt are grounded, so I'm not particularly worried.