Best RC Electric Motor Mounts in 2020

Wltoys 1/12 Adjustable 540 Motor Mounting Mount Fixed Bracket Holder 12428 12423 12628 RC Hobby Model Car 0065B Parts(Blue) Review:

Yea it's legitimate. I knew i was using it with a bl motor, 2838 sized, and drilled my own holes, in addition. Happy that the bottom 4 mounting holes lined up...went from a 17 to 19-tooth pinion.

Traxxas 6860R Blue-Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum Motor Mount Review:

When you buy a Traxxas part, you know the fitment is going to be perfect. When you buy an aftermarket part, it's a copy of a copy and that's when fitment comes into question. You never have any doubt that a Traxxas part is going to line up and tighten down.

This motor mount is a must for high power applications when flex can be an issue. I'm running a Castle 1512 1/8 scale motor in my Slash and it needs all the strength it can get. When you get this, you also need the aluminum bearing adapter. The stock plastic one might be okay for the stock truck, but not when you are pushing serious power.

It's a great part and it looks nice too.

EUDAX 16 PCS Motor Spacer Shock Absorber Pads Damper Vibration Damping Washer Silicone Material for FPV Racing 22xx Series Brushless Motor Emax RS2205 iPower Motor iF2205 2204 2206 2208 Review:

These work very well. There are reviews by those who complain that the center hole is not large enough and the c-clips snag. It's my opinion that they are large enough. If your c-clip touches then your motor screws are on too tight. If you put these under your motor and tighten them too much then you have accomplished nothing for your money. To use these you also need locktite. After you have the screws with locktite in back them all off until they are barely biting the threads. Next finger tighten one at a time till you feel resistance. Then finally tighten them gingerly across from each other maybe a turn or two. Then examine your c-clip and see how much clearance you have. I think you get the idea.....

Traxxas 6535 Temperature Sensor Mount for Electric Motors Review:

I have the Rustler VXL. You need this part if you 1) purchase the temperature sensor and 2) want the temperature monitored on the motor. You do not need this if you are trying to get the temperature from the battery or the ESC. The temperature sensor ends with a loop. You can wrap the loop around the battery and/ or the ESC, but in the case of the motor it slides up and down the cylinder shape and may fail to get the temp or slide into a moving part. The mount is just a bracket that has a slot for the sensor loop. Lock the sensor into the bracket (which is rounded), slide the zip tie through the bracket, and tighten down zip tie/sensor onto the mount so that it can't move. You could rig something up to do the same thing, but for a few bucks it not really worth the time.

EUDAX Mini Generator Motors 3V-12V DC Motor Electric Motor for DIY Toys Wind Turbine Generator Hand Cranked Power Generator Model Review:

I bought these for an AP environmental science course I am teaching. Students were studying renewable energy, and we focused on the efficiency of wind turbine systems. I installed one of the motor/generators on the tip of a wooden pylon, then stuck a beveled cork onto the shaft so the cork was able to spin freely and symmetrically. Students were able to attach airfoils (fins) onto a face of an old CD, then snug the CD hole over the beveled cork. I turned a fan on high facing the CD, and attached a multimeter to the leads. Students modified their designs to reach the highest voltage (and therefore efficiency). Although the photo I show indicates a voltage of 1.03V, students were able to generate nearly 2V with the best designs.

The motor/generator shaft spins easily with almost no resistance, and even a slowly rotating shaft can generate measurable voltage in either direction. Shaft is rather small and smooth, so you'll need to figure out the best way to attach anything to it. The leads are also made of small-gauge wires which are quite delicate, but they conduct fine.

EUDAX 16 PCS Motor Spacer Shock Absorber Pads Damper Vibration Damping Washer Silicone Material for FPV Racing 22xx Series Brushless Motor Emax RS2205 iPower Motor 2204 2206 2208 (Upgrade Version) Review:

They work great just make sure you have longer screws to mount your motors or make sure your screws are long enough so that your screws don't come out and I would advise that you use thread locker because I had the screws one on motor work their way out from vibration and when the motor came lose it threw my motor protector which I wasn't able to locate. Other than my mishap these have worked great for me and I will purchase them again in the future if I need more.