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White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Review:

I have been researching longbord's for a while now. My end game is to create a DIY eSkate electric board, so the most important consideration for me was...the deck. I wanted functionality and look. I went back and forth with a few brands, and before I decided to make the decision, I came across White Wave boards. The boards looked stunning with the natural bamboo and maple layers, which is way more appealing to me than crazy murals and deck tape. Reviews seemed top notch and legit. Price seemed almost too good to be true. They were selling a complete board, wheels, trucks and all for $100. I was close to buying just a deck from another manufacturer for much more. Then I went to their website to glean more insight and knowledge. Interesting, the site is still up, but doesn't look like its been updated since 2016. Starting looking though their wares, and one by one they were sold out. Is this company still in existence? Of the three White Wave board choices available on Amazon, I went with the closest thing to the cruiser (Cruiser and Warrior were my first 2 choices) and purchased the White Wave Shocker longboard. I thought, you know, this is cheap enough to buy and try and if I decided it wasn't going to be my main deck for my eSkate, I still would have a cheap, complete board to tootle around with.

It arrived yesterday, and with my anticipation and excitement through the roof, opened it up. First word that came to mind? B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! I cannot believe that I was able to purchase this hing for a hundred bucks...and fully complete at that! I figured the trucks, wheel, bearings an all would be garbage and that regardless of if this was going to be the deck that I created my eSkate with, I would end up upgrading the components either way. To my surprise, out of the box, and hitting the pavement, this board rolls amazing. Like, I am eWhite Wave Bamboo Longboards (Shocker)ven more stunned I got this for a hundo!

In a fortuitous and happy conclusion, I am grateful and to have gotten this model, the Shocker. It has all the right curves, in all the right places. This board is epic, beautiful, and rides like a dream, and THIS IS the board I am going to create my DIY eSkate out of. The deck itself is worth more than the price alone for me. So HAPPY I purchased!

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser Review:

Here's all you really need to know before you purchase this board. Don't listen to what anyone else says, I use a drop down for daily, 5+ miles transportation everywhere in the inner city. I have longboarded it down the Majestic Pacific Coast Highway, adjacent to Big Sur, I have bombed Signal Hill, San Francisco, and truth be told, I probably have more than 5000 miles skated since I was young. That being said..

Deck is hard as a rock. Zero flex
Board is ridiculously long. 44 inches ... you going to find out that there is only really one way to carry it. All the sudden, instead of helping you save time, you find yourself fumbling around with this gigantic longboard.
Trucks are Chinese made aluminum. Uncommon
Wheels are very generic ,wider wheels. The width of these wheels will create more friction, and cause you to push harder, and roll slower. a beginner may not care, since all they are concerned about is standing upright and being safe, however anyone that is interested in cruising properly is going to be upset since these wheels are really too big. The bearings are mediocre.
there's a little car that comes inside the skateboard that says, call their customer service if you need anything, and even though the board is intact, and it rolls well, and is made well, it has flaws, and it is definitely not for a beginner. when I used to teach people how to ride longboards, I would always use a drop-down, which is only a couple inches away from the ground. being more than 4 inches off the ground, this board is definitely going to give you a higher center of gravity.

Upgrade the wheels, upgrade the bearings, shorten the board, and add some Flex to the deck.

If you like literally standing on a stiff piece of wood, with typical bearings and gigantic generic wide tires this is it. I am pleased with the purchase, however the wheels and bearings are going to cost me almost as much as the board itself which is fine.

also keep in mind that 44 inches is gigantic, and this board has poor too terrible portability. In my honest opinion, stick with a 38 to 42 inch drop down Cruiser. Not a drop through, a drop-down. That's the best way to learn truly, not on a 4 inch tall board that's as hard as petrified wood.
again, very well-made, and pretty looking, but I like it better hanging on a wall. I'm going to purchase a new drop down and keep this as a spare.

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser Review:

Don't bother looking at other boards for a beginner - choose this one, you won't regret it!

I'll start by stating that I was never great at skateboarding as a kid, however, I began snowboarding around the age of 12, and quickly developed a passion for it and became moderately advanced at the sport. However, this was my first crack at longboarding. Living in Chicago, I was hoping to have a way to get around quicker in the spring/summer/fall. It only took me about 30 minutes to get used to the board, and another 30 to learn exactly where I liked my feet placement, how to properly push while riding, and make turns. This might have been the easiest new "skill" I've ever picked up, and I largely attribute it to this board! The company is also fantastic, as the shipping is incredibly quick, and I had to option to work with one of their employees Mike on replacing a part of my board that I broke, and they provided superior customer service!

Thanks guys!

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser (Drop Through Deck - Camber concave) Review:

This is my second board that I own, with my first being a Kryptonics longboard. By no means am I a pro at skateboarding, but I do use these to commute around campus. Here are some things I've noticed about this board during my week or so of use:

1. This thing turns very easily. For such a long board, the turn radius is pretty acceptable, and I can hit pretty bendy sidewalks with sometimes up to 110 degree angle turns with good speed without having to pick up the board and adjust.
2. The deck is pretty durable, and pretty to look at. Mine came as pictured (I got the "summer" version which looks like the "spring" version of the board, with the blue graphic). I'm 220 lbs and this board holds me with a little flex. It hardly becomes noticeable after some use. The flex and large wheels make this a great ride if you're looking for comfort. It goes over large cracks, rocks, and gravel with ease.
3. The grip tape at the top of this board is pretty grippy. So much so, in fact, that it abraded some of the sole of my red Adidas sneakers, leaving a mark. I don't really consider that a bad thing. I'd rather be solid on this board than slip off and crack my head open.
4. It's a relatively lightweight board for its size. Please consider the size when buying. Strapping this to a backpack isn't exactly efficient, and this thing can hardly stand on its own against a wall (at least tile or smooth surfaces) without falling over. For its length, it is a light board that is easy to carry one-handed, though.

1. As I mentioned, this thing turns really well. So much so that I had to tighten the trucks to keep myself from falling off this thing when pushing, since the deck has a lot of tilt with pressure straight out of the box. I noticed, however, that no matter how hard I tightened the truck, there was still a good amount of give to the truck. Even tightened all the way, this thing isn't 100% solid, and your deck will tilt no matter what. If I tightened the trucks on my Kryptonics board, it wouldn't flex at all and would be very difficult to turn, but would be extremely solid and easy to ride in straight lines. Also, if you tighten the trucks all the way, or even close to it, you'll notice the wheels become off-balanced and one or two of the wheels will be off the ground even when laying flat on the ground without weight on it.
2. The bearings straight out of the box aren't amazing, but they definitely are useable. With a couple of solid pushes on flat sidewalk with the usual gaps you can generally cruise around 10 yards before having to push again. I am, however, a heavier person to be riding (again, 220lbs), and that could certainly affect my ability to cruise for longer distances.

Overall, I'd say this is a very reasonable entry-level board that's priced well and is overall well constructed. The deck is beautiful and lightweight, but the trucks and bearings could use switching out. Just getting a cheap set of Reds bearings on this would certainly make this a very good commuter board, and for the price of this board and a set of Reds, it's an extremely good deal. I'd recommend this board. Just be sure to have your balance figured out or have a good, flat place to practice. The trucks don't tighten very well, and could cause some people a little more frustration. I'm not sure if the trucks are made of metal. I'm almost under the impression that they aren't, but if they aren't, they're certainly made of a high-quality material. I've yet to have too many problems other than them not tightening well.

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44" Longboard Skateboard Review:

Scroll to Bottom for TLDR Review LOL

I guess I should preface this by saying that I have been riding skateboards, rip stiks, inline skates and anything else involving wheels and bearings since i was but a wee lad and i'm currently 28 years old 5'7" 145lbs. These days I pretty much only ride longboards but I ride them in combination with Miami public transit every day to get to and from work over a stretch of about 6 miles, sometimes I only skate a few blocks, sometimes I skate the whole 6 miles. I bought this board with many questions still up in the air but after doing a lot of research. I also own the Rimable 41" drop through also sold on amazon and would like to answer a lot of questions that I couldn't find the answers to before I bought it. Lets look at the different parts of the board one at a time and compare. I'm going to gear this mostly toward beginners since I don't imagine there are many experts cruising amazon for longboards but you guys should still be able to skim through and get the important points

The RIDE: (most important) This board rides really nice out of the box. however that doesnt meant anything to you if you have no base line to compare it to. The ride of this board overall is very smooth but a beginner may be set back by the top mount setup. The fact that the trucks are mounted like a normal trick skateboard makes the deck higher off the ground than that of a drop through or drop deck longboard, this allows for deeper turns and creates a completely different feel while moving. beginners may say that its too wobbly and want to tighten the trucks, but intermediate riders or those familiar with the mechanics of riding a rip stik or even a surfboard would call it a surfy, feeling like riding on water. that is the aspect that I love most about top mount boards, the flowy feeling and very precise turning response that you get from having more ground clearance and top mount trucks. with a drop through deck, you can't turn as sharply because of ground clearance and different hardware but are much more stable while riding due to lower center of gravity as well as a more gradual turning feeling similar to riding a bike.

The deck: This is the wooden part of the board, not including trucks, wheels or any other hardware. This deck is absolutely beautiful. The pictures don't fully express the shiny finish on the bottom with the simple design accenting the natural grain of the bamboo. That fact alone has me in awe of the price of this board. I was joking with a friend of mine and he was laughing at the fact that you cant even buy a decent set of wheels and bearings at most skate shops for the price of this complete board set up and he's right. it's ridiculous, especially considering the quality of the parts included. that being said, this deck is relatively stiff as far as flex goes i'd give it maybe a 2 out of 10 flexibility. the deck has a very (very) slight camber, meaning the center of the board curves up a bit in relation to the nose and tail (not including the height of the kick fins. ) this serves a few purposes it allows the board to hold more weight without sagging in the middle and provides more room for flex on carves (though this deck is pretty stiff you probably wont flex much unless you're above 160 lbs) the deck is the bread and butter of this board and definitely where they spend most of the money in the manufacturing costs for this product. the grip tape fully covers the top and thus far has had no issues whatsoever. seems to be high quality and has great traction even when wet.

Wheels and bearings: the wheels on this board are mid-range as far as hardness goes for longboard wheels and are great all around wheels for the average person riding around. they have great traction due to large contact patch and beveled edges. those looking to slide or try out some other technical maneuvers will want to look into butterballs or another slide formula wheel.
The bearings are ABEC 7. If youve done your homework you hopefully know by now that the ABEC rating means almost nothing when it comes to skate bearings and is mostly hype, there are many other factors that go in to choosing the right bearings and that is a review for another time. however, right out of the box these bearings perform pretty well, they arent the fastest, they seem to be lubed with something on the heavier side, providing reat protection but maybe sacrificing some of the speed. my one complaint about the bearings is that they are 608 bearings with pressed in (non removable) metal shields. while they perform well out of the box, especially after a little break in, they will need to be replaced if you are a daily rider like me as it is much harder to clean and relube bearings with pressed in shields, i'd recommend picking up a set when you buy this board so you have something ready when these ones kick the bucket. especially since you can get some great bearings for under 20 bucks that have removable shields and are easy to clean and maintain.
the bearings came installed with spacers and 8 speed rings, 4 on the inside between the hangar and inside bearing and 4 on the outside between the outer bearing and wheel nut so there is really no need to buy these.

Trucks and hardware: trucks are solid, i've already found myself sliding in a 50-50 on a painted curb as i tried to avoid a telepohone pole on the narrow side of the sidewalk towards the street and escaped it with nothing but some minor scratches.
I'll probably change out the bushings on this board for some stiffer ones, but then again I have yet to see a complete board come with stellar bushings. the included ones are easily rideable for a long time if you're not getting technical.
When i got the board the trucks were just a tad on the loose side but that is personal preference, I would recommend anyone who buys a longboard get a skate tool with it so you can adjust for your style, I also tightened up the truck mount bolts as well because i had a tiny bit of wiggle in there.

other thoughts: the kick nose and tail on this board are sweet, this is personal preference of course but sometimes when you cant turn quick enough its nice to be able to step on the tail and pivot out of the way or lift the front wheels to get over a big bump without having to get off the board.

The wheelbase on this board is shorter than i expected this is not really a good or bad thing just worth mentioning, the shorter wheelbase provides better turning response but also makes the center of the board a little stiffer. for a 44" i would have though the wheels would be further apart and I may take it to a shop to have another set of truck mount holes drilled so that i can see what it feels like if i move the rear truck back a few inches.

to put it in perspective, the wheelbase on the quest 44" is just under 27" still in the longboard wheelbase class of course but shorter than the rimable 41" dropthrough which has a wheelbase of 33" (my wheelbase mesurements are wheel nut to wheel nut)

overall a great board, ive already recommended it to a friend looking to longboard!

TLDR Review points
-Amazing finish on the deck
-Very slight camber
-About 2 out of 10 flexibility (pretty stiff)
-comes preinstalled with 4 spacers and 8 speed rings
-love the kick nose and tail
-surfy water ride feeling and great turn response with tight radius
-ABEC 7 bearings with non removable shields
-get a skate tool so you can adjust this board to your style

hope this helped, feel free to contact me with any other questions, i ride it every day.

SANVIEW 42inch Complete Bamboo Longboard Skateboards Cruiser Review:

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 I love this board. I have skated on many different style boards over the years from old school boards to nickel boards but never a long board. Just had an urge to get one. I did my research and decided on this Sanview blackline. First time out of the box took it for a ride, smooth rolling, cruising and easy turning coming from a beginning long boarder. This board looks great and rides great. Can’t wait to cruise some more. P.S. I’m 40 years old. Don’t judge me. I like to have fun. 🤣☀️😎

B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard - 41 Inch Maple Skateboard - Complete Skateboard Cruiser for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style and Downhill Review:

Came in a secure box and had no damage from shipping. Getting the board ready to ride included unwrapping it and jumping on. Grip tape was in good condition. No runs in the paint. I did tighten my trucks a full turn. Most people would probably make some adjustment to the trucks and it was in no way a negative. I have both cruised around the Green Belt as well as took a fairly steep hill. I wasn't going to go all out right away but I touched 20-25 Mph with no troubles. I did get some new bearings as well but purely for personal preference. This board right out of the box would be perfect for beginner/intermediate riders.

VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard - Basic Cruiser Review:

I'm a 21 year old that wants a longboard as a means of getting around my college campus and for recreational use. I chose a board over a bike because the board is much more portable (i.e fits in a car). I've always loved board sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, paddleboarding), so I figured it was time to get my first longboard. Did some research and item comparisons to a longboard my friend got at Target and a bunch of other longboards right here on Amazon. Pulled the trigger not knowing what to expect.

Here's my impression of the board:

Deck: Deck was the perfect size for me. I am 6'0", have longer than average limbs/legs and am currently around 190 lbs. It does have a bit of give/flex that made me uncomfortable at first out of fear the board will break (and that I will break something along with it), but this fear goes away the more comfortable you get with it. Skateboards tend not to have this level of board flex because of the smaller wheelbase. Good grip on top. Bottom came with a few bumps and imperfections on the finish, but nothing a week or two of regular use wouldn't have done to it anyways. I also understand because this isn't a 'professional' board, so I'm expecting quality, but understandably not the best. Only issue is the tail/nose are tiny, so while you do have a longer wheelbase in relation to the size of the board, it's difficult to prop the board up on 2 wheels.

Trucks: Seems to be average quality. I thought the handling was too soft for me, so I tightened the kingpins a bit. And then lossened them. And then tightened them. It took maybe 5 minutes to find my preferred tightness, which is one where I don't feel wobbly and can still turn. I've gone down a few hills and I felt stable after my first couple runs where I was a bit afraid about not knowing how fast I would go and if I could handle the speed. Again, I'm a beginner, but I was able to figure it out. I've tried going for sharper turns by putting more of my body weight on one side/over the edge of the board, but I keep falling. I'm gonna chalk that up to the fact that I'm new to this and not blame the board.

Wheels: Wheels seem to be decent quality similar to the trucks, though the trucks are better quality. Again, not cheap but not the best quality. Decent. Average or a bit above average, I wouldn't say below average. I will probably replace the wheels with Shark Wheels later on. The bearings, though, were terrible. I followed the advice of another reviewer and bought some Bones Redz for around $10 (without spacers, spacers are already included). Huge improvement on the stock bearings without even breaking them in. It's a shame they cut corners here. Now that they're broken in, I get a lot more distance on each push.

To summarize:
-Board components are all average or a bit above average, with the exception of the bearings, which are terrible. I'm new to longboardong, this is my first longboard and I'm buying it over the internet without any real external guidance, so I didn't want to spend more money without truly knowing the best board to get. I couldn't find a cheaper board that came assembled and didn't come from eBay. Nothing about this board astounded me, but that's just because I had realistic expectations. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and I don't think you can find a better board for $49. If it came with a decent set of bearings I wouldn't have had to replace, I would have given it 5 stars.

Edit 1: It's 2 weeks later and I've cleaned the bearings I bought for the first time and replaced the wheels with Shark Wheels (70 mm 78A Ghost Formula). I rode it around for the past 2 days and though I originally didn't like the new wheels, I changed my mind after I saw how much faster I could go, how mich firther I could coast, and how I didn't get stuck on cracks that would have tripped me up on my other set of wheels. I also ordered a pair of Caliber II 50-degree trucks and I expect to see improved handling since these are 40 degree trucks. Still like the board.

Edit 2 (01/03/2019): At this point, I've logged dozens of hours on this board. I now own other longboards, but this is my favorite. The deck, while not the highest quality, remains the only original part of the board. I still stand by my statement that it is worth the money; if you want a real professional longboard board, you're going to have to spend at least $150 on just the deck itself. With that money, I bought a pair of Caliber II trucks for $35, a set of Shark Wheels for $45 or $40 (can't find receipt), and Bones Reds bearings for about $10. Those 3 elements, especially together, will change the way the board performs and responds more than just the deck. Just some food for thought.

DINBIN Longboard Skateboard 41 Inch Drop Through Deck Complete Cruiser for Dancing Cruising Freestyle Carving and Downhill Review:

I really like the skateboard deck a lot the trucks and wheels and bearings that come with this are garbage... total Chinese made.. still giving four stars for the deck.. once I put my own trucks wheels and bearings on it it is one of the funnest boards I've ever ridden... I bought some big soft Sector 9 Wheels and Gullwing trucks for longboards.. the most important part is definitely bones Swiss bearings.. don't skimp on bearings.. I know the reds are $30 less money.. but the Swiss are definitely worth the extra cash..

ENKEEO 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser for Carving Downhill Cruising Freestyle Riding Review:

This is a decent "longboard" for people who enjoy "surfing on the ground" more than doing tricks. It has a longer and wider deck comparing to regular skateboard - ~40” long x 9” wide, which make it easier to balance and less tiring on longer trips. This also makes it easier for people who are new in skateboarding. This longboard is equipped with large 70mm x 51mm PU wheels and ABEC-11 bearings. These would offer a more "comfortable" experience and also make it easier when there are cracks or small bumps on the road.
I really like the "Star" painting on the bottom of the longboard. It's pretty eye-catching whenever I carry this longboard with me. The weight of this longboard is 7.3 lbs, which is heavier than typical smaller skateboard but I have no problem holding it with one hand. The deck is made of 9-ply flex laminated maple deck and it's very sturdy. The anti-slip surface makes it easy to balance on the board. Overall I found it easy and comfortable to ride on this longboard and it can get pretty fast.