Best Range Replacement Knobs in 2020

Kitchen Basics 101 DG64-00347B Dial Knob Replacement for Samsung Range Oven Review:

Bought one to replace a broken knob on my 4 year old Samsung oven. As others have stated the plastic factory knobs break easily where they slide onto the oven knob shaft. This knob was much heavier than the factory knob and has a metal reinforced interior and shaft (as seen in the stock photo) and appears to be significantly better quality. The color or rather the brushed nickel is slightly different but not obvious. I like these so much more than the factory knobs I just ordered 4 more to replace the remaining knobs.

Update: I purchased the remaining for knobs and I am so happy I did. I found that 2 of the 4 original factory knobs had cracks in them. I have included pictures of the original factory knob with a crack next to the new replacement knob. These new knobs have heft and feel professional and expensive. I am so happy I found these and purchased them instead of the over priced Samsung factory replacements.

WB03T10284 Knobs Burner Control Knobs Compatible with General Electric GE Range/Stove/Oven Knob Replace for AP4346312 PS2321076 (6 Pack) Review:

I am not a Fan of GE Products and all my appliances are GE. recently the knobs on the range started breaking as they were close to 2 years old. I had asked a question before on whther these would fit KIP 5E95 and someone from the sellers team had responded with a "No". I had to order one know from GE for 50 Bucks including 10 $ for one way shipping and last week another knob broke off. I decided to give it a try and it works great and seems like an exact fit. This is the best value for money when you can get one for 5 Bucks instead of Fifty. The knob fits well nicely and Can't seem to differentiate this from the GE one.

Heavy Duty Metal WB03K10303 Chrome Cooktop Control Knob Compatible with GE Replacement by AMI PARTS (5 Pack) Review:

I bought these because one of the original knobs on my GE cook top broke (after about 1 year of service). These look nearly identical to the originals but because the exterior is metal, they represent a subtle upgrade since lend a higher quality 'feel'.

The inside is still plastic, but I feel it is thicker and more robust than the original knob, so I think they are considerably less likely to break. They fit my cook top snugly and perfectly.

Bonus: Since my cook top only has 4 burners, I now have a spare in the unlikely event that one of these fails.

Kitchen Basics 101 DG64-00472A DG64-00347B Dial Knob Replacement for Samsung Range Oven 5 Pack Review:

These seem to fit as well as the original with a major difference - THE PRICE! I called my local appliance store to purchase ONE knob. The cost was going to be $56.60! I told him I would look online first. I got all FIVE of these knobs from Amazon for $26.87 - less than half the price for ONE from the Samsung replacement parts store. I hope these continue to function well for me.

DG64-00473A Range Burner Knob Dial [ Upgraded & Heavy Duty ] Compatible with Samsung Range Oven - Replacement Part by AMI PARTS - 5 Pack Review:

Ordered the product at 11 am yesterday. Paid for expedited shipping. Product left Houston Texas and was delivered in Ontario at 11 am the following day. Received product from UPS after 24 hours of ordering. Items came in a box. Knob is individually wrapped. Knobs fit in perfectly. I recommend that you change the 5 at once for you not to notice the difference in the tones of the knobs. Product came as described. The ring for additional support is present. I will update the review if the knob breaks as those original OEMs ones. Fully recommend the product for now. If you do not hear from me, this means that everything is good and knobs are working fine. Otherwise you will see an update from me.

4 (EBZ37189611) Knobs & 1 (EBZ37189609) Super Boil Knob Burner Range Control Knob Kit Replacement Part D-shaped Shaft Stainless Steel for LG LRG30355ST LRG30357ST LRG30855ST Gas Range Review:

First let me start by saying LG is horrible, the knobs they made for their stoves are cheap and dangerous since they can (and have) led to a gas leak, but they refuse to do a recall, despite complaints from many people, but I digress. It's only been a week but just from the look, the knobs look very well made (better than the LG) and a solid product. They look just as the original, fit a bit tighter but most importantly, the attachment part doesn't seem to be made of cheap plastic. So, so far, so good. If necessary, I'll update the review if there are any problems/negatives changes down the road.

Surface Burner Knob, 4 Pack, for Maytag Jenn Air AP5668987 PS2375871 7733P410-60 Review:

These knobs are identical, fortunately, to those on our Jenn-Air cook top. One of our boys managed to twist a little too hard in the wrong direction so the old one was less functional than we'd like. Figuring this wouldn't be a one-off we invested in the four-pack. I looked closely at the pictures & specs in hopes of ensuring I obtained the right fit. This was a good thing as the return policy charges for shipping (both to and from) which essentially means once purchased you're all in - buyer beware!

GE WB03T10236 Range/Stove/Oven Control Knob Review:

I have been searching for these knobs for 10 years. The knobs on my GE profile stove melted because I was trying to be clever and covered the bottom of our cooktop with aluminum foil to catch any grease. In the process, because the aluminum foil was too close to the knobs, they ended up melting two of them of the knobs. We didn't think it would be too difficult to find replacements since we had the model number. We literally bought 8 different types of knobs, but none of them fit. Luckily, I don't cook very often so we really didn't need the knobs much. But we just sold our home and I wanted to make sure the new owners had a fully functioning stovetop, so I searched on Amazon and found these and they were a perfect match!

Ultra Durable KN002 RKE Universal Electric Range Knob Kit Replacement by Blue Stars - Exact Fit for Many Range/Oven Brands - Replaces AP5641247 MA-XP6 RK103 Review:

I’m sorry that my ratings seem all over the place, but it’s hard to rate something I unfortunately can’t use. For someone who could use these, there is a good variety and all pieces seem quite durable. But as the kit is advertised as universal I assumed that there would be a piece in there that would fit my oven. However the post for my oven knob is larger than all five of the selections that this universal kit has and therefore it is unfortunately useless to me. If the company has any other parts or any knowledge that would help me find a knob for my oven I would gladly submit another rating to say that they were able to help me in the end, but for now I will just have to keep shopping around.

Jetec 4 Pack Black Control Knobs Replacement with 12 Adapters for Oven/Stove/Range, Wide Application Review:

We had a broken knob on a Kitchen-aid toaster-oven. KA won't sell knobs, either to our local small-appliance repair shop, pr on their website. Their attitude is "knob breaks, buy a new appliance." It took about two minutes to install, most of which was to realize that the inserts are slightly tapered. Slick. Works great. Sturdier design than the original. Thanks.