Best Professional Video Microphones in 2020

Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone ­ Omnidirectional Mic 393" with Easy Clip On System ­ Perfect for Recording YouTube/Interview/Video Conference/Podcast/Voice Dictation/iPhone Review:

 I went ahead and analyzed EQ on the microphone, and although it's very quiet, the range is actually even lower than advertised 65HZ. The microphone's quality itself is very nice as well.
The background noise is almost eliminated when mounted close to my mouth. For the price, I can not complain about it. I've made a video so you can hear the sound. There's also a picture of the frequencies.

-Great frequency range
-Almost no background "hiss" when spoke directly to the microphone.
-Easy to use by its 3.5mm jack with no external power source.
-Very long cable. (depends on your use)

The difference in volume by the distance is quite big but can be easily solved by speaking directly to the microphone.

Smartphone Camera Video Microphone with Mini Tripod, Videomicro and Shotgun Microphone for iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, 11 X, XR, XS Max Samsung Google - Perfect Vlog, YouTube, Asmr Mic -Perfect Video Kit Review:

This microphone seriously under rates itself by calling it a Smartphone Mic. Sure, it works great for that purpose, probably better than most, but it is also an ideal mic for use with a digital SLR camera, or even a podcast mic hooked into your computer. It uses a "cold shoe" mount so it can be mounted in a variety of situations, and has several cable options for using it with various Smartphones and cameras. Two of the cables are mini-plug to mini-plug, the 3rd being an adapter from a mini-plug to the iPhone jack. The cables are adequate length, especially the coiled one which extends to about 18".

All I had to do was plug it into the standard mini-plug and everything worked flawlessly. The fit was perfect without having to jiggle anything around to make contact. And the sound quality is fantastic. It comes with a foam windproof cover, which is probably helpful outdoors, and perhaps if you are speaking very close to the mic, but indoors it is not required.

One thing I noticed is that when I plugged the microphone into my computer, I did not get any sound out of my computer speakers - I had to unplug the mic to hear what I had just recorded. It is likely a setting on my computer that causes this, but I found it interesting that this would be the case. The other thing I found is that the mount from the floating red support mechanism to the cold shoe is very tight - this is probably helpful to keep it from slipping out, but you may have to apply a little pressure to seat it into the shoe mount. A really nice feature is that the mic will mount in the shoe in either direction, so you can use it for recording yourself or pointing away from the phone and recording someone else.

At any rate, I have included a photo so you can see the relative size of this microphone. It is fairly small and compact, unlike many shotgun mics you might have experienced. That is one of the things that makes it ideal for portable recording, whether it be videos on your phone or doing a podcast while traveling. Would I recommend it? Let put it this way - I can assure you that this is now packed into my travel bag and I take it everywhere I go.

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount Review:

GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for (HERO7 Black/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black) - Official GoPro Accessory Review:

Works great if you set it up properly. The adapter is bulky - no doubt about that! It fits well and it works well. No sound issues and the mic I use (Rode) sounds amazing with my Hero 6. There are a LOT of other reviews on here that say you can use some cheap headphone adapter that works with Moto z or other devices - WRONG! DO NOT listen to those reviews, I made that mistake and just got my refund after wasting my time ordering all kinds of products that do NOT work. It sucks, because this is way over priced and it's bulky, but it works and there are no sound or connection issues. Sometimes the seller changes the product without updating the listing so they can keep the reviews, but if that was the case, I think this seller would have been better off listing this as a new product. A lot of people mentioned using this with their session or hero 4... I don't even think that's possible because this adapter is USB C.

While I hate the size and price, I had to write a review that clearly explains who this is for and what to expect. That is the reason I gave it 5 stars - because no one else did. Ignore the other reviews because they are very misleading.

Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone Omnidirectional Mic with Easy Clip On System Perfect for Recording Youtube / Interview / Video Conference / Podcast / Voice Dictation / iPhone/ASMR Review:

Bought this mic twice. Once from the counterfeit seller and another from PowerDeWise. When I got the first one, it came in a bag and not a box. Then I tried it and it didn't work in my MacBook. So I sent it back and received a refund. Now it was time to write a negative review. But looking at the website, I purchased a counterfeit (see pictures, even the logo is a poor copy/paste). I purchased this item again, this time knowing it was sold by the PowerDeWise company. Worked perfectly.

I did some test trials before uploading my videos. The sound is absolutely clear and so much better than the onboard microphone. It worked flawlessly and the sound is great. So the fake mic didn't work, the clip doesn't rotate, the bag was small for all the stuff needed and it didn't come in a box. The real one worked, the clip rotates, the case is large enough for all the stuff and put in a nice box.

The second one was real sold by PowerDeWise and came in the box as illustrated. The sound quality is excellent and captures a bit of the bass in my voice. Crisp and clean. The hardware is sturdy and even the bag is nice. This is a great purchase and makes the sound on the videos outstanding.

Professional Grade 2 Lavalier Lapel Microphones Set for Dual Interview - Dual Lavalier Microphone - 2 Lavalier Microphone Set - Perfect as Blogging Vlogging Interview Microphone for iPhone 6, 7, 8, X Review:

I bought this dual lapel mic set for a soon-to-be developed YouTube channel as well as for audio messaging and podcasting for a new church that needs to get its message out in the months ahead. I have yet to get the production going, but I have had some time and opportunity to shoot some video segments on my smartphone to get a feel for the performance of these mics. I'm more than satisfied with everything so far!

I've used other lapel-type omnidirectional mics with both phones and video cameras, and in fact compared a similar mic I had while I was experimenting with this set. The Power DeWise product was superior in build and sound quality, and especially in sensitivity. In fact, it's so sensitive to nearby sounds that it easily picks up quiet whispers in close proximity to the speaker. The good news is that, worn on your person, it does do a good job in NOT picking up lots of ambient room noise as a shotgun mic, etc would do. It does have a killer high end response which is typical of condenser style mics. Amazingly hot mic, especially with no battery or power source!

The cord length with the extensions and y-adapter make for great flexibility for almost any studio or remote setup for conversations or interviews. And you just can't beat the price for what you're getting. My only real concern is that the audio cords are all pretty thin, so I think it's going to require some diligence and care to avoid kinks, tangles and folds that may tend to break those small gauge wires inside.

Overall, a really good product at a great price! And it's obvious from everything from the packaging to the carry case to the product itself, that Power DeWise is a quality company as well. If you're considering a lapel mic set, don't hesitate on this one!

Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone with Shock Mount, Deadcat Windscreen, Case for iPhone, Android Smartphones, Canon EOS, Nikon DSLR Cameras and Camcorders - Perfect Camera Microphone, Shotgun Mic Review:

 This is worth the price. If you're looking for a shotgun microphone that won't break the bank this is your mic. I came across this microphone while searching for a small shotgun mic to use with my DSLR and I am glad I discovered it.

It has a metal build which makes it feel premium. It also comes with a suspension system (red stand) which defeats handling and shake noise caused by movement while shooting.

I especially enjoy the windscreen that's included in the box which eliminates wind noise when shooting outdoors.

The biggest sell for me is the included TRS to TRRS cable. This cable allows you to connect the microphone to your smartphone. Since this microphone is phantom powered there's no need for batteries. You just plug it in and it works.

The sound quality is good. It did a great job during the video I included below. Honestly, I can see myself reaching for this over my pricier mics because of it's small form factor and light weight.

I gave this a 4 of 5 stars because I feel the vocal pick-up feels a little thin. Other mics are on the warmer side.

But this could easily get 5 of 5. If you're looking for a good shotgun mic, that comes with loads of extras. Buy this thing.

Moukey MCM-1 DSLR Camera Microphone, External Video Mic Shotgun for Phone, Smartphone, Vlogging, Canon/Nikon/Sony Camera Review:

 Though picture promoted for use with full video-capable cameras such as DSLRs, the MouKey MCm-1 microphone comes with all that is needed for a wide range of video applications. I myself found it a great adjunct to the built in mic on my iPhone 6s Plus. The attached video demonstrates the difference between the two mics.

The built in mic is quite capable. It sound seemingly tailored to its likely use catching live action -- particularly that of the spoken voice -- while filtering the often present background sound.

The MouKey MCm-1 by comparison is a truly full range mic that is very sensitive to dynamics. Useful traits to be sure -- especially so as the mic comes with two accessories each designed to limit a different source of noise. -What amounts to a shock mount -- a soft plastic holder (with attachment capabilities for both a camera "hot shoe" mount and a standard tripod mount), plus a fuzzy "wind shield."

The pickup pattern of the mic also helps as regards extraneous noise as it has a cardioid pattern and thus more sensitive to sounds in front of it than to those coming from behind, or even far off to the side. All this, again, making it a specialized recording tool and not just another all-purpose sound gatherer as a phone's microphone typically must be.

The attached A/B recording demonstrate these differences. The built in mic is nicely balanced, but is in fact rolling off the extremes. The MouKey MCm-1 picks up all frequencies and allows transients to come through uncompressed. (Note how this is so regarding the 'finger gliss' as well as the guitar's dynamic, percussive, lower string and body sounds -- both of which are greatly muted when the built in mic was used.)

In the case of this demo the mic was aimed more toward the guitar. If a louder voice to guitar ratio was desired the mic could have been more elevated or upward directed.

I foresee using the MouKey MCm-a quite a bit. Especially for the instructional videos I often share on YouTube and various musician's forums.

A useful sonic tool such as this could be expected to be costly. That the MouKey MCm-1 is not is an added plus.

Highly recommended.

TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone for Nikon/Canon Camera/DV Camcorder Review:

Important notice: I didn't realize how much white noise/hiss this mic when set on +10 db setting created when I wrote this review. The review is only with the mic set to 0 ( NOT +10db ). The audio levels should be good enough at 0db. I use Parametric EQ in post production to get better quality audio gain than simply raising the volume. Just make sure to have the camera's audio gain set to the highest level that you can set it at without getting hiss.

I have compared this mic to 6 other mics and this was the best! I have also listened to comparisons online between various Rode mics and the Takstar 598 and the Takstar 598 sounded better to me than the Rode mics, including the Rode VideoMicro, which is actually a fantastic mic with excellent sound quality and convience of small size and no batteries, however the room echo (which is very hard to fix in post) is really bad with the Rode VideoMicro and was much less, barely there in fact, with the Takstar scg-598, so naturally I recommend the Takstar over the Rode VideoMicro.

Originally I thought the Takstar scg-598 and scg-698 sounded very similiar on my Nikon d500, but after listening and analyzing little bit more, I came to the conclusion that the sound quality of the scg-598 is better. Also, I couldn't use the +20db on the scg-698 mic when I used it with my Sony RX10 because it was too loud and introduced hissing but I wanted some gain for more juice which didn't happen with the 0db setting obviously. The scg-598 +10db is perfect for the RX10, audio gain levels without any hiss.

The Takstar scg-598 and the Senal scs-98 had the lowest hissing noise compared to all other mics and any hissing from these two mics completely went away when I lowered the camera's preamps to appropriate levels. However, the $200 Senal scs-98, produced very low sound compared to the scg-598, even with the +10 db boost. I also tried the Comica cvm-vm10ii mic that plugs into the camera and works without batteries. The sound was good but I had to lower the preamps because of the hissing and then it became too low. The Boya by-vm600 had terrible hissing even with the preamps lowered, it was simply unusable. The Saranomic SR-M3 also had bad hissing on the RX10 and distorted sound on my Nikon cameras. Interestingly enough, the sound of the Saranomic mic sounded quite good on the RX10 (but still unusable because of the noise). The Rode VideoMicro, has great sound quality, but as mentioned above, the room echo is bad.

The build quality of the Takstar scg-598 is not solid, it's basically a lot of plastic, but for the excellent sound quality for this price it's a good deal regardless of the build.

The dynamic range of this mic is not the greatest, but for what I record, weddings, stage productions, events, and video productions, i really don't need a lot of DR, only full, healthy levels and sound clarity. The Senal scs-598, for example, has a lot of dynamic range, but the sound is muddy compared to the scg-595 ( and also scg-698) and not full of juice compared to the Takstar sgc-598. It's hard to edit low audio, it's much better to have less DR than low audio levels when editing. As long as the high pitch is not clipped or distorted, which doesn't happen with this mic, then the sound is perfectly usable.

I really recommend this microphone over other cheap microphones and over the more expensive Rode and Senal microphones.