Best Poster Frames in 2020

Radezon 8x10 8x12 8x18 Poster Frame, Magnetic Poster Frame Hanger for Photo Picture Canvas Artwork Wall Hanging (8 inch) Review:

So far, I've liked this product and am overall happy with the purchase. The magnet holds the picture I have in place well and it hangs fine. I am a bit worried the thin leather strap will break, but time will tell. The quality is nice, as it seems to be actual wood, not composite. The price is very fair, considering it would have cost me $40+ to get a custom sized frame. It also looks nice with the right kind of pictures.

Two down sides to these types of frames (regardless of whether you get this one or any other variety):
1. They won't flatten your picture like a traditional frame will. So if your poster came rolled up, you may have to do some flattening, or the bottom will still curl up, even with the bottom wood plank.
2. Your picture won't be protected.

But overall, I would recommend this particular product and will purchase more if I am in need.

Americanflat 12x18 Black Poster Frame - Shatter-Resistant Glass - Hanging Hardware Included Review:

Fairly basic presentation - no logos or outside graphics - but the box was perfect with great support for the frame. Easy open and I’ll keep the box for transporting frames, it’s that good. It’s the first time I’ve bought a frame online and was a bit concerned that one reviewer said the “tempered glass” was plastic. It’s not and is well made tempered glass. The frame is beautiful for what it is and everything looks much better than I would have ever expected for the price. The design makes it easy to install a photo and there are accessories (cable, etc...) if you need more support on a heavier piece. Nice touch and in a very small pouch baggie. The hardware to allow hanging is on every side and works well. Very, very pleased. As an aside, I’d sure offer a non-glare version of the glass since there are reflections off this one. Other than that, it was delivered perfectly and looks great. Oh, and I took the photo that’s in the frame - it didn’t come with it. :)

kieragrace Langford Photo Frame - Wood, Black, 5" x 7" Review:

I love these! I bought three of them to hang in my bathroom. I bought three note cards painted by a local artist ($3 each) and hung the frames in my bathroom. They are a really nice quality for the price, and I plan on buying more. They were in perfect condition, and the mat was nice quality. As sometimes happens with frames that can be either hung on displayed on a table, the stand on the back of the frame made it protrude from the wall a tiny bit, and you could see it from the side. I have had this problem before, and I usually just remove the stand. On some frames this requires a pair of pliers and a lot of strength. These stands were sturdy, but they came right off with no problem at all. I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

Americanflat 18x24 Poster Frame - Thick Moldings - White Review:

The frame is nothing distinguishing. (good or bad) The plexiglass and its relatively lightweight actually do it make it feel cheap. However several little things combined propelled this to five-star for me: 1) come with mounting hardware and rings on all sides, 2) fast shipping, and 3) superior packaging (taped metal parts, cardboard corner, bubble sleeve, styrofoam inserts, and a thick cardboard box) unlike a similar product from a different vendor I had to return last week.

Americanflat 12x18 Poster Frame, Black Review:

I admire craftsmanship that uses forethought in the design. The wood is well strong enough, jointed well so it won’t fall apart, and the hardware is pre-mounted for horizontal or vertical hanging. One merely has to install the plastic-coated wire across the hangers, and bingo, you’re on your way.

Installation of a poster was a breeze. The plastic picture cover is protected with a tear-off plastic coating, so it will look good once the protection is removed. You can use the backing and the plastic cover sheet to sandwich the poster in-between, then place that assembly inside the frame. Worked for me. Just a thought. Your way may be better.

I’ve purchased frames from Americanflat before, and I’m sure I will again.

MCS 16x20 Inch Original Poster Frame, Black (65534) Review:

I bought this poster frame for a blown up photo from a trip my daughter went on. It was easy to assemble and put together. There was a nice plastic wrap over the clear plastic window of the frame. So it was protected and not damaged. The black bars on the four corners of the frame are easy to pull apart and put back in place to secure your poster or photo, whatever you are using the poster frame for. I have bought this before and framed a poster for my own home. It is a very lightweight frame so not heavy to hang. I was very pleased with that so bought another one for a gift!

Dax 16x20 Flat Black Environmentally Friendly Wood Composite Wall Display Poster Frame Review:

Great frame for the price! Looks more expensive than it is. I framed a pic of SRV and it looks awesome (it's not the best photo, but I posted the pic anyway)

MCS 18x24 Inch Trendsetter Poster Frame Review:

Absolute easiest frame job I've ever done. The frame comes fully assembled and in perfect condition. My poster was smaller than the frame so I just reversed the paper it comes with(pic of red phone booths) and placed my poster on top. Nice and tight so didn't need to tape anything down, had a little help holding it down, since poster wanted to curl but we were done in about 5 minutes tops. Looks great, hope they don't change their product, like many on Amazon do.

MCS Original Poster Frame, 24 by 36-Inch, Black, 6-Pack Review:

Just like everyone else who posts a review I received frames that were damaged. It wasn't major but none the less they film covering the poster was cracked, all on the same corner. They do look marvelous with the bright vibrant movie posters, and I super glued the backs of the frames so it could hold together. I decided to call Amazon to tell them about the cracked plastic in hopes they would replace the package for me. They were nice enough to send me 6 more on the house and let me keep the old ones no charge. I'm a happy customer :)

MCS Trendsetter 24x36 Inch Poster Frame, Black (65549) Review:

Very nicely packaged, and frame is pretty strong. The plastic front cover is very clean, no scratches at all. Gives a very glossy and bright appearance, the only drawback being reflections. The backing may seem a bit cheap, its just some cardboard with the hanger claws attached right on it, but it does the job. My poster fit right in perfectly. No complaints, you certainly cannot find better for the price, and I will buy again for any more posters I get.