Best PlayStation 3 Accessory Kits in 2022

Last update: January 13, 2023

Assecure real trigger caps L2 R2 for Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Controller Trigger set of four Review:

Wow, these perform far more effectively than clip-ons made by Sony! The Sony brand slip/clip-ons, however, are not that bad at first (but keep coming off if you don't hold your finger somewhere near the top or the bottom at all times), and I say that because I just bought and started using these (from the UK, I might add), so we'll just have to wait and see if they hold up and/or if they are any better than Sony's!

VicTsing Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard, Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Pluggable USB Cable, Quiet Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch, 100%Anti-Ghosting, Waterproof Keyboard for PC and Laptop, Black Review:

Since I've been using it for a few months, I'd say it's generally reliable. The left side shift key occasionally getting stuck is the only complaint I have. Since I started using the keyboard, this has been happening less frequently, but folks should be aware of this while purchasing this device. This isn't a bad investment if you don't have much money to spend, but if you care more about a mechanical keyboard that performs flawlessly right out of the box, spend the extra money on a name brand keyboard. Before I spilt beer on my CM Storm, it had operated flawlessly for three years. Now, with the exception of a little space bar stickiness, it is back to normal.Additionally, even while this keyboard's noise level isn't too high, it does feel a touch loud for having "red" switches. It is definitely louder and clackier than my friend's CM Storm with the red switches, though not quite as loud or clacky as my CM Storm with brown switches.

PlayStation Move Essentials Pack Review:

Since she likes the dancing games, my wife and I have been debating getting started with PS Move for a while. We chose to get the Essentials Pack because Amazon had it for a reasonable price, and so far, the system appears to function really well—at least with the many Move-compatible titles we currently own. When contrasting the experiences in titles like Just Dance 3, it's important to note that the responsiveness of the controls is far better than the Wii. Overall, as far as we can tell, the hardware lives up to or beyond expectations.The issue is that neither the game disc that was depicted in the listing nor was really specified as being included in the text is present in the delivery, nor do they appear to be any instructions for downloading any unique software from the PSN. For us, this is less of a concern than it is of a disappointment. We are aware of our plans for our new toy, but we are unaware of the other options; it seems that the disc would be provided as a handy way for us to explore various controller usage scenarios. Now, we can either search for playable demos on the PSN store or, more likely, just play the games we already know we want to play with the controller. I suppose it's less pleasure for us and less money for Sony, but it's still a little disappointing.Other minor details: the Move controller needs to be charged right out of the box, so don't expect to use it for a few hours after receiving it (again, no big deal, but in the interest of full disclosure...). A $5 camera mounting clip, the GTMax EYE Mounting Clip For PlayStation 3 PS3, maintains the Eye atop our LCD screen and is definitely worth the money. Similarly, the PS Eye camera performs admirably, but it appears to perform best when positioned above the TV.

PlayStation 3 5-In-1 Starter Kit Review:

This has been in my possession for a week. The charge station is fantastic! I always have my wireless headset hooked into one USB port and my cell phone charger in the other. Everything is always charged for me because everything has its own power supply, even if I don't turn it on! No more picking up the controller only to discover it is dead, having the headset die 10 minutes into a game, or searching for an open outlet to plug in your phone.The 10ft USB charging cable is great to keep me in the games even if something does die (I game for 12–14 hours straight A LOT).I'm also using the HDMI cord. Maybe a tiny bit better than my subpar HDMI from Walmart. I am unable to provide evidence either way, though. My eyes don't appear to get tired as quickly now.Absolute endorsement

Universal TV Mount Clip Storage Camera Holder for Xbox 360, Xbox One Kinect sensor, Xbox Kinect, Wii Sensor Bar, PS4 & PS3 Review:

Works wonderfully well with the TV I have and holds the Wii motion sensor bar firmly but gently.

BandFuse: Rock Legends (Artist Pack) Review:

Making BandFuse better than Rocksmith was the company's stated objective. Due in large part to an adjustable difficulty mechanism that, in fact, resulted in songs unexpectedly changing from "easy" to "impossible" as you hit the notes, the original Rocksmith was groundbreaking but irritating. This issue is resolved by BandFuse's more straightforward difficulty system, which lets you select from 5 levels of difficulty for each song. Although it's good to avoid the stress of adaptive difficulty, doing so necessitates selecting your preferred level of difficulty before each song.BandFuse's developers also appear to have been troubled by a few Rocksmith "issues" that I wouldn't characterize as such. Instead of Rocksmith's flashier 3D notes-flying-at-you ride, songs employ a 2D animated tab interface that shows you where to place your fingers. It helps make things a little easier, but it doesn't feel as immersive, especially because BandFuse gives the song's music video half the screen. Rocksmith does not include indicators for whether you hit a note early or late, but BandFuse does. However, such signs are so small that it is hard to look at them and decide which note to strike next. In addition, there are limitations to how accurately any software can predict the timing of a guitar note, especially when you take into account video and audio delays. The polyphonic tuner, which makes tuning extremely quick, is the only feature I'd call a significant advance over RockSmith (though, annoyingly, you have to go through it before every song).The tour structure from the original Rocksmith is carried over into BandFuse, where you are given set lists to play and practice in order to gain points and unlock in-game rewards. On your adventure, BandFuse not only allows you win "followers," but also "bucks." In contrast, RockSmith 2014 minimized the campaign components and provided simple access to all of the game's features, including lessons, minigames (which BandFuse is missing), and the song collection. BandFuse obviously erred in this decision. Song mastery is a reward in itself. On a predetermined path, there is no need to add more carrots and sticks.In conclusion, BandFuse might have been a good replacement for RockSmith if it weren't for the superior RockSmith 2014, which features a mode called "Score Attack" that mimics BandFuse's predetermined difficulty levels. BandFuse is the second-best guitar game to date, and I give it four stars.

PlayStation 3 5-In-1 Expansion Pack Review:

I purchased this bundle on Amazon at a very low cost; considering what I got, it was well worth it. There are 5 products in this box, some of which, depending on how your TV is set up, you may or may not require.This controller is a good controller, to put it simply. Despite the odd water in the controller's grips, I don't mind because it works. I believe the water in the handles is a silly marketing ploy, and I sincerely hope that it does not lead to any issues with the product in the future. There are no issues with this controller, such as the joysticks not moving as they should. Any game that requires the six-axis sensors found in the original PS3 controller would, however, probably not operate with this controller since it lacks tilt support. This controller would be useful for activities like playing PS1 classics or watching Netflix or Amazon video on your PS3. However, this controller requires 3 AAA batteries, which means you will only have one battery remaining in the pack. AAA batteries are very costly, at least where I live, costing over $5 for 4 of them. Additionally, there are LED lights on this controller that can be turned on or off. However, if you leave them on, I'm sure they will consume a lot of battery power, which may get expensive over time. Due to the ridiculous price of AAA batteries these days, I would advise purchasing rechargeable batteries before even purchasing this pack. I really hoped that this controller used two AA batteries, which are considerably more affordable and durable than tiny AA cells. I don't understand why manufacturers feel the need to mandate the usage of 3 AAA batteries in every item these days, but I notice it more frequently than I'd like to (and I have another controller that uses 2 AA batteries so its not impossible). Additionally, a separate receiver for this controller must be plugged into a USB connection on the PS3. My PS3 only has two USB ports, and one of those ports is already used by a third-party controller with a receiver.Headset: As I previously indicated, my PS3's two USB ports are already fully utilized, yet this headset connects through USB. Additionally, I don't play online, therefore I really don't need this headset. It's also important to keep in mind that even though the system only has 2 USB ports, this pack contains 3 USB-compatible products. The fact that this headset is wired and does not require batteries means that you can use it as frequently as you like without worrying about battery drain.Third component in this bundle that plugs into a USB port is a USB cable. This is made to charge original Sony PS3 controllers and other USB-chargeable controllers. Again, the system only has two USB ports, but this set includes three USB-compatible gadgets. This cable is also useless when using a conventional USB wall charger to charge PS3 controllers for some reason. Even if you use rechargeable batteries in the provided controller, you still cannot use this USB cable to charge it. Because a brand-new PS3 also includes a USB charging cable, I believe I don't need to purchase this item since I already own one (which I can't use because this system only has two USB ports). However, this could come in handy if you misplaced or lost your charger.HDMI cable: This HDMI cable is not particularly fancy, but it does the job. If you don't already have one, this is a great addition to save you money on purchasing one. To use this cable, I hope you are using your PS3 in conjunction with an HDTV. This cable is useless if your PS3 is connected to an outdated CRT standard TV.Ethernet cable: You can't use this item unless your PS3 is directly next to your modem. It's simply far too brief. Purchase a different cable or bundle if you want to connect your PS3 via Ethernet.