Best PC Game Flight Controls in 2022

Last update: December 2, 2022

Can flight simulator control a plane?

A flight simulator is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight and the environment in which it flies, for pilot training, design, or other purposes. It includes replicating the equations that govern how aircraft fly, how they react to applications of flight controls, the effects of other aircraft systems, and how the aircraft reacts to external factors such as air density, turbulence, wind shear, cloud, precipitation, and thermal gradients.

Can you play flight simulator with a keyboard on PC?

Yes, you can play flight simulator with a keyboard on PC. However, it is not recommended as it is much more difficult to control the aircraft. A joystick or game controller is highly recommended.

Do gamers still use joysticks?

In the early days of video gaming, joysticks were the primary input device for most gamers. Today, however, there are a variety of input devices available, from gamepads to keyboards and mice. So, do gamers still use joysticks? The answer is yes and no. While some gamers have switched to using other input devices, there are still many who prefer joysticks for certain games. For example, first-person shooters (FPS) and flight simulators are two genres where joysticks are still widely used. There are a few reasons for this.

Do I need a joystick for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

No, you don't need a joystick for Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can use a gamepad, a keyboard, or a mouse.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick Review:

I have been a flight simmer for a very long time, and I have dedicated pedals for Windows USB and DOS PC gamecard 15 pin.This stick has the first rudder that, in my opinion, is equally as good. Toebrakes, though, are difficult to program onto them (I believe it would require FSUIPC) (a payware utility for flight simulator).Both the pedals on the throttle (a huge, roughly 4-inch-wide rocker with a strong spring) and the throttle (a traditional twist throttle with a strong spring to prevent unintentional pedal engagement) have powerful springs. Even if the twist pedals on other budget-friendly controllers are nice, I prefer the rocker pedals on the throttle grip. It's hidden from view from the front on the back of the handle.It is much better to have a full-sized throttle instead of a little wheel or lever.The two can be separated by 20" from inside to inside or 26" center to center thanks to the cable (see my uploaded images with a ruler). The two controls (stick and throttle) can be coupled together using two setscrews (allen hex wrench), if desired.eight-way hatAdditional 12 buttons (6 on stick) (6 on throttle).5 Axis on the joystick controls the elevator and ailerons.the steering (twist axis on stick and rocker slider on throttle-both are springloaded to return to center of course).the accelerator.The twist axis on the twist can be given to another function in the Flightsimulator key assignments, for example, if you use the rocker slider for rudder. or any other sim's page with the important assignments.I think this controller pair is of outstanding size and quality.Remember that it is offered in PC/PS3 or PC/PS4 versions.You should purchase the first version for a PS3 and the second for a PS4.Both versions are compatible with Windows PC devices.The entire system may be transported in a 10-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 9-1/2 inch cardboard box (in other words a tad smaller than a one foot cube).The cardboard box has a foam box inside of it that completely encloses the item on all sides, making it ideal for transport.Stick and throttle are segregated and cleverly packed to fit. To help you remember, I advise snapping a picture of how it fits, folding it up, and putting it in the box. If you have the stick and throttle in the proper positions, it is quite simple, but it takes time to figure out if you forgot.:)The stick and throttle are connected by a 1/8-inch hex key.I'm not sure why, but Thrustmaster does not include a manual with the controller.This is it: eng 00124.pdfSometimes things function more effectively than what the instructions and product description would imply.This/these controller(s) are true of that, in my opinion!

Logitech G PRO Flight Rudder Pedals Review:

I've only ever owned this one pair of rudder pedals. Having said that, I adore them. They function like they ought to. I believe that the build quality for the price should be a little bit better, but we are talking about Logitech, and many of their other devices are excellent. They also don't stick to the ground. Not in the least. I frequently had to change them in the middle of the game. And I thought the wheel brakes offered a little bit more resistance, if any at all. Nearly just floopy there. Only enough opposition exists to lift them back up. They might get pushed down by a feather. Leaving that aside They're great. Without these, I'll never play another flying simulator.

ALLON Mobile Phone Triggers for PUBG & Fortnite, Cellphone Game Controllers for iOS/Android, Gaming Controls with Sensitive L1R1 Trigger for iPhone 7/7 Plus/iPhone X/iPhone 8 – 4 Pack (Transparent) Review:

I've experimented with a wide variety of triggers. I keep returning some of the ones that have grips and other accessories. next purchasing these.Because triggers make playing PUBG so much easier and more enjoyable, I either lose them or gift a pair to friends. Therefore, I definitely want my squad to be prepared as well. lolI'm just going to quit experimenting with other brands and keep buying these to give to my friends instead. Alternatively, I could add to my supply as I lose them or when my kids take them.

Thrustmaster T16000M FCS HOTAS for PC Review:

usefulness, precision, and quality. The key distinction between this HOTAS and every other one priced under $400 is that. The short and quick answer is that this is the greatest HOTAS that allows you 6 degrees of movement for around $400. To find out why, continue reading. You could spend more than $400 to purchase a set of high-quality pedals and a Thrustmaster Warthog, but I don't think the price increase is justified by the benefits you would receive.To explain how we got here, the markets for these HOTAS setups have been revitalized by Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, and DCS. Because there were no games to justify the investment by the firms who produce them, there weren't any new HOTAS setups on the market for a very long period. It's completely different now, and this is the first HOTAS setup created specifically for the games that people want them for. The throttle is completely new and well-thought-out, whilst the joystick is a remake of the T.16000 that has been on the market but didn't require any change at all. Its construction is first-rate, and its size is suitable for placement on your desk alongside your mouse and keyboard. It remains place as you play since the weight distribution is perfect, and everything is quite accurate. I own an X55 and have used X52s and X52 Pros; they are all now pricey. They were ALL expensive THEN for the things you receive, and if you were looking at them a year ago, they would ALL BE AT LEAST $50 lower than what they are now. Saitek simply increased the price because more people were beginning to purchase them. After seeing a disassembly of their HOTAS, which is superior quality than Saitek but still pricey, I included CH items in this category as well. You get what you paid for with Thrustmaster. The quality, accuracy, and functionality you get with this HOTAS are unmatched for less than $400.

CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB ( 200-615 ) Review:

Listen up, everybody. You want a review, so here it is. If you're like the majority of people and can't buy the $600-$1000 yoke from PFC without divorcing your spouse, you're likely comparing this yoke to the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke. I've owned both, along with their corresponding throttles and rudder pedals, and I've returned one while keeping the other. Find out who was fired by reading on.Flight Sim Yoke from CH ProductsPros: Extremely accurateCheaperDrawbacks: Seems flimsyBetween these two, the CH Flight Sim yoke is unquestionably the superior option. With no binding and all the precision you could ever require. My pinky finger can be used to apply inputs into the CH yoke with a nearly imperceptible amount of force, and those inputs are recognized by the simulation. I use ZERO deadzone and high sensitivity when operating this yoke. The CH lacks every single flaw that the Saitek Yoke possesses. Due of the springs' limitations, the CH Yoke does have some difficulty when inputs are applied close to the maximum range of the pitch or roll. It's not a big deal, and you can still fly that way; it's just harder. It's also important to note that, if you're looking into yokes, you're probably not flying fighter jets and won't be pushing the controls to their absolute limits very often. Extreme Saitek yokes flaws start to show themselves in the range of controls where 90% of your flight time will be spent. In contrast, the CH yokes flaws are minor and only affect the controls at a distance where, if you fly skillfully, you won't even notice them. For build quality, I gave the CH yoke one star. I definitely connect and reattach the yoke with greater caution because it doesn't feel as strong as the Saitek yoke, but the fact that it generally functions so well makes up for this flaw. Afterthought: the throttle axes on top of the CH yoke. This yoke is the less expensive of the two, and I strongly advise purchasing the CH solo quadrant (like I did), as it is excellent. Additionally, it adds 12 hard buttons, 6 soft buttons, and the end of each axis throw, and is multi-engine enabled.Pro Flight Saitekpositives: feels solidlooks fantasticIncluded (and superior to CH version) (and superior to CH version) pedal quadrantCons: Essentially uselessRegardless of lubrication, terrible bindingI started by purchasing the Pro Flight Rudder Pedals and the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, which includes their throttle quadrant. I gave Saitek products a try first because I've had good luck with them in the past, but that was before the madcatz buyout. They look and feel fantastic right out of the package and on the desk, but the fun pretty much ends there. That yoke is dreadful in actual use. Any kind of modest or precise input is difficult with the Saitek yoke due to its HUGE indentations in the pitch and roll axes on center. This assertion has been raised in other reviews before, so I'll try to clarify how it affects gameplay. With the Saitek yoke, if you need to make a small input, you start applying that input with a force that should be sufficient, but it isn't since that force is insufficient to overcome the indentation. When you do get beyond the indentation, a lot more input than you intended is transmitted into the game. It's difficult to put this criticism into words, but trust me, it's a big deal. Before I purchased it, I read the similar complaint and decided it didn't seem like a huge concern. Because of this flaw, landing anything, especially in any kind of wind, results in a motion akin to "tank slapping," where you start off with a little input but soon have to increase it to actually push past the indentation, then you have to reverse the movement to fix the over input. It's quite terrible, and I returned the Saitek Yoke within three days.In addition to being a deal breaker, the internal mechanisms of the yoke are also poorly made. There will be a lot of binding, regardless of the kind or quantity of oil you apply to the yoke shaft. Particularly when you apply a pitch input after applying a roll input.The Saitek throttle quadrant, which exists in a distinct dimension from the axis levers on top of the CH yoke, is included. However, the CH Flight sim yoke is also less expensive, giving you the opportunity to purchase the outstanding standalone CH Throttle quadrant, which supports several engines.Additional items and related accessories.The Saitek throttle is excellent; if you prefer, they also provide a solo USB version. They are incomparable to the throttle levers on the CH yoke. Those are what I now use for flaps, spoilers, etc. Because the CH yoke is generally less expensive, it is also possible to get the excellent CH solo throttle quadrant. I have it set up for the throttle, prop, and mix on a twin engine, but it comes with different knobs and is easily transformed into a four engine quadrant; in that case, you could use the axis above the CH yoke in place of the axis you sacrificed. merely more choices.When I was shopping, the Saitek rudder pedals always seemed superior to the CH ones, and they were fantastic. I thought it was great how far apart they were from one another. Since the largest setting is the only one suitable for adults, the changeable length is really more of a gimmick. Although a key selling factor for me, the adjustable tension turned out to be less helpful in actual application. The resistance was so great that I was pushing the pedals around the floor even with the lowest resistance and cabinet liner/grip tape underneath. To use them without that problem, you would need to create some sort of keeper. Because I didn't want to mix and match, I returned the Saitek yoke along with the Saitek pedals when I returned the Saitek yoke. The CH pedals are bigger than I anticipated based on the images I saw. Additionally, a lot of youtube videos depict rudder motion and suggest that there is no resistance, and for the most part, this is accurate. To show, they do, however, shift the rudders back and forth in those films. I am pleasantly surprised by how well these pedals turned out since in actual use, the weight of your opposing foot adds a really excellent degree of resistance to the pedals. The throttle quadrant and pedals are not affected by the CH yoke manufacturing quality problem. Those two things appear to be lot more durable.In addition, but with a higher learning curve, I thought the integrated "CH Control Manager" software was considerably superior to the saitek option.Additionally, whether the mounting options require a specific amount of room under the desk. The mounting equipment for CH items takes up about 2 "extremely thin. discussion over the many versions.

Thrustmaster TFRP Rudder Review:

For Elite Dangerous, I bought these pedals to go with a brand-new HOTAS setup. Yaw control is always the part of the joystick that breaks or starts acting weird for me, thus I got tired of using twist for that. After doing some research, I made the decision to purchase these pedals.With my pedals, I'm totally happy. Since they are under my desk even when I am not playing games, they are comfy for my feet to rest on, and I have no problems with them sliding around against my carpet.I think the build quality is really good. The pedals are comfy in socks or bare feet, and they don't feel particularly cheap. They are simple to manage. Since they are "connected" and push and pull against one another, I occasionally even use just a single foot to control the Yaw input from a single pedal. They move easily and conveniently on smooth tracks.The toe brakes are simple to operate, and even though I don't use them frequently in space simulators, they are ideal for a gas/brake pedal setup when used in vehicle mode.My entire foot fits comfortably on the pedal despite wearing shoes that are size US 11. My big toe only just barely brushes past the pedal.I've had these for about six months and have used them frequently since I bought them. I haven't had any input problems while playing my games, and the pedals still react the same way they did when I first got them.

Logitech G Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant Review:

I wanted this throttle quadrant, just like many other flight sim aficionados, but I wasn't going to pay the outrageous costs that old, known-broken, or occasionally rare "new" throttles were fetching on an auction website. This past week, when I discovered that Logitech had these back on sale and in stock, I couldn't wait to hit "Buy"!The Saitek yoke flight system, which came with the yoke, pedals, and first throttle quadrant, was already in my possession. Great setup, and I've used it without incident since 2014, but it had the obvious downside that you had to purchase the additional throttle quadrant if you wanted a more authentic multi-engine experience. My other problem at the time was trying to use my Force Feedback 2 joystick and Saitek throttle while flying "stick" aircraft (i.e. fighter aircraft) in FSX. What a PIA since the yoke system's throttle requires a PS/2 connection and needs to be configured in order to be powered! Therefore, I would need all of these parts only to operate the joystick and throttle quadrant.No longer! In the Windows Devices panel, this "add-on" quadrant with USB connector performs as a standalone device. A few observations:•With an application called DXTweak2, I "sync" the axes of each lever prior to usage and each time I connect it. It ensures that each level's physical range corresponds to the axis input values (for example, the throttle's full "off" and "on" ranges are 0 and 65535, respectively).•When I initially started using FSX, I discovered that the lever being "off" or 0 was reflecting 50% rather than 0% on the controls of the plane for the prop and throttle axis controls. Do the following if this is a problem for you: Go to Settings, click the Controls button, choose the controller (3 axis, 9 button joystick), select the Advanced Controls radio button, and ensure that the Null Zone sliders are all the way to the left and the three axis Sensitivity sliders are all the way to the right.Finally, one of the three holes molded into the clamp bracket is where the insert for the table clamp fits. Two tiny silver screws under the clamp bracket secure the insert in place. My clamp bracket couldn't firmly clamp on my desk since it was sent with the insert in the hole that was the furthest away. If your clamp isn't securing properly, remove it and reinstall it in the middle or nearest hole because the booklet instructions don't explain how to modify this insert.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas 4 (PS4 and PC) Review:

First off, this truly improves the flying experience and is a worthwhile purchase. The R3 button, which makes it impossible to hold the joystick in the natural position for which it was intended, is the largest complaint I have about it, and it really knocks it down a notch. You continuously hit this button in any kind of light turn while you hold the stick in this manner. This button serves as the weapon choose button in Ace Combat 7, which makes use extremely challenging unless you become used to holding the joystick in an uncomfortable way. As I mentioned, it's still worthwhile to purchase; just be ready to modify your perception of how to handle the stick so that it won't interfere with the game you use it with. There is no other way to play Ace Combat 7 smoothly other than by getting around the fact that you are unable to change the function of the flight stick's buttons, which is entirely the fault of the product.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One (XBOX One and PC) Review:

After months of waiting and watching, I was finally able to get my hands on this.I didn't have to change the joystick's friction beyond what was already set because I enjoy the way it feels. After plugging it in, I started Elite Dangerous and changed the controls to the t.flight hotas one in the options menu.The throttle is not stiff at all, which is one of my main problems. Because it bounces so easily and you have some flight controls on the throttle, landing by hand is difficult. The second is that there is nowhere to plug in a headset, so if you fly with a wingman you'll either need a pure wireless headset or a second controller running to talk to them.Overall, I still give this HOTAS five stars because it makes flying in Elite so much simpler than it would be with a joystick.

Thrustmaster 2960623 USB Joystick Review:

For my simulation setup, I was seeking for a joystick that would resemble a handbrake. I am using a Logitech g27 wheel with a wheel stand pro, as you can see in my image. I started looking for alternatives since I was tired of utilizing the handbrake as a button on the steering wheel. Fortunately, I found this joystick because the cost to try it out was too low to pass up. It's working better than ever, I'm delighted to report. I merely secured it using gorilla tape to an Amazon box by adding weight to it. Although the solution is not the prettiest, you can scarcely tell while playing.You must test this out if you're a simulation racer looking for a low-cost handbrake substitute. Fanatec's handbrake costs $140, while some others cost between $200 and $300. This works just well for my needs if you're a weekend racer like I am.Playing Dirt Rally and drifting in Assetto Corsa have undergone radical changes. The handbrake functions exactly like a real handbrake rather than merely being an on/off button on the steering wheel because both games recognized the joystick as an analog input. This is something that I adore! If you were hesitant like I was since I haven't found a review that discussed utilizing this as a handbrake, just buy it now!

Do most PC gamers use a controller?

No, most PC gamers do not use a controller. PC gamers tend to use a keyboard and mouse, as this provides more precision and control than a controller. However, some games are better suited to a controller, such as racing games. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Do real pilots use Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Do real pilots use Microsoft Flight Simulator? While Microsoft Flight Simulator can be a fun game for anyone who enjoys aviation, the reality is that it isn't used by real pilots. The main reason for this is that it doesn't accurately simulate what it's like to fly a real plane. While it can give you a general idea of how to fly, there are too many differences between the game and reality to make it a useful training tool.

How do I open the basic control panel?

How much does Microsoft Flight Sim cost?

Microsoft Flight Sim is a flight simulator developed by Microsoft for Windows. It is one of the longest-running, best-selling video game franchises of all time. The latest installment, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, was released on August 18, 2020. It is available in three editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe. The Standard Edition has a base price of $59.99, the Deluxe Edition has a base price of $89.99, and the Premium Deluxe Edition has a base price of $119.99.

Is a joystick better than a mouse?

There are a few reasons to prefer a joystick over a mouse. First, a joystick is generally more precise than a mouse, especially when you need to make small adjustments. Second, a joystick is less likely to cause repetitive stress injuries than a mouse, since you don't have to grip it as tightly. Finally, some people simply find joysticks more comfortable to use than mice.

Is Microsoft Flight Simulator better on controller or keyboard?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. Some people find that they have more control and accuracy using a controller, while others find that a keyboard and mouse setup works better for them. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which setup they are most comfortable with.