Best Nintendo 64 Accessories in 2022

Last update: January 13, 2023

(3 Pack)Upgraded ATUAT Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch,Anti-Scratch,99.9% HD Clarity,Ultra-Thin Review:

This was something I bought as a backup for the screen protector my friend had given me for my Nintendo Switch. I enjoy it so much that after learning which one he got, I ordered this particular thing for myself.Pros: It's simple to install and comes with everything you need to apply it on the Nintendo Switch screen so it appears to have been done by a pro.Comes with a wet nap and a cleaning cloth to clean the screen prior to application. Simple to clean screen. Afterward, you can wipe away any fingerprints with a cloth.Cons: So far, none! The one my friend gave me has been in my possession for six months, and it still looks brand new!Overall: This is a fantastic product at a fantastic price! Definitely, I would advise!

Nintendo 2DS XL Screen Protector Pack, amFilm [2 GLASS Top, 4 PET Bottom] High Quality Screen Protectors for New Nintendo 2DS XL 2017 (6 Protectors in Package) Review:

I bought these guards for my 2DS XL Pokeball Edition, and while they are fantastic protectors, there are a few faults that might have been caused by my own application errors. In my opinion, I did the best job ever applying a screen protector because the one for the top screen is flawless. There isn't even a single dust particle that managed to get below, and even if there was, I haven't noticed it in the hours of gaming I've done since applying the protector. The console does not close as neatly as I would like as a result of the top guard, which is my only criticism. When the console is closed, one part is somewhat elevated, but honestly, I don't find this to be a problem. The tale is a little bit different for the bottom protector. I purchased these guards mainly because the bottom protector was made of plastic rather than glass after reading about some other protectors that covered the bottom screen in glass and required users to press more forcefully on the touch screen. The bottom protection went on well, however there were a lot of bubbles when I applied it. The kit does include a tool, which I assumed was intended to be used to remove the bubbles. As you remove the bubbles, the instrument leaves scratches, which is a concern. Nothing is noticeable when the console is turned on, but when it is turned off and held up to the light, you can clearly see how scratched the bottom screen is. All of these are just aesthetic objections, therefore I would be skeptical of them. These protectors will be quite helpful if your goal is to safeguard your console. With the problems I've mentioned, you have to hold the console at a specific angle to the light to see the scratches, and you also have to be staring at the console when it's closed to see such minute details. I fully accept that I used the tools improperly and erroneously applied them. Overall, these screen protectors have my highest recommendation. Since they offer excellent value for the money I paid, I am sincerely happy that I did get them after playing with them for hours.

HORI New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Premium Protector - Officially Licensed by Nintendo Review:

What a sweet design! It matches our white/orange new 2DS XL perfectly and, despite the assembled thickness, still fits in the BRENDO carrying case I purchased.The overall system feels more substantial in your hands thanks to the extra thickness and excellent construction quality.Good grief, the price is the only factor in the rating of 4 stars. That would have received a 5 star rating right away if it had cost $10–$12.

Screen Protector Compatible New 3DS XL, AFUNTA 4 Pcs Tempered Glass for Top Screen and HD Clear Crystal PET Film Compatible Bottom Screen, 3DSXL Film Accessory Review:

Other reviews I've read have complained about how difficult it is to install or how the bottom screen is filled with air bubbles. If you've ever "really" installed screen protectors on a portable gaming device, you are aware that you should always use a microfiber cloth and something like a credit card to remove air bubbles (look at picture for reference). The toughened glass is gorgeous, the touch screen is flawlessly sensitive, and it has no effect on the 3D. I'm not denigrating the ease with which screen protectors can be applied incorrectly. Just watch a YouTube video and proceed with extreme caution. I think it's clear from the photos that I'm no beginner when it comes to customizing my 3DS. (I'm stating that I'm not a paid shill for this business.) Don't be foolish and then criticize the product because you weren't ready, is the story's lesson. People today tend to...

AKWOX Carrying Case for Nintendo 2DS with 8 Game Holders (Pink) Review:

This is ideal for the 2DS that I purchased for my 7-year-old. This will be a perfect method for her to stay up to date with everything because she wants to play the vintage Pokemon Red and Blue games. Her favourite colour is pink. Everything fits together easily and seems to be fairly durable. The morning after Christmas, she'll be overjoyed.

[2-Pack] AKWOX Replacement TCL Roku RC280 Remote Case - Light Weight [Anti Slip] Silicone Shockproof Protective Cover Case for Roku 3600R / TCL Roku RC280 TV Remote with Lanyard (Green) Review:

I bought a pack of these silicone non-slip covers for my Roku remotes. Both are currently being utilized on my Roku Ultra's third-party aftermarket remote and the TCL Roku remote. Given how thin the material actually is, it's unclear how shockproof they are, but they are unquestionably anti-slip. Little ones like to play keep-away with the remote controls, and I've seen more than enough of them crack open when they get out of their hands, spilling their batteries all over the place. These covers have thus far been successful in preventing that from occurring. Only time will be able to tell how well they withstand the tiny ones' suffering in terms of durability, but for now, I'm delighted I have them.

[2-Pack] AKWOX Replacement TCL Roku RC280 Remote Case - Light Weight [Anti Slip] Silicone Shockproof Protective Cover Case for Roku 3600R / TCL Roku RC280 TV Remote with Lanyard (Rose red) Review:

I assumed this TCL Roku remote case was for new remotes rather than the original because it said "replacement" on it. It did not, however, fit my replacements; just my original. It hangs on securely enough for me to attach a remote finder to the remote using the strap, which should make it simpler for me to locate my remote controls. I did not purchase this for protection; rather, I did so to increase the visibility and accessibility of my remote. It is simpler to distinguish this remote from others in a stack of remotes because it is red and different from the others.Revision: 11/13/2019One of them had a casing that was broken by the strap connector. Between the two holes, the rubber cracked. The now-large hole and the edge of the case allowed me to attach the strap, but it no longer securely retains the remote. If they had cut a hole for the power button first, then stretched the top half to cover it, I believe this would have worked better. The main issue appears to be a lack of rubber near the top.

(2 in 1) Tempered Glass Top LCD Screen Protector + HD Clear Crystal PET Buttom LCD Screen Protective Filter for Nintendo 3DS XL/New 3DS XL Review:

Very great screen protector, and installation was simple. Don't even think about it. Since this was a 2 pack and I installed it quickly, I managed to acquire some specks on the touch screen, but I can live with them for the time being. There will be a 1/16" gap all the way around because the touch screen protector is smaller than the real touch screen, but I don't think this will affect gaming. excellent product for the money.

AKWOX (4-Pack) Nintendo 2DS XL Screen Protector, Tempered Glass Top LCD Screen Protector + HD Clear Crystal Buttom LCD Screen Protective Filter for New Nintendo 2DS XL [2 Glass Top, 2 PET Bottom] Review:

Let me start by saying that I have used them on two 2DS and one 2DS XL, and I must say that overall they are a fantastic screen protector. The top panel's tempered glass has a wonderful appearance and feel, and it completely encloses the screen with little, if any, gaps at the edges. This is one of my biggest pet peeves because the more space there is between things, the more chance there is for dust and other debris to collect and make everything look unkempt. There isn't much clearance available for that to occur here.For obvious reasons, the touch screen protector is substantially thinner and is NOT made of tempered glass. Once more, this is expected because you need the touch reaction in this situation. Even with the protection, the touch pads on both consoles remained sensitive and performed nicely.The installation "instructions" and supplied materials are what earned the 4 stars. The protectors themselves contain quite helpful stickers that make it easy to identify which side is which and to remove the masking, which is very straightforward. The directions, in my opinion, are a touch too straightforward. I might not have been as clear about what to do if I hadn't worn a dozen screen protectors over the years. Additionally, you may as well discard the offered "cleaning" rags. They come in pairs. The wet wipe with an alcohol base should be number one. This one was actually extremely dry, unlike the other two that I had done from Akwox. I used the 2DS XL one because it was actually damp. This was a bad choice. Even when I carefully cleaned the screen with the second, "dry" cloth, whatever cleanser was on the pad merely left it streaky and caked in residue. You would be better off skipping these. Simply pick up an alcohol prep pad (similar to the ones in first aid kits; CVS and Walgreens offer them by the box for cheap) and a lint-free item (I use coffee filters).a few pointers Use the alcohol pad to clean the screens, and then use the coffee filter to finish the job. as fresh as a whistle Additionally, keep a can of compressed air on hand, and use a hot shower in a bathroom to provide moisture to the air while you work. While there won't be enough moisture to damage your devices, this will cause all of the annoying airborne dust particles to settle out and lessen the likelihood that any of them will end up on your spotless screen. Finally, remember to move through each screen one at a time. Avoid attempting to complete both simultaneously because doing so will just result in one of them picking up debris while you complete the other.Once more, I would highly suggest this product. Just be aware of what you are getting into during installation, and you will be pleased with the outcome.

AmazonBasics Screen Protection and Stylus Kit for New Version Nintendo 3DS XL (Officially Licensed) Review:

This is what I bought for my daughter's 3DS XL. With one to share and one to spare, this attractive kit takes the place of the original stylus that fit in the slot. She adores her custom 3DS XL cloth, which she also uses to clean the screen of her iPhone. I appreciate that you assembled this kit. My 8-year-old opened the case, put the screen protector on, inserted her smartphone, and cleaned her screen in just a few easy steps.