Best Play Set Glider Attachments in 2020

BETOOLL Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame 2 Brackets Swing Set Bracket with Mounting Hardware (Green) Review:

I'm a big fan of this bracket system! The only downfall that I can see is that since they aren't labeled, (like, Left/ Right) it didn't cross my mind that they would have to be turned a certain way for the "legs" of your swingset to lean out the way they're supposed to. So I had to take it down, re-drill & start over but other than that, it's awesome! My father-in-law mentioned that the bolts weren't rust proof so if you're worried about that, you may want to get your own bolts at the hardware store.

FYI: just a beginners tip, when you pre drill the holes only drill out about a half the whidth of the bolt. If you use a drill bit close to the same size as the bolt (the way you would on most things) the whole will end up being too big and the swingset gets wobbly very quickly. But that's no downfall of the brackets by any means. #DontMakeMyMistake 🤦‍♀️

Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty Plastic Horse Glider Swing Seat Back-to-Back Glider for Two Kids with Coated Swing Chains Review:

Used to supplement a glider swing installation. Eastern Jungle Gym knows how to design and construct quality wooden swing set accessories. I am really impressed with everything I have bought that has allowed me (a 78 yr old grandmother) to build a double incredible wooden swing set for grandkids 12 and 3. I intend to add a tower/fort with slide in between the two swing sets to tie them together. I am having a blast.

Wind Rider Glider Swing Review:

I have the Little Tikes Garden Swing Set. This is a typical big plastic swing set, with similar swingsets made by Step2.

I'm writing this review to confirm - absolutely - and without any doubt - that this swing works on the plastic toddler sort of plastic swing sets with only 2 hooks at the top.

I ordered this only ~75% sure that it would actually work.

The chains don't connect at the top. i.e. there are actually 4 chains when this is all assembled. But you just put both chains on each side onto the same hook at the top of the swingset. And it's all good.

My 3 year old daugher was endlessly demanding that I push her on the swing. And I push her a lot - I do. But she is finally able to "push" herself. It took about a week (at first she just shoved the handles back and forth too rapidly to get a real swing going). But she caught on and can now soar high. Thank goodness.

But again - my biggest concern buying this was whether it would work on just the typical two-hook "regular swing" connectors on the toddler swingset I have.

Yes. yes. It does. It does. It's great.

Swurfer Swingset Conversion Bracket - No Tree, No Problem, Convert Your Swingset to a Swurfset, Heavy Duty Horse Glider Bracket for Swing Set Attachment (Brown) (Green) Review:

Great quality and great customer service, I ordered two after reading amazon reviews and found out I only needed one after calling flybar, the readily refunded me for the extra one I purchased

Geospace Geoglide Terror Pterodactyl Glider Kit with 33" Wingspan, Green Review:

I ordered a Geospace Geoglide Freedom Eagle to be delivered by September 19, 2019 as an 8th birthday surprise for our grandson in NC. I was pleased with the fast delivery. He was very excited to open his gift on his birthday and was thrilled to see it was an eagle to fly! Our daughter helped him put it together and they immediately went out to fly it. Our grandson only got to fly it once because when it landed the beak broke and the wings fell off! Our grandson was really sad and disappointed. Our daughter put the wings together and tried flying the eagle again with the broken beak but it didn’t fly like it should. I didn’t want our grandson to remember our birthday gift to him as one he couldn’t use because it was broken, So, I thought I’d give the eagle a second chance and ordered another one. When it arrived on October 3rd, our daughter again helped our grandson put the eagle together and they flew it. Our daughter said the second eagle I ordered was better constructed with the beak being stronger and the wings fit tighter and they did not fall off upon landing. Both our grandson and our daughter were very happy and they love the eagle! Now my question is, how do I get reimbursed for the eagle that only had one flight and broke?

Mega Rider Review:

The Swing-N-Slide Mega Rider is a fun addition to a swing set. It comes with all hardware and easy to follow instructions. Unlike other teeter totters, the Mega Rider's foot rests have no open areas where children could get their feet stuck inside. I bought it here on Amazon and it arrived quickly. There is minimal assembly but we had some difficulty aligning the parts. When the kids went on it, it made a loud groan each time it went back and forth. I called the company and they said they had not heard that complaint before, and immediately shipped an entire replacement in a couple of days. The second one went together without problems and had updated hardware (threaded cap nut instead of pressure fitted cap). A sturdy product and a very responsible company that backs it up.