Best Photographic Lighting Umbrellas in 2020

Emart Photography Backdrop Continuous Umbrella Studio Lighting Kit, Muslin Chromakey Green Screen and Background Stand Support System for Photo Video Shoot Review:

I'm not a professional so all this is only based on my personal experience. At first I was going to purchase the individual items separately, but it became more than what I would like to spend. I then started looking around at all the bundles that came with green screens and lighting, and decided to try this product. I had a little trouble putting the frame together at first, but got it once i used a chair to help me keep horizontal pole from dipping down. It is quite easy even for one person. All the screws fit fine and did not strip away any metals. The cloth was a good size and a good thickness so that it is stationary without needing weights on the bottom to keep it in place. The lighting equipment was easy to assemble and more sturdy than expected. For the price I paid I feel I got a good deal. I'm sure there are better products out there, but only if you would like to pay more. I really like the bag too, as I was able to stow most of the items away and out of sight. The lighting material didn't fit in the bag, so i placed them back into their original packaging. The only reason I gave a 4 is because I know there are better quality products out there, but more expensive, otherwise I am quite satisfied.

Emart 600W Photography Photo Video Portrait Studio Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit Review:

TL;DR - It's a great starter kit and I'd buy it again.

Everything showed up well packaged and works as claimed.
Some people are worried about the plug not being US standard. It was for me, for what it's worth.
Like others have said, the lighting is a bit dimmer than expected. I've included a shot of a painting on my wall. The lighting was at full extension. The pass-through umbrellas were on the tall stands about 3 feet away from the subject. The short stand was about 8' away on a diagonal with the reflective umbrella. At that distance it wasn't bright enough to kill all the shadows on the subject.. That said, it definitely lit the subject well enough out of the box.

The bags it comes with are good-enough quality - though I would liked to have had at least some compartmentalization to separate the umbrellas from the hardware. My solution was to keep one of the bags the stands came in and the umbrella bags as well. It's not a lasting solution, but it gives me some peace of mind. The bulb bag isn't compartmentalized or padded, so make sure you keep the packaging the bulbs come in. Otherwise, everything packed up nice and neat with some room to spare.

The stands are light weight and solid. Same for the lamps and retainers. The hardware grips really well and fast! You don't have to wrench down for everything to stay in place - with the exception of the bottom retainer - which requires a bit more effort for the legs to stay put. Each stand came with a rubber cover to protect the speedlight threads at the top... so that's nice.

At the end of the day I'm happy with my purchase.

A few takeaways:
- Even with 9' chords, you're going to want extension chords and a power strip
- Save the bags for your umbrellas
- Save the packaging the bulbs came in
- Seems good for dramatic lighting, or killing some shadows in an otherwise well lit room

Neewer 2 Pack 33"/84cm White Translucent Soft Umbrella for Photo and Video Studio Shooting Review:

You get what you pay for, and I quickly upgraded my lighting kit, but if you want to just try out a stand and some umbrellas, or want a cheap backup (or 2nd light), this is... fine. Look, it's a value proposition and not a complete piece of garbage, so 4* from me.

Stand - very unstable. No problem indoors, but your umbrella will absolutely fall over outdoors with just a breeze. My new LumoPro stand has feet that lie flush with the ground, plus spikes.

Bracket - plastic, cheap. Didn't fall apart, but think carefully if you want to trust your speedlight to it. If you're using a cheap Neewer... why not?

Umbrellas - perfectly serviceable. You get 3, so you can play with different styles.

Bag - I'm happy they gave me a bag. Not padded, but I could carry everything in the kit plus a monopod.

Warning: the kit, esp. the stand and umbrella, do not compact enough to fit into a carry-on. In fact, you'll have to fit it diagonally in a typical suitcase before checking it. There are stands and umbrellas that compact to carry-on dimensions. Just be aware of dimensions.

So, like I said, it's a cheap kit, emphasis on cheap. Worth $33 to figure out if you want to dip your hand in strobist photography, probably well paired with a Neewer or YN flash (under $100), but if you're even remotely serious, just go for the better options, esp. the stand and bracket, which potentially protect much more expensive investments.

Linco Lincostore Photography Photo Table Top Studio Lighting Kit- 30 Seconds to Storage Review:

Wow I am truly amazed on how nice these lights are! I am just getting into doing videos and I wanted to get some lights to do a couple product reviews. I didn't need huge light stands with large soft boxes. I have a nice workbench that I wanted to put a light on each end and shine down into the center where I was going to be sitting. The shot would be from my waist up so I didn't need the big lights. And these two tabletop lights really pack a punch. They are insanely bright. I don't know how these compared to any other lights but for what I am going to be using them for it's pretty much going to be perfect. They are pretty well made and are very light. I love that they have a drawstring on the front so you can control how wide the ray of light that comes out of it. And the Bonnet diffusers are the cat's meow. You can put the diffuser on so quick and less than seconds and you can lighten up your item that you are trying to light up for take the glow off of your face. They came well packed and for $40 you can't go wrong. I might get another set just so I can have some for my background lighting and maybe put one above my head for a hairline light. If you getting into videos or photos of products and want to do some videos of yourself from the waist up these are more than plenty. Yes I wish that I could control how bright they are like a dimmer switch but for now I am happy and would highly recommend them to someone new.
I just wanted to add a couple of pictures of the lights and the last picture is only using the linco lights and shooting in 4k. They work great

Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio, LMS103 Review:

I've had these lights for about a week now, and I have to say that I am very, very impressed at the quality of these for the low price! Of course there are better options out there, but for somebody who is looking for a low-budget option, this is exactly what you should buy!

I recently started a beauty channel on YouTube and was looking for a lighting setup that would help illuminate my indoor filming area. And these three lights definitely do the trick! I did also buy a separate light that attaches to the top of the camera as well, to help further light up my face specifically, but that is just a personal preference...certainly not a necessity! You could easily use these lights alone to film videos, even in a fairly dark room.

Excuse my pajamas, messy hair, and complete lack of makeup (I didn't realize I'd want to share these with anybody!), but the picture attached is a good example of how great these lights really work. That photo was taken in a room that has lots of windows, but it was 8:30 at night and pitch dark outside as you can see, and there was no other lighting being used in the room besides this system. Pretty good, right?!!

Julius Studio Photography Photo Studio Video Portrait Lighting Kit, White Umbrella Reflector, Continuous Bulb & Socket with Umbrella Insert, Light Stand Tripod, Carry Bag, JSAG1 Review:

As a former (and recovering) pro photographer (actually earning OK money), I come from world of a $22,500 Nikon kit including advanced lighting (typically portable) gear. I happily left that world behind moved into the Fuji X-series and then even dumped that to move to an Iphone X. Never looked back. However, one thing was always missing in that transition, lighting. Of course lighting is the key to great photography and especially portrait photography. Sometimes, available natural lighting does not cut it. That is where this set of lights comes in.

For the price, this set cannot be beat. Of course there are comparable (other brand) products out there in this price range. This particular set will fulfill 99% of all end-user needs for portrait photography, even when using a mobile phone. The set itself is constructed fairly well and is incredibly simple and fairly portable. With typical use, the set should last years. The bulbs are fluorescent and you can eventually replace them with LED. Just be sure you are consistent with the color temperature for all your LED bulbs. Ultimately, you can adjust the white balance during post processing for critical shots. Hell, you can even adjust white balance on your phone now that Apple has a raw format. Either way, life is now a lot easier in that regard.

This is the kind of set at a price point such that if you lose the set or run over it with your car, you will not be upset unlike if you owned expensive sets of Alien Bee's lighting. I would also add that working with constant lighting versus strobe (flash) lighting is much easier, especially when using cool lighting like LED or fluorescent bulbs. No flash sync to worry about and no fire or burn hazards associated with hot lights.

I would definitely buy these again. Just keep in mind that flash always puts out more power compared to this type of set or even LED's. They are also not dimmable unlike much more expensive sets. However, they are such low voltage you can throw any dimmer on the line provided the bulb is dimmable (think LED not fluorescent). Or, you can use a variety of techniques to lower the light power. However, I suspect you may want to increase power in many, though not all circumstances.

The umbrellas and carry bag are more than "good enough."

Slow Dolphin Photography Photo Video Studio Background Stand Support Kit with Muslin Backdrop Kits (White Black),1050W 5500K Daylight Umbrella Lighting Kit Review:

Very nice set up. It’s definitely a starter kit. It’s sturdy enough given the price point. The fabric is not too thin and because it’s not vinyl there is no glare. The lights give great daylight type lighting and the umbrellas diffuse the light nicely.
The picture shows skirt taken against my original background, then taken against backdrop without light and then with 1 light. I shot and edited with my iPhone 8.

The negative is those two clamps that come in the package are not enough. Order a pack of 6 or 12 clamps to help keep the fabric taut.m

MOUNTDOG 800W Photography Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit Photo Portrait Studio Day Light Umbrella Reflector Lights for Camera Shooting Review:

 #1 thing I needed in this set was the stands. I have a lot of lights that need a stand. I love the fact that this came with tripod screw on top. Th bulbs provided were a great neutral white 5500K at 110W curly bulbs and they dont get too bright. I plan on buying brighter bulbs and maybe even colored ones for artistic effect. GREAT beginner lighting kit. I rated 'portability' as 4 stars out of 5 due to it using US outlet plug. The bag itself allows you to carry everything easily and quickly, however, if you dont want to keep the bulbs in the original box, I recommend looking into a safer storage and carrying method.

8.5/10 - Great item, great starting kit. Lacking bulbs, but great soft white color! Love this.

Photography Lighting, ESDDI Umbrella Continuous Lights Kit 600W 5500K Portable Day Light Photo Portrait Studio Video Equipment Review:

I live in a bottom corner apartment that faces a lot of trees, I basically get no natural light. I make a living selling vintage clothes on Etsy and I am SO tired of having to rig up make-shift lighting that's never good enough or trying to brighten photos in Photoshop without altering them to the point of misrepresenting colors, etc. so, I decided to break down and buy a lighting kit. After hours of pouring over reviews and ratings, I settled on this kit above. Seemed like it would meet my needs without breaking the bank.

The kit arrived very well packed! Everything, except the umbrellas, was secured in its own boxes. Nothing was cosmetically damaged so, I moved onto assembling the pieces and testing each item to make sure it all worked correctly. All was fine except for one lighting unit which immediately blew the bulb when I turned it on. Things like this happen, I personally don't feel like it was any terrible fault of the people at ESDDI or anything. I have shipped a computer to a friend and by the time it got there the memory had somehow come loose and was rattling around inside the case, unforeseen stuff happens sometimes, what can you do?

I contacted Amazon, because I needed to two functioning lights and was not really going to be able to send the entire thing back and wait for a replacement. They put me in touch with ESDDI directly and they immediately rectified the situation beyond what I would have expected out of them. Staff was friendly and prompt in dealing with my issue.

As for the kit itself, I find that it meets all of my needs. I'm an amateur in photography and can't speak to its appropriateness for video filming, but it gives off a very bright clean light that eliminates the orange/yellow/pink tint that indoor lighting gives to my product photos. No more gritty pictures and the umbrellas soften the light enough to not make the photos too harsh or glared out. The stands have been very sturdy, even with my dogs and cats bumping into/rubbing on them.

Emart Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit, 400W 5500K Photo Portrait Continuous Reflector Lights for Camera Video Studio Shooting Daylight Review:

While this product represents a good value, I'm concerned with it's overall build construction.

Arriving on time and in a package marked "fragile" everything inside was well packed and undamaged. The CFL bulbs are 5500k, which is in the daylight spectrum and casts a clean blue-white hue. The bulbs use 43 watts each, which is equal to a 110 watt incandescent bulb in lumens. Additionally, CFLs take a few moments to achieve full brightness, even longer in colder conditions, since you are electrically charging a fluorescing gas inside. Translation: give these fixtures a couple minutes before determining if they're bright enough for your intended use.

The overall value is improved by the ease of use, specifically the tripods. After about three minutes, everything was set up and turned on. While you don't get a carrying bag or case, all the components fold down to a manageable size and are very easy to store or transport. Also, there's threaded caps on each tripod that come off and expose a standard camera mount post. Very handy if natural light is adequate and you want to mount a second or third cam.

The build quality is the only real concern here. Thus, 4 stars instead of 5 for a very usable $40 kit. The locking points on the tripod are plastic and would easily break if overtightened. The same holds true with the light/diffuser mount, and in the outdoors a stiff wind could cause failure at the attachment points. The tripod post doesn't fully insert into the light mount, I'll post a pic. Not a huge deal if all you're doing is setting these up once for a shoot without any intention of multiple repositioning. I would've liked to see a deeper recess in the mount for a more secure attachment.

But hey, for less than $40 I'm thrilled with the outcome. The light is clean and crisp, and the quality of my videos are pics are improved. Since we're only using them to shoot YouTube vids in the house, I feel like I'll get a decent lifespan from this kit, which is why I'm giving it a 4 star overall rating.