Best Photographic Lighting Mounting Hardware in 2020

Fotoconic T-Type Wall Ceiling Mount 5/8" Stud with 1/4" Thread Anchor for Studio Lighting Review:

These are able to hold my heavy studio light in the ceiling with no issues at all. They are a wireless studio strobe with a diffuser and rechargeable battery, whole rig weights like 15 LBS and this hangs from the ceiling with no problems at all. It's super sturdy and I have no problem trusting $900 worth of equipment with it. Would buy again.

Impact 6" End Jaw Vise Grip Review:

Note: This review is just on my first impressions. I have not actually used it yet.

Right out of the box, I noticed its a lot lighter than the Matthews Matthelini version of this clamp. I love that it's made of a lightweight metal. I just hope that it's just as durable. It definitely feels cheaper.

Another positive, theres a cut-out groove along the full spine that keeps the top jaw from swinging out of alignment from the bottom jaw. That's pretty useful because the Matthelini version swings all around and can be just a bit annoying.

Also the rubber padding is a nice touch.

I also like that this is cheaper in price as well. I just hope it can last as long.

Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp without Stud - Replaces 2915 Review:

I reserve 5 stars for items I feel are an absolute steal for the price or items that I find are so incredibly useful, I have to buy more.
This is mostly the latter.

I work with video and photography for a living and find this to be a key tool when you need to hang a speedlight,, or even a small camera from a weird place without breaking out a stand.

I usually get mine with the 1/4 " 20 stud or even the 3/8 to 1/4 " studs which you can mount all kinds of photo gear to.
I've used these to hold reflectors, background fabric , field monitors, gopros, the list really goes on and on.

Two of these, a stud and a magic arm , will give you a ton of variety. These are no brainers. . They open wide and can grip to cylinders or flat objects with the use of the wedge adapter , included.

Another common usage is to combine this with a stud and a sturdy mini ball head to give you 360 degree versatility.
I have 4 now and may pick up a couple more because they are so useful.

Neewer Photography Photo Studio Video Wall Ceiling Mount 5/8" Stud with 1/4" Thread Review:

I needed this to mount a small LED light on a wall. I use it to back light a green screen. The mount is stable and works perfectly; however, it is designed to screw into studs, not drywall. If you are going into drywall I highly recommend using high-quality drywall anchors. The screws that come with the unit will pull out under weight. The bracket itself is very sturdy. As long as it is mounted properly, it would carry about any type of photography light.

CAMVATE Crab clamp with 5/8"-27 Thread for Microphones Review:

I have used similar mic clamps made by other companies, but this is the best design by far, and is compact and well made. Surprisingly, they don't highlight one of the best features of this mic clamp, in the product photos and descriptions: the threaded part (on which your microphone clip or boom arm mounts) can be relocated to different locations on the Camvate clamp. Practically, this means you can have the mic-mount part of the threads oriented in either of two positions 90 degrees apart. So you can set it so your microphone clip screws onto either the narrow (end) side or the longer (clamp) side of the Camvate--that could be parallel or perpendicular to the floor in use. This is particularly helpful when attaching goose-neck or boom arm to another microphone stand using the Camvate. I plan to buy several more of these.

Manfrotto 014- 14 Rapid Adapter converts 5/8-Inch Stud to 17mm Long 1/4-Inch- 20M Thread Review:

This is a great product and one that goes in my grip kit. It’s great for attaching small led threaded lights to a c-stand boom arm or a light stand (like the Yongnou multi-color LED wand or those little cold-shoe mount lights that are threaded) for a fill or hair light. With new LED lighting making everything smaller (like lumecube lights, etc.) these little guys come in handy and are good to round out a production kit for those times you’re in a jam or the production needs small compact LED light. Not sure how it would hold up supporting a heavier light or camera, etc, always best to use a safety cable on such riggings just in case! Simple piece of equipment that Manfrotto nailed. I would highly recommend!

Manfrotto 026 Swivel Lite-Tite Umbrella Adapter Review:

This is a very high quality pro umbrella/modifier bracket. I bought two of them after one of my Impact bracket's handle's broke off in my hand while tightening with my Westcott 2348 50-Inch Recessed Mega JS Apollo (Black) and 2 Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash for Canon EOS Digital SLR Cameras speed lights mounted on it. Luckily, I was holding onto the rod of the modifier so nothing plummeted to the earth(carpet LOL).I was thinking, at the time, what would happen if I was on a shoot? So I replaced both of the Impacts. These brackets are all metal, except for two knobs and come with the brass spigots. I love how solid they feel when mounted to the light stands. Easy to turn all the adjusters. These things are so sturdy, I think NASA used them to hold the Shuttle to the launch tower. :)
Additionally, they are heavy duty as in Heavy. That does not bother me in the least. Can't think of anything negative about them at all! Do yourself a favor and get these bad boys!

Kupo 5/8in (16mm) Receiver with 1/4in-20 Thread (KG004511) Review:

I bought my daughter an expensive music stand for home for her middle school french horn practice. I had dreams of raising a musical prodigy, I guess, lol. Anyway, she has now finished her junior year, and the stand hasn't been used in probably 3 years. So I took the music stand back to convert it into a photography lighting stand for my studio strobes. I took off the sheet music holder tray and was just left with the center post. I saw that the description stated this was a 5/8" receiver, so I ordered it off, hoping for the best. Just received it today and it works great! It was a pretty tight fit onto the center post at 5/8" but it fits very snugly. I slid it all the way down and applied the tightening knob, not to keep it on the post, but to keep it from rotating, really. Now with the 1/4" receiver at the top, I can add a small ballhead or cold shoe and I am all set! Love the price on this item, the exacting tolerances for fit and that it delivers the very simple thing it promises. Would that the rest of the photo things I buy be the same. hanks, Kupo, gives me much more confidence in the Kupo line!

CAMVATE Super Clamp with 1/4"-20 to 1/4"-20 Screw Converter Review:

This is a nice strong product that clamps up tight. I use it primarily in conjunction with my Sioti mini ball head. I haven't had this clamp long, but I find myself reaching for it more often than I would have guessed. I've clamped it to the steering wheel of my car to take selfies. I've used this clamp as a window mount on my vehicle. It adds a nice bit of low light stability to what could otherwise be an awkward hand hold. (I use a piece of nesting material to protect the glass and though I believe it will hold, I always keep a protective hand on my equipment using it this way). Since the jaws on this open to 54 mm (2.125 inches) I was able to get some nice fall color shots this past weekend, clamping it to a limb and the end of a picnic table.

Will this clamp replace a sturdy tripod? Of course not. But on those days when you simply want to take your camera on an unencumbered stroll, this isn't a bad companion to have in the pocket of your coat.