Best Photographic Lighting Flash Tubes in 2020

YONGNUO YN360III YN360 III RGB ICE LED Video Light with Adjustable Color Temperature 3200K-5500K + EACHSHOT Battery + Charger Review:

 Made by the same well known company that brought us the yongnuo nifty fifty and 35mm camera lenses that are comparable to canon for around half the price.
It has an adjustable white balance with any balance of 3200k and 5500k, and while that works great, the rgb is probably the most fun. It's standard rgb so you have literally a million color options.
Yongnuo has included a massive 5000 milliamp hour battery, and if that's not enough then you can use a DC power adapter for unlimited power
The included wireless remote works great, but the app is even better.
With 8 channel memory settings, you can always switch back to that one setting you really liked.
At 1.5 pounds (or 1 pound flat without the battery), it's pretty light!
overall I highly recommend this if you're in the market for this kind of thing

Godox AD-S15 Flash Lamp Tube Bulbs Protector Cover for Godox AD200 Witstro AD180 AD360 Flash Speedlite - 2 Pack Review:

Took me a while to figure out. You need to look for the two small bumps on the side wall of the circular recess where the light bulb attaches to the AD200. You match those two small bumps with the two notches on this cover. Push in this cover and twist to lock. If you don't match those two small bumps with the two notches on this cover, the cover will not go in right and the cover will feel loose.

Neewer 300W Replacement Flash Bulb Bare Tube for Neewer VISION4 Studio Flash Strobe Light Monolight Review:

The old tube may have flashed 10,000 times. I found it has become a bit dark in the previous inspection, so I immediately purchased the replacement. The installation is very simple. After turning off the power, unplug the old one and press the new one. I suggest that everyone check your light in time to avoid sudden failure but no timely replacement.

Godox AD-B2 Dual Power Twin Head Bowens Mount to Install 2 Godox AD200 or AD200 Pro Pocket Flash or Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL Modular Strobe Light Together to Achieve 400W Power Output Review:

I use nothing but Godox lighting products and this thing is a MUST HAVE. I have 2 Godox AD-200's and there will come a time when you will NEED to have these two lights combined. It's a given so it;s best you buy it now so you'll be ready for it later.

I used this twin head bowens mount on a wedding where I didn't bring my Godox AD-600 because I had to fly to the wedding. Being able to haul this instead is a life changer. Nothing would do better than the AD-600 but this definitely came in a close second.

Attaching isn't a problem at all. It's more or less a connect and slide and then you will hear a snap indicating the Ad200 is attached. Only thing, if you have any kind of skins on the lights themselves like the silicone colored skins you will have to remove for both lights to fit. Other than that you are good to go.

Godox AD200 AD-B2 Bowens Mount Double Tubes Light Head Bracket for AD200 Dual Power Flash Portable Flash Ahieve 400W Power Output Review:

I would have given this item 5 stars but I had to go through getting 2 defective units from a different seller before finally recieving a fully functional unit. That being said, they do what they're supposed. The LED modeling lights are bright but the effect is diminished by any modifiers that heavily diffuse light. The only improvement could have been making the tightening arm able to rotate without actually turning like on the Godox S-Type mount.

Godox 600W Flash Tube Bare Bulb for Godox Witstro Speedlite AD600 AD600BM Review:

Godox makes the best products and for the price they are very reasonable. The only issue is that these bulb can break easily if not handled properly and they are expensive.

Profoto 331523 D1 500/1000 Flashtube (Black) Review:

If you have a D1 500/1000 unit and your bulb blows - this is the piece you need. It's not the modeling light. It's not the housing. It's just the bulb. It's also really simple to install yourself. Use the internet to find directions if you have problems. But it's intuitive.

Sylvania Blue Dot FlashCubes, Flash Cubes (3 cubes,12 Total Flashes) Review:

They were packaged well and looked like new cubes. We haven't tried using them at this time. But my wife is Proud her very small Rollie camera is now able to take pictures in dark areas again.