Best Outdoor Cat Pens in 2020

RORAIMA Outdoor use Instant Portable Cat Tent or Habitat with Rain Fly and Two Entrance for Indoor Cats, Air Ventilate Mesh Fabric, Size 75" L X 60" W X 36" H Black Review:

Just received this tent yesterday. The folded-up size is impressive and made me happy, as it doesn't take up much room at all - but if your'e familiar with tents and camping in any capacity, you know that how it comes new, is always a challenge to get it back into it's original case, lol!
Unfolding/unpacking went phenomenally easy! It practically set up itself as I carefully observed how everything unfolded, so I could work it in reverse to pack it back up. No assistance from another human was needed.
This was done indoors, just to inspect the thing before actual use later, so I would know what to expect when I did plan to use it...
Our cats (3) took an immediate interest in this new fangled thing and started to check it out, as well.
All I had to do was push down on the top center piece to lock it in nice and tight - no instructions needed - although I am familiar with camping tents and we have one that sets up like this.
*If you're NOT familiar with camping tents and such contraptions, I suggest you DO look at the instructions for setting this up and taking it down, just so you know how things are supposed to work.
It's impressive with the roomy size and having TWO doors/entry ways instead of just one, like many other's I've seen advertised. This way, if you put it against a wall or fence, you don't have to swing it around so the door is on the correct side, because there are two.
About the ONLY drawback is the size of the doors...
While quite adequate for cats, kittens, puppies; maybe even toddlers (Lol!) - it's not very accommodating for full grown adults (or chubby people) to have access through that little door. (WHY do adults need access in/out of that door, you ask?)
Well... I like to provide a litter box, food dish, water dish and maybe a blanket or kitty bed for my cats while they're in the tent, so they have all the comforts they need or want, while enjoying the sights and smells or being outside - so in order to get those things INSIDE the tent, and put them where I want in a corner, and also to be able to go in and get a cat OUT if they won't come to the door - an adult has to be able to FIT through that little door!
Now, if you'd rather give your partner a laugh and an opportunity to video you, as you're trying to go in that door to set everything up, by all means, have a laugh at your own expense!
I DO understand that there are tunnels which can be attached to the doors so cats can have an outdoor play maze - it just seems that the company could make one door for a tunnel to attach to, and the other one larger for the human to gain access. (No Brainer?)
After setting it up and having a good look-see, I collapsed everything in reverse from how in unfolded, folded it up and with only a min of effort and squashing it back into it's cloth carrying case, was able to zip it back just fine.
All in all, I like the tent a LOT - except for the too small doors - so we'll keep it and hope to see an updated improvement of some kind in the near future.

CheeringPet Cat Travel Cage: Portable Collapsible Pop Up Playpen Pet Crate - Includes Storage Bag, 4 Bonus Cat Toys - Zippered Mesh Sides with Privacy Panel Review:

I got this for when I need space to put a foster mama and her kittens while I clean the bathroom they normally reside in. It sets up super easy, you just start twisting and it pops open. Getting it back to it's position was a tad harder, so try to pay attention to how it opens so you can reverse it. The directions help, but if you are very visual, it's best to watch it undo so you can redo. I was hoping it would hold the mama cat and kittens on a bed/blanket, food and water dishes, and a small litter box, but it's a tad too tiny for that, even with a small mama, so I'd say it's great for a short-term setup but nothing long term. I also plan to use this when traveling with my own cats as a bigger carrier in the car for long trips. Not sure why it has stakes for outside, I can't imagine putting a cat in this and putting it outside, but maybe somebody else would.

Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure for Decks, Patios, Balconies Review:

I Love this kitty walk!! My cat was used to a screen porch but we moved into an apartment that only had an open deck. I purchased this kitty walk and set it up on the open deck. He LOVES it and sometimes will stay out most of the day. At first he was trying to push his way out, but this is made very strong and with all the pushing and clawing, he didn't do any damage to it. A little pricey, but worth the money to keep kitty from getting to bored inside. I have 3 cats, 2 which are old, so they like spending time in the kitty walk as well. Easy to set up and take down when needed. I took it with me on a three week vacation and it was the perfect champion for my cat.

Easyology Pet Playpen for Indoor Cats and Small Dogs - 23” Tall x 30” Wide - Claw-Proof Mesh, Thick Zippered Foldable Pet Playpen - Travel Cat Kennel/Cat Crate with 10 Second Setup - Animal Playpen Review:

I'm a foster mom to a constant stream of kittens and cats. I purchased this playpen for my current foster kittens to give their mom a break. They seem to love it. They've even fallen asleep in it a few times. The playpen took no time to setup- maybe 30 seconds? The sides are plastic mesh and durable- the kittens have been climbing it with their sharp little dagger nails, but I haven't seen any damage to the mesh at all. I place old towels in the bottom of the playpen, but you could go without one. The bottom is easy to clean and disinfect if needed. The only negative I would report it that the vinyl does have a strong smell at first, but that fades after a few days.

La Luna Pet Care Cat Enclosure | Cat Enclosure | Outdoor Cat Enclosure | Cat Play Pen | Indoor Outdoor Cat Tent | 47.2" x 47.2" x 94.4" Review:

The cat enclosure was easy to put together and is easy to move around. Using this enclosure allows my cat to go outside and get some fresh air while keeping him safe from the busy road in front of our home. It has more than met our needs.

Easyology Pet Playpen for Indoor Cats and Small Dogs - 23” Tall x 30” Wide - Claw-Proof Mesh, Thick Zippered Foldable Pet Playpen - Travel Cat Kennel/Cat Crate with 10 Second Setup - Animal Playpen Review:

I use this playpen as the home for my foster kittens, from about three weeks (when they outgrown the neonate carrier) until about six weeks, when it becomes sleeping area and home base for their explorations. I like that it has higher sides than most similar playpens, which means that much more time before I have to start sealing the top to prevent escapes! The zippers are easy to use and it is very rugged overall. I've used it hard for about a year now with no problems. It would be even better if the bottom were removable for easier cleaning, but the price point is such that if I got some really bad bug coming through my foster room, I could throw it away and buy another one.

YDYL Easy Installation Mesh Cat Play Tent for Indoor Cat with Rainfly and Two Entrance Zipper Door Size 75" L X60 W X36 H (190 cm Lx152cm Wx91cmH) Black Color Review:

 MY BABIES!!!! i can finally let them "roam" freely without their leash or without fear!! THIS TENT MAKES ME SO HAPPY FOR MY BABIES!!! I HAD 5 KITTIES (all adults) in that tent at one point! They were so curious it was so cute!! Thank god it came with a roof shade! i've alway thought kitties like to bathe in the sun but i guess it was too hot for them and so a few of them were hogging the shaded area. MY FEAR is them scratching and ripping the tent. WE KNOW HOW CATS ARE.... they can be a handful and that's my fear. OVERALL THOUGH i LOVE THIS TOY FOR MY BABIES!!!

Kittywalk Town-&-Country Pet Enclosure Review:

This is really cool! Our cats love it and it's really solved an issue with our indoor/ formerly out door cats. It is smaller than expected. The picture definitely seems larger. The base is strong metal and good quality netting which is very good for us because we have 1 cat who is an escape artist. We want to order the attachments asap and make a big kitty play area.

Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure for Lawns Review:

It took us about 10 minutes to set this up. It was very easy. The only problem I had was getting the latches closed on the straps that hold the "doors" on either end. The mesh is much heavier than it appears on the picture. The frame seems very sturdy. The carrying case fit well, but was a little cheap. The zipper separated when I opened or closed the bag. Overall this seems like a well made product, but I had to return it.

I wanted my cat to love this thing. I had visions of buying additional pieces and turning our yard into a kitty habitrail. My cat was outside cat for awhile is always begging to get out. My husbands pretends to be hard of hearing when I talk about building a catio. I thought this might be another option. Well, my cat hated it. He spent 20 minutes in meowing at me to let out. I went inside to watch him through a window. I thought that if he couldn't see me maybe he would relax and check it out. He just started trying to push his face through the mesh. Rather violently. It's sturdy and I don't think he would have succeeded. However, he was determined to break out of the "kitty prison yard" as my husband called it. So I packed it up and returned it. It was far too expensive to hang on to hoping that the fussy jerk (the cat, not the husband) would warm up to it. Amazon is awesome about returns and the only cost of this misadventure was shipping it back.

La Luna Pet Care Cat Enclosure | Cat Enclosure | Outdoor Cat Enclosure | Cat Play Pen | Indoor Outdoor Cat Tent | 47.2" x 47.2" x 94.4"  Review:

Love this. I have 3rd orphaned kittens. I am using this inside to keep them safe. Enough room for beds, cat tree, litter box and more. I will say it was a little difficult putting together. Had to watch video and has a hard time stretching the netting.