Best Dog Collar Charms in 2020

PET SHOW Dog Charms Flower Collar Accessories for Cat Puppy Collars Dogs Bowtie Grooming Pack of 8 Review:

These are absolutely adorable. They look great on our 9 pound poodle mix, they're not too big but they would definitely be a good size for a large dog. Our dog was kind enough to roll in the dirt while wearing this and we were able to clean it up. They were a little tight going over the clip of the 1" collar, I'm hoping they elastic won't break from it but they stay in place on the 1" collar perfect. I would buy them again and again.

UPDATE: We have had these for a couple of months now and the kids want to change them every few days. They hold up beautifully and the elastic is as strong as ever. They are far better than the more expensive ones.

Clip-On Pet, Dog Collar LED Light - Dog Lights for Collars, Waterproof Safety Lights of Dogs and Cats for Night Walking, Included Extra Replacement Batteries, Gifts for Pets Review:

Reviewing Pet Collar LED, 6 different colors, with 6 spare batteries.
> At $10.99, I paid less than $2.00 each for a colorful 1.25 inch light with a bright steel hook and two batteries, that operates in modes Off, On, Slow Flashing, or Fast Flashing. And since mine all work perfectly, I see that as a good value!
> Firmly (VERY firmly!) squeezing the front to rear activates the internal switch to cycle through the modes. Pop off either cover, gently pry out the light assembly, and slide out the battery when necessary to change batteries, or to swap covers for different color combinations. The light will operate in or out of the plastic covers, and it's easy to swap the plastic covers around if you want mixed colors.
> TIP: My wife, a sweet, beautiful, wonderful, loving, selfless, caring, and... (Okay, she's gone.) doesn't have the hand strength to squeeze these lights hard enough to activate them! But we've learned that if you pop off the back cover and squeeze just it for a while, it gets softer and easier to squeeze.
> The bright steel hook (I don't think it's stainless) is strong, and has a spring clip to keep it in place.
> Despite the obvious good value here, I deducted one star for sparse and contradicting instructions. Also, several other reviews noted that the lights are NOT waterproof as claimed.
> So, let your imagination run wild to think up ways to use these lights, such as while walking or bicycling at night, tagging your little Halloween demons, etc. Don't let your pets have ALL the fun! (I'm going to hang one just outside my workshop door. It's not my fault if someone assumes it indicates a security system.)
> Will the lights last 100 hours on one battery? Using the battery that came in the light, I set one to Slow Flash at 10 a.m. on Feb 14, and hung it on the wall in my workshop. It was still flashing 18 days later!! Eighteen days! Too weak and faint to be of any use, I'm sure, but it was still flashing!
> We've also learned that when the light gets cold, like 42°F, the plastic shell becomes so stiff it is extremely(!) difficult to squeeze On/Off.
> Has this been helpful, or did you have a particular reason for dressing your little Halloween demon as a black bear?

IVIA 4 Sets Cat Bell for Dog Collar Charm Training Pet Pendant Accessories with 2 Pack Stainless Steel Dog Tag Clips Review:

The material feels kinda cheap and thin so not sure how long these will last. I only need these for a few more months though, just to keep an ear out for the new puppy. She’s very small and easy to step on, and unfortunately she loves diving under feet unexpectedly.

I used only one of the smaller rings, plus two bells and a hook, on my puppy’s collar and another set on her harness. The whole set up is still kinda long, she can reach the one on her collar really easily and she chews it a bit but I’m hoping that won’t be an issue when she gets a bit bigger. The collar is never on her when alone in her kennel, only when I’m home with her, so I’m not worried about her getting hurt or breaking it. Mostly she just hates the noise.

No stars off because this was so easy to put together and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the clip on feature. It’ll be easy to move it around as she sizes up to bigger collars.

JETEHO 2 Pcs Silver Stainless Steel Dog Bells Non Rust Loud Collar Pet Training Charms Bell for Cats Dogs Review:

 I absolutely love this Product, my little dogs go out at night and it doesn't matter where they are I know they are close by because of the bells Thanks so much Sincerely Beverly

Pro-ID Microchip Pet Microchip MINI CHIP 134KHZ, ISO by Dog Supplies Review:

I applied 8 of these chips to my cats. It was a breeze to do on some of them and difficult on others. I don’t know if it had to do with my technique or the needle sharpness or the kind of skin the cats have. The difficulty had to do with not being able to get the needle through the skin of some of the cats. The chips came with instructions, I checked all of them with a reader before applying them to the cats in order to make sure they were operating correctly. All 8 of them were working. The cats that were easy to do hardly noticed that I had done anything. The others experienced a little pain due to the amount of force it took to get the needle through the skin. I was able to do the procedure entirely by myself. I was hesitant to try it but I have given many subcutaneous injections before and this operation was not much different. It wil be interesting to see if I injected the chips in the right way so that they don’t migrate. The reader needed to be about nearly on top of the chips and not far from the skin in order to read the chips. I’m not complaining. I’m just sharing my experience for the sake of helping others have success or to decide whether they want to do it themselves or have a vet do it,

Keenstone Morpilot 7Pcs Clip-On Dog & Cat Pet Collar LED Lights, Upgraded Waterproof Shockproof Safety Night Walking Lights for Pet, with 7pcs Extra Batteries for Gift Review:

I loved this product, and my dog loves it even more. We just got it today, so I can’t speak to longevity, but I can say that it is a solid product and came well packaged. My heeler is almost completely black and the thought of him running off at night really freaks me out, especially as it gets dark sooner. I was initially looking for a harness with LED lights, but the only one I trusted was $60 and I just wanted something easier as he already has multiple harnesses and collars. We put the white light with the plastic wrap that attaches it to the collar on him tonight and I am overjoyed. Not only can I see him much more clearly at night, but it also doubles as a flashlight for him when placed on the front side of the collar. Because of this light, we will now be able to comfortably play with him outside even when it is dark out. We are planning on adding an additional one to the back of his collar/harness as well so we can more easily see him regardless of the direction he is facing. Highly recommend!

Osense Dog Cat Pet Collar LED Light 6Pcs,Clip-On Pet Dog Lights for Collars,Waterproof Shockproof Safety Night Walking Lights for Dogs Stainless Steel Carabiner Upgraded,Battery Included and 6 Extra Review:

We wonder why this nifty device wasn't on our "essential list" long ago! It helps immensely to track the dog when we send her out at night for her last "go" ... and is a terrific visual aid to let other folks (motorists, etc.) avoid you when you walk or bike the dog. One squeeze gives you a steady bright (VERY BRIGHT) light ... a second squeeze yields a fast flash mode ... a third give a slower flash mode ... a fourth shuts it off. Easy peasy! And the seller provides a replacement battery for when the original one dies. An obvious concern is battery life. We probably have just a couple hours of use so far ... so, I can't comment on battery life yet. On the plus side, the seller provides six(!) variously colored danglers ... with a corresponding six replacement batteries. So, you should get a pretty good life out of the set before having to worry about buying more batteries. (On the other hand, the fact that the seller provides replacement batteries makes me worry that battery life might be less than I hope it is!) We gave two of the danglers to our son for use on another dog ... and he is just as enthusiastic about their performance as we are!

Stock Show 10Pcs/Pack Pumpkin Bells Pet Collar Charm Bells Ghost Skull Bells Home Party Halloween Decoration Pendants DIY Crafts Handmade Accessories Charm Pendants Review:

Wow! These are soooo cute attached to pet collars, but man are they the NOISIEST bells I have ever heard. I'm not exaggerating when I said that during the process of attaching them onto the kitties' collars, I got a splitting headache from the loud ringing. No, it's not like an ordinary and typical cat bell. It's much, much more intense. Gave it 4/5 star anyways because I love the variety AND the problem is fixable with some cotton balls and a toothpick.

AMNQUERXUS Pet Dog Cat Collar LED Lights, Clip on Light Up Collars Makes Your Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Visible, Safe & Seen at Night, Water Resistent, Battery Included Review:

I use these for our youngest cat's harness at night in case he sees something and escapes over of the fence when we let him play in the backyard or walk him on a leash. They clip on the back ring of the cat's vest (where the leash attaches) and are really visible at night in either of the blink modes so we can see him easily, follow him and bring him back if he runs off. Candidly, I thought at this price these would be unreliable and either break right away or have a battery life measured in nanoseconds but not so at all. Battery life is good so far and they take a real beating with him climbing up trees and generally running amok in the yard and play fighting with the older cats. The battery is also easily changed if it does quit and it uses a readily available 2032 "coin" battery (20 battery packs are on Amazon for under $10.00.) So far I'm very impressed. Four stars because they are a little big and slightly heavy for a cat's collar but worked great with a vest that had a clip on the back for a leash. They would have been fine on our Labrador's collar.

SportDOG Brand Locator Beacons - Bright, Waterproof Dog Collar Light with Carabiner - Flashing or Solid Safety Light Review:

A good light made better by modifying the lens and collar holes.

The lens is molded with some protrusions that prevent the button from being accidentally pushed, annoying and totally unnecessary! a little wet sand paper and plastic polish it's gone.

The holes to mount the light to a collar are way too narrow. I was able to open them up with a dremel tool and file them into the final shape. Afterwards the light was able to fit my dogs 1" wide nylon web collar. other than that It has been a great light, high output, good battery life, durable and waterproof.

Having to modify it to fit what I consider a "standard collar" is the only reason it didn't get 5 stars

I will be purchasing another...