Best Cat Conditioners in 2020

TropiClean Lime and Cocoa Butter Conditioner for Pets, 20oz, Made in USA Review:

Both Shampoo and Conditioner arrived wrapped in plastic. No leaks. I am super happy about that!
Product-wise, I LOVE IT!!! It leaves my dog's hair SOOOOOOOOOOO SOFT!! I left a review on the Shampoo and it has seriously helped with my dog's shedding. I gave him a bath on Sunday and I have yet to vacuum my home (I used to have to do it everyday, twice a day -- during the cold months then once a day). I am amazed and pleasantly surprised by both the shampoo and the conditioner.
I will continue to use together. I HIGHLY recommend these products if you have a dog that sheds a lot --> Golden Retriever mom.

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Conditioning Spray for Dogs and Cats Review:

My 4 year old black kitty cat has very flaky skin. Combing him only makes the flakes worse. I bought this oatmeal conditioning spray with many doubts that it would change anything. I only used it 1 time as I just received it. I am completely amazed on how well it worked!! By the very next morning he had very few flakes left !! his Fur felt so soft and no flakes!! Everyone who had seen him since I used the spray has made comments on how beautiful his fur looks. He didn’t like me spraying on him it actually scared him and freaked him out. After that failed I sprayed it on my hand and rubbed it all over him. I then combed it thru and he loved that. It smells great. Honestly I saw a huge difference that same night !! I highly recommend this product. But I also recommend not spraying it on your cat but on your hand and rubbing it on him or her.

Lambert Kay Pro-Groom Coat Pet Conditioner, 12-1/2-Ounce Review:

The daughter of a pet store owner recommended this product to me for my Yorkie. My dog is getting a bit older and her hair, which was once silky, is a bit on the dull side now. This product put that shine back into her hair without feeling greasy. And it smells great too. So glad I found it!

Allerderm Epi-Soothe Oatmeal Cream Rinse and Conditioner - 8 oz Review:

Used with the Epi Soothe shampoo. My Olde English Bulldogge was itching and stinky. We tried 4 other products only to make his situation worse. After m7ch research, I decided to buy the Epi Soothe shampoo and Cream rinse. Both smell good. My dog smells great and has not been itchy at all. My dog feels fresh when I pet him and his gross odor is completely gone. The product is supposed to be left on for 10 minutes before rinsing, which I was concerned about because my dog is hyper and I wasnt sure if I could keep him in the tub in that long. It have been soothing, because he loved every minute of the wait! It had been over a week since his second bath and he is silky, and still smells good!

Eqyss Premier Pet Spray - Coat Moisturizer Review:

I’m such a huge fan of this company or brand!! My dog has some kind of sensitive skin issue and from vets to groomers they all said his fur would just not grow either because of age or thyroid (which is within right levels) to allergy! His skin is super sensitive and he would get sunburned yes I know a dog getting sunburn sounds funny but he literally had no hair to protect him so I wanted it to grow and spend tons of money on medication, lotions, creams all kinds of doggie stuff to try to help him! The ONLY thing that helped was this product!! Less than a year after he has a nice thick coat in, no skin flakiness, and it keeps growing! I know this is for horses but I highly recommend because it’s all natural so I went for it and tried it and am so glad I did now that’s all I use on him for shampoo and this spray to keep his skin moisturized!

Nature's Specialties EZ Shed Conditioner for Pets, Trial Size Review:

My Papa was matted as could be. I was mortified at how fast he could have this issue. My fault I know. But I ordered this trial size and WOW! his stuff is perfect! I will always have this on hand. Helps me keep his undercoat in great shape! Try it, you can't believe it til you try it!
in Monroe, North Carolina

Bio-Groom Dog and Cat Mink Oil Spray, 12-Ounce Review:

We have found that we quite like the Mink Oil Spray for our Newfie, as well as for our shepherd. Our only complaint on this product would be that the first shipment of it went to some place in New York state (which was extremely inconvenient and not very effective for us). When I tracked the order, however, and discovered this state of affairs I immediately alerted Amazon and, thereby, the seller, and they shipped another bottle ASAP.

When we finally did receive the product, we were extremely pleased with its effect on the dogs' hair and were pleased as well with its very pleasant fragrance. Some folks said that it seemed to repel ticks, though the manufacturers never made that claim. We haven't found it serves as a repellant. It is an excellent product for exactly the purposes it is sold to address. All is good.