Best Laptop Screen Protectors in 2020

(3 Pack) Supershieldz for Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 Model) Touch Bar Screen Protector, Anti Glare and Anti Fingerprint (Matte) Shield Review:

I used this product for my 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touchbar (refurb, if it matters). I like that the finish is matte: other users are right that the matte looks (better and) more resistant to fingerprints than a protector with a shiny finish. I recommend putting this screen protector on immediately, to protect your screen not only from dust and scratches but from anything that may transfer from your keyboard to your screen when closed (food, grease, sweat, dust, etc).

This screen protector fits absolutely perfectly, the close fit between protector size and screen size leaves little room for error. That said, this is the first screen protector for any device ever the I have installed solely on my own (I'm always afraid I'll mess it up so I used to have other people do it for me), but I got it in one slow careful try and it honestly was (1) not difficult, (2) not scary, (3) not time- or even labor-intensive.

In general, follow the instructions that come with the product (although they are explicitly for phones, the principle is the same). I think the key is to start application from the top, not from the sides. Make sure the little hole for the webcam is just right, and then as you remove the non-stick film from the side against the computer screen, smooth out any air bubbles very meticulously as you move down the screen. I ended up just using the card that came with the protectors, and while it was indeed just some cheap cardboard, it was gentle with my screen and it worked perfectly fine for me to get a perfect application.

My last ultrabook was the HP Spectre which had a touchscreen, so while I get used to not having the feature available to me, I keep trying to select things by touching my MacBook's screen. All this to say that before applying the screen protector, I washed off fingerprints VERY gently and repetitively with a damp eyeglass wiping cloth (they're lint free, don't scratch, and are v effective, and drying the damp spots immediately with the microfiber cloth included.

Do not use alcohol to clean the screen, as I'm pretty sure that can ruin a screen over time? Not 100% on that, but I think I read it in a blog post from Apple. I don't particularly feel like looking it up right now, after composing this novella.

2PC 15.6 in Anti Blue Light Laptop Screen Protector, Anti Glare Filter Film Eye Protection Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for 15.6" Display 16:9 Review:

Looking at my laptop was almost like looking in a mirror, making it extremely hard to see what was on the screen, especially on a sunny day outside. So I ordered the Antogoo Anti-Blue Light/Anti-Glare Screen Protector When I first started applying it to my screen, I was afraid it wasn't going to do what I wanted because the screen still looked like a mirror. But, after I took the time to squeeze all the bubbles out and then removed the top piece of protective plastic, it looked absolutely fantastic. It went from super-shiny to a nice flat matte look, so no more reflections of me staring back at myself! I'm extremely pleased. And I didn't realize that it actually comes with two screen protectors. Not sure why... maybe the 2nd one is a backup in case something is wrong with the first one. Anyway, I have an extra one if I ever need it! I also was impressed with the screen cloth that was included so I could clean the screen completely before applying the protector, as well as the little "installation card" they provided to help smooth out the bubbles that always end up under something like that. The card has a soft piece of material on the edge so that you can rub it across the screen protector without scratching it (although I was using it before I removed the final piece of protective plastic, so that really wasn't an issue). I also thought it was cool that there was a little card that they included that has a flowchart to tell you what to do if something is wrong with the product. It has a couple of different ways that you can resolve any issues, and provides a way to contact them. They also offer extended product warranty, although you probably wouldn't need that on something like this. Anyway, I'm very pleased overall, and especially pleased that I received it the very next business day! Excellent service!

Homy Privacy Screen for MacBook Air 13 inch 2017 or Earlier + Storage Folder for Protector + Keyboard Cover Ultra-Thin TPU Skin + Web Camera Sliding Cover/Easy On-Off Anti Spy Filter for A1369, A1466 Review:

I bought this product for my 13-inch ASUS, which has a touch screen and the most obnoxious glare. I knew this product was specific for MacBooks, but there is a limited selection of anti-glare screen protectors for PCs, so I figured I'd give this one a go. And I'm glad I did. The screen protector is just a tad smaller than my screen (which is actually 13.3"), so there is about 0.5mm left uncovered on each side. But it solved my problem with glare.
The track pad cover is about 2-3mm longer than my computer's track pad (the width is perfect), but it works perfectly. It can be easily cut to fit a smaller track pad, I just didn't bother doing that. It's also a little rougher than the smooth surface of my track pad but I like it - it helps with the accuracy. The camera cover also works just fine.
The only things that definitely won't work are the keyboard cover (too small), and the little silicon covers for the ports - not because they don't match my ports, but because they are flimsy and keep falling off (the HDMI one doesn't even fit). It's still a 5-star product to me, as I knew that it wouldn't be perfect on my computer but accomplished what I expected.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector Designed for Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible (11.6 inch) [1PACK] Review:

Over the top packaging protects this screen protector and keeps it from getting damaged in transit. Once opened, the kit includes wet and dry wipes to clean the screen you plan to protect and also small tabs to collect any dust specks you might have missed. The protector itself has a protective film on the back and a thicker one on the front with tabs on it. The tabs were my favorite part. I wish I'd thought of it. They allow you to confidently handle and align the protector without actually having to touch it, No finger prints under the glass, no fumbling with the edges. Once it's all lined up, the glass pretty much sealed itself without pressing it or wishing I had a squeegee.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector Designed for Lenovo Chromebook C330 / Lenovo 2-in-1 11.6inch Chromebook [MT8173c] (11.6 inch) [1PACK] Review:

I was very nervous about installing such a large screen protector, but it went on smoothly and nicely settled into position. This is for a child's Chrome Book. Accidents do happen with young children, so this give a bit of peace of mind. I hope I never find our how tough it is.

2 Pack Anti Glare Screen Protector Compatible for 2019 2018 Newest MacBook Air 13 with Touch ID Version A1932, Anti-Scratch Anti-Fingerprint(Matte) Review:

i got this only for the purpose of having a fully matte screen, not for the blue light. it functions perfectly. absolutely ZERO reflection or glare, even on a completely black screen with no backlight and sunshine directly on it. can't put into words how nice it is to not have to deal with that issue. and the anti blue light aspect is a bonus.
the process of getting it on my laptop was frustrating and i was left with a few small air bubbles from my own error. it came with two screens, so i had a back up if i had messed up. but it's really no big deal in my opinion.
tldr; buy this.

YAKAI 13 inch [Magnetic] Privacy Filter Screen Protector, Anti-spy&Anti-Glare Film Compatible MacBook Pro 13.3'' (2016-Current Version: A1706/A1708/A1989 Models) Review:

The privacy screen works very well to keep your work private from side angle views. It obscures enough that even in an airplane the person next to you doesn’t get a clear view. The row behind you may be able to peek over your shoulder so it’s not a 100 per cent solution. It’s not inexpensive but if you work with sensitive information it’s a must. There are two small issues. This arrived in soft-sided packaging and could get a kink in it if it were folded or bent severely. I had to smooth out a little bend - not a deal breaker. There are also some adhesive tabs included for holding down the non-magnetic edges. They are difficult to work with and don’t adhere very well.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for MacBook Air 13 Inch Model A1369 A1466 + Large Cleaning Cloth, Bubble Free, 99.9% Transparency Not Reduce The Screen Brightness (Not for Newest Mac Air 13 A1932) Review:

Key takeaways:

I'm impressed. It's high-quality glass, and the fit and finish are excellent.

Protector is sized almost to the exact RMBP screen dimensions. Because of this, don't try to eyeball anything when you apply. Just hold the top edge of the protector against the lip at the top of the screen at an angle. It will just naturally butt up against this lip, and the curves on either side will almost self-center the entire protector. Then just slowly angle down to like a hinge to apply the rest.

It might be slightly more reflective, but it also seems to attract much less dust than the actual screen did.

Shower method seemed to work really well for me when applying. I have zero air bubbles.

The corner radii are tightly matched to the 15" MBP. Fits like a glove.

Lid still closes fine.

I have a 2015 15" MBP that I love. I actually prefer this model over the newer versions, and am trying to maximize it's longevity as a result. So I try and take good care of it, including the gentlest cleaning of the screen possible. But the screen coating on these macbooks has always been a weak point, and even with the gentlest of cleaning (water, maybe a hint of vinegar, always-clean microfiber cloth, etc), the screen coating was starting to erode at the edges of the screen. Happily, the beginnings of this erosion are as-yet confined to the portion of the glass outside the bounds of the actual LCD, but I do graphics work on this computer, and the thought of having anything happen to the glass that would cause artifacts/issues with viewing the screen were starting to freak me out as the eroded areas grew slowly over time. I couldn't clean the screen any gentler, and I was already cleaning less often (which also meant working with a dirtier screen). I figured my best bet was to try and find some kind of screen protector before it was too late.

I bought this screen protector, which looked like the best bet out of not a lot of options. The good news is that it's actually a really nice product. The directions are useless, but I managed to get in on with zero air bubbles. You really can't tell it's there. The reflectivity might be slightly more pronounced than with the actual apple screen, but let's face facts -- that screen is hella-reflective, anyway. Here are my key takeaways after applying this screen:

• I used the hot shower method another reviewer mentioned, and it worked like a charm. Just run a shower on hot with the door closed while you clean the macbook screen in another room.
• Once steamy, turn the shower off, close the door, and let the steam settler for 3-5 minutes.
• Take the laptop, cleaning cloth and screen protector into the bathroom and shut the door.
• Clean the screen one last time, making sure there are no dust specs.
• I find it easiest to have your laptop screen flat on a horizontal surface (keyboard raised at an angle). This makes it easier to apply the film without straining the hinge.
• Pull out the screen protector, and orient it so that the side with the adhesive is facing down towards the floor and the cutout for the camera is oriented towards the top. Remove both sides of the plastic covering the adhesive.
• start applying from the top, but do it by coming in at an acute angle. Note that there is a raised lip around the screen, and you need to apply the protector so it sits inside this lip. So use the lip almost like a hinge, and just butt the protector up agains the top, make sure it has space on the right and left, and then slowly lower it down to the bottom. This will ensure that the screen is symmetrical along the top edge (where it is most noticeable), and that the camera cutout will align with your camera.
• Finally, use a credit card wrapped with a a cloth to slowly move any air bubbles to the edges. I would not wait to do this, as it seems to get more difficult as the adhesive sets. I had the best luck moving very slowly. It takes a bit of patience, but they will move. I did wait a day to try on e again and got it do move to the edge, but it left a little outline in the adhesive from where the bubble had sat. This thankfully seemed to go away completely in a few hours.

(Note: I didn't use either any of the stickers included with the protector. In particular, do not worry about the alignment stickers. The screen is cut very close to the dimensions of the RMP screen. You won't need the stickers.)

[2 Pack] Anti Glare(Matte) Screen Protector Compatible MacBook Pro 15 inch 2019 2018 2017 2016 Released Model A1707 A1990 with Touch Bar, with Anti Dust and Finger-Print Coating Review:

I was beyond surprised at how well these protectors worked. I bought an external USB monitor for my workstation (right next to a window with the afternoon sun shining in) just for the anti glare properties

The matte finish is perfect. It is just a smidgen matte-ier than my other monitors and fits in perfectly. In the sunlight, this low-nit USB monitor can be easily read, even with dark-mode apps.

Do note, though, that the protectors immediately fall in love with the screen and don't want to let go. Use some folded over Scotch tape on the sides when applying to give you more places to hold the protector and TAKE IT SLOW...slower than normal for other protectors. This is NOT a negative, just a friendly tip. Once the protector is applied, squeegeeing bubbles is as normal

Also of note, the packaging contains VERY thorough product information. Outside of the very obvious misspelling "Premiun" (lol), the information is very thorough and feels like a professional product, including actual measurements of the protector, like reflectance and transmittance.

[2 Pack] 14” Anti Glare Anti Scratch Laptop Screen Protector Compatible HP/DELL/Asus/Acer/Sony/Samsung/Lenovo/Toshiba, Display 16:9 Review:

This is my second time buying this anti glare screen protector. It comes with 2 screens in a package, but don't expect to use it on 2 different laptops, there is 99% chance you will screw up BIG time on the first application and will have to use the second screen anyway.
That's what happened to me. In fact, I screwed up on the first one, and on the second one .. just not as much.
I still have at least 10 bubbles that I can't get out and dust bubbles in a few spots.

Its a totally different story with the second purchase. I got better at applying it AND the included "squeegee" is 10 times better then a crappy cardboard one that I got in the first package.
I learned from my mistakes, don't bother with instructions by the way, they are not quite clear, I will give some tips below.
First screen protector I applied didn't come out too great, acceptable but I knew I could do better.
I tossed first screen protector out and started over with the second screen protector.
Result: 99% Flawless application, no air bubbles, no dust bubbles!

This screen protector works as advertised, it does in fact reduce glare by a lot (if you typically see your own reflection when the screen is off, with this protector it will be reduced by at least 60%), it does repel dust, and it does protect your screen from scratches, however the actual screen protector does scratch so don't start testing it by scratching it all over :D.

Application steps/tips:
1. First clean your screen, use the included dust cloth, first by itself, and then spray either Isopropyl Alcohol on it, or dab it with Hand Sanitizer.
The alcohol is great at removing any residue and finger prints your might have on the screen, as well as it evaporates very quickly.
DON'T USE INCLUDED "dust removing" stickers, they will most likely stick to your screen and then you will have to remove the stickers from your screen and the residue it left behind, it happened to me both times.
I also recommend wiping the screen with a good microfiber cloth right after, mostly just to get rid of any static (electricity) on your screen, or it instantly can become a dust magnet again and you really don't want that while applying your screen protector.
2. Now take your screen protector. There are 3 layers, I repeat 3 layers! (I've seen some reviews of people claiming the protector is either too thin, or doesn't reduce glare, or scratches easily, that's most likely because those people tried to apply the 1st or 3rd layer)
The layer your want, the actual protector, is in the center. A RED sticker is attached to the bottom layer. Remove the bottom layer ALL the way!..
3. MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Carefully take your screen protector by the corners (try not to touch the bottom side at this point). Line up the screen protector with your screen at 2 corners (I recommend left top and bottom, or right top and bottom). Don't bother with the squeegee at this point, just line up the corners and slowly let the screen protector "unroll" to the other side of the screen. If you didn't line it up right, I wouldn't bother redoing it, might as well start over with the second protector that's in your package. If you peel it off to do it again, there is going to be static electricity at this point and you might get dust in between your protector and your screen causing a lot of dust bubbles all over the screen.
4. Now get the squeegee out, if you got the same squeegee as me, it will be plastic on one end and soft cloth on the other, in which case only use the soft side. For bigger bubbles you have to be slow, for smaller bubbles you can just rub the actual bubbles back and forth with the corner of the squeegee and they will go away. As a reminder, the top layer of the screen protector is still on at this point. Don't remove it until the very end. You can "scratch" the bubbles out as hard as you want, you will see scratches on top of the top layer, don't worry.. it's not going to scratch your screen or the actual protector... scratch away, and get as many bubble out as possible.
Here is a thing though.. You might have a lot of bubbles, but chances are half of those bubbles are between the screen protector and its top layer.
5. Once you get most or all of the bubbles out, take the top layer (by the BLUE sticker) and remove it. Viola! You are done.
Here is what to do with remaining bubbles if you have any.. Don't start scratching them away, place the protective layer you just removed back on top of those bubbles and get them out this way, one bubble at a time, you don't want to scratch your protector as this point.
Get all the bubbles out, wipe your screen and you are done.