Best Nintendo Switch Batteries & Chargers in 2022

Last update: December 18, 2022

Can I charge my switch with phone charger?

Yes, you can charge your Nintendo Switch with a phone charger. The Switch will take about 3 hours to charge from 0% to 100% using a phone charger.

Can I replace the battery in my switch?

Yes, you can replace the battery in your switch. You will need to purchase a new battery and follow the instructions in the switch's manual.

Do all Nintendo switches have the same charger?

No, all Nintendo Switch consoles do not come with the same charger. The original Nintendo Switch console came with a charger that had a USB Type-C port, while the newer Nintendo Switch Lite console comes with a charger that has a USB-C port and a USB-A port.

Do any other chargers work for Nintendo Switch?

There are a few different types of chargers that work for the Nintendo Switch. The most common one is the USB-C charger, which is the same type of charger that is used for the Nintendo Switch itself. There are also chargers that use the AC adapter, which is the same type of charger that is used for the Wii U.

AmazonBasics Charging Station Dock for 4 Nintendo Switch Joy-con Controllers - 2.6 Foot Cable, Black Review:

What I liked: This product has been in my possession for a while, and thus far, it has performed as promised. When fully charged, the lights are green; otherwise, they are red. I also like that it uses a USB port, making it simple for me to plug it into my switch while still allowing me to plug it into a wall with the use of an adapter. In the event that all of my USB ports are now in use, I can still use it because of this.What I didn't like: Since this product is a straightforward device with a straightforward design that works and isn't overly sophisticated, I can't really think of anything in particular that I didn't like about it.In conclusion, I'd advise.

10000mAh Battery Charger Case for Nintendo Switch, YOBWIN Portable Backup Charger Station Console with a Pair of Joy-Con Grip, with Kick Stand & Game Card Slot Extended Battery Pack Review:

10,000mAh battery; not much else to add. You can calculate the 4310mAh capacity of the built-in Switch battery. The major reason I bought this item was so I could play my Switch in portable mode for extended periods of time without having to plug in a portable battery with a cord. While traveling, I was able to play Dragon Quest Builders 2 for around 3 hours; now, I anticipate playing for closer to 6 or 8 hours.JoyCons - I didn't realize I needed them until I got them, and now I don't want to use my JoyCons without them. The JoyCon grips that it comes with weren't even on my radar when I bought this device; I only wanted it for the battery. These absolutely rock! The JoyCons have a very Pro controller feel because of them. The JoyCons just never seemed comfortable in my hands, despite the fact that I don't have very big hands. These have been crucial for my JoyCons, as I said above.Kick Stand - I adore my Switch, however it comes with a useless kick stand. This kickstand is quite sturdy. Now I can confidently raise my smartphone without fear of it tipping over or the kickstand breaking.Design: Beautifully crafted. The device's ports and exhaust cutouts are exactly the right size. One USB C charging port and a USB A Quick Charge Port are located on the rear of the battery. In the unusual event that you exhaust both the Switch battery and this 10,000mAh monster, the charging port's convenient location will let you plug it right in, raise the kickstand, and carry on playing.If I had to pick one item, the extra size would be it. The superb JoyCon grips and big 10,000mAh battery add significantly to the Switch's already substantial size and weight. However, I believe that the numerous comfort features and improvements surpass any drawbacks that greater size and weight might have.

FASTSNAIL Controller Charger for Nintendo Switch, Charging Dock Stand Station for Switch Joy-con and Pro Controller with Charging Indicator and Type C Charging Cable Review:

It has cool indication lights that let you know when everything is charged, and I LOVE that it costs a LOT LESS than the Nintendo-branded charger. The pro controller is only held in place by the small metal pin charger that plugs into the pro controller, so it is a little easy to knock over or knock out of place. I feel like the pro controller is held in place very delicately, so we are always extra careful when taking the pro controller on and off the charger. However, this works and was within my desired pricing range for this item! Since there isn't much to hold or cradle the pro controller aside from the charging connector (or whatever it's called), it's less likely that someone will trip over the wires. I recommend this and would buy it again for the price I spent. Overall, we are quite happy with it and would definitely purchase it again! If it held the pro controller with better accuracy, I'd give it five stars. Charges quickly and effectively, and the colored indication lights (I adore colored accessories like this) offer a pleasant bit of color. We have 4 joycons and 1 pro controller, therefore we can charge 2 joycons and the pro controller at once or all 4 joycons at once. The color lets you know when the things are charged. For the price, it's a terrific little item!

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand - Switch Review:

There is no power cord included in this product; it is only a pedestal for charging the switch. Having said that, I adore it. The charging connector is built into the side of the stand, so when you play the switch while it is charging, the wire won't hang out the bottom. Since the accessory itself doesn't add much weight, you won't even know it is connected. I also appreciate the kickstand's durability. When I'm finished playing for the evening, I can simply set the stand on the nightstand and dock my Switch there because I like to play the Switch in handheld mode rather than in TV mode. Since I like to have the powercord that comes with my switch permanently connected to the dock on my nightstand, I actually bought another one. I took a picture of my nightstand's stand with the switch docked in it and included it.

AC Adapter for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Power Adapter with 5FT Cord Switch Fast Travel Charger with Type C Nintendo Switch Wall Charger for Nintendo Switch Support TV Mode and Dock Station Review:

I acquired a second-hand Nintendo Switch locally through Facebook, but it didn't come with the power adapter for the dock, so I went straight to Amazon to buy one so we can start using it on the TV as soon as possible. It has been in my possession for a few weeks and functions flawlessly. gives the Switch a good charge and supplies the dock with enough power so that the signal can reach the TV. I'll update my review in the future to reflect on its endurance, but thus far, I'm happy with my choice.Following several months, here is an update (7/23): It's still doing remarkably well! Although I had anticipated it to be extinct by now, this product appears to be of high quality. highly advisable

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter Review:

If you research USB-C cables, you'll learn that powering gadgets with them might be challenging. It's not like the first USB, where everything appeared to be globally adaptable and everything would work as long as you plugged it into the port. There are apparently many companies producing subpar USB-C cables, and some people have even fried USB-C charging laptops by using these cables and adapters.Though I tested a set of cords with a 5-star rating, I discovered that my switch was losing power even when it was connected in. After reading about the several subpar USB-C cables available, I came to the conclusion that this converter wasn't necessarily a poor impulse buy. I pulled it back out and began using it once more. Sure, it's annoying that I can't just connect a straightforward USB-C to USB-A cable into any USB-AC converter and use that to power my switch, or use the same wire to charge my laptop while flying. However, I don't want to harm my devices, so I'll remain with this till I learn about new standards or something better.I've used this AC adapter a lot since getting the switch, and it hasn't failed once. Therefore, despite the drawbacks, I feel compelled to remain with this adapter based on my experience and the information available.Another thing to keep in mind is that, if you haven't already, you should start using The Review Index to filter Amazon reviews. You can either paste the product's website URL or use a plug-in for Chrome. This aids in removing unverified purchases and enables you to determine whether a large proportion of unverified purchase reviews are 5-star and created by review spammers: People with hundreds or thousands of reviews are paid to submit several five-star evaluations every day, and their accounts often display an average review rating of 4.75 stars or above. That's how I learned that the majority of USB-C to USB-A cables on Amazon are poor quality items that have been given the appearance of being nice by hundreds of phony 5-star evaluations.Although The Review Index makes Amazon, which is still my favorite online retailer, even better, even.

Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip Review:

It is NOT necessary to be playing it for it to charge from a power socket; you could simply use the cord that came with your switch. I'm not sure why they're lying, but they are; I've got it plugged right into my wall and it's amazing. After I received this and plugged it into the wall, I had both of my sets of joy cons charged in less than five hours. The reason this bothers me is that twice I almost didn't buy something because of what I read and reviews in both times I decided to go ahead the worst that could happen is I would have to return it and both times I found that The majority of the 3 to 1 star reviews were made up there was nothing true with it. I'm really sad about that because I don't want people missing out on a great product because of that. I'll even include pictures showing that it's charging from the wall. I'll admit it's petty and sad, but a lot of people in the gaming industry went out of their way to attempt to ruin the Nintendo Switch. I don't understand it because there are issues. Although I haven't experienced any problems with my system and I don't know anyone who has, I have heard rumors of problems, but let's be honest—that occurs with every product at lunch. Back to the point: I'm really delighted with this device and would recommend it to anyone who owns two sets of joysticks. Once you have this charger, you won't need any other accessories. I've taken pictures of it while it's plugged into the wall, compared to the supplied grip, while it's connected to the switch to charge, while it's connected to the wall and while it's connected to the switch to charge, and (((now there is one thing you will notice that the light is on in all of these pictures, that light doesn't stay on the entire time it's being charged, that light shuts off after a few seconds. We have every system going back to the NES, every major system, and even some random offbrand stuff LOL. I'm not a Nintendo fangirl; I just love videogames, and I detest when things are misrepresented because a certain group doesn't like it. I hope that this helps, guys. I've just read so much misinformation, and there are many people who were just really hoping that the switch fails.

Nyko Charge Block Pro - Pro Controller Charging Station with patented charge dongle and included Micro-USB/AC Power Cord for Nintendo Switch Review:

I purchased both the Nyko PlayStation DualShock 4 charger and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller charger, and I'm reviewing them in one review because they are identical goods with different charging connectors for various controllers.In case you were wondering, they are composed of plastic, feel light (cheap), and do the intended function. My biggest concern with these chargers was that they would overload my controllers, but they don't. In order to prevent the battery from being killed over an extended period of time, the charger will stop delivering power to your controller once it is fully charged. I'm not sure if technology has advanced, but every controller charger I've purchased in the last several years works in this manner. Here's how I know: When the DualShock 4 charges, its backlit indicator emits an orange-yellow hue. On the charger, however, the hue stopped while the light indication (for the PS4 charging block) was still on, indicating that electricity was passing through the charger but not the DualShock 4 - bravo.The DualShock 4 and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller internal batteries cannot be replaced, so if you kill the charge cycle in either of these game controllers—that is, if you let the battery discharge to the point where it holds little to no charge—you're out of luck and will need to purchase a new controller and charger, unless you want to disassemble your existing ones and purchase aftermarket controller batteries.I'm deducting a star since these plastic objects have a cheap, bulky feel about them. They could have been more compact, durable, and texturized to feel less like cheap plastic. It's not like you'll be picking these up frequently, so this isn't a big concern. They have broad rubber feet on their soles to prevent slipping, and they offer a contemporary, streamlined appearance. Overall, these are effective.It should be noted that the USB-C charging adapter that connects to the Nintendo Pro Controller charge block is HUGE. Although I myself don't mind, I can almost promise that your fellow players on your switch will. It doesn't significantly increase the weight or obstruct, but it is something to consider.

Car Charger for Nintendo Switch - YCCTEAM 5V/4.8A High Speed Play and Charge Two-Port USB Adapter with 6.6ft USB Type C to A Charger Cable Cord Review:

We absolutely required this for our road travels! When we used the same car charger for our phones and our Switch during a lengthy car ride, we were really dissatisfied. That issue is been resolved! This Switch charger functions as intended, according to our testing. It includes two USB ports, allowing us to simultaneously charge a phone and another device. It has been quite useful. Although we haven't used it much, it seems to be durable enough. We simply keep it and a few extra cords in the glove box.

Poké Ball Plus Charge Stand Officially Licensed by Nintendo & Pokémon Review:

So as I waited for my bundle with the game and pokeball plus, I pre-ordered this like many others. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, which is a major failure on the part of both Amazon and the manufacturer of the pokeball charger stand.All GameStops sold out in store after I waited a little too long to get in, thus I had to order this from GameStop online. When it did, it was well worth the wait!It's an excellent addition to keep your pokeball plus charged and on show so it doesn't just roll about or dangle from the charging wire. If you install it properly, there will be no problem with shoving the ball in as it just simply slides in and charges. I've given photographs of how to assemble the attachment correctly so it sits beautifully in the stand without having to "push it down." You could take it off if you're going to be on the run and just snap it easily back for charging. It gives it more grip when you're playing, and I'm not troubled by the extra component. Overall, I think it's great and worth the money, though it would have been cool if the pokeball on the charging stand lit up while it charged.

Do you need the original Switch charger?

No, you don't need the original Switch charger, any USB-C charger will work.

Does any USB-C charger work with Switch?

The Nintendo Switch comes with a USB-C charger, and any other USB-C charger should work with the console. However, Nintendo recommends using the official charger, as it has been specifically designed for the Switch. Third-party chargers might not work as well or could damage the console.

Does Nintendo Switch have battery problems?

The Nintendo Switch has been plagued with battery problems since its release in March 2017. The console's battery life is far shorter than that of the competition, and it takes a long time to charge. These problems are compounded by the fact that the Switch is a portable console, and thus is often used away from a power outlet. Nintendo has acknowledged the battery issues and has promised to address them in future firmware updates, but has not given a timeline for when these updates will be released. In the meantime, many Switch owners have resorted to carrying around external battery packs or investing in the more expensive Switch

How do I keep my Nintendo Switch battery healthy?

There are a few things you can do to keep your Nintendo Switch battery healthy. First, don't leave your Switch in the dock for too long. If you're not playing it, take it out and put it in the case. Second, don't let your Switch get too hot. If it feels hot to the touch, turn it off and let it cool down. Third, don't overcharge your Switch. When the battery is full, unplug it from the charger. Lastly, don't play your Switch for too long. If you're using it for more than a couple

How do I know if my Nintendo Switch needs a new battery?

If your Nintendo Switch's battery drains quickly, it may need a new battery. You can check the battery health in the System Settings menu. If the battery health is below 80%, it may be time to replace the battery.

How do you reset a Nintendo Switch battery?

To reset a Nintendo Switch battery, first remove the back cover of the Switch. Next, locate the small black reset button on the bottom of the battery. Press and hold this button for three seconds, then release. The battery will reset and the LED indicator will turn green.