Best Cell Phone Battery Charger Cases in 2020

Battery Case for iPhone 8plus/7plus/6 Plus/6s Plus, Upgraded [8500mAh] Protective Portable Charging Case Rechargeable Extended Battery Pack for Apple iPhone 8plus/7plus/6 Plus/6s Plus(5.5') - Black Review:

First thing I like about this case besides the fact that it uses the lightning cable to charge is that it has the biggest capacity I've seen on a battery case (8,500mAh). That's almost 3 times the battery of the iPhone 7 Plus I'm using this on. I've used various other charging cases like the Mophie and I don't like having to carry a couple other cables with me. Now I don't have to! With how big the capacity of this charging case, I don't have to carry a power bank either. Another plus is that it looks just like any other case where the shape is the same on the too and bottom. It doesn't have th extra part on the bo I'm like most charging cases do.
The only problem I think that will arise is that the lightning tip that slides into the charging port of the iPhone will be subject to breakage. If you take your phone in and out of the case then this can b a problem. The inside of the case does have a picture warning you not to slide your iPhone at an extreme angle. Only time will tell.

Battery Case for iPhone 6s Plus/ 6 Plus/ 7 Plus/ 8 Plus 8500mAh,Portable Charger Case Rechargeable Charging Case, Battery Pack Cover Power Bank for 6s Plus/ 7 Plus/ 8 Plus (5.5 inch) Review:

I love this case i can easily go at two days without charging my phone and probably longer if I needed although I really haven't monitored it that close in my busy schedule recently.
occasionally it will unintentionally start charge in my pocket when I'm working outside just by moving around but that is not really an issue beyond my control.
The female adapter is just " ever so slightly" loose so I can see it could be a problem for those that constantly charge your phone although it works just fine for me, I charge it and leave it alone while sleeping or working close by. I like that the phone can and will be charged first while in the case.
it is a little bulky and heavy but I wasn't surprise considering the 8500mAh battery.
if your looking for a powerhouse battery for long periods away from electricity but still need your phone this case is my go to option at this point moving forward.

Swaller Battery Case for iPhone 8 Plus 7 Plus, 5000mAh Ultra-Slim Charger Case with Full Body Protection, Extend 120% Battery Life, Portable Charging Case Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus 7 Plus(Black) Review:

 What I like the most about this Swaller battery case compatible only with iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus, it feels very solid, is black. All the ports are all well cut out, which makes it very accessible. The upper part has a raised bezel and so if you keep your phone face down, it would not touch the surface. The back of the case is pretty strong and it should survive minor drops. It has 4 bars battery indicator and the on/off button are both situated at the back of the case.
Some of the best features:
Soft rubber head
Camera protection
360 Degree protection
Covered buttons for easy access to all ports
Advanced sync-through technology
Full Support with iOS versions
Covered buttons for easy access to all ports
Your phone original Earpods
Charging and enjoy music, games, movies, video anytime and anywhere
Powerful 5000mAh Slim battery case provides additional 120% power to your iPhone 7 Plus 8 Plus, Means you can get extra 25 hours Talk time or 15 hours Internet surfing if you use this Charging Case. The best choice for the outdoor power companion, enjoying your day without worry about the battery run out suddenly
What more should we ask for this is a great iPhone battery case, very sturdy and great quality, The case by itself is as light-weighted as it can get but together with the phone, it does feel pretty heavy. But that's something you have to live with for the features it provides.
My youngest son is very happy with this case, no more out of battery phone again. Highly recommended

Swaller Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s, 4500mAh Portable Protective Charging Case Extended Rechargeable Battery Pack for 4.7 Inch iPhone 6/6s (Black) Review:

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 Best battery pack for Heavy phone users like me. Long lasting and it gives me 4 full phone charges. I tried a similar product before this, and that one stopped working just within a week. This product has not only lasted long, but goes a long way before i have to charge it again.
Great for on the go and trips. Definitely recommended!

Swaller Battery Case for iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus, 5500mAh Slim Portable Charger Case Extend 150% Battery Life, Protective Backup Charging Case Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus (Black) Review:

I have an iPhone 6s Plus with an aging original battery. My normal day consists of a charging cable and power bank and or 120v charger because the phone battery will not last much past noon. Now I can leave the additional charging devices at home and have plenty of battery for all day and then some since purchasing the Battery Case.
I love being able to continue my day without looking for an outlet or finding my power bank. The Batter Case is with me to charge my battery at a push of the button on the back of the Case. Just remember to hold the button 3 seconds to start the charging process. A momentary press of the button advises of the percent of charge available via the led indicator. One led = 25%, 2 = 50%, 3 = 75% and 4 = a full charge 100%
I should have purchased this Battery Case months ago. It makes my day much easier as far as my iPhone is concerned. The case seems well built and should protect my iPhone should I accidentally drop it.
The installation is pretty straight forward. There are only 2 pieces. A larger bottom and a smaller top. Separate them and slide the iPhone into the Battery Case and attach the top portion. Very easy to install or remove the iPhone. The iPhone and the Battery Case simultaneously charge when the lightning cable is attached. No need for separate charging of the devices.
I am very pleased and would recommend the Battery Case for iPhone

ZEROLEMON iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Case, Wireless Charge + Headphone Support 5000mAh SlimJuicer Portable Protective Case, Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5”/iPhone Xs Max 6.5” Review:

This battery case has a nice feel to it. This is doesn’t seem to slide out of my hand but it is not too “grippy” although it is a bit tough to just slide into you pocket.
This is a battery case so it definitely add some size to an already big phone. The case around the battery is 3/4” thick and the large area is 4 1/2” bottom to start of angle by just over 3 1/8” wide. These are just approximate numbers so you have a starting point.
Putting you phone into is easy as there are diagrams inside the case.
I will use this when I’ll be out camping & fishing for the day or a full trip where I’m watching videos or listening to music for extended periods.
As for the charging on wireless pad you just have to pay attention to where you put it down on the pad. I missed the “spot” a couple of times but still had plenty of power when it didn’t charge.
I have a built in phone holder in my truck but this case will not fit...well I won’t put it into the holder fearing it would crack the holder in my truck. I just leave it in the storage area as when plugged in it goes into CarPlay which I use over the Bluetooth connection. I didn’t think it would fit so that was an expected aspect of the case. I have other cases that are heavy duty ie drop rated that I don’t try to fit in the holder either.
Overall though I will use this when I need the extended battery or when in a different vehicle.
I have been in contact with ZeroLemon and the customer support has been very responsive as well.

Battery Case for iPhone X/XS, 4000mAh Portable Protective Charging Case Extended Rechargeable Battery Pack Charger Case Compatible with iPhone X/XS / 10 (5.8 inch) (Black) Review:

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 Very well made product. This battery case has 4000Amh which is awesome . The case itself is a silicon case with the inside protecting the back of iphone. Alot of battery cases make your phone heavy but this battery case because its silicon ; my phone is not heavy to carry around. When you run out of juice on phone press button on case and you are set to go. I will definitely purchase again. Thanks

Swaller Battery Case for iPhone X/Xs/10, 4100mAh Ultra Slim Portable Protective Charging Case Extended Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPhone X/Xs (5.8 Inch) (Black) Review:

I bought this as a backup to my certified Apple battery case. Turns out, this battery case is better by far. As a bonus, this costs less than half of the official battery case from Apple. Here are some things everyone should know about this great battery case:

1. This lasts longer than the Apple certified case by at least 1/3 more power provided.

2. This has pass-through charging which means it will charge the phone first and the case afterwards.

3. You can use the same charger for the phone for this case. Most others listed require a micro usb.

4. This case doesn’t add much weight to the phone. Yes, it will make it thicker and a bit heavier, but it isn’t significant. In fact, I can get a better grip on this phone because of the battery case.

The only drawback is that you have to push the button on the back in order to activate charging, but in hindsight, that should also be a plus as this will allow you to fully discharge the phone before you need it. Apple’s case charges constantly and taps the case before tapping into the phone’s battery.

Overall, I prefer this case to the Apple case as it is also more durable. After a few months, the Apple case started to form tears around the top.

Battery Case for iPhone 7/8, 4500mAh Portable Rechargeable Protective Charging Case Compatible with iPhone 7/8 (4.7 inch) Extended Battery Pack Charger Case (Black) Review:

 I had a previous version of this case where the top portion was held on with Magnets. While I like the color and the slim aspect of that case I found myself rummaging through my bag looking for that piece. This new and improved version, while thicker due to the longer battery, is much better. The rubber texture gives me a better grip on the phone. Since my hands are a little small, the case is a little thicker it’s a better comfort grip.

The other nice feature of these cases is that you use the same lightning cable that you use for your phone to charge the case. The only feature this does not have, and I have not experienced one that does, is that you are not able to charge the case and your phone at the same time. If the case is on your phone you are either charging your phone with the charge from the battery, or you are not charging your phone but charging the battery.

I don’t miss the case all the time, only when I know I’m going somewhere where I may not have the ability to charge. I typically don’t drain the battery completely so cannot attest to how long it takes to fully charge the phone

U-good Battery Case for iPhone 7/8, 3200mAh Ultra Slim Lightweight Portable Protective Charging Case for iPhone 8/7(4.7 inch) Rechargeable Extended Battery Pack Charger Case,Support Headphone-Black Review:

 surprisingly powerful for how slim it is. my phone is old and runs out of battery quick so this has been a life saver for me