Best Commercial Refill Sponges in 2020

Swiffer Wetjet Hardwood Mop Pad Refills for Floor Mopping and Cleaning, All Purpose Multi Surface Floor Cleaning Product, 24 Count Review:

After using a generic mop for many years, I switched to a swiffer wet jet. I finally understand the hype, it works a lot better at cleaning the floors. It came with a pack of disposable pads and well I quickly blew through those. After they were finished I started to buy ones at the dollar store because I decided that it didn’t matter. Well I was wrong. There’s actually a big difference.

Compared to the generic ones, these ones actually pick up dirt and dust. They also stick a lot better to the mop head. Just based on that I would say that they’re worth the extra money. Depending on where I’m cleaning I usually use a few sheets at a time. They just go in the trash afterwards so cleanup is minimal. A box comes with 24, which should be enough for several cleanups unless of course you live in a gigantic mansion that needs frequent mopping.

For big messes though (I’m talking about things like a cup of spilled coffee on the ground) I use something else. They’re called turbo pads and they’re basically microfiber pads that you can use with the wetjet. What I like about them is that they’re practically a cloth. In other words, you can use them to absorb a lot of liquid—much more than the disposable sheets. They have to be washed though so there’s an extra step. I think it’s worth it though. Otherwise you’d have to use a bunch of disposable sheets, I feel like that would be a waste when you can just use something else.

From what Ive noticed, you can get these swiffer refills for a lot cheaper on Amazon compared to in stores. Definitely take advantage of Prime membership if you have it. Nothing beats two day free shipping in my eyes! You can also get a small discount if you choose to subscribe for regular purchases.

Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Mop Pad Refills for Floor Mopping and Cleaning, All Purpose Multi Surface Floor Cleaning Product, 20 Count, 2 Pack Review:

I just received the Heavy Duty Swiffler Sweep pads today. They are GREAT!!!
I have one Pomeranian dog that sheds constantly along with 2 cats.
I also live by a major highway.
This is what I picked up with this one pad.
Do I sweep everyday? Come on, who does? I do every 3rd day unless something going on and do it daily.
I was a little surprised at the new pads. They advertise it as big and fluffy. Nope, they are not. But, they pick up at least twice the amount of dog dander then the regular brand.

Swiffer Wetjet Heavy Duty Mop Pad Refills for Floor Mopping and Cleaning, All Purpose Multi Surface Floor Cleaning Product, 20 Count (Packaging May Vary) Review:

I have 3 dogs that go in and out all day so I’m always finding dirty paw prints on the floor. I finally caved in and got a Swiffer WetJet and it did a good job of getting rid of them. The pads that it came with didn't last long at all though. Maybe I used too many? Anyways I ended up having to buy refills maybe a month in.

At the store, I saw that there were multiple kinds. The words “heavy duty” caught my eye so these were the ones that I eventually bought. They attach just as easily as the originals and have a pleasant lavender scent. The floor comes out nice and clean too…no more dirty paw prints. Since they’re thicker, I don’t have to use as many with each mopping session either, so I’m hoping that one box will last me longer.

I find that it’s best to use something reusable though if you’re dealing with big messes. I actually read that online in a review somewhere. So what I do is I alternate between these heavy duty pads and these microfiber ones that I got from Amazon. They work the same way, you put it on the bottom of the mop and they stick securely via velcro. Given the fact that they’re towel-like, they absorb a considerable amount of liquid so it's great for spills. That’s mainly what I use them for anyway.

What don’t I like about the heavy duty pads? The price maybe? For about $15, you only get 20 so you definitely don’t want to go all out when you’re mopping. Trust me, you’ll be tempted to change them often when you’re cleaning. I found out later however that Amazon actually sells it cheaper than in store and free 2 day shipping is nice too!

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Refill (Pack of 6) Review:

I raise and breed small housebound dogs which ocassionally have accidents in the house. I recently purchased three spinner mops with replaceable cleaning heads. However, the mops came with only one head. I ordered a package of O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Refill (Pack of 6). I got 6 heads as I have the a mop spinner with replaceable heads on all 3 floors of my house. You can get fewer or more at one time easily. Securing the replacements allows me to change out and wash the mop faces quickly. These mops wring the water out such that you can quickly pick up spills. If one gets dirty or in my case wears down from daily use, you can pop off the head and replace it in seconds. Deliver was quick and the items were well packaged. I would recommend the mop, the replaceable heads in an instance. Incidently these mop sets allow me to choose a cleaning product that is safe for my dogs and less expensive than the prepared liquids for the squirting mops.

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Refill Review:

Before we moved in our new house in AZ, we had the old carpeting and ceramic tile removed and replaced with porcelain tile. Then I tried to figure out how I was going to clean over 3,000 sq ft of tile each week. The Shark Steam Mop didn't cut it - too much square footage for this small appliance plus I found out that a steam mop would void the warranty on the grout sealer we used. I tried other various floor mops that either left the floor dirty or streaky or way too wet. The tile installer suggested one of those janitorial looking buckets on wheels with string mop from Home Depot but that seemed too big and bulky. Then I discovered the O-Cedar Wring Spin Mop and oh! what a difference! This is the best invention yet and works great on my tile floors. I change the water frequently but that's not hard to do. The mop head spins out just enough water so that floor dries quickly when I am done. The mop head comes off easily and I just throw it in the washer with the other cleaning rags. I just bought a refill head online because I could not find one in the store. I am very happy with this purchase and my floors look just great. Try it - I think you will like it!!

Microfiber Pros Reusable 18" Mop Pads – 3 Pack and Bonus Cloth - Commercial Grade 450 GSM Flat Replacement Heads for Wet Or Dry Floor Cleaning and Scrubbing Review:

I don't usually write reviews, especially not for something as mundane as mop heads, but I've ordered four sets of these over the last several months so I owe the company a review. The first set was for me to try out and I loved that I could drop them on the floor and connect them easily to my mop head with velcro. I then started cleaning a couple of houses a week so I bought another set for convenience. My cleaning friend liked them so much I bought a set for her. I just bought another set so I could clean my floors as well as the other two houses I clean without having to wash the mop heads in between. Now I can just wash them all once a week and everyone gets clean floors. I love that I can rinse them out instead of using dirty mop water, and then wash them in the washing machine. For efficiency, I rinse them all and put them in a bucket so I don't have to keep rinsing them out when it starts to get dry/dirty. The company also deserves a good review. They ship quickly, send helpful emails and directions for use/care, and included some nice microfiber cloths that are better quality than I can find in the store. I appreciate these mop heads and the company. They make cleaning much more pleasant.

Libman 2011 Nitty Gritty Roller Mop Refill Review:

I love this Roller Mop! I have two boys and 3 dogs and I need a mop that will get the job done. This Nitty Gritty Roller Mop makes mopping my floor a breeze. Again did I mention I have two boys? They are to the age where they can pour their own drinks and fix their own plates. With this comes spills that I may not know about till after the spill is dried up, sticky and hard to clean. This mop scrubs right through the mess. Downfall is sometimes when I use the leaver on the mop to squeeze the excess water out the sponge may come unattached but that is a easy fix. I love this mop!

Quickie 5555, Sponge, Automatic Mop- Blue - 442ZQK Review:

I have had this mop for over five years and it was very convenient and easy to use. The sponge part finally gave way and I tried to look for a new complete mop in the stores but couldn't find the exact one. I looked on amazon and actually found they had the replacement sponge part for the mop. Looking at the mop itself, it indicated replacement sponge for Mop Style S. I ordered three and was so excited as I'm back in business. Didn't have to throw away my mop for a new one but to only replace the sponge part. My reason for 4 stars is that the sponge has a kind of rougher (scrubbing) part on the outside which doesn't dry up the water as fast as the naked sponge would. Nevertheless, it scrubs and I can go over the area twice to dry up the water.

O-Cedar Triple Action Power Scrub Roller Mop Refill Review:

This fits on my old Vileda mop handle. It doesn't have the super scrub ridges or anything else that adds extra "scrub," but it does work well.

Other reviewers complain about it falling apart, so I've included a picture of the "wear and tear" after 1.5 years use. I've used it about every 6 weeks to mop the floors, but mostly I used it to thoroughly scrub my two shower stall walls about every 3 weeks (tile, tub, vinyl walls, and area around shower). I've also periodically used it to scrub down the porch. After this use it's just starting to crumble near the latch area. I'd say it's well worth the cost.