Best Laptop Batteries in 2022

Last update: January 16, 2023

Are all laptop battery same?

There are many different types of laptop batteries on the market. Some are made for specific laptop models, while others are more generic. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a laptop battery is compatibility. Make sure the battery you select is compatible with your particular laptop model. In terms of quality, some laptop batteries are better than others. Do your research to find a high-quality battery that will last.

At what percentage should I charge my laptop?

When it comes to laptops, the rule of thumb is to keep them charged between 40% and 80%. Anything below 40% and the battery will start to drain faster, and anything above 80% will cause the battery to degrade over time.

Can a laptop battery be replaced?

Yes, a laptop battery can be replaced. Depending on the make and model of your laptop, you may be able to do it yourself or you may need to take it to a professional. Replacing a laptop battery is generally not a difficult task, but it is important to make sure that you get the right battery for your laptop.

How do I check the health of my laptop battery?

The health of your laptop battery can be checked in the 'Power' options in the Windows Control Panel. In the 'Battery usage by app' section, you can see how much power each app is using. To get to the Control Panel, type 'control panel' into the Windows search bar and click on the 'Control Panel' icon that appears. In the 'Power Options' window, click on the 'Show additional plans' drop-down menu and select the 'High performance' option. Under the 'Battery usage by app' section, you can

CPY Laptop Battery M5Y1K (14.8V 40wh 2600mah) for Dell Inspiron 3451 3551 3567 5551 5555 5558 5559 5758 5759 Vostro 3458 3459 3468 3558 Inspiron 14 15 3000 Series Review:

SUPER quick shipment! The replacement battery had a 42% charge when I inserted it, but it wasn't charging. I discovered this answer on other sources. So I did the following: Put the laptop to sleep. Take the laptop's battery and AC adapter out. For one minute, press and hold the power button. without the battery, connect the AC adapter. activate the computer. Expand the battery entry in Device Manager, click the right arrow, and select Uninstall ACP/compliant control method battery from the menu. Wait a while, then turn the laptop off. Reconnect the battery after unplugging the AC adapter. Launch the computer. Wait a short while. Restarting the laptop's shutdown while the laptop's battery is still inside, insert the AC adapter. Launch the computer. Some folks may benefit from this.

Spare 807957-001 807956-001 807612-421 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-LB6V HS04 HS03 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 15-ac130ds 15-af087nw 15-af093ng, HP 240 G4/ 245 G4/ 250 G4/ 255 G4/ 256 G4, 14.8V 2600MAH Review:

I needed a battery for my HP laptop, part number 807957-001. I couldn't find it at Staples, where I had previously purchased it. I bought this one on Amazon and saved over $45 after reading the information on the HP website. The battery has my part number displayed and is the same. Even after 10 days, it still keeps a charge well, which surprised me. I'm delighted there are alternatives like this available. Simply contact the manufacturer of your laptop to find your part number.

Sony CR2025 Lithium Battery (10 Pack) Review:

is compatible with TILE Mate model T301. The Sony CR2025 3V worked as a stand-in for the original Maxell battery after it ran out of power (about 6 months use on my primary set of keys). The batteries were delivered on schedule. They came packaged by Sony and were marked "Use By 2026." Although there are YouTube tutorials that illustrate how, opening the Tile is not simple. You may slowly pry it open instead of having to cut it open. I began by separating the two halves with a paring knife (while wearing a cut-resistant glove) and then with a butter knife. Never point a knife edge AT someone else! Because Tile applies a dab of incredibly sticky adhesive to the original battery, battery removal presents a second challenge. But after you switch out the battery and reassemble the Tile casing, everything will function as it should. I have extra Sony batteries for future Tile replacements thanks to the pack's low price of $10. good purchase

DTK New Laptop Battery for Dell Inspiron 3420 3520 N5110 N5010 N4110 N4010 N5040 N5050 N7110 N3010 M5110 M4110 M501 M503, Fits P/n J1knd 4t7jn [6-Cell 5200mah/49wh] Review:

The Dell Inspiron 3520 that I own. Early to mid 2015, I received it as a hand-me-down, and I currently use it as my daily vehicle. It's a fantastic thing. I upgraded it with an extra 4GB RAM stick for a total of 8GB, a third-generation Intel Core i5 2.7GHz processor, and a 500GB SSD (from a 320GB, painfully slow mechanical disk) (up from the included dual-core, 2nd-gen Celeron 1.7GHZ with Intel HD "unnumbered" graphics). Since I'm in a robotics team, the laptop is practically bulletproof, which is fantastic (i have a small scratch in my screen from an arm on the robot :).According to Amazon, I purchased this battery on June 14, 2017. Since I have a script that automatically downloads and re-compiles SuperTuxKart when a new commit has been made to the repository, this would happen quite frequently, resulting in me running (often literally) to plug into a power cord. The battery I had at the time would die in a matter of minutes if my CPU kicked up to full.This problem was fixed with the replacement battery, which also greatly extended my battery life. It was wonderful to have a strong battery. I frequently didn't need to plug my computer in to utilize it for the whole of a robotics conference! It operated perfectly up until a month or two ago, when my PC started to lose power at random. The battery still indicated a healthy percentage, yet the device abruptly stopped functioning—not even while sleeping or shutting off. This repeated itself a few more times, each time with a good % but abrupt power loss. I believe the cells are still functional, but the circuitry is no longer able to maintain power supply when the power need rises.Overall, if you need a new battery for one of the Dall laptops that uses this type, I would absolutely recommend this, but be prepared to replace it when it starts to malfunction. Given that the problem is most likely a circuitry issue, hopefully my next one won't need to be replaced for as long, but who knows. Since OEM batteries, if you can even get them, have likely been sitting on a shelf decaying for 5 years, the truth is that this is probably about as good as batteries come.Perhaps one day I'll open the battery up and swap the circuit board with one from an outdated OEM battery that works well but has terrible battery life to see if I can extend its life.

E EGOWAY New Replacement Laptop Battery for MacBook Air 13 inch A1466 A1369 (2017, Early 2015, Early 2014, Mid 2013, Mid 2012, Mid 2011 and Late 2010 Version), fits A1377 A1405 A1496 Review:

appears to be able to hold a charge, but time will tell. When there is no power, there is no drainage. The diagram below shows that I have only switched the power on and off four times. I'm content so far with continuing to use my 13-inch Macbook Air from mid-2012.Battery Specifications:Model Specifications:C01514XXXXXXXMA4 is the serial number.EGOWAY is the manufacturer of device A1405.3230 PCB is the pack lot code. Lot Number 3038.Version 2d30 of the firmware352d Hardware Revision3239 Cell RevisionCharge Specifications:mAh of charge left: 6738Not fully chargedNo Full Charge While Charging 7333mAh is the capacity.Health-related details:4 cycles totalCondition: StandardInstalled Battery: YesAmperage: 1236 milliampsvoltage: 7989 mV

A1322 New Laptop Battery Compatible with MacBook Pro 13'' A1322 A1278 (Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011, Late 2011, Mid 2012) Series, fit MB990LL/A MB991LL/A MC375LL/A MD314LL/A MC724LL/A Review:

My 2009 MacBook Pro wouldn't turn on, and because Apple no longer changes batteries for this model because it's so old (believe me, I'm not complaining), I was considering having to replace it. But before I took the jump, I chose to give one more thing a try. I purchased this battery that included the required tools after discovering a website with replacement battery instructions. It was really simple to understand. I used a work computer so I wasn't troubled until that wasn't an option, even though my computer hadn't worked for at least 6 months prior. It still functions flawlessly, charges quickly, and lasts just as long as the original battery did when I first got it—well over a month later. If you're in the same boat as me and suspect your battery is officially dead but aren't ready or don't have the money to buy a new laptop, I would definitely advise doing this. Until I eventually had to replace it, it saved me a lot of money.

Notebook Battery HS04 HS03 for HP 240 245 246 250 256 G4, HP Notebook 14 15, HP 807956-001 807957-001 807612-421 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-LB6V N2L85AA 807611-421 807611-131 HS04041-CL (AC Doctor INC) Review:

My laptop is four years old. After opening my bank account, beginning college, and landing a real job, I made my first significant purchase ever. I bought this laptop as my first significant adult purchase, and I've used it for EVERYTHING. Although I was renowned for smashing my laptops as a child, contracting viruses, and generally doing all in my ability to trash my possessions, I was quite cautious when handling my laptop.The battery then gave out on me. I was quite fortunate to discover this battery, as it appeared out of nowhere just before the new semester began. After working so hard to take care of my laptop, I did not want to purchase a brand-new one. My battery and life were both saved by this new part. I no longer have to use my laptop while it is connected to the power source. It was like brand new again. It was quite simple to pop into place and has a long lifespan.Since I purchased it a year ago, my laptop has improved significantly.

Replacement Battery for HP Spare 593553-001, HP Compaq Presario CQ32 CQ42 CQ43, HP Pavilion dm4 g4 g6 g7 DV3-4000 DV5-2000 DV6-3000 DV7-6000, COMPAQ 435 436, fits HP MU06 (General Battery) Review:

I've only had this battery for approximately two and a half months, and I've only successfully used it a handful of times in that time. Only if I remove the battery will the computer switch on while the battery is still inside. When I plug it in and turn it on without a battery, it shows that it is completely charged and operates for a few hours, but the battery is damaged. I require a replacement or a refund as soon as possible.UPDATE: The battery no longer maintains a charge, and the laptop dies as soon as it is unplugged even if I turn it on without the battery and add it afterwards. It is now completely worthless.Second Update: I was able to contact the seller at last, and they answered right away and delivered a replacement battery. When something goes wrong, the seller's response is just as crucial as the goods sold, and they did it admirably.

SLE 14.8V 40WH M5Y1k Battery for Dell Inspiron 3451 3551 5558 5758 M5Y1K Vostro 3458 3558 Inspiron 14 15 3000 Series Review:

It fits in my Dell laptop and the laptop has no trouble identifying it and charging it. should expect a battery life of 4-5 hours.Since it doesn't specify "cells created in Korea" and the markings on the battery change considerably from the picture on the product page, I'm only giving it four stars. It simply says "manufactured in China" instead. Although it doesn't ruin the deal in my opinion, I'm nevertheless concerned that the wording differs from the image.Additionally, it was challenging to fit the battery in the correct location in the first place, and I briefly questioned whether it would function. I managed to make it fit somehow.

Spare 776622-001 Battery for HP LA04 728460-001 752237-001 15-1272WM - High Performance New Review:

The fit is the only aspect of it that I haven't yet found to be satisfactory. The laptop is functional, and the battery is charging; additionally, the charge lasts for several hours. The fit, however, is not flush. I'm worried that the battery will eventually fail. It is difficult to lock in place. Neither of the two releases latches onto it. When I replace the original with the new one, there are no issues; nevertheless, I have to exert effort to get the new one to go in and be secured. It only has a tiny size or gap issue, and with the help of an emery board, some sandpaper, or a small file, I'm confident I can get it to fit perfectly. Other than that, there are no problems. Fast charging, timely shipping, and reasonable price.

How do I know if my laptop battery needs replacing?

If you notice that your laptop isn't holding a charge like it used to, it's probably time for a new battery. You can test this by unplugging your laptop and seeing how long it lasts on battery power. If it only lasts for a few minutes, it's time for a new one.

How do I know what kind of battery I need?

If you're unsure about what kind of battery you need, the best thing to do is consult your vehicle's owner’s manual. It will have all the information you need in order to select the right battery for your car. You can also ask an auto parts store employee for help.

How do I prolong the life of my laptop battery?

How long do laptops batteries last?

Laptop batteries typically last between two and five years. The lifespan of a battery depends on several factors, including the type of battery, the quality of the battery, how often it is used, and how it is stored. With proper care, a laptop battery can last for several years.

How many times should I charge my laptop in a day?

It's generally best to keep your laptop battery between 40% and 80% charged. So, if you know you won't be using your laptop for a while, it's a good idea to charge it to around 80%. If you're regularly using your laptop throughout the day, you can keep it plugged in and topped off.

How much is a new laptop battery?

How much is a new laptop battery? This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the make and model of your laptop. Generally, you can expect to pay between $50 and $100 for a new laptop battery. Sometimes, you may be able to find a cheaper replacement battery on eBay or another online marketplace.