Best Laptop Hard Shell Cases in 2020

iBenzer Macbook Air 13 Inch Case 2019 2018 Release New Version A1932, Soft Touch Hard Case Shell Cover for Apple MacBook Air 13 Retina with Touch ID, Crystal Clear, MMA-T13CYCL Review:

I just bought my new air because my pro fail and did not use with cover.
This cover looks great with space grey. I want to see the original color of my mac.
That is why I choose Crystal Clear which does not look bad and keep your air in protection mode all the time.
It is very easy to install and uninstall, but at same time keep on you mac.
It also come with extra four feet for the bottom to replace, which is excellent idea.
Great cover!!

MOSISO MacBook Pro 13 inch Case 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release A2159 A1989 A1706 A1708, Plastic Flower Pattern Hard Case&Keyboard Cover&Screen Protector Compatible with MacBook Pro 13, Peony Black Base Review:

I'll be honest, I was skeptical about this case. I was worried it was going to look cheap and likely pixelated so I was fully prepared to return it. Pleasantly surprised does not even begin to say how happy I am with this purchase! LOVE the case, it's classy, the flowers are very clear and the case is a touch on the transparent side so you can still see the Apple logo, which I like. This also came with a screen protector (a bonus since I really only wanted the case) - I'm not a pro at sticking the screen protector so the fingerprint in the corner is totally my own fault. The protector fit perfectly though and even has a little cutout for the camera. The other bonus was the keyboard cover...which I'm still trying to decide if I'm a fan of or not. The flower detail makes it a little difficult to see the keys (not a problem as long as you're familiar with your keyboard) and I've never used a keyboard protector in the past because I'm not crazy about the extra thickness of the silicone. The only reason I didn't let the keyboard cover affect my review is because I considered it another "bonus item" with the case. It also came with a 4 extra cushion pads for the bottom cover (nice because my last case lost all of its "feet" and would slip around everywhere). All in all, 10/10 would buy again even if it was just the case. It's a great value and, because of that, even if the case isn't terribly durable, I feel confident I'll get my money's worth out of it.

Kuzy - MacBook Air 13 inch Case 2019 2018 Release A1932, Soft Touch (Newest Version) Hard Shell Cover for 13 inch MacBook Air Case with Retina Display Touch ID - Black Review:

I needed a case for my MacBook Air and this gets the job done!

It has a smooth finish that feels a bit more secure to hold in your hand vs other textured/slippery finishes. Both pieces snapped on and off just fine with little effort. It’s also see thru so you have full view of the Apple logo, (I have the Space Gray Macbook Air) even with the black color on.

The black isn’t as dark as pictured, it’s really more of a dark gray. I’m still happy with the color though.

The bottom piece (keyboard) hooks onto four places, that’s to the left and right speakers, and two places below the trackpad. It doesn’t hook over any of the corners if you’re worried about that. Although, it doesn’t feel loose at all. It’s a pretty snug fit. It might still provide some protection, but I’m not too sure about a fall to the ground. There are also “ventilation” cut outs on the underside so it’s not completely encased.

The top cover on the other hand hooks onto four places as well. There are two clips/notches at the top of your screen, which by the way do NOT touch the actual screen. They sit directly over the aluminum housing. It does not hook over the top corners and onto the screen (as far as I tried, but I don’t want to force it.)
The other two places that clip/hook over are the bottom corners of your screen.

Most importantly, it goes back past the 90 degrees. I'm not sure what happened with that one review, but mine goes back as far the MacBook can go.
I think this was most important to me (and probably to millions of other people) when looking for a cover.

As a nice surprise, the name isn’t stamped or etched any where on the cover too. That’s another huge plus!

I’m very happy with this!

MOSISO MacBook Air 13 inch Case 2019 2018 Release A1932 with Retina Display, Plastic Pattern Hard Shell & Keyboard Cover & Screen Protector Only Compatible with MacBook Air 13, Peony Blossom Review:

These cases work just as well as the name brands in the store. This is the second case I have purchased from this manufacturer. I purchased one a couple years ago for my Macbook Pro. and just needed to purchase a new one for my newly purchased Air.... the stores didnt even sell any cases for the newly released air... I was so happy to see this case on Amazon. I purchased the "Peony" colorway and it looks just like the picture online. I had a white case with red and white roses last for my Pro, and this made the transition to a new laptop a little easier, to have something pretty on the outside. The only downside I give them, is not offering the old colors from the Pro, I appreciate new options, but for those in love with our old cases, we are unable to get them in our newer models. I have in the past gotten so many compliments on my old case, and then when I refer friends to the link to purchase, they always tell me its not available for their model of Macbook, so its definitely worth the company looking into, to make more money, by offering the prints to more models.

Kuzy - MacBook Pro 15 inch Case 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release A1990 A1707, Hard Plastic Shell Cover for Newest MacBook Pro 15 case with Touch Bar Soft Touch - Black Review:

Just received the gray hardshell case today for my space gray macbook pro 15" with touchbar and am definitely happy. Installing the product was pretty easy - once you hear a small click/snap sound you're all good. Others have talked about the bottom piece not encasing the entire bottom but I don't mind it. It allows the lid to prop up without a problem and gives ample breathing room. Closing the laptop isn't a problem either. My only issue is how easy it is to leave finger prints on the matte case. I think another reviewer also mentioned that their case didn't have a "Kuzy" print on the top cover as some others may have - mine didn't either (which I am actually really thankful for). Otherwise - so far so good. Also- I'm using a palm protector cover from UPPER CASE and the hardcase doesn't hit it.

ProCase MacBook Pro 13 Case 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release A2159 A1989 A1706 A1708, Hard Case Shell Cover and Keyboard Skin Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch with/Without Touch Bar and Touch ID –Black Review:

It's a nice, matte case-- just what I was looking for. It does retain fingerprints and other marks really easily, so be prepared to wipe it a lot. This case iS NOT PROTECTIVE, it's just to keep your laptop from getting scratches and nicks! So if you're looking for a heavy impact, shock absorbing laptop armor, this is not for you! This case is very lightweight and slim (so slim that I was afraid it would be broken when it came as the packaging was literally just shrink wrap).

The case was easy to put on (be careful though, you don't want to scratch your laptop), and the keyboard cover is nice. Others have said that the keyboard cover has made typing harder, but personally I think it made it easier because 1. it made the keys a little thicker/ higher from the laptop, and 2. it's added a little grip to the keys (I have dry and smooth hands so they don't have much grip, everything just slips)! It has actually stayed in place pretty well (adheres nicely; I included a picture of it sticking to the paper instructions. Don't worry, it sticks like a plastic window decoration, NOT like a sticker).

Also, some pictures may look like the laptop case is wet; it is. I got annoyed of the smudges on the inside of the case, so I tried to wash it off with soap.

Heads up: the case does NOT cover the back hinges. I ordered knowing that because I wanted to still be able to open my macbook all the way back! Also, the "Procase" logo is not raised; it's just painted on so I feel like it'll end up rubbing off or something.

UPDATE 06/04/18: The case hasn't broken yet, and I pretty much just slip my laptop into my backpack's lightly padded laptop compartment so it's held up pretty well! However, because I don't usually use a laptop sleeve, any small debris will settle in the tiny gaps between the case and the laptop. Make sure to take the case off (carefully, so as to not damage the case or the laptop) every few months to wipe out the case, because the debris buildup could scratch the laptop.

MOSISO MacBook Air 13 inch Case 2019 2018 Release A1932 with Retina Display, Plastic Hard Shell & Keyboard Cover & Screen Protector & Storage Bag Compatible with MacBook Air 13, Crystal Clear Review:

I purchased the clear case for my MacBook Air 2018 as a reasonable choice for an expensive computer that I travel often with. I didn't want many frills but needed the basics. I purchased this for ~$13 and it included the 3 products with extras as advertised. After setting up the kit, I was impressed because the case provided no distractions; it's almost as if it wasn't there and preserves the minimalist soul of my MacBook Air. This clear case was a perfect fit for both the body and the aesthetic and I highly recommend this affordable product.

One important downside to this case that may not affect everyone is that it will make attached USB C hubs incompatible. These hubs are not the popular dongles. The affected hubs use both USB C ports and need to fit perfectly against them. The case provides a recess for the USB C ports but the added thickness to the sides mean these USB C hubs can't fit.

I'll drill down into the products in this kit for more details.

- Clear Plastic Hard Shell :

The outer shell was clear as advertised and the finish of the plastic is very glossy. This works well with the gold color of my MacBook to add to the feeling of a shiny gold toy. One of the main reasons why I bought a MacBook Air 2018 was because I wanted a computer that's fun to use. Outside of the drudgery of work and school, it's important to me that such an expensive product can be seen as something I would want to use not just have to use. I was picky with the cases because I didn't want to lose the cool factor but after installing it, the glossy gold makes it seem even more cool. The installation was simple and it snaps in place fairly intuitively without the need to read the instructions. A downside to the case is the weight it adds. The weight of the plastic speaks to the quality but for people looking for the convenience of the light laptop experience that the MacBook Air offers, this case might add an uncomfortable amount of weight. It's not an issue personally but keep this in mind. As mentioned earlier, this case also adds thickness to the laptop which may make some USB C hubs incompatible but it doesn't affect the dongles that extend with a wire.

- Screen Protector

For those familiar with plastic phone screen covers, this is the same concept. It's going to be difficult if you're not good with applying plastic screen covers or have never done something like it before. It's more difficult than a phone screen because it's more than 4 times the size. With the right preparation and practice, it turned out well with some bubbles here and there that are noticeable only under a certain light. I might be better at applying these things than the average person so please ask a family member or friend if you're not confident. I started out by first wiping the screen with electronic wipes which were not included. Please note that water or regular Windex will destroy the screen so research the proper way to clean the screen. Afterwards, I thoroughly wiped the screen with the microfiber cloth that was included. I recommend putting the screen laying up towards you on a table in direct light so you can see any imperfections. Once any dust or other particles were gone, I pulled half of the adhesive cover down and applied the screen protector from the top down using the included squeegee to push out air bubbles. I would remove the rest of the adhesive cover as I went down. While there were air bubbles, most of them get smaller or go away once the adhesive settles. The MacBook Air has a Retina display so I was a little concerned by how it would affect things but there's no perceivable difference from before and after. Overall, the screen protector does its job and anything more would be extra. It's not more glossy or more matte than without the screen protector.

- Keyboard Cover

The keyboard cover is translucent and matte. Just as the hard shell, it's simple to install without the need for instructions. The plastic is flexible and stretchy such that it might be able to survive hundreds of thousands of key strokes. The cover cuts out the Touch ID key so you can still use it. They added more tactile features to the F and J keys to make typing easier. I prefer it because I use many different keyboards so it helps me calibrate my typing easier. As with the rest of the products included, it provides everything you need and nothing you don't.

- Extras

The extras included the microfiber cloth that I used to apply the screen protector, a small storage bag tied by string, and some extra surface nubs outside from the ones included.

MOSISO MacBook Pro 13 inch Case 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release A2159 A1989 A1706 A1708, Plastic Hard Shell Cover & Screen Protector Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 with/Without Touch Bar, Crystal Clear Review:

This was all I expected! I was a bit worried because I've purchased other cases for my computer and they've always been bulky and not the color I expected. For the first time, this was a perfect computer case. It's SO THIN TOO. As an owner of the Macbook 2016 with touch bar, I loved how thin and sleek it is and wanted a case that preserved that look and this one did. I also hate pink but I love pastel pink. (It's weird, I know). Thus, I was very hesitant in buying this case but it was the perfect shade of pastel pink! Just as pictured if you look at the other reviews. Also, it clips on perfectly to your computer. When clipping it on, you're going to have to press a bit hard on the bottom but it snaps right in. (Also a problem I've had with other cases. They always come off). The screen protector was a plus. I put that on as well and it's nice knowing my screen isn't getting dirty. If you look at the other pictures, the bottom case has four little white rubber circles to keep the computer from slipping. My order came with 4 extra ones!! MUCH APPRECIATED. That also always tends to come off and I hated having to go out of my way to replace them.

Just an FYI for those who want the apple to be shown: you don't see it at all. It's like a Matte case. So, if you want the apple to be shown, don't get those but they have other options that do show the apple. I didn't mind the apple showing or not, so I chose this one.

I want to try the other colors so definitely will repurchase. Thanks Mosiso!!

MOSISO MacBook Pro 13 inch Case 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release A2159 A1989 A1706 A1708, Plastic Hard Shell Cover & Screen Protector Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 with/Without Touch Bar, Black Review:

This case is great, although it is not going to fully protect your laptop from falls or things like that, but it does a great job of protecting from scratches. It comes with little silicone feet that go under the keyboard side which helps keep my laptop from sliding all over the place. It is rather sleek and seamless, which I really like because it is not bulky.

The one negative thing I will say, is that since mine comes in and out of my backpack so often it is starting to leave black streaks from where the fabric in my backpack is rubbing against it. I've had this case for only about 5 months. I put stickers all over the cover so it is not as noticeable, but if you were planning on getting a plain color and not putting stickers or anything on the case, you may want to think about that.

Overall, its great for my computer and I really enjoy it. The price also can't be beat, when comparing to similar laptop cases in the stores.

MOSISO MacBook Pro 13 inch Case 2019 2018 2017 2016 Release A2159 A1989 A1706 A1708, Plastic Hard Shell &Keyboard Cover &Screen Protector &Storage Bag Compatible with MacBook Pro 13, Black Review:

I bought this for my MacBook Pro 13inch 2018 with Touch bar and Touch ID. I'll start with the case.

The case for the MacBook is very sleek. It barely adds any bulk to the laptop. Looks and feels great. Of course this case is not going to protect your laptop completely from drops/falls. It will however, protect it from scratches to the outside on the top and bottom of the computer. The finish feels like a matte silicon. Kinda has a slight rubber feel but not as grippy, if that makes sense. That's the best I can describe it. I really like that better than just a regular plastic cover because that would probably be more slippery when holding the laptop or even when its on my lap. Silicon tends to grip skin/clothes better than plastic. But don't worry, this is not one of those soft rubber silicon skins either. It is still a hard shell just with a silicon finish to it.

Next is keyboard cover. I really wasn't planning on using this thing as I felt how in the world is this not going to slip off the keyboard since the keys are almost flush to the computer itself? There is hardly anything for the cover to grip on to. However, I found it to be pretty good. It stays on very well as it almost has a sort of sticky rubber feeling on the bottom and a perfect indentation for each key to help keep it in place. It also helps to keep dust and spills out which is definitely a good thing. There isn't too much of a difference in feel when typing other than the keys feeling more grippy, however, it does take some time getting used to as there is a bit more restriction on the fingers when pressing the keys. Very subtle though.

The little sack bag that comes with it to carry some of your accessories is very nice and feels like pretty good quality. I'll probably fit my charger adapter and USB-C cable in there with no problems. Nothing really more to say about that. It works!

Then finally the worst part about this product, the screen protector. As far as how it looks and the ease of installation, I would have given this a 5 star rating. It doesn't affect the clarity of the screen in anyway. In fact I can't even tell that a screen protector is on this laptop. It's just as glossy as the display itself so you can't even tell its there. Just make sure you follow the traditional method of applying screen protectors as dust will create bubbles so you may need to use extra tape to remove these dust particles if you want a perfect installation. The bad thing about my experience is that I guess my screen protector came in slightly bent on 2 corners. So after I applied it, there are now 2 corners on the left that won't go flush with the screen. I can imagine that over time, dust particles will collect under it and make it more and more noticeable. Possibly even having to remove the whole thing later if it gets worse.

All in all, I would highly recommend this product. I probably just got a bad screen protector so in no way does that mean the product is bad, maybe just needs to be handled better when packing it for shipping. Hopefully yours will be ok. If it wasn't for that I would have given this a 5 star rating. It really is a great product and I am really glad I bought it. Hope this review helps you.