Best Job Site & Security Lighting in 2022

Last update: January 6, 2023

PowerSmith PWL110S 1080 Lumen LED Work Light Stand and Large Adjustable Metal Hook, Compact, Green Review:

I found the "Power Smith" LED Work Light when hunting for a tiny, portable "plug-in" work light. Its 1080 Lumens of 5000K white light, which are modest but potent, will brighten any space. It features a 5 foot heavy duty 3 prong wire with a "sealed" push button on / off switch, although I'd like a toggle switch. It may be utilized in any situation where you require an immediate bright light. I appreciate the all-metal design, the 360° tilting head that can be adjusted to place the light precisely where it is needed, and the adjustable huge metal hook that can be used to hang the light where it is most needed. The fact is that this uses the new "COB" technology and produces light that is far superior to that of conventional tungsten lights. These 14 tiny chips, which are mounted on a board, emit a brilliant light through a weatherproof enclosure while drawing only "10 watts" of power.

DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light, Hand Held, Tool Only (DCL050) Review:

I enjoy this light a lot. I work in the HVAC industry, and this lamp provides adequate illumination where it is needed. The best thing is that there is no cable. I enjoy how the head can turn backward. It was put to use a few days ago when I changed the ducting in a home with a very low roof. On a 2 amp hour battery, it operated for around three hours. I've also used it to replace the blower motor in an attic unit's other component. I'll bring this with me if I know I'll be spending a lot of time in an attic or under a house. I always keep my headlamp on, but it makes sense to have more light.The fit and feel of the light reminds me a lot of my XR 20v impact driver, and it seems to be quite durable. Two brightness levels are available, which aids in extending battery life. Moreover, the pop-out rafter hanger is a really excellent addition. The semi-wide beam angle is good; it suits my needs perfectly. This is a great alternative to a corded work lamp and a smaller Dewalt spot light if you work in the HVAC industry or simply need a nice work light.The lamp part articulating would have been the only improvement. In this manner, the unit could be folded over and the LED part could be rotated 90 degrees. Once more, I have nothing negative to say about this light at this time. I'm happy to have it and it works extremely well.

WARSUN Portable LED Rechargeable Work Light,Magnetic Base & Hanging Hook, 30W 1200Lumens Super Bright, 5000K, for Car Repairing, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Fishing, Hurricane, Yellow Review:

Well, there has been a lot written on these, so I won't go over territory that has already been covered. Excellent light output that roughly matches a 75W incandescent lamp. This device provides enough light in a completely dark space for you to read, work on a project, or pretty much do everything you would typically do in a room with one light source. Since they are so bright, I've discovered that they function best when they are set flat on a surface ABOVE eye level, allowing the light to reflect off the ceiling and illuminate more of the space. Because it is not blue (as cheap "white" LEDs frequently are), but rather more like "daylight," the 5000*K color temperature is probably true.In my tests, I gave the devices a full charge (I have two). I chose to conduct parallel 5-hour tests instead of fully discharging the batteries because certain batteries don't like that and even though Li-Ion batteries typically don't mind that, I'm not sure if there are any protections built into the charging and discharge circuits. Both were put on high after a full charge and left facing up for five hours. Even though light output did somewhat decrease during the first hour of the test—it was still very bright, but just enough that you could now discern the 12 individual LEDs inside the COB array—it stayed rather constant for the following four hours of the five-hour experiment. At the conclusion of the fifth hour, both appeared to be at the same brightness and were still quite bright and useful.I then charged both of them using a USB that could give up to 2.1A to each unit (I think the electronics in the unit limits draw to 1-1.5A because the majority of computer USBs have a 1.5A (@ 5 volts) rating). MY goal was to make sure that the supply wasn't the limiting element. As a result, after 5 hours on high, one unit completely recharged in just under 6.5 hours and the other in almost 7.25 hours. I'm not sure why the charging times varied given the starting points for both were the same, and any charge-control circuitry in the lights (if any; I haven't taken them apart) would also be the same. It's possible that either the Li-Ion batteries or the charge-control components vary, or perhaps a combination of the two. In any case, even if it may appear like charging times take a while, this is to be expected as the USB charge rate is limited (and the device may guarantee it), but the light's drawdown rate can be higher and most definitely is. Therefore, I do not consider that to be a disadvantage in this price range because faster charging would necessitate the use of an external power source other than USB and could potentially reduce battery life without the use of an advanced charge controller and/or parallel charging (for instance, as in some pricey high-voltage Li-Ion power tool batteries), both of which would increase costs and do away with the convenience of USB charging.The findings of the test I did the next day were nearly identical, which is, in my opinion, a very good sign.Because I intended to utilize these lights as power outage standby units, I subsequently contacted the company with some inquiries. I wanted to keep these fully charged and ready to use because we live in a remote region and get frequent long outages (2–3 hours or longer) and "fried squirrel" brief outages. My initial inquiries to Warsun were as follows: 1) Will it be harmful to leave these plugged in after the green light turns on or will it affect battery life? and 2) If not, how long will these units maintain a full charge? (so I can be sure to still have 4 hours, or so, run time on hand for an outage).Their response to the first was that leaving it plugged in after it has finished charging will actually shorten the battery life. The fact that most Li-Ion chargers immediately turn off when batteries are fully charged to prevent decreased life tells me that the charge control circuit is either extremely basic or nonexistent (virtually every Li-ion power tool does this along with high-speed parallel multi-cell charging). It was useful to know this! They won't stay plugged in indefinitely. But even though these batteries are soldered into the machines, as one reviewer pointed out, 18650 Li-Ion battery packs are widely available online. The longer they last, though, the better.This raises the second query of how long these devices will continue to function at full charge after being disconnected. For reference, the majority of Li-Ion tool battery packs that detach once completely charged (so you can leave the battery in the charger or remove it, it makes no difference) say that they will hold their charge for one year, and I have found that this is accurate in my 40V Li-Ion trimmers. A battery that has been sitting for a year and one that has just been charged have roughly the same runtime. Warsun did not respond to that portion of my query, so I followed up via email (via Amazon messaging), and the response was only the title of the Amazon listing and a request for feedback, i.e., no response at all.Because Li-Ion batteries have a lengthy shelf life, my assumption is that they will maintain a charge for a considerable amount of time, albeit the exact duration is unknown. Because of this, I will wait about two months (unfortunately, that is the longest period without a power outage and the time when I would probably recharge these units after use) and then test them again to see if they can still run for 5 hours and produce a similar amount of light, as well as how long it takes for them to recharge. I'll make an effort to remember to update this review then. (See below for 4-2-2019 Update)Okay, let's continue. I think these units are a great deal overall. Although I find it difficult to believe that two 18650 Li-Ion batteries can produce the claimed 30W for five hours, I'm happy with that because it's light output that matters, not declared 'wattage.' They are probably closer to 10 watts, which is a lot of light for COB LEDs.The flip-out stand and the flip-hook and screw eyelet are both usable in terms of usage. The magnet is fantastic—quite strong—and makes it simple to keep these devices around (consider placing one on the side of a microwave or refrigerator with a plug-in USB charger nearby), as well as for usage under a car's hood or anywhere else that has adequate metal surfaces. They appear to be well-made and have a sturdy rubber border that appears to be adequate drop protection. I dropped one of them onto a vinyl floor from around 3.5 feet away and it sustained no damage.What would genuinely make them superior? 1) A charging circuit that controls the charging process and, once the batteries are fully charged, shuts down (disconnects) the batteries from additional charge current so that you can plug them in to charge and leave them alone once the green light turns on Almost all Li-Ion tool batteries function in this way. A third cell with parallel charging would also be fantastic—it would only take a third as long! By the way, the red and green charging lights are clearly visible because they shine inside the units and illuminate a portion of the housing rather than using an external light. Compared to an external light, this is good because it is both simpler to see and less bothersome at night. If a more sophisticated charge controller is too expensive, an alternative would be a basic switch that isolates the 5 volt USB input. Overall, and especially for this price range, I give that 5 stars.—-

Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work Light (400W Equivalent), 2 Brightness Levels, Waterproof Portable Flood Lights, 16ft/5M Cord with Plug, Stand Working Lights for Construction Site, 6000K Daylight White Review:

With a few small flaws, this is a good worklight:1. The light can swivel a little on the base since the handscrew holding it to the base never snugs up enough for my taste.2. The switch has a slight current leak, which is visible because the LEDs barely turn off when the switch is in the off position.It's a decent worklight despite these tiny flaws.The U-shaped frame bent out of shape, which you would expect, and the light became rather dim, which you would not expect, since my first light fell about three feet into the linoleum.UStellar genuinely seems to care about producing high-quality goods, and it is obvious that they desire to have happy consumers. They were extremely pro-active and concerned with making sure I was a satisfied customer. They sent me a replacement light for the one that fell and turned dim.The replacement light is essentially identical to the old one. The long cable is nice, and it's bright. Although I don't especially like the frame/base combination, it functions enough.Similar to the first light, there is still some current leakage via the switch on this one. When the switch is in the off position, the LEDs continue to be dimly lighted.Overall, a very good light for the money, produced by a business that stands behind its goods and goes to great lengths to assure customer pleasure. Without a doubt, I'd think about getting another.

Hallomall [15W 24LED] Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights, Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (with USB Ports to Charge Mobile Devices and Special SOS Modes) … Review:

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Milwaukee 49-24-0146 M12 12-Volt LED Work Light Bare Tool Review:

This is a wonderful, useful tiny flashlight. The light's beam cannot be adjusted. Although I wish it were, it is not a deal-breaker. Extreme brightness and distance are unimportant to me because I use this light for close examinations in a dark environment. I own a number of 12 volt power tools and batteries. This is the second such flashlight I've purchased. Just a word of caution, the battery did not do well when it was run over by a bulldozer. I'll be tough and buy another if this one were to accidentally fall under some other big machinery.

Milwaukee 2735-20 M18 18V Lithium Ion 160 Lumen LED Worklight w/ 130 Degree Adjustable Head (Batteries Not Included, Power Tool Only) Review:

I've spent 19 years walking around a semi truck performing pre-trip checks at night, so it goes without saying that I've used a fair number of flashlights. This light is incredibly subpar. Not awful, not fantastic... Very average.Pros include a lightweight yet tough Milwaukee design and a convenient on/off button.The best feature is the lovely shade of clear white light, which is very stable when resting with a battery fitted. It provides far better illumination than incandescent bulbs for some items I look for.Cons include the lack of brightness of the built-in illumination. The spotlight is larger on a streamlight stylus, a pen light the size of a finger.It ultimately results in excessively diffused light output (no distance)There is no reason why the beam on a flashlight this size couldn't be adjusted for an 18v system, making it much brighter or adding a hi-low switch.I have five other Milwaukee products, all of which I rate five stars, and Milwaukee Cordless are serious tools. This is a wonderful feature because I frequently use those Milwaukee pieces on my semi truck. Since there are far better and more feature-rich lights on the market, I would never purchase this standalone model. Go for it if you already have a Milwaukee 18v.

LED Work Light with Magnetic Stand 15W 24 LED Rechargeable Shop Light Portable Outdoor Camping Spotlights with Dual USB Port and Emergency SOS Mode Review:

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OTYTY 2 COB 30W 1500LM LED Work Light, Rechargeable Portable Waterproof LED Flood Lights for Outdoor Camping Hiking Emergency Car Repairing and Job Site Lighting (2 Pack) Review:

These lights came in two 2-pack orders, and they seem to function nicely. The light is small enough to easily fit in one hand. I have used this to work on my car and the slim profile allowed me to put it in out of the way locations that worked well to illuminate the area I was working in. The handle has strong detent stops that work well for fixing the angle on a table, floor, interior surfaces of an engine compartment, etc. It worked great when I used it to install a drain line and water lines for the sink in a cabinet. Fortunately, there haven't been any calls for car extrications in a while, so I plan to test them out on one. I haven't used one all the way through a charge, but I have used it for a couple of hours and it works fine. They look to charge rather rapidly, and I usually recharge them to have them fully charged in case I need them. It can be used as a power bank and is bright enough to sufficiently light a room during power outages. The USB charging wires that were included with the Lights were not a USB charger, as was stated. Most people, including myself, have USB chargers, but I decided to buy an AC/USB charger from Dollar Tree to see how quickly the light would charge with it. Although I haven't tried using AA batteries and don't believe they would last very long, having that flexibility is good. I enjoy how flexible USB charging allows me to charge it wherever I want—in the vehicle, at home, or wherever else.

Woods Clamp Lamp Light with Aluminum Reflector, 150W, UL Listed, 6- Foot Cord Review:

A decent lamp overall. These are a little better quality, but probably not worth double the price at my neighborhood Walmart, where they are only $6. I will warn you that the weight may be too great to hold in place on some surfaces if you use large bulbs in these, such as LED grow lights. My lamp was drooping because the bulb was pulling it down; it is attached to a metal shelf frame. I ultimately had to zip tie the clamp in place to prevent it from falling, which required the removal of one point.