Best Wall Plates in 2020

Lutron Claro 1 Gang Decorator Wallplate, CW-1-WH, White Review:

Lutron uses 4 screws for each device (4 for a single gang), you can install all the devices and get them at the right depth and then attach the sub plate. Leviton often tries to get by with 2 screws per device. Look at the photo and see the elongated slots with the screw underneath. This allows you to slide the devices side to side to fit sub plate while you are installing it. Others don't work this way. These wall plates are most often installed in commercial spaces with Level 5 drywall finish (dead flat) and will install flush. Residential drywall is typically Level 3 and electrical boxes are often far from flat. These wall plates are flexible and if the wall is not flat the wall plate is likely not to be flush on all sides. This problem is not a problem with the wall plate but with the drywall. The best solution will be a thin line of caulk around the sub plate.

Leviton PJ126-W EMW3824968, 1-Pack, White Review:

We purchased this for a double switch when we replaced one of the switches with a smart switch. We had to do some sanding of the edges to make the rectangle opening bigger but that is due to the fact the electrical box the switch was housed was installed a bit crooked by the builder. We also could not like up two of the four screw holes with the holes on the switch boxes due to the misalignment by the builder - definitely not the fault of the manufacturer of the cover. Only we can tell. We like the cover

Lutron Claro 2 Gang Decorator Wallplate, CW-2-WH, White Review:

When I purchased this switch plate cover online from Amazon, I didn't realized quite what I was ordering. I assumed I was getting a standard two-outlet cover plate. Once it arrived and I examined it, I found a that I had ordered something just a bit different. This cover does not have any exposed screws. On a normal switch plate cover of this size, you would find four screws. This cover has four screws, but they are covered so that they not visible. This is accomplished by a snap-on outer cover. So the first part of the cover screws down as a normal cover plate would, but then you snap the outer cover on over that. It is a nice idea. The only possible con for this that I see is that the cover is just a bit thicker (or deeper) than a normal cover, as you might expect since it is actually two pieces. For most installations this should not be a problem, but it is something to keep in mind depending on your application.

Leviton PJ26-WM 1-Gang Decora/GFCI Wallplate, 10-Pack, White Review:

This is a bargain, especially compared to buying plates individually. Leviton is the go-to brand for electrical outlets and accessories for your home, and this is a solid, well-made cover plate for GFCI and Decora style outlets. I purchased this for a few Leviton USB wall receptacles that I installed around my house, to replace the plug-in chargers for our phones and other devices (they are fantastic, btw--charges iPhones and iPads faster than Apple's own chargers!). These are the "unbreakable" variety, meaning if you overtighten the screws they will simply bend instead of break. That's not a problem for me, but if you haven't installed many of these before it's nice to have something forgiving, in case you do overtighten.

These are slightly larger than the "standard" size cover plates, which I strongly recommend, since many builders today slap up drywall and cut the holes for outlets so quickly that they leave gaps around the boxes, which a standard size cover plate may not cover fully. They're not so much larger than standard size that your eyes will notice, but they are big enough to cover 90% of goofs in construction (there's oversized plates for the other 10%, but they're very rarely needed).

If you need more than one of these, I strongly recommend buying this box of 10, because the price works out to roughly the same, and if you're like me, if you need two today, you'll probably find yourself needing more later. :)

Legrand - Pass & Seymour TP262W Trade Master Wall Plate 2 Gang 2 Decorator, White, SMALL Review:

I had installed a couple of smart switches in my home and ordered this as the Amazon recommended faceplate. I'm glad I did because I think I probably would have broken a regular hard plastic faceplate had I tried to use one. This Legrand - Pass & Seymour TP262W Trade Master Wall Plate 2 Gang 2 Decorator, White, SMALL faceplate seemed to have a bit more give than a regular faceplate and was able to bend around one of the smart switches that was just slightly larger than the others. Very happy with the purchase.

Duplex Wall Plates Kit by Enerlites 8821-W Home Electrical Outlet Cover, 1-Gang Standard Size, Unbreakable Polycarbonate Material, White - 10 Pack Dual Port Replacement Receptacle Faceplates Covers Review:

These are one of those un-fancy, essential things that you need now and then. We're taking down child-proofing on some of our outlets and needed faceplates to replace them. These work great and fit perfectly. Not much else that you can say. Very pleased with how these work.

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Leviton 80714-W 1-Gang No Device Blank Wallplate, Standard Size, Thermoplastic Nylon, Box Mount, White Review:

Well it all started when I found a 2" x 3" hole in the sheetrock wall. After questioning the 'usual suspects', nobody knew anything, could of been a visit by Alien Beings. I know from previous experience I had to buy spackle, sand paper and paint. But wait just a minute, you just can't paint a little 2" x 3" space because it won't match he rest of the wall. you have to paint the whole wall. I didn't want to go there because I have more important things to do. I called the guy on the internet and he wanted a minimum charge of $ 150.00 plus a long list of other hidden fees including his own furniture movers (at extra expense of course). Now hold on 'Jack', I don't want another mortgage payment for a 2' x 3" hole in the wall. And all of a sudden the sun was shinning and birds were singing, there it was on Amazon. It was a Leviton Blank Wall Plate, the perfect size, the perfect color and the perfect price with a perfect 2 screw application. "WOW" that guy on TV looked right at me and told me I was next in line for a miracle. 2 days later the hole was gone and I felt richer, I hope those Alien Beings don't return.

2 Pack - SnapPower GuideLight 2 for Outlets [New Version - LED Light Bar] - Night Light - Electrical Outlet Wall Plate With LED Night Lights - Automatic On/Off Sensor - (Duplex, White) Review:

- We purchased a 2-pack and I have installed them both.
- Packaging was unimpressive. They came in a clear ziplock bag with a barcode and a 'made in China' sticker. An instruction pamphlet was included but it has no brand name other than the name and address of a manufacturer in China. There are no brand names or markings on the product itself. I could not verify that these are actually made by the SnapPower company. The seller was Rocky Mountain through Amazon Prime.
- The installation is simple, but I had to pull the receptacles out to tighten the terminal screws (my house's electrician must have been lazy). The contacts on the wallplate make contact with the lower two terminal screws on my receptacles.
- They work, but I was expecting them to activate with "less darkness." It has to be quite dark for them to turn on. Covering the light sensor with my finger does not activate them (my finger must be too translucent). But covering the sensor with a dark colored object activates them.
- At night, they turn on and adequately light the area. The light color is slightly bluish. See photos.
- Home Depot sells almost the identical product under the Night Angel brand for under $10 each. My Amazon purchase was over $15 each. I have some of the HD ones and they work just as well. In the future I would buy the Night Angel ones as they are cheaper, appear to be of equal quality, and come in real packaging with a US name and address. The Night Angel package says 'patent pending' on it, and they are also made in China.

Leviton 80703-W 1-Duplex Receptacle Standard Size Wall Plate, 1 Gang, 4-1/2 In L X 2-3/4 In W 0.215 In T, 1 pack, White Review:

The packaging came with the necessary screws to install, so you don't need to use the existing ones. The plate itself does feel cheap, but not to the point where it will crack unless you really overscrew the screws and put too much pressure on it. I just did normal tightness and didn't want to stress it as I felt like it would have cracked. There are other products on Amazon that are polycarbonate (almost impossible to crack) and sell for around $1 a plate, but you have to buy them in packs of 10 or so. I only needed one so I just bought this singular one. Having said that, the plate is doing its job and it's not in any position where it's able to be cracked once it's secured into the wall so that might be overkill. Overall, I'm happy with this as it does the job it claims to do.

Leviton 80701-W 1-Toggle Standard Size Wall Plate, 1 Gang, 4-1/2 In L X 2-3/4 In W 0.22 In T, Smooth, 1-pack, White Review:

I ordered two of these light switch covers in early February, and they arrived in the anticipated shipping window as expected. While one cover was exactly as pictured and as expected, there was a tear in the plastic packaging on the other unit that resulted in the 4 assembly screws being missing. I contacted Amazon support, and received a replacement unit with expedited shipping the following day! Very pleased with the customer service on this return!

The units were easy to assembly, and because of the plastic lining in the screw holes, I was able to pre-screw the screws on the plate so I didn't have to juggle 4 loose screws while trying to align with the existing light switches. Overall, I'm pleased with this purchase and would purchase again. Color is a very clean white (matches our white trim perfectly, which is a base white with no colorant added).