Best Home Cabinet Accessories in 2020

Lunies Wall Mount Bag Dispenser Large Capacity Plastic Bag Holder - Multiple Large Holes for Easy Access Bags Great for Storing Shopping/Grocery Bags/Vinyl Pink 1 Pack Review:


Simple Trending Kitchen Storage Cabinet Shelf Organizer, Kitchen Organization Counter Table Shelf Rack, Expandable Stackable, Bronze Review:

I'm pleased with the purchase. I wanted a low shelf for added storage space under the bathroom sink. I'd purchased a different shelf that turned out to be too large. This one works perfectly for my needs. Plus there's a bonus shelf for the kitchen cabinet. The shelves are very well made, attractive and a good value compared to its competitors.

iDesign Linus Linus Plastic 3-Tier Spice Rack, Stadium Organizer Rack for Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet, Countertops, Bathroom, Desk, Clear Review:

This display shelf is going to come in so useful in so many areas in my life. It is 8.8" x 10.1" x 3.5" inches and crystal clear without even a scratch.
When I first got it it appeared to be really scratched. It almost looked used. Then I realized that there was a very thin coating of protective plastic on each side of it that I needed to peel off. Once I had that peeled off, the shelf was stunning. It does mention the protective film on the Amazon ad, I had just forgotten about it.

This riser can be used for so many different things. It would really be useful on a make-up table, in a spice cupboards, keep your medications on, keep your essential oils on, nail polish stand. The list is really endless. I do a lot of video reviews and I have already used this three tier display step in several of my videos. So I know where I will be using it a lot.
It is made of acrylic and comes very securely packaged. This company went to a lot of work to make sure their product arrives in one piece and in good condition.

I originally bought this item to be used to display different flavorings for e juice I had, but have since found it would be useful in many other areas and have been contemplating ordering more. I really do love this and the ledges are the perfect width.
I hope you found this review informative and helpful. Thanks for reading.

Talented Kitchen Farmhouse Pantry Labels – 36 Main Ingredients – Food Pantry Label Sticker. Black, Water Resistant, Food Jar Labels. Jar Decals f/Pantry Organization Storage (Set of 36 - Main Pantry) Review:

These labels are excellent and exactly what I was looking for! I wanted something with an interesting font, large enough to read clearly at a glance, and with items that you may not find in other packs. I honestly think I may have purchased this simply because one of the labels is for "Protein Powder". Now I can use all of my pantry organization containers and my pantry looks better than ever because of these labels...not just the containers. Thank you so much for creating these. Perhaps you could create a small line of products specific for nutritional supplements (ie, whey protein powder, creatine, casein protein powder, collagen protein powder, etc). My thinking is, if it comes from store in a plastic jar/jug, I want to transfer it to my clear containers with these lables. Wonderful product!!!

Smart Design Undershelf Storage Basket w/Snug Fit Arms - Medium - Steel Metal Frame - Rust Resistant Finish - Cabinet, Pantry, Shelf Organization - Kitchen (16 x 5.5 Inch) [Black] Review:

I've been working on rearranging our cabinets and decluttering (who knew a family could have so many plates and cups that weren't even used in the last 3 years!). I have one of these currently holding the baby bottles and the other holding the toddler plates. These stay in place nicely in our cabinets. They seem very sturdy and that when I need to I could put heavier items on them without the wires bending.

Smart Design Stacking Shelf w/Sturdy Legs - Small - Steel Metal Frame - Rust Resistant Coating - Counter, Pantry, Shelf Organization - Kitchen (12 x 7 Inch) [Bronze] Review:

These are sturdy little shelves, well-made and attractive. Silly me, though, I got them to put on top of another wire shelf, one which has long slots between wires, not compact squares. So, of course, the "legs" fall through. Ha! It was only a momentary disappointment because I immediately thought of about a dozen other uses. I now use them for a second layer of shoes on my closet floor -- neatens the place up considerably.

STORAGE MANIAC 2-Pack Expandable Kitchen Counter & Cabinet Shelf Organizer, Bronze Review:

Used these in one of those plastic cabinets in the garage to stack shoes on. Ended up having room to stack 2 high but they don’t stack like that as is. They need solid footing to stack so I used small cedar pieces to create a base. (recycled from a garden edging) I was going to buy the cedar pieces used to line a closet but had the other pieces lying around.
They’ very sturdy and well made. Plan on getting more for some other cabinets at some time. Biggest drawback is they seem a tad pricey for what they are but I really like the product so I am willing to cough up the money for them. I’d give them 5 stars if they price was a bit lower.

YouCopia 50185 UpSpace Water Bottle Organizer, one size, White Review:

My roommate/sister and I have collected our fair share of water bottles, coffee tumblers and the like. Storing them is a pain - you either bury something in the back, or it's a Jenga puzzle to get out. We thought we'd try this out to see how it helped.

The assembly was a BREEZE. I mean, it was super simple and was assembled in moments. It fit perfectly in the cabinet too. Now, I do feel like this thing takes up way more than 6 tumblers of room - however, the tumblers are lying on their sides, so it's super easy to see what you have and pull out the one you want. This was something that cramming like 8 or 9 in the same space wouldn't give you.

I've had many products from the Amazon Vine, some I've kept and some I've passed along. This one has been in the cabinets for months, and it will probably remain with us for many more months to come.

mDesign Metal Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer Holder or Basket - Hang Over Cabinet Doors in Kitchen/Pantry - Holds Bakeware, Cookbook, Cleaning Supplies - Bronze Review:

We are a young couple who moved into an apartment with much less storage organization than we are used to, so we needed affordable but quality organization items for our kitchen. This item exceeded our expectations - it is worth every cent and more! I am pleasantly surprised with how well it fits, easy to clean and set up, and holds a good amount of items while taking up little to no space. Great for people who are trying to make the most of the space they have. Seems to be multifunctional, too. My only critique (if I had to make one) would be that I wish the grid at the bottom was designed in a way that kept thin items from slipping out of the front and back.. I don’t think this would be a problem for most people, but we have a few very thin chopping surfaces (that came with our knife set.. see photo) that sometimes slips out of this but it’s an easy fix and not a big deal, especially when the majority of kitchen items that fit in this would stay put. All in all, wonderful item - ESPECIALLY for price but honestly in general, too - and hopefully this review was helpful :)

YouCopia 50173 WrapStand Kitchen Wrap Box Organizer, One Size, New Caddy Review:

I looked at several similar items that do the same thing and what I liked about this one was that you were able to adjust the boxes according to size and best of all it locks everything in place. most of the other racks did not accommodate the various lengths so when you go to get one of the items everything falls out. What I also like about this item is that you can pull it out of the cabinet and choose what you want and then put it back in and everything stays in place. It Pays to spend a bit more and get something like this opposed to one of those other racks that are cheaper but really don't support any of the various size boxes. It could have been a bit taller and included more adjusting arms.