Best Garage Door Springs & Wires in 2020

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Pair of 207 X 2" X 22" Garage Door Torsion Springs with Winding Bars Review:

You are probably reading these reviews since you have a broken torsion spring and you're wondering if these are the ones to order. I can say that I am giving this product 5 stars for a very good price, very quick shipping from the vendor, and apparently good quality (I won't know for sure until they get through the expected life cycle, but they appear to be well made, and the tensioning cones didn't blow apart when I tensioned them, so I'm assuming they're good quality). I ordered the expedited shipping and my package was delivered on the second business day. The package includes two springs (one right-hand, one left-hand), new bushing, and torsioning rods.

If you have never replaced torsion springs, do not order springs until you do a little research and determine the correct spring size!. There is an excellent website at a garage door supply website that has everything you need to know for this. I won't name it here since it is a competitor to this supplier, but if you google Find my Spring Database, you will find their site. Their website has a wealth of information on determining the correct size of spring, and more importantly they have an excellent step-by-step video for installation. Installing torsion springs is extremely dangerous if done incorrectly, so please do your research if you aren't familiar with it. Carefully measure your broken spring, determine the correct replacement spring size (not all door installers mount the correct spring to begin with, so don't assume your broken spring is correctly sized), and watch the video. When installing the springs, follow the video exactly, and if you've ordered the right spring, and followed the steps exactly, you'll have a trouble-free door that works perfectly and will not have lost any body parts during the install.
Very pleased with the item and vendor.

L Continue 2 Pack Winding Rods D 1/2" x L 18" Inch with Non-Slip Rubber Handle, Used for Garage Door Torsion Spring and Many More - Black. Review:

I'm not sure how often I'll need these in the future, but they worked just fine. I was able to use them to hold both springs in place while I leveled an uneven door. Then used them to adjust the tension since the door would raise about 4 feet from open if the emergency release was released. I could tell by feel of how much force it took to twist, that one was wound more than the other, so let that one off 1/4 or 1/2 turn. Now the door is even and also balanced.

I will be using these to adjust a different door where the springs need to be adjusted to give more assistance.

The grips happened to be really handy as I have a step ladder that has about a 1/2 inch hole in the shelf that I could drop one rod into while I used the other. The grip kept it from falling through the hole. Otherwise, I'm not sure how easy it would have been to put it down without it rolling off the stepladder shelf.

I do agree with another reviewer that it would be nice if they fit tighter into the hole. They don't wobble in the hole, but they also are loose enough that if you lift the spring with one and aren't holding the other rod while sticking out of the bottom hole, it'll easily fall out of the hole. And if you're letting the bottom rod come against the door to hold the spring, you have to make sure there's enough pressure for it to hold. Can't get sloppy and let go too early.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Steel Bearing 1" ID 2" OD Review:

Garage door spring broke, so I decided to replace the freeway and outer bearings during the repair. The old freeway bearing that rides in the spring was a cheap black plastic one. This worked perfectly and fit right in the middle of the spring end with no hassle. By chance, this bearing also ended up being the same manufacturer as the two old end ones that are press fit into the flanges. I used a wood 2x4 and some C-clamps to pop the old one out and then press fit this one into the flange, worked like a charm. I didn't even have to pull the flanges off the walls, so I didn't have to worry about alignment or anything. Make sure to get some axle grease to lube up the rod to prevent the inner part of the bearing from cutting through the thin walled tube over time.

Pair of 225 X 2" X 22" - 36" Garage Door Torsion Springs with Winding Bars (24) Review:

The information and tutorial videos on the website were very helpful when trying to learn how to measure for replacement springs and install. Unfortunately, sometimes my “want to” and my “able to” don’t match up, so I wound one of the springs backwards and I didn’t wind either one enough. I contacted 365 and they were very responsive asking questions when I thought the spring was defective, it was NOT. I had to get a professional installer to come by and correct my mistake. After about 10 minutes tops the door was working perfectly. The only point I’ll make is about the description, it says “36” winding bars”. They are about 24” but this is the correct size for the job.

Premium 2Pcs Winding Bars with Non-Slip Handle 1/2 Inch in Diameter X 18 Inch in Length,Used for Garage Door Torsion Spring Review:

I compared about six different similar items and I am very happy with this purchase.
The handles are knurled for a positive grip. The ends appeared to have a very thin coat of red paint.
I improved the design by placing the tool into the spring and marking the bar with a pen then removing it and adding colored tape next to the mark which is an easy identifiable reference to ensure that the bars are seated into the spring to the fullest depth for safety. I am confident that every buyer who purchases these will find that these work very well for the value.

Prime-Line GD 52238 Torsion Spring Winding Rods – The Only Tools Recommended for Adjusting or Replacing Garage Door Tension Springs – 1/2” Diameter x 16” Long Round Steel Rods (Pack of 2) Review:

Purchased and used these bars from Amazon to replace a 25-year-old pair of springs where one spring broke.

It's best to replace both springs as a matched set when that happens. Matched springs sets will last longer work better than unmatched sets.

Replacement of these springs "is a piece of cake" and is NOT dangerous IF you follow correct procedures and use the correct tools - including these winding bars. If you are unfamiliar with overhead door technology and theory, and/or the replacement procedures, there are numerous excellent videos on line. Review the procedures while you are waiting for your winding bars and replacement springs to be delivered.

Wear eye protection and don't work or place yourself in the arc of the winding cone when tensioning or releasing tension on springs.. Work deliberately and carefully - don't rush. You can complete this job in no more than one hour max. Painting a single paint stripe along the length of the new spring will help you keep track on the number of turns you've placed while tensioning the springs.

If you live in a nanny state where they discourage selling you these springs - then buy them on-line. The big box home stores generally won't sell you these springs for fear of liability.

Accurately measure both the unwound torsion spring length, inside diameter, and spring gauge/wire size before ordering. Several garage door websites provide the procedures. Most common inside diameters are 1 3/4", 2”, 2 5/8” and 3 3/4." To get wire size measure how many coils are in 20 inches then divide the amount of coils into 20. (Example: 20 ÷ 80 = .250).

There is a right and left side spring, when ordering a set make sure you don’t order two rights or two lefts. The left-side spring has red paint markings, the right-side spring had black markings as viewed from the inside the garage, looking at the back of the closed door.

Recommending oiling the torsion springs and also all rollers and hinges as a final touch when completing the project.

DURA-LIFT Heavy Duty Extension Garage Door Spring 2-Pack (130 lb.) Review:

The most difficult part of replacing this type of garage door spring was that my older garage doors no longer have any indication of what weight they are or what size spring to use, so it took much longer to investigate the confusing variations offered in the springs. I eventually decided based on the size of the doors and the faint blue paint on one of the remaining springs that I needed the 90# and measuring the two halves of the broken spring, gave me the length.
Installation was simple for this type of spring. The most difficult part was guiding the new spring up and over the channel to the door's open position to attach it to the far eyebolt. Use of the remote door opener was required, since I was working alone and could not reach the wall button and the spring at the same moment. I needed only one spring and these arrive in pairs, so I am ready with a spare if another spring should someday fail. These are NOT the type of springs that are notorious for breaking arms and other physical damage like the ones that install over the top and front of a garage door. These are an very easy and simple install.