Best Garage Door Locks in 2020

Ideal Security SKL9201 Keyed L Garage Door Replacement Lock Review:

Needed a new garage door knob because my house came with no garage key, so I had to replace it with a new one w/ key included. Looking at the pix here looked identical and it is :). Works great and all but I give it 4 stars because it came with short screws so I had to use the original screws from the old one. They should come with both optional long n short screws. Would've liked to put new screws on my knob but I'm trying to save here. Overall it's a good product.

National Hardware N280-636 V7641 Universal Locking L-Handle in Chrome Review:

I have purchased several of these and found they work very well as cabinet latches. I use the "RV Designer" L663 2-3/4" cam. In one case I found that the latch was a little too loose, such that the handle would fall to a vertical position while the cabinet door is open. A solution for this is to install it so that the vertical position is the open condition.

Overall nicely built, attractive and functional.

National Hardware N280-651 V7642 Outside Locking Handles in Chrome Review:

I needed a replacement lock for the roll up door to our crawl space / equipment room. It had a custom lock made by a manufacturer that is no longer in business. A local garage door installation company quoted me over $150 to replace it. I took measurements and found that it looked a lot like the same kind of lock used for garage doors. So I took a winger and ordered this one. This lock turned out to be a higher quality replacement than the original. That's because instead of having exposed screws on the outside of the door, this lock came with fasteners that are bolted into place from behind. So the lock can no longer be removed using a screwdriver when the door is closed.

National Hardware N280-784 V7651 Dead Bolt Lock in Aluminum Review:

Went to a large chain hardware store and they thought the broken lock was from the 1930's or something.
This was used to replace a garage door lock on a house built in the early 70's.
It is a nearly identical replacement for the "Taylor" lock that had broken.
The "National" lock fit right over the same screw holes and had exactly the same dimensions.
Put it on in 5 minutes. Didn't even have to change out the lock cylinder.
Bought it on the advice of a local Locksmith.

National Hardware N280-677 V7643 Locking T-Handles in Chrome, Shaft: 5/16" sq x 3-3/4" Review:

I recently decided to install a locking handle on the outside of my second garage door. After a bit of research I determined that for my door configuration I needed three things. Snap slide locks, a swivel lock, and this locking handle.

The locking handle will require three holes to be drilled through your door. I found a spot on the frame inside my garage door that was clearly marked for this configuration. I simply ran a drill through from the inside of these holes out the front of the door. I then cleaned up the rough metal edges on the front of the door and slid this handle in. Voila, it fit like a charm.

Inside the door I secured a swivel lock to the post of this handle then ran cables out from the swivel lock to the spring slide locks on either side of the door. Unlocking the handle and then turning it twists the swivel lock enough to tighten the cables out to both snap slide locks causing them to retract enough to allow the door to rise.

This handle does not automatically lock. When you turn the key the handle becomes unlocked and stays unlocked even when you remove the key, until you put the key in and twist it back to the locked position. This is actually very nice for my needs as I tend to keep a lawn mower or snow blower on the other side of this door. And, I like to close the door as I'm working in the yard but don't necessarily want the hassle of having to unlock it every time I need the gas can.

Installation was easy, and the handle has worked great for me so far so this handle gets five stars.

National Hardware N280-610 V7640 Universal Locking T-Handle in Chrome Review:

I bought this before checking around local stores and didn't pull mine off first to see what it looked like under the face plate.
When I went to install I found the design underneath to be different than mine.
The National Hardware would require a .850 dia x .300 deep counterbore in the garage door to fit. Probably a detail that should be mentioned.
I searched more and found that Menards had an exact match for a little more 7.79 plus tax. 3/8 to 7/16 dia clearance hole is all that's needed.
The National Lock looks great and felt durable.
The teeth on the key seemed more simple than the ones on the Ideal Door one I picked up at Menards but I'll bet either one would likely be easy to pick.
Neither one came with screws, I was able to use the existing ones.
I would recommend using stainless steel screws.
I was going to post pictures for more clarity but I see no option.

National Hardware N280-743 V7647 Side Locks in Zinc, 7-1/2" wide Review:

I got two of these, one for each side of the garage door. In it's standard setup it's meant for the left side of the door (looking at it from the outside). It was easy enough to flip the internals to work for the right hand side of the door too, but it seems to stick more on that side. I'll unlock it and then have to move the handle the rest of the way manually to pull the bar out from the track - it doesn't snap open like it does in the default setup. Oh well, for the price it works well enough and is solid metal, so I feel secure with it.