Best Household Paint Roller Covers in 2020

HomeRight C800251 3/8 inch Roller Cover, Colors May Vary Review:

We had to cover up some shoddy drywall in our basement (since we couldn't afford to redo it all) and found a stamp-like roller to use with this. The material on this is longer and thicker so it could take a lot of watered-down compound in one application, put it on the wall, then go over with the stamp roller. It worked well and we just tossed it after we were finished.

Bates- Paint Roller Covers, 4" Roller Covers, Pack of 24, Covers for Paint Rollers, Naps for Paint Roller Brush, Small Roller Nap, House Painting Supplies, Covers for Roller Frame and Paint Roller Kit Review:

You will not find a better value. The 1/2" Knapp was suggested to me by a professional painter and I couldn't believe how well these worked for me. I painted my entire exterior of my house. On the old asbestos shingles siding and the rollers got in every nook and cranny. Also painted my plastic shutters, started with a brush cutting in and quickly realized the rollers could do the whole job without the brush. Have and will continue to recommend to other people. Nice product.

Purdy 14B863400 Dove Cover, 9" X 3/8", White (4) Review:

Oh what a difference a good roller makes!
We undertook a huge home remodel and I am doing most of the painting. We had some of the high ceilings done by the pros, and I noticed they used Purdy products.
I bought some cheap-o roller covers which worked fine, but once I tried the Purdy covers, I changed my tune. I wouldn't say painting is a 'joy' and I still hate painting ceilings (and appreciate Michelangelo even more), but using the Purdy roller covers made my job at least 80% more pleasant.
They cost more, but my family feels it's worth the expense to make me SO much less crabby after painting.

Pro Grade - Paint Roller Covers - 1/2 X 9 Inch Microfiber 5 Pack Review:

What is there to not like? It's economical (5 bucks for 5!). It's microfiber (why use anything else?). It's from Amazon (why make the trip to a local store?) It's win-win-win in my book.

Seriously, the microfiber did not leave any lint or streaks. It coated the wall and doord evenly. And got the job done in no time. I am having to find execuses to paint. It's actually quite therapeutic.

Bates- Paint Roller Covers, 9" Roller Covers, Pack of 5, Covers for Paint Rollers, Naps for Paint Roller Brush, Roller Naps, House Painting Supplies, Nap for Roller Frame, Covers for Paint Roller Kit Review:

Used for painting the interior of a 2100 sq ft home and had no problem reusing these rollers. I purchased 2 packages but wound up not using them all, as I would wrap them in plastic wrap at the end of the day (paint and all) and pick then right back up the next and they were perfect! I only had a few little pieces of fuzz come off, nothing more than any other store bought brand would do. Great rollers. Would definitely use again.

Pro Grade - Paint Roller Covers - 1/2 X 9 Inch Microfiber 6 Pack Review:

Im a professional and got tired of washing more expensive rollers and other rollers at this price point usually just shed alot. i took one out ran it over some tape and maybe 2 pieces of lint came off instead of the other rollers that leave half of the roller on the tape. they hold a decent amount of paint and are quite dense which is good for my new guys that like to mash rollers flat because they use to much pressure these are my new go to for most paint projects at less then $2 a piece have no problem using them as disposables saving time and money