Best Fresh Prepared Casseroles, Pot Pies & Quiches in 2022

Last update: December 28, 2022

Savory Pie Guy Vegetable Curry Pie, 8 oz Review:

Wow! Such flavor packed into a tiny pie. Though not very hot, there is unmistakably a curry flavor that gives it its rich flavor. Although cooked, the vegetables are not mushy. Just that I wish it wasn't nearly so pricey. Despite the expense, I'll still get this again as a treat rather than a regular staple.

Savory Pie Guy Shepherds Pie, 8 oz Review:

I enjoyed it! The crust was good, the potatoes were creamy behind a crunchy top, and the filling had a pleasant flavour. I'm shocked by the lesser ratings; I'll place another purchase and hope the quality I liked continues. It was somewhat pricey, but not significantly more so than Blake's, which I used to be able to find in the grocery store but is no longer available, so I'm glad. Savory Pie Guy, thanks for your baking.

La Terra Fina Spinach & Artichoke Florentine, 23 oz Review:

Since I learned about these, I have been purchasing two or three of these every week. I microwave them by placing a piece of stoneware on top of the lid after placing them in it top side down. then 8 minutes in the microwave. When it's done, I turn it over onto another stoneware plate with the bottom side facing up to let it cool a bit and keep the bottom crust from being soggy.

2-Pack: Chicken Pot Pie Review:

Even though I'm not exactly a pot pie expert, these pies are AMAZING. The crust is fantastic with the ideal balance of flaky and gooeyness, and the filling is equally as good. My own were great after being frozen and reheated for 45 minutes at 400 degrees.

La Terra Fina Classic Quiche Lorraine, 23 oz Review:

La Terra's quiches are very fantastic. Since I am a cook, using this product at home helps me save a ton of time in the kitchen when guests arrive unannouncedly. My favorite quiche is the La Terra Spinach Artichoke, but I really enjoy the Broccoli Cheddar and the Quiche Lorraine. The pan they are packaged in has holes that allow the crust to burn and prevent a soggy centre. Additionally, there is a lid for leftovers and to maintain heat after initial cooling. Throw together a salad, some antipasto, and perhaps a great wine, and you've got a party. Viola!

Savory Pie Guy Steak and Cheese Pie, 8 oz Review:

I conventional ovened this rather of baked it. The crust is flaky, and it baked up golden. Given that I have intestinal paralysis, I was hesitant to eat this. The only issue I had was that it was so delicious that I wanted to eat the entire dish. Instead of the strange meat I normally discover in other pies, the meat in this pie is truly safe. Ordering this one is secure:)

Savory Pie Guy Chicken Pie, 8 oz Review:

Avoid microwaving it. It works well if you use an oven. Delicious filling and a crisp crust with some wonderful chewy parts as well. One of the best frozen meals I've ever had, without a doubt.Can be broken occasionally during shipping, albeit it's not as rewarding when that happens.