Best Household Paint Trays in 2022

Last update: December 6, 2022

Are paint tray liners worth it?

Paint tray liners can save you a lot of time and hassle when painting. They make cleanup much easier and help keep your paint tray looking like new. If you do a lot of painting, investing in some good quality paint tray liners is definitely worth it.

Are paint trays a standard size?

Paint trays come in a variety of sizes, but the most common size is the 9-inch paint tray. This size is large enough to hold a standard can of paint, and it's also the perfect size for most paint rollers. If you're painting a large area, you may want to consider a larger paint tray, but for most projects, the 9-inch size will suffice.

Are paint trays one time use?

Paint trays are often thought of as being one time use, but this is not necessarily the case. With proper care, a paint tray can be used multiple times. To extend the life of a paint tray, be sure to clean it thoroughly after each use. A paint tray that is not properly cleaned can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Can I use plastic wrap for a paint tray liner?

You can use plastic wrap for a paint tray liner, but it's not the best option. The plastic wrap will stick to the paint and make it difficult to clean the tray. It's also not very durable, so it's likely to tear and need to be replaced frequently. There are better options for paint tray liners, such as disposable liners made of paper or plastic.

12 Piece Heavy Duty Deep Well Multi use 4 inch Mini Paint Tray,Plastic Tray,Paint Tray,Paint Roller Tray,for Mini Paint Roller,Home Repair Tools,Tool Set,Tool kit,Home Tool kit,Paint Accessories Review:

Around the time we were going to paint our house, I went on an Amazon shopping spree. I chose to get these on a whim because I had no idea what else to get. The paint trays I purchased were strong and resilient, so I wasn't even sure we'd use them. What I didn't expect is how helpful and simple to use these disposable trays are in protecting our paint trays. It doesn't inherently improve your painting, but it provides for a simple process of finishing up (ie, throwing these away as opposed to rinsing off your paint trays).

20 Piece Paint Roller Tray,Paint Tray,Mini Paint Roller Tray,Mini Paint Tray,for Paint Roller,4 inch Paint Roller Tray,Paint Roller kit,Paint kit,Tool Set,Tool kit Review:

I can maintain one of these paint trays for each type and color of paint I use because they are affordable and take up little room when stacked. When I use the same brand and color of paint again, I can reuse them repeatedly. To help me remember which paint tray to use, I label the paint trays using a felt pen on the outside of the tray. Only the remaining paint on the tray needs to be used, and then I can let them dry before stacking them for storage.These paint trays are useful, however when painting, they have a propensity to rest flat on the shallow end.Initially, I supported them with a piece of wood, but I later realized that since these trays are more like stiff tray liners, it would be best to place another tray behind them. I discovered that the trays fit well inside them and that the tipping issue is eliminated after ordering the 4-inch tiny paint trays from Amazon (the ones in black with feet on the shallow end).I usually use roughly 8 various types and colors of paint, therefore I utilize this technique to avoid having to clean or dispose of them.I give them a 5-star rating when I use them as liners in the 4-inch small tray.

Bercom 7500-CC Handy Paint Tray Review:

Although I haven't tried it yet, it currently has a 5-star rating. It is well-made, and I enjoy the way the carry handles make it feel. Compared to those metal ones, it is well constructed and value for the money. One benefit is that it has a very deep well, preventing the need for constant refilling. Second, the excellent handles, and third, the magnet that prevents the brush from dipping into the paint. Compared to shallow metal trays, this one offers numerous advantages. I'm eager to use it. For this tray, I also got the clear liners. They feel heavy and genuinely snap into your new tray; they are NOT flimsy or cheap-feeling. Every time I use a roller, the others I've used flop around and pull up. Looks excellent, feels good, and I'll buy it again if it doesn't live up to the hype.

Tapix Deluxe Tray Liner, 1-qt. Capacity, 9-Inch, 10-Pack, Rolled Edges Keep The Tray and Surrounding Area Clean - Studded ramp Provides Easy Roller Loading Review:

I purchased them to use as litter boxes in my guinea pig cage. I don't mind throwing them out because they are inexpensive and perform a terrific job. They are thinner than I anticipated, but I misread the descriptionÒ€”they are LINERS, not a pan. Therefore, if you wish to paint with these, you must purchase a more robust paint pan; otherwise, you risk getting paint on your hands, the floor, your shoes, etc. However, I can see how they may make cleanup simple!

Alex Carseon Multi-Purpose Tray, for Boots, Shoes, Paint, Pets, and More. Anti-Skid Bottom. 30x15x1.2 inches - Brown Review:

Even though my dog is 7 years old, she still hasn't figured out how to sip water without getting it all over her. This is why I got it.Since we had linoleum floors in our previous home, the water puddle wasn't a major concern. We have engineered hard wood in the new house, so a semi-permanent water puddle would be challenging. Yes, I could clean up after her after each drink, but that's just not practical. Both a towel and a rug are ineffective because they will absorb the water but keep it in contact with the floor.For this necessity, this device works pretty nicely. About 95% of the water is captured. Just the dribble is missed; the splash is completely contained. The only thing I would truly like to change is this. It should be about 6 inches wider, please. Otherwise, it's excellent. Even the color complements our floor nicely.

Wooster Brush R404-11 Well Plastic Tray, 11-Inch Review:

I paint professionally, and while we usually have the $45 Purdy bucket, we couldn't use it for unimportant reasons, so I tried this. (The elegant bucket is lined.) It is possible to rinse this off, remove any extra paint with a rag, and then leave it to dry overnight. With no issues, it was painted over the course of three days using two completely different colors and a primer. Primer and paint were made of latex. Although large, the object is strong. was able to pick it up by a corner with one hand without it bending and spilling paint all over the place.You're really missing out if you've never painted with an 18-inch roller.

Wooster Brush BR549-11" Deluxe Plastic Tray, 11-Inch Review:

I had a space to paint. It had walls, and they had to be rolled down. I was aware that you cannot simply dip a loaded roller into a paint container like a brush. Instead, you must purchase a tray that will accommodate a roller. Then stop your search. Just that tray is this.Size: This is a really good size. The "deep end" has a sizable paint space with lots of shallow space for rolling off extra paint.Stability: I discovered that this plastic tray was very stable for my purposes.Cleaning: Cleaning would have been difficult, but Amazon sells a 12-pack of liners for, say, a dollar each. It's worth the extra cash for my time.Storage: Although this tray is lightweight, there isn't a hook or hole for leaning it up against a wall, so you have to keep it flat or on its side. That's probably fine, but occasionally, after painting the walls, I want to hang something, and this beauty would have looked lovely.

10-Pack of Recyclable 9" Paint Roller Trays - Black Review:

They're excellent! Nothing is more irritating than having to clean up everything after a full day of painting. It was comforting to know that, in the end, I could just throw things away. Without fear of a side giving way or bending and spilling paint out, they were robust enough to keep the paint and be moved. Anyone who wants to use many colours but doesn't want to spend time constantly cleaning out a paint tray or switching colours should use them, in my opinion.

Linzer RM4110 RM 4110 Plastic (10 Pack) Paint Tray Liner, White Review:

The big box retailer where I used to buy them has stopped carrying them and has substituted the Linzer RM-4110 with inferior products. I've been use this Linzer for a long time.Any paint that could have dried in some spots while the liner was in use will be retained by the surface of the Linzer. The dried paint may chip off, get transferred to the roller, and then end up on your freshly painted wall if it does not adhere to the pan liner. This issue has never arisen for me with the Linzer RM-4110.In contrast to the cheap liners sold at big-box stores, which have glossy surfaces that feel like oily residue when touched with a finger and can introduce dried paint chips into your wet paint, this liner has a matte finish.According to several reports, the liner is too tiny. It will be if a nine-inch wide roller is employed. A bigger liner and tray are required for the nine-inch model to allow for some movement. I use this Linzer with rollers that are four inches or smaller.

Can you line a paint tray with cling film?

You can line a paint tray with cling film to make cleaning up afterwards much easier. All you need to do is line the tray with the cling film and then pour your paint into it. Once you have finished painting, simply peel the cling film off and throw it away. Your paint tray will be good as new and ready to use for your next project.

Can you put new paint in an old paint tray?

Can you use Saran Wrap as a paint tray liner?

You can use Saran Wrap as a paint tray liner, but it's not the best option. Saran Wrap is not as durable as other options and can tear easily.

Do you need a paint roller tray?

A paint roller tray is not an essential item for painting, but it can make the job much easier. A tray helps to keep paint from dripping and splattering on the floor or furniture, and it also makes it easier to apply an even coat of paint to the surface. If you are planning on painting a large area, a paint roller tray is a good investment.

How do you avoid brush marks when painting?

To avoid brush marks when painting, use a high-quality brush and make sure it is properly loaded with paint. Use long, even strokes and apply moderate pressure. Work in small sections and paint in the direction of the grain. Let each layer of paint dry completely before adding another.

How long should I wait between paint coats?

It is typically recommended to wait 24 hours between paint coats. This allows the paint to fully cure and prevents the paint from peeling or chipping.