Best Disc Golf Putters in 2020

Innova Star Aviar3 Putt & Approach Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] Review:

I use this for all my putts, and I've even hit fairway aces, as you can get some real distance with the Aviar3. I've tried all kinds of putters, and I've just decided, somewhat arbitrarily, to stick with this one (with the distance I can get w the A3 being the deciding factor). I've found that this strategy has served me well, my reasoning being that I just don't think about putting anymore, it's all the same (due to my putts being with the same disc every time). My circle putting and distance "putts" have improved as I've just come to really know the flight path of this disc intimately. It's tough too!

MVP Disc Sports Proton Atom Disc Golf Putter Review:

This disc fly's fantastic . After 18 holes this afternoon it has a place in my bag as my Tee off putter . Fly straight , almost without any fade numbers seem to be true . I'm newish to DG so my feelings are from little experience . Disc arrived well scratched up see photos . It's by far the worst presentation of any new plastic i'v purchased , even the rim has garks in it . Surly this is not MVP Quality control & is due to very rough handling . I couldn't scratch this proton plastic if I skimmed it down a gravel Rd . Still throws wonderfully

Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter 173-174 Golf Disc Review:

Love this putter! As a female with small hands I always hate the way putters feel like I can't get a good grip on them, with this disc having the groove further in from the edge it's perfect for gripping my thumb there. Haven't played with it yet but from the test in the backyard it seems like I finally found the one! Just wish I could pick the color, have a feeling this gray one will get easily lost.

Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc (Colors may vary) Review:

This was one of the first putters I owned. I really didn't know how to appreciate these back then. I've bought Aviars from different venders at different times. They have always felt the same to me. I get 175g. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I've lost some other putters when driving, random rolls, etc... And with my other ones, it's almost felt like I needed to learn an entirely new disc with my supposedly identical replacement. (Not just the difference of wear)

Get this putter. Ultimately it was this slightly stable putter that taught me my backhand form.

Gateway S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo Review:

My husband is a huge disc golf enthusiast so I bought this disc for him for his birthday not knowing much about the sport but knowing that he was looking for a new disc on the softer side for his collection. Turns out I nailed it! It’s super soft but still durable. It’s his favorite new disc to play with. He hit a hole in one (or whatever the disc golf term for that is!) the first time he used it and has played really well with it ever since. Very happy about this purchase and would recommend it to others.

MVP Disc Sports Electron Atom Disc Golf Putter Review:

The Atom is great for approach shots, one of the straightest discs I've ever thrown and has wonderful glide. Typically good around 75-150ft shots, beyond that it becomes slightly understable which is great for some but I use it exclusively for straight. I don't like it as a normal putter, the fade is more pronounced than I like and it has a tendency to float up.

As others have noted, you can't chose your color and can't specify weight, but I contacted the seller immediately after pacing my order and they were quick to respond.

Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter Review:

this is my 8th envy/proton putter, obviously I like them. that said, and this may seem like a minor nit-pick, but when I selected "170-175 grams", it's because I prefer the heavier weight. so when you send me a disc that weighs 168 grams, a) I already have several that weigh 168 and realize that those few extra grams are something I want, and b) I'm mildly annoyed that I'm going to have to buy another one, but likely from a place where I can select an exact weight (but not get the Prime free 2-day shipping).

I didn't return it, never even considered it and I'm aware that I likely could have, and to anyone that doesn't have OCD in regards to putting practice, pointing out a mild annoyance over 2-7 grams probably seems petty. but to me, if I wanted a 168 gram disc, I would have selected 165-170 grams when I bought it.

I putt a LOT in my backyard, and have gone through probably 20 or so putters until I found the one(s) that feel and perform the best for me. that's absolutely the envy with the proton plastic (the neutron plastic is good too, but it just doesn't do it for me, it's just a different feel) and that's the reason why I didn't rate it 3-stars because it truly is a 5-star disc to me.

I just wanted to point out to anyone that may be reading this, that this is the 3rd time in the past month or so that a disc I received was 2 or more grams under or over the weight range I had selected. if you're particular about the weights of your putters (it's never happened with any other type of disc to me), you may not receive exactly what you think you will.

just needed to get that off my chest. :-)