Best Decorative Shower Curtain Hooks in 2022

Last update: November 28, 2022

Are pinch pleats out of style?

Pinch pleats are a type of drapery heading that includes folds that are stitched in place. This heading style is often used for decorative purposes on curtains and drapes. While pinch pleats are not as popular as they once were, they are still a stylish option for window treatments.

Are there waterproof command strips?

Yes, there are waterproof command strips. They are made with a special adhesive that is designed to hold up in wet environments. You can use them in the shower, by the pool, or anywhere else that you need a little extra hold.

Can I use Command hooks in the shower?

Yes, you can use Command hooks in the shower. They are water-resistant and have a strong adhesive that will hold up in humid conditions. However, it is important to clean the surface where you will be applying the hook with rubbing alcohol first, to remove any soap residue or oils that could prevent the adhesive from sticking.

Can you use 3m hooks in shower?

3M hooks are not recommended for use in the shower. The humidity and moisture in the shower can cause the adhesive on the back of the hook to fail, causing the hook to fall off.

Amazer 2 Pack Shower Curtain Hooks Rings, Stainless Steel Rust-Resistant Shower Curtain Rings and Hooks-Set of 24- Black Review:

For the price, these are fantastic. Since they are so cheap, I didn't expect heavy sturdy metal, but they can definitely support a shower or window curtain.They all sled to one side because they slide so easily (we discovered this when we realised our one rod wasn't level).We particularly selected these so that the curtains could be moved without being pulled or having a lot of weight added by the hooks.They were a great bargain because we needed to keep the weight and stress on the row in order to create a four poster bed (out of PVC).

hblife Shower Curtain Hooks, 12 PCS Anti Rust Decorative Crystal Rhinestones Hooks for Bathroom, Purple Review:

What gorgeous shower hooks they are! Very glitzy in appearance. They shimmer wildly when the sun shines on them! I adore these so much!! Strongly advise these. Good purchase!Please click "Helpful" if this was useful:)

AGPtek 12 PCS Fashion Decorative Home Bathroom Seashell Shower Curtain Hooks (Seashell: Blue, Starfish: Tan, Conch: Blue) Review:

This purchase of the shower curtain hooks was quite impulsive. I had to get these because I saw them and realized I needed a new set for a second curtain. It will be a win-win situation because the old ones will be ideal for the new curtain!The hooks were securely packaged and simple to install. Except that, for some reason, they keep the curtain liner higher than the real curtain, they function exactly like my last set (picture attached). Not sure why, and I wasn't interested enough to fiddle with it. Anyhow, I think they look fantastic.They are lovely hooks with a color scheme that is primarily neutral. The conch shells are slightly more orange than I had anticipated, but once they were mounted, they didn't stick out too much. I really like the starfish; they are my favorites.The only reason I gave these hooks only 4 instead of 5 stars is because 3 of the 12 are flawed in some way. One of each design had a flaw: a conch shell had what seems to be hot glue on the hook that I couldn't remove, a starfish had a flap between two limbs (like a webbed foot), and a seashell was fastened crookedly to a hook (see pictures). These 3 just don't look as beautiful; they all work as expected.Since they were reasonably priced and I can easily conceal the three that are defective behind the medicine cabinet that protrudes out in front of my shower, I'm keeping this set. For everybody who enjoys beach-related topics, we recommend.

BINO Shower Curtain Hooks - Brushed Nickel, Set of 12 Shower Curtain Rings - Shower Hooks for Curtain Shower Rings Review:

These are the exact items shown. They are quite gorgeous, slide effortlessly, and have a lot of weight. Basically, they look good and go with any bathroom's design.Since I've previously struggled to get things out of packing, the packaging on these was simple to remove, and I would highly recommend them.

Amazer Shower Curtain Hooks Rings, Stainless Steel Rust-Resistant Shower Curtain Rings and Hooks-Set of 12-Black Review:

Along with my new shower curtain and shower head, I also purchased the polished nickel shower curtain hooks. (I really enjoy my new shower head, by the way. Amazing high pressure explosion is present. Much superior to my old shower head. Best Pressure Boosting, Wall Mount, Bathroom Showerhead For Low Flow Showers, Chrome, 3 Inch High Pressure Shower Head)For the price, the shower curtain hooks are excellent. The hooks are not paper-thin like some hooks I've seen, and they hang just nicely. They don't catch on the curtain rod joints and require many tugs to "untangle" the shower curtain. The shower hooks slide along the shower rod with ease thanks to the metallic-coated beads at the top. Additionally, the shower curtain hooks are secure. They don't just suddenly pop open, let go of the curtain, or let the shower pole fall.Funny thing is, until you've used both good and awful shower curtain hooks, you don't understand how much you desire nice ones. As a result of the hooks catching on the pole in several of the bathrooms I've used, I frequently struggled to close the shower curtain. Now, pulling the entire curtain close and open is simple. I'm a little in awe of how effortlessly my curtain moves. The new shower hooks have been in constant usage for over a month and are doing just fine.Although it may seem foolish, if your shower curtain or hooks are giving you any trouble, get new ones. The $10 is well spent to avoid shower curtain headaches in the future. You'll regret not buying it sooner and will be kicking yourself.

Stainless Steel Rust Resistant Double Hooks Glide Shower Ring Hangs for Both Shower Curtain and Liner 12-Pack (Aqua Blue) Review:

The color of these shower curtain rings is just gorgeous! I was too delighted to remember to take photographs of the packing, but it was tidy and little. The act of immediately extracting them from the plastic is the most uncomfortable element of dealing with them. The precut slits should be first pushed through with your fingers to loosen them up and make it easier to fit or push through the (spinning) balls at the top of the ring. I was worried that I would break them or that a nail would pull them out, but nothing was actually broken. The rings' rhinestones and balls resisted some light tussling and hard pulling. I took them out of the plastic but had to relocate them, so I put them loosely into a box to go to the restroom. They were thrown in and a bit knotted without anything breaking off or loosening, but I wanted to bring it up so you don't have to deal with it. Unbox them and set them out in the bathroom instead. I hung my rod first, then added each ring one at a time, amazed at how sturdy but flexible they were. To fit around the shower rod, they might be slightly split at the apertures.The process of hanging the curtains from the rings was as simple as you presumably anticipate.Loved the result and would suggest!

Kenney Double Shower Curtain Hooks (Set of 12), Clear Review:

I discovered them after searching through several sets of metal double shower hooks. We are delighted to report that all rust has been eliminated thanks to the purchase of a plastic tension rod and these rings. Although it isn't elegant and modern, it sure beats rust. I can't claim they will last for years because I've only had them for a few months, but for the time being, merely sliding them back and forth on the rod doesn't seem to put too much strain on them or put them in danger of breaking. Only my husband and I use the shower because they are in our master bathroom. A child hanging from a shower curtain might be dangerous, but the tension rod might break first. Without putting the whole thing down, the liner may be removed and washed or replaced thanks to the double hook. I am content with them, and if they were to break, I would absolutely purchase them again. Zero corrosion! What matters to me is that.

58 Pcs Metal Curtain Hooks, Nydotd Silver Rustproof Stainless Steel Plated Nickel Hooks Heavy-Duty Offset Pin-On Drapery Hooks for Window Curtain, Door Curtain and Shower Curtain(1.2" x 1") Review:

I made the decision to use a pole that was immediately at ceiling level, very broad curtains on either side of the window, and LONG, HEAVY curtain panels to frame a window in a small room. I've never styled drapes, but these are wonderful. The sheer curtain I swiped to the right in the 1990s was the most I've ever had. I was certain that I didn't want the rod running through the top of the curtain; I wanted them on big rings. Hooked on clips were included with the rings. I made EVERY effort to clip the curtains in a formal manner. I would get it just right, but the curtains would seem too tangled on the ground. The top of the curtains seemed crumpled up when the clip position was attempted to be changed.Having said that, I FINALLY purchased these after initially believing they were just for wealthy individuals with high-end designers. It took me a few attempts to get it right, but my panels are very thin and of incredible quality, so I could restick until it was just right. Where the clips once were, the curtain hooks loop into the rings seamlessly. Every issue has been resolved. The bottom delicately kisses the floor, and the top appears effortless and unscratched. They would have had permavirus on them in a week if I had left them bundled together on the floor!They still need to have their creases smoothed out and their vertical waves evened out, but you get the idea. They're fantastic! I am so excited to decorate all of my windows!

AmazonBasics Shower Curtain Hooks - Classic Button Hooks, Nickel Review:

My new white shower curtain looks fantastic with these shower curtain hooks, which were simple to install. I first purchased them under the impression that the centers of each "button" were white, possibly enamel, but they are actually just a lighter silver. However, when placed, they still appear to have white centers and are very attractive. Additionally, they move smoothly along the tension rod, and none have fallen off. These open hooks make it so much simpler to install a curtain and a liner than the closing rings. I would repurchase.

iDesign Metal T-Bar Shower Curtain Hooks Rust Resistant Rings for Kid's Bathroom, Guest Bathroom, Master Bathroom, 1" x 1.75" x 2.75", Set of 12, Bronze Review:

The InterDesign T-Bar Shower Hooks receive a flawless 5/5 from me. I adore the consistent and plush satin nickle appearance. Unlike other hooks I've looked at, these are solid metal and not weak or hollow. These are ideal because I wanted a modern design that wouldn't be overly shiny. The hooks are long enough to provide a small space between the shower curtain and the shower rod, as some people have noted in their comments. Personally, I think it looks great, and for any who are unsure, I've provided a picture. Additionally, they don't catch as they go along my shower pole (even on the shower rod seam which is nice). Again, I give these a perfect 5/5 for a high-quality purchase under $10. I appreciate that you read and rated my comment.

Do shower curtains need hooks?

Most shower curtains come with hooks, but you may not need them. If your shower curtain is made of a lightweight fabric, you may be able to get away with not using hooks. If your shower curtain is made of a heavier fabric, you will probably need to use hooks to keep it in place.

Does humidity make command strips fall?

No, humidity does not make command strips fall. However, if the strips are not applied correctly or if the surface is not clean, they may fall.

How can I hang curtains without drilling holes in the wall?

There are a number of ways to hang curtains without drilling holes in the wall. Command strips are one option. You can also use tension rods. If you have a window with a deep sill, you can also hang your curtains from the sill.

How do pinch pleat hooks work?

Pinch pleat hooks are used to create pinch pleats in fabric. The hooks are inserted into the fabric and then the fabric is pulled through the hooks to create the pleats.

How do you hang a shower curtain without a hole?

The easiest way to hang a shower curtain without a hole is by using a tension rod. You can find tension rods at most hardware stores. Another way to hang a shower curtain without a hole is by using adhesive hooks. Adhesive hooks are available at most hardware stores and home improvement stores.

What are roller shower hooks?

Roller shower hooks are hooks that are used to hang shower curtains. They are usually made of plastic or metal and have a roller on the back that allows the curtain to glide smoothly when opened or closed.