Best Continuous-Form Labels in 2022

Last update: November 15, 2022

Brother Genuine, DK-2205 Continuous Paper Label Roll, Cut-to-Length Label, 2.4” x 100 Feet, (1) Roll Per Box Review:

I've used a lot of generic tapes, but this Brother brand is the finest. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of.Avoid covering the label with clear packing tape as the thermal print may fade after a few days! Try it with your chosen brand of tape, although I was lucky it was delivered at all with Duck and 3M because the print on the address label had severely faded by the time it got to the customer.They have the ability to "lift" off of cardboard, which is another factor. A few of my parcels have been returned because the address was removed during transit. I now apply a layer of packing tape underneath the label first, and then I firmly run the back of my fingernail around the label's edges to ensure that it adheres. Since then, I've used these to mail thousands of parcels over the past five years without experiencing any other incidents. The generics age less well than the Brother brand but are typically a little bit thinner and frequently stock better. Bins marked with Brother tape still have sharp, black text when I go over my inventory. Over the previous few years, the majority of generics have diminished, with some diminishing within a few months.

Avery 4013 Dot Matrix Mailing Labels, 1 Across, 15/16 x 3 1/2, White (Box of 5000) Review:

For almost 20 years, I have used Avery mailing labels. I like how they have perforations between each label rather than every ten, as with many store brands. I can use these for a variety of purposes besides just addressing envelopes due to the strong and long-lasting adhesive, such as identifying the breakers in our church's "fuse box."The quality of Avery products has not changed in many years, and they are dependable. I wholeheartedly endorse them.

LiteTite DK-2205 (8 Rolls) Continuous Length Paper Tape Labels, Compatible with Brother P-Touch QL-Series, 2.4 (2-3/7) Inches (62mm) by 100 ft, Includes (1) Snap-On-Frame (LT2205) Review:

Why pay three to four times as much for the same thing just because it bears a well-known brand name? Like other businesses, I acquired items for my use personally and in an effort to reduce expenses. I decided to take a chance and get these. After receiving them, I fed the sheets into my label printer and hoped for the best. PERFECT. equally as well as the Brothers brand. Choose them if you wish to save money while receiving the same quality.

Aegis Adhesives - Compatible DK-2205 Continuous Paper Tape (2.4" X 100 Ft.) Replacement Labels, Compatible with Brother QL Label Printers - 8 Rolls + 1 Frame Review:

There are no issues; they function well as shipping labels and look fantastic. My QL500 was broken when I used off-brand yellow labels, however it turns out that they only made the roller very dirty. Lots of yellow came off after I ran some paper towels through the feeder several times after soaking them in isopropyl to clean it. It was perfectly printed after being dried off and placed in one of these rolls. really content.

Avery Labels for Dymo Label Printers, Same Size as Dymo 30252, White, 1-1/8'' x 3-1/2'', 2 Rolls of 130 (4150) Review:

Perhaps a few bad apples ordered this product from this provider, but I took a chance twice because it was so inexpensive and received labels that were in great working shape and were not past their expiration date. Now placing a third order. I'm hesitant to offer five stars until I'm 3 for 3. Otherwise, I would. Thrilled that Amazon Prime shipping is now available for this item. For the first time, that was false. Observe how the source sellers alter.

Brother Genuine DK-2214 Continuous Length Black on White Paper Tape for Brother QL Label Printers, 0.47" x 100' (12mm x 30.4M), 1 Roll per Box, DK2214 Review:

Even though I was discouraged by the idea of wasting half the tape, I was able to use it all by making a second row of Return Address labels. works with a label printer Brother QL-570. The label template was initially made in P-Editor version 5.0.221, however it continues to function properly in version 5.0.230.I selected 1-1/7 in the P-PAPER Editor's settings' EXPRESS view "tape. AUTO with the Auto Length box selected for length. 0.12 for margins ". Horizontal is the orientation. Pick Return Address Label from the dropdown menu to specify your goal. I used Arial 8 with the Free Size text setting to create the text that would appear in the label box. I could then use three lines, each with a blank line in between, for each return address. I don't remember if I moved the text box label up or down on the label backdrop to change where the addresses were relative to the tape split when I produced the label, but the bottom copy of a return address label has a little bit more top margin and a lot more bottom margin. No receiver will be comparing the looks of the top and bottom label copies because you only use one Return Address label per envelope, and both look fantastic on the labels I produce.Despite the label being formatted for 1-1/7" height tape, I just insert (quote) 1/2" tape into the printer and start printing. The options for Auto Cut, Cut at End, and Output Directly to Printer Driver are selected in the printer dialog. I receive NO notification that the incorrect tape is placed, and the QL-570 keeps working happily. Just keep in mind that you get twice as many labels per copy, so 25 copies equal 50 labels. I keep the cut labels clean until I need them by storing them in a ziplock sandwich bag.

Brother Genuine DK-2251 Continuous Length Replacement Labels, Black/Red Label on White Paper Tape, Engineered with Excellence, 2.4” x 50 feet, 1 Roll per Box Review:

The only way to gain the more recent Brother QL printers' ability to print in black and red. Thankfully, unlike Dymo rolls, QL rolls are simple to swap, so you only need to install them when you truly need the dual colors.