Best Continuous-Form Labels in 2020

Brother Genuine, DK-2205 Continuous Paper Label Roll, Cut-to-Length Label, 2.4” x 100 Feet, (1) Roll Per Box Review:

I've used numerous generics and this original Brother tape is the best. However, there's a few things you should know...
Do not put clear packing tape over the label as the thermal print may fade within a couple days! Try it with your preferred brand of tape but with both Duck and 3M, the print on the address label significantly lightened by the time it reached the customer, to the point that I was fortunate it was delivered at all.
Another consideration is that they can "lift" off of cardboard. I've had a couple of packages get returned because the address lifted and came off in transit. I now put a layer of packing tape down first, under the label, and then slide the back of my fingernail firmly around the edges of label to make sure it sticks. Since then, I've shipped thousands of packages with these over the last few years with no further incidences. The generics tend to be a tad thinner and often stock better, but they don't age as well as the Brother take does. When I go through my inventory, bins labeled with Brother tape still have sharp black lettering. Most of the generics have faded over the past few years, some fading within a few months.

Avery 4013 Dot Matrix Mailing Labels, 1 Across, 15/16 x 3 1/2, White (Box of 5000) Review:

I have used Avery mailing labels for almost 20 years. I like the fact that they are perforated between each label instead of every 10 as is the case with many store brands. The adhesive is strong and quite durable which allows me to use them for many applications other than addressing envelopes - labeling the breakers in our church "fuse box" for one example.

Avery products are reliable, and the quality has not changed for many years. I recommend them without reservation.

LiteTite DK-2205 (8 Rolls) Continuous Length Paper Tape Labels, Compatible with Brother P-Touch QL-Series, 2.4 (2-3/7) Inches (62mm) by 100 ft, Includes (1) Snap-On-Frame (LT2205) Review:

Why pay 3-4 times the price for the same item just because it comes with a large brand name on it. I bought these for me business and like most businesses was looking to save some overhead. So I took the chance and picked these up. I received them, placed them into my Label Printer and crossed my fingers. PERFECT. Work just as well as Brothers brand. If you want to save money for the same quality then pick these up.

Aegis Adhesives - Compatible DK-2205 Continuous Paper Tape (2.4" X 100 Ft.) Replacement Labels, Compatible with Brother QL Label Printers - 8 Rolls + 1 Frame Review:

No complaints, they look great and work fine for shipping labels. I used to use the off brand yellow labels and i thought they broke my QL500 but it turns out they just got the roller very dirty. I cleaned it by soaking some paper towel in isopropyl and running it through the feeder a few times and tons of yellow came off. Dried it off, put in one of these rolls, first print was perfect! very happy.

Avery Labels for Dymo Label Printers, Same Size as Dymo 30252, White, 1-1/8'' x 3-1/2'', 2 Rolls of 130 (4150) Review:

Perhaps there were a few bad apples ordering this product from this source but for the price I took the chance twice and
received labels that worked perfectly and were not expired. Ordering a third time now. I would give five stars but I'm hesitant until I'm 3 for 3. Giddy this item now has Amazon Prime shipping available. First time that was not the case. Looks the the source sellers change.

Brother Genuine DK-2214 Continuous Length Black on White Paper Tape for Brother QL Label Printers, 0.47" x 100' (12mm x 30.4M), 1 Roll per Box, DK2214 Review:

I too was dismayed by the prospect of wasting half the tape but found it possible to create a duplicate row of Return Address labels and use all of the tape. Works for a Brother QL-570 label printer. The label template was originally created with P-Editor v5.0.221 but still works fine with v5.0.230 of the software.

In the EXPRESS view of the P-Editor under the PAPER settings, I picked 1-1/7" tape. For length, AUTO with the Auto Length box checked. For margins, 0.12". For orientation, Horizontal. For purpose, pick Return Address Label from the dropdown. For text to include in the label box, I used Arial 8 with the Free Size text setting. That allowed me three lines for each return address with a blank line in between. At the time I created the label I wasn't taking notes so I'm not sure if I dragged the text box label up or down on the label background to adjust where the addresses were relative to the split in the tape but the bottom copy of a Return Address label ends up with a little more top margin and considerably more bottom margin. Since you only use one Return Address label on an envelope, no recipient is going to be comparing appearances of top and bottom label copies and both look great on the labels I print.

On printing, even though the label is formatted for 1-1/7" tall tape, I just put the (quote) 1/2" tape in the printer and print away. In the printer dialog, the Auto Cut, Cut at End, and Output Directly to Printer Driver options are checked. I get NO feedback that the wrong tape is inserted and the QL-570 merrily churns away. On Copy Number, just remember you get 2x as many labels as copies so 25 copies gives you 50 labels. I store the cut labels in a ziplock sandwich bag to keep them clean until used.

Brother Genuine DK-2251 Continuous Length Replacement Labels, Black/Red Label on White Paper Tape, Engineered with Excellence, 2.4” x 50 feet, 1 Roll per Box Review:

The only way to get the black and red printing capabilities of the newer Brother QL printers. Fortunately QL rolls are easy to swap, unlike Dymo, so you need only install them when you actually need the dual colors.